How did she fit it in natural tits deepthroat

How did she fit it in natural tits deepthroat
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Jimmy stands in Juliette's bedroom watching her smoke her joint. She's barefoot, wearing jeans and a cozy cream Autumnal jumper.

Juliette is 23 years old and Dutch, slim, 32b tits, 5'6. She blows smoke in Jim's direction. Jim is 27 years old, skinhead, brown leather jacket. He's supposed to be here to just buy some weed and leave but her boyfriend and flatmate aren't home so he's decided to stay a little longer and admire Juliette.

She reaches out to offer him the joint. Overcome with a strong primal urge he pushes her hand away and grabs a fistful of her lightly curled blonde hair pulling her face towards his. He forces his tongue into her mouth. She tries to resist as he grabs her cunt through her jeans and massages her.

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"Please- my boyfriend will be home soon!" She pleads against his slivering tongue. "This can be our little secret. Fucking calm down." He snarls as he spins her around bending her over her own bed. Her joint falls onto the hardwood floor as he tugs her jeans down to her thighs exposing her pink panties.

Jim rips the panties off of her body and unzips himself pulling out his throbbing 6inch prick.

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With no lubrication he forces himself inside her dry hole. He grabs a hold of her hips and begins fucking mercilessly. She yelps with each thrust. "Please don't tell anyone!" She pleads. Jim laughs as he fucks more viciously and harder using her body purely for his own pleasure. Her yelps get louder as he slaps her bare ass.

"Dirty Dutch cunt!" He growls as he pulls on a handful of her hair yanking her head back. "Slow down!" She gasps in-between thrusts. Jim retorts by slapping her ass again. He reaches under her jumper with his free hand and tugs her bra down to grab her jiggling little handfuls of tit. "Fuck off!" She screams. Jim puts a hand over her mouth and pushes his bodyweight onto hers pinning her against the bed as he viciously pumps himself into her.

"What would your faggot boyfriend say if he could see you now? Eh?" He sniggers into his ear as he pummels his hard dick into her. He reaches down and pushes his thumb into her virgin asshole. She screams into his hand. He twirls his thumb around inside her tight sphincter before pulling it out of her and pushing it into her mouth. She grimaces at the taste and vomits a little on her pillow.

"You don't like the taste of your own shit? Does your boyfriend fuck you in your arse? Eh?

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Does he?" He taunts her between angry violent thrusts. He fucks her like an animal. He snorts before spitting a thick glob of slime onto the side of her face.

Her cunt releases juices at the nastiness of it all. "Dirty wee slut you're fucking soaking!" Jim grunts as he begins ejaculating deep inside her cunt. She squeals feeling the streams of thick cum shooting deep inside her. "Your boyfriends a lucky man.

I'll see you again next week." Jim says out of breath as he pulls out of Juliette and tucks his slimy dick away. Juliette pulls her panties up to her freshly fucked cunt. Jim picks up the ebony with nice juicy lips gets pounded hard before he leaves. Juliette looks over at her laptop wallpaper, a picture of her and her boyfriend hugging. She immediately goes to the shower and washes his cum out of her pussy.

She throws her pink crust covered panties into the bin.

She sits alone rolling herself a joint praying Jim doesn't tell anyone. At 6pm her boyfriend Alex, Dutch, 29 years old comes home from work. He finds Juliette lays on her stomach on her bed stoned and depressed. "What's wrong?" "Nothing just tired." Juliette replies. Alex pulls off Juliette's pyjama bottoms revealing her freshly fucked cunt. "Baby not tonight." Juliette says nervously.

Alex puts his hand on the base of her back to hold her still and pushes his face against her pussy. He sucks and licks her used pussy. She would cry if it didn't feel so good. He keeps licking and licking her sore hole until she's dripping and moaning into her pillow.

She cums hard as he pushes his tongue against her clit. "I love how good you taste." Alex says as he continues to eat her pussy. "Stop. Stop. I came." Alex takes off his shoes and trousers and slides his hard dick inside his girlfriend of five years unaware she's already been fucked that day.

Juliette lays there still and emotionless as her boyfriend fucks her. He pulls out and cums on her ass after a two minute fuck. "I love you." Alex says before kissing her on the cheek.

Alex goes off to have a shower leaving Juliette laying there in bed fucked and deflated for the second time that day, unaware he's been cuckolded. Her phone vibrates, she picks it up. It's Jim, "CAN STILL SMELL YOUR ARSE ON MY THUMB YOU FUCKING SLUT." She deletes the text in a panic. She goes to her bedside cabinet to get some baby wipes. She cleans Alex's cum off of her ass and catches a look at herself in the mirror disgusted.