Horny blonde fists her friends wet cunt

Horny blonde fists her friends wet cunt
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MINDING THE STORE My wife is the most beautiful person Black widow episode hentai raped 2 have ever met. She has long bright NATURAL red hair, nice firm breast which are 38DD, her pale areole is very inviting, her red haired mound between her legs is thin enough so you can see her lips, that are always glistening. One day while I was at work my wife came by. She started to flirt with me and my co-workers telling me how horny she was.

I got really turned on, she noticed that my dick was getting hard beginning to press against my uniform pants. She began to run her fingers around the head of my erect dick, which she knows just drives me crazy. She then got on her knees in front of me and started to rub her breast thru her clothes against my dick. I was standing behind the counter with my wife kneeling in front of me out of any customers sight. One customer came up to the counter and asked me a question about the sale our store was having, I began telling the lady who was pretty good looking about our sale.

The customer started flirting with me a little, my wife unzipped my pants letting my erect dick stick out, which she began to slowly roll her tongue around the head of my dick. She then started to slowly suck my dick, at only sucking on the head then finally working her way down to where her mouth was touching my balls as she tried to suck on my dick which was now in her throat and licked my balls at the same time.

The customer started to say that it was getting hot in the store as she removed her flannel shirt that she had buttoned only half way up. She was now wearing a white ribbed tank top with a see thru white bra on. You could see her slightly sagging breast, her dark brown areole's and her frigid nipples thru the clothes she was wearing. The rest of tasting a tough and giant knob hardcore and blowjob stores sales team clocked out and headed home.

I was there in the store with my wife sucking my dick in her throat and licking my balls at the same time. I could not speak. And now I have this customer who's name is Julie flirting with me while she's wearing a shirt and bra you can plainly see thru. I noticed that Dave my assistant locked the doors and turned on the closed sign when he left. My wife began sucking my dick faster and harder now, while Julie acted liked she didn't even notice I couldn't speak.

I could not hold out any longer I shot my load just as my wife buried her mouth into my balls, I exploded in to her throat it seemed like I couldn't stop Cumming!!

My wife then put my dick back into my pants and carefully zipped them up and stayed behind the counter. I took Julie up to the second floor to the mattress center to see if we had a mattress she wanted. She began looking around and went in to the second luna star gets cum in her mouth around the corner. I followed her a few steps behind, she cried "I WANT THAT ONE OVER THERE JUST THE WAY IT IS". I looked over to where she was pointing and that's when I noticed my wife was completely nude on her back with her legs lifted and spread wide open on the bed Julie was pointing to!!!

I could not even think about what to say, Julie began running over to the bed stripping her clothes off and literally dove on the bed putting her head right between my wife's legs.

That's when I heard my wife start to moan. I just stood there in shock looking at my wife lying on the bed with Julie's head between her legs!!

I walked over to the bed and reached for my wife's breast, when she suddenly smacked my hand and told me I could watch but I would have to sit on the chair beside the bed. I went over to the chair and sat down, that's when my wife and Julie stopped their little show. Julie said I could not touch unless they told me I could and if I was going to watch I would have to take off all my clothes. I did!! Then my wife got on her hands and knees while Julie slid under her in a 69 / doggie style position.

Julie had her tongue out going towards my wife pink swollen pussy lips, when stopped and said if you keep looking you have to stroke your dick without Cumming and without stopping. I started stroking my dick as I watched Julie and my Wife lick each others pussy. Stroking my dick while they moaned and twitched while they gave each other multiple orgasms!!

They started to slow things down by kissing and playing with each others breasts and nipples. My wife looked at Julie and said now it's time for us to get fucked. They stood me up against the head board with my hands over my head, Julie quickly locked a pair of handcuffs on my as my wife grabbed my balls lifting upwards to make me stand on my tiptoes Julie locked another pair of hand cuffs to the one she just put on and the other end to the big metal ring in the center of the headboard.

My wife and Julie began taking turns sucking on my dick and rolling my balls around in their hands. I was then greeted from behind the headboard to see my sister in law sherry standing there with a black sex hood in her hand. Sherry said this is something these three ladies have naughty blonde stepsis railed by stepbro in the kitchen wanted to do.

Sherry stripped off all her clothes stood in front of me so I could see her well groomed brown pubic hair and those firm D cup breasts of her, she then told me not to worry they was in control now, Sherry then placed the hood over my head. I could feel her mouth kissing me from my lips working down to my fully erect dick, where my wife and Julie joined her.

I could feel each of their lips kissing and sucking my dick, I thought I was going to shoot my load right there! Then suddenly I was spun around still handcuffed to the headboard. Sherry said she wanted to put a collar around my neck so they could really be in control of me.

As soon as the collar was on I felt someone pulling on the chain to the collar, pulling my head down which left me in a bent over position. I heard Julie's voice say I'm going to put some lube on you, I felt a squirt of oil start to run down the crack of my ass, as Julie started to rub the oil in around my asshole I started to reject, then I felt my ankles being cuffed and my legs being pulled forward, Sherry told me to relax and let them have their fantasy come true.

Someone started to suck slowly on my dick as I heard my wife's voice behind me say "you like to fuck me up the ass don't you, I replied yes ma'am, My wife grabbed hold of my hips and said now you're going to know what it feels like, she said she has a strap on penis and was going to fuck my ass the way I did hers.

I tried to reject only to feel my legs being pulled on and the tip of the cold strap on penis begin to enter my asshole, Julie was sucking my dick, My wife was fucking me with her luxurious euro club hot initiation for new blonde members strap on penis and Sherry said she was sitting in front of me with her legs spread for me to start licking her pussy.

I started to lick Sherry's pussy tasting her sweet juices flow out of her pussy. After about five minutes of Julie Sucking my dick, my wife fucking me in the ass and me licking Sherry's pussy, Julie began to have me lick her pussy while my wife started to suck my dick and Sherry strapped the penis on and began fucking my ass where my wife left off. A short time later Sherry stated that she thought I liked being fucked in the ass like this, She pulled the cold penis out and got off the bed and opened a door, The next thing I know I heard what sounded like my wife moaning and panting, then I heard Julie sucking on something, and Sherry began to whisper in my ear that they had another surprise for me.

Sherry grabbed my head pushed it down and I felt something warm against my lips I was going to ask what it was, but as I did Amazing hot sexy body nice nasty teen found out Sherry had pushed my head down to where someone's dick was it went in my mouth a little way I pulled my head back and tried to go back wards and felt something round and warm entering my asshole, I tried to move forward to get it out of my ass but someone's dick went in my mouth again!

Sherry said now I had a dick in my mouth and one in my ass too!! I couldn't move I tried, I was getting fucked in the mouth and the ass!!! I finally gave in from being too tired and the one fucking my mouth stuck it in till his hairy balls was slapping against my face and the one in my ass went in all the way till I felt his hairless balls smacking my ass and balls.

I could hear my wife's moans going together with the wet slapping sounds of her being fucked and the same with Julie but who was fucking me in the ass and who was fucking my mouth, who was fucking my wife and Julie? I still didn't know. I then heard my wife's moaning stop and shortly there after Sherry began moaning the same as my wife had when she was getting fucked!

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My wife was stroking my dick with one hand and rubbing my ass with her other hand as she said I think you can take something a lot bigger in your ass, isn't that what you always tell me?

I felt the dick in my ass jerk as he exploded his cum in my asshole then he pulled out. My wife began rounding her fingers around my asshole opening where it had been stretched to show me the size and then she said it's gonna get bigger!! As soon as she said that I felt a massive pressure against my already wide opened asshole, a much bigger dick was being stuck up my ass he didn't stop till I felt his heavy Large balls snacking my ass and top of my legs easy at first then fast and hard.

My wife began to suck on my dick at the same time the dick in my mouth erupted shooting his hot cum in my mouth down my throat!! He pulled out and Sherry pressed her pussy up against my face and told me to lick her dry, while I was being slamfucked by a huge dick in my ass I was licking Sherry's pussy when Julie asked if I liked the taste school girls only xxx storys Sherry?

I didn't answer, but Julie did.

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She said lick Sherry's pussy clean her juices out and the cum shot in there from her being fucked earlier. I felt the guy behind me grabbed my hips and thrusted in and out of my asshole as hard and as fast as he could until he pulled out and started Cumming over my ass and shoved his dick back in my ass until he finished Cumming.

Sherry said I could stop licking her pussy now, I heard her open the door and say thanks to the guys who was in the room fucking all four of us as they walked out Sherry shut desire for a vagina and huge boobs door.

Sherry waited a few minutes then she uncuffed my ankles and hands and removed the hood, in front of me was my wife's pussy, which I began to lick.

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I brought my skinny japanese luscious chick fingered and boned hardcore blowjob to another orgasm and then all four of us went to the shower to get cleaned up, I asked who the guys was and they said you'll find out tomorrow when the four of us get together again, I said we could get together at our house as long as it was the four of us and no guys, everyone promised.

The next day at work I bought the biggest widest mattress we sell for our house and myself, my wife, Julie and Sherry had sex together then they wanted me to watch a movie with them.

Sherry put the cassette tape in the VCR and I had Julie (the shortest girl) lying between my legs with her head on my dick, while my wife was lying against my right side and Sherry laid on my left side as The movie began I realized that it was a recording of last nights events with close ups of everything!! All of the guys worked in the store except one man from the warehouse he's the one who had the massive sized cock that went in my ass last, I also noticed that my wife had been fucked my him she took all of him in her pussy, mouth and ass!!

Then I saw that the girls where all wearing hooded masks concealing their identities. The guys had been invited to a special orgy with certain instructions to follow, no talking and they had been told who would be doing what. The one who invited the guys to the orgy was an ex employee who still had a key, she was paid $200 for her role, but never met any of the girls face to face about the orgy. After watching the video we all had sex until we fell asleep we have been together many times for our four way sex but never anything like on the video.