Tattooed dollie darko insane pussy fuck with lexingtons cock

Tattooed dollie darko insane pussy fuck with lexingtons cock
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Some of this actually happened. The part where you will read about a dragon. What do you want to play? My cousin said excitingly. Im not sure, I was thinking maybe Star Wars.

We could go in the pool! My brother said. We decided on the pool. I was younger than, about 8. My cousin about 15-16 and my brother was 14.

My uncle, aunt and cousins lived with beauties sharing one pecker girlfriend and homemade. They were in the process of moving and their house sold faster than they thought. John!! My aunt called for my brother. Im going to the store, would you like to come with me? Yes, I would, He said.

My aunt came into our room and told me and my cousin, Chris, that Uncle Joe was downstairs so we wouldn't be alone. OK, were going to go in the pool, Chris said. Alright you two, have fun and wear sun block! She said. My brother and aunt left the room. We continued to play our video game and Chris said, Lets go in the pool! So he sat on the bed and kicked off his shoes and socks.

He took off his shirt.

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I started getting nude. I didnt think of anything I just sort of did it. I took off all my clothes and underwear. I turned around and bent over and got my bathing suit. I turned around and In front of me dangled, to me at the time, a long penis. It looked hard. It looked like he had been thinking and asked if I wanted to play a game before we went in the pool. He told me it was a game that would make him very happy.

It was called make the dragon breathe. He told me that his "wee wee" was the dragon and my behind was a cave. He told me to not make sounds or the dragon would get upset.

I didnt know any better, he told me to lay on my stomach and he would do the 'deed'. I laid down and he kneel ed on top. I felt him closer and his thing rub my butt. It went up and down and pushed my cheeks apart. I johnny sins vs emma butt him spit on my hole but I didnt say anything.

He said, Ok its gonna hurt, but you will be my favorite cousin! I was suddenly happy that he said that I would be his favorite. He said hold on and ran to the bathroom. He came back with baby oil and said this should make it easier for the dragon to get in.

He squirted some on his penis and in my butt. He said okay buddy, and soon I felt pressure at my hole, he pushed in and I didnt scream but held it back.

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He began thrusting in and out. My butt was on fire and hurt so bad. I didnt know that I was basically being raped. He was thrusting for a while and was letting out soft moans. I couldnt ask why, he told me not to speak. My own penis began to stiffen. Soon I heard him like grunt and said the dragons gonna breathe fire soon.

He was all sweaty and red.

He said here we go and I felt a very warm sensation inside of me. He was moaning like crazy. Soon he pulled out and said, the dragon is happy and me even more. There was knocking at the door and my uncle said arent you guys going in the pool? Yes dad were getting changed hold on. He made me get dressed quickly and my uncle came in. I have towels and sunblock. After getting ready we were in the pool and my brother came back.

Chris told me not to say anything, it was our little secret game. It really had a major impact on me. I didnt think much of it until my aunt, uncle and cousin got back in contact with my family. Im 17 now. I was having dreams about it and I started to get horny off of it. I needed to talk and have closure with him. I was in luck. My uncle and cousin would be stopping by for lunch.

My uncle and mom wanted to talk. So I thought I would talk to my cousin. The day came and they came over. We said hello and chatted for an hour. Than my uncle and mom said listen, since grandpa died we need to talk stuff over. I said ok Me and chris can go upstairs. I went up and he followed. I sat on my bed, he sat too. Chris, Ive been remembering the dragon. He thought and said, Adam, I am truly sorry, I know why I did it, im gay now but than I was exploring and im so sorry.

He looked as if he was going to cry. I leaned over and hugged him. Its alright. I looked him in the eye and said, ive been thinking about it and well, its. making me excited. I winked and he said oh.

He was smiling and I began getting undressed. By the mom and san sex stories xnxx story I went to the dresser and took out lube and got naked, he was on the bed rock hard.

Just like I remember, long and thick. Well, adam its not like I remember, your defined, muscular and your cock is huge. I said, well this time, hulks going to smash.

He smiled so bright.

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I began to suck his cock. I licked its shaft and licked his balls. I licked it like a lollipop. I was really sucking hard. He said ok I wanna make you happy now. He made me get on all fours and put his tongue to my ass. He flicked it. It sent shivers and he began to lick my ass. He ate it out, he licked it, fingered it and really made my in a world of pleasure. I had enough and I wanted to fuck him. I told him he was going to ride my rnerawareta megami tenshi angeltia mamotta ningentachi ni uragirarete episode. I was in control and he would do what I want.

I laid down and lubed up my cock. He sat his firm hairy ass on top. He started moaning the moment the tip hit his hole. I had enough and slammed it into his ass. He grunted and I began to fuck him. His ass needed a pounding and I was gonna do it. After a while, It was his turn to ride it so he did the work.

He apparently knew how to do it well. He slid up and down, clenched to make it tighter on my cock. I met when he came down with a thrust, soon we were fucking in rhythm. I said oh fuck yeah im gonna cum.

Im gonna blow on your face. He got off and I stood above him. I was jerkin my cock and had it pointed towards his face. Here I go. UHHHH. I felt my ass clench, balls tighten and my cock explode.

Cum shot all over chris's face. I covered his face in cum. I made him lick it off and we got dressed. We laid down after we had gotten dressed and he said again you dont know how sorry I am. I looked over and saw cum on his chin and nose. I was pleased. You can make it up to me by providing me services. He knew what I meant.