Oiled up honey rides a massive meat pole

Oiled up honey rides a massive meat pole
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The deflowering of Jackie A week later. It only had been only a week since Stephanie and I had made love and during that next week I was riddled with guilt knowing for second time in less that year I had been unfaithful sexually to the woman who I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I didn't really want to tell Jackie about what happened with Stephanie and I just week before because I had this overwhelming feeling this time around Jackie would decide to break up with me for sure.

But like the old saying goes " honestly is best policy's" and I knew I had to confess my wrong doing to her and pray that she would find in her heart to give a low life cheating ass like myself another change. So I finally broke down and told her about what I had done with Stephanie. Well I just had spin it just right way and hope and pray she would not dump me. So I called her up on the following Monday and told her what I did. " YOU CHEATED ON ME AGAIN!" She yelled at me over the phone.

My heart was pounding in my chest and I know it was only matter of moments before she dumped my ass." yes baby I did I'm so sorry please don't dump me" I said while crying " WITH WHO!" She demanded I took deep breath and said " Stephanie." " YOU FUCKED STEPHANIE.?

I FUCKING HATE THAT BITCH!!!! (Now she was crying) WHY SCOTT. WHY JUST TELL ME WHY!!" " Well Stephanie we were hanging out at her grandma house and when she heard how bad my experience was with Christiane." I said. Jackie cut me off in mid sentence " Don't you ever bring that fat ass Slut Christine's name up again I hate her just as much as I do Stephanie you understand me Scott!" She said " Yes baby" I said "Don't baby me Scott I have half the mind to dump you sorry ass" she said " I wouldn't blame you if you did Jackie but please don't"I begged of her "Well you better have good damn excuse for this Scott.

I forgive you once for cheating on me and you promised me you wouldn't do it again and yet you did once again"'she said "so is there any chance that you won't dump me Jackie? I asked " It all depends on why you did it Scott? She said I knew for a fact our very relationship survival depend on what I said next and I had to one spin it just the right way and second I had make her think that it benefited her some way " Well Jackie let finish what I was saying earlier before you cut me off ok" I said " Ok finish telling me and you better comendo a vizinha dos sonhos morena muito gostosa be blowing smoke up my ass either MR !" She said " well like I was saying baby when Stephanie heard how bad my experience was Christine and fact I lost my virginity to Christiane she literally dug me to her room and well one thing lead to another and we end up screwing.

I feel horrible now baby, but I swear to you Jackie it didn't mean anything to me, to be honest with you Jackie the way I look at it is this it was nothing more than teen babe and milf some in laundry area practicing having sex so when we finally do get make love I will know what to do and how to do it .So I can make your special day one to remember and with that I throw myself at mercy of court." I said It when silent on her end for a few minutes and after few minutes I said " Jackie are still there hello?" " Yes I'm still here Scott I'm just deciding whether to dump you or not !" " well I guilty as charged Jackie and I hope with me being honest with you and telling you what I did will save our relationship.

It better that it came from me than someone else telling you right baby I'm so sorry baby please don't leave me"I said " Yes your right I would have dumped you in heart beat if someone else had told me . so you were using her only to practice to get better so when we made love you would know what to do baby ?"she said " Yes Jackie you won't want me to take your virginity and not know what to do now would you baby?

You only get mom rubbing on the butt with soap lose your virginity once and I really wish that I had waited but that didn't happen and I'm going be kicking jprulercom sexy japanese nailed in public 30 in ass for that for rest of my life.

Are you going to dump me Jackie?" I asked " Well Scott this second time you cheated on me would you blame me if I did dumped you Scott? She asked "No I can't say I would Jackie I know I have hurt you really badly. I broke my promise to you and let you down once again, I don't deserve to be your boyfriend. Most girls would have dumped me after first time but you forgive me I must be the world worse boyfriend but if you can find it in your heart to forgive me i promise to make it up to you Jackie some how some way!" " Your right most girls wouldn't have put up with this shit Scott especially when you're engaged to be married to them and made them a promise to wait on them to lose your virginity to them and you bet your ass your going make up for this Scott!" She said " So your not going break up with me Jackie?" " Oh I should but I love you to much Scott to dump you.

But all that SO CALLED practicing you been doing better pay off when we finally get to make love or I just might dump you you feel me Scott?" " Yes Ma'am ! I understand you loud and clear. I promise you won't be sorry"'I said "So how you going make up to me Scott?

Jackie asked " Well I think my youth group at my church is having an cookout this Sunday afternoon would you like to go?" I asked " I would have ask my grandma first but if it ok with her then sure and maybe we could find some time for us?" " I guess we could work some time in." I said "Scott I sure hope we can just think about it is making me wet" she said "now Jackie let not get our hope build up remember the last two time" I remind her.

"Yeah I almost forgot about those Scott." She said " Well I'll find out sure Wednesday but go ahead ask your grandma ok baby if you can go" " Ok baby I will love you I have to now" she said "what no phone sex?" I asked "Don't push your luck buster you're still in dog house?" She said "What make up sex is the best" I joked "yes but I want it for real Daughter incest creampie impregnation uncensored I love you even if your cheating asshole!" She said " Love you more Jackie Goodnight babe" I said.

" Goodnight baby." She said then we both hung up phone when sleep So Wednesday night I found we having cookout out and we could invite guests to it and when I told Jackie she was excited and she told me her grandma say she could go but she has to be home by no later than 8:30pm that all we talk about the rest of the week leading up to Sunday.

I was really hoping this time we would be finally be able to make love after all those near miss we had. But I wasn't get my hopes up and neither was she. Neither one one of us could handle another near miss. Finally Sunday arrived and it was time for me to pick her up for cookout. Both of us were nerves about tonight. So about 2:00 I arrive at her house to pick her up because the cookout started at 3pm. I sat in living room of her grandma house and her grandma want to verify everything " what church are you too going to again Scott?" Jackie grandma asked " New life temple Ma'am?" I said " Oh the Pentecostal Holiness Church over on airport rd?" Jackie grandma asked " yes Ma'am that the one." I replied " Oh that a really nice church I have heard." Jackie grandma said "Sure is Ma'am it a very nice church you and your boyfriend should come try it out some Sunday?" " we just might have to do that some day Scott?" Jackie grandma said " we would love have you." I said All long I was wishing Jackie would hurry hell up and come finish getting ready.

Few moments later Jackie grandma mom walks over the bottom of the stairs and yell up to Jackie " Jackie Dear are you about ready Scott here waiting for you dear?" Jackie grandma asked " Yes I'm on my way down now"Jackie said from upstairs. Moments later Jackie comes walking down the stairs and she look gorgeous she was wearing this loose fitting Joe boxers T-shirt and blue jeans and par of Nike shoes.

When she got the bottom of stair she throw her arm around my neck and give me hug and damn I missed the feeling of her embrace and how her body molds to fit shape of my and damn she smell good. As we turned to leave Mrs Smith spoken up once again. "Now you two have fun now." Jackie grandma said "oh we will Nana."Jackie said as we head out the door to my car. Once arriving at car I did the gentlemen thing opened the door for Jackie as her grandma watch on from the front porch and just as I was about to to get the car her grandma said my name "Scott?" Jackie grandma said I turned to face her "Yes Ma'am?" I said "Just want to remind you of Jackie's 8:30pm curfew she has School in morning so please have her home around that time?" Jackie grandma said "Yes Ma.am I remember and she will be home in time I promise." I said to her grandma "Thank you Scott you have fun time now !" Her grandma said " We will Ma.am see you later" I said as to her as I got into my car and we drove away.

On our drive over to my church Jackie had huge cum eating oriental gorgeous hottie loves deepthroat on her face. This was one of first time that it had been only Jackie and myself together usually in pass.

Either was Diana or Jackie grandma taken us out on an date. Finally we were free to do what we wanted without someone driving us around. As we drove Jackie turned her head towards me and said " Baby I'm sorry about my grandma grilling you like that I hated to see you being grilled like that." I laugh as I made the right hand turn at Light and turn on to airport rd which was road that lead to my church. As we near the airport tunnels that run under the airport runway.

" Jackie don't worried yourself about it baby. It something that usually the father of girl your dating does before you leave with his daughter. Trust me that was mild compared to if it was your father doing it." I told her as exited the tunnel and my church came into view. When she saw my church her mouth dropped open " This is where you go to church Scott.

I have seen this many time during my life but never been inside?" " Sure is this where I came to know christ baby a few year ago" I said to her as we turned into parking lot of church and made our way around to back of church. Moments later I found a open parking spot and pull my car into " Scott I never been to an Pentecostal Holiness Church. I never knew you were holy roller" she laughed " Hey now I'm proud to be a holy roller baby.

Just give it. Chance ok baby. Your going love my youth group." I said to her as we both exited the car. I told a hold of her hand and we walk hand to hand up to the cook out. " Don't they Frown on this baby. I heard they not to kin of it." " Baby we just holding hand it not like we passionately make out or anything. It used to be like that but many year ago but they have loosened up some." I said as we we walk up on hungry crowd of teenager sitting at bench.

My youth group leader who was woman in her late thirty who name was Tiffany walk up to us " hey Jackie I would like to introduce you to my young group minster Tiffany." " Hello You must be Jackie Scott Fiancée?" Tiffany said and extended her hand to shack Jackie hand.

Jackie looked at me with this big smile on her face and shook Tiffany hand " Yes Ma.am I am I want to thank you allowing me to come with Him you have very nice church" she said to Tiffany " oh Jackie you quite welcomed here any time sweet heart .I enjoy meet my students girlfriend or boyfriend the food should be done in few.

< Tiffany lend into me and whispered amateur teen gets tits cumshot at work my ear> she a keeper very nice young Lady you have their Scott>" Tiffany said then turn a walked away as Jackie and I took Our seats.

Well about an hour in after we all had ate and had some praise and worship. I lend into Jackie ear and said " you want to blow this popsicle stand and go find some where were can mess around a little." I said into her ear. Her face lite up and big smile appear on her face and she said " I been waiting for you ask that sure but what about your youth group leader won't she be mad." Jackie said " Na Tiffany well understand babe." I said so I walk over Tiffany and told her we heading out and she was ok with it.

So we both race back to my car got in and we drove off. Jackie know Exactly what I had in mind. We both horny as hell and both want to quickly as possible find a place to finally make love after all those near miss we were finally going to get it on.

" We need stop get some condoms Scott I been waiting so long to finally become your lover and see if that so call practice of your pay off." She said " Jackie I already bought some condoms earlier this week just in case." I said she look back in back floor board and turned look at me and said " I don't trust them Scott so we going stop at Kroger get box of fresh condoms and that what we did.

But all the way to the store our hand were going wild she had her hand firmly down my pant stroking my cock. Which kind made hard for me to drive. But finally made to Krogers. We made our way over to the condoms section of the store and I only plan on buying a small box of condoms but I guess Jackie had other plan because she told to grab stunning alexis texas fucks a big dick big box of 36 condoms with surprised me a little.

She must been planning on us making love every time we when out on date. When we got back into car we try decide were to go. I said " let try the park it later Sunday it shouldn't be to crowded. " ok let go baby" she said so off we when to park and when we arrived at park both our heart sank it was full of people and suddenly we were face with the possibility of another blowed opportunity.

"'Scott it to crowd here don't you know another place we can go I really want make love to you right now." Jackie said. As I turn around car left the park I was starting to panic myself a little. Then I remember there was dead end street just down from park were we could go and have a clear views of Main Street just in case someone would catch on to what we were doing and call the law.

" I have the perfect place in mind it a road that over look the Main Street it dead end road and there no house around the dead end and it would make for good get way if the law comes you sure you want do this baby" I asked as turn on to the road and drove down to end of it and park the car with front of car facing up the road.Just in case we had make quick get away in case thing with south in a hurry.

" Scott I been wanting to do this for longest time yes I'm totally sure about this it feel right" she said as we parked " Ok then hope in back get ready I'll be right behind just have turn the car off." I said to her as she Climbed into back seat.

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Moments later I joined her in back seat of my car and we instantly started passionately making out our lips lock and our tongues invaded the other mouth as I ran my hand up under her shirt and took hold of her breast she moan as I ran my hand over her nipples that were getting hard. Moments later i lifted off her shirt and tossed it in floor board followed by her sport bar.

I gently push her down into seat and began to kissing her neck and she was moaning loudly " Don't stop Scott mmmm ahhh. Oh dear God it feels like my nipples are on fire mmmm ahhhhh hurry baby put them out with your mouth plz mmmmm ahhhhh" she begged of me I look up at her and said to her " I take care of them baby the fire department is on it way." I work my way down fantastic kagney pleasures a massive black dick neck line smothering her flesh with the Saliva from my mouth.

My first target was her right breast where I first ran my tongue up and down it coating it with heavy lever of Saliva the scorching heat of my breath cause her flesh putain defoncee par des internautes en parking her breast to recoil. "Oh God Scott I feel my flesh recoiling from scorching heat from your mouth Don't stop whatever you don't stop mmmmmmmm aahhhh" she said as tossed her head back while grabbing ahold of my head moving it up to extremely inflamed nipples " oh God Sex balk sex stories xxxx com suck on my nipples please they feel like their on fire" she moaned.

I cupped her right breast with my hand and ran my tongue over the very edge of her right nipple. The second my tongue touch tip of it she let out an thunderous moan and forcefully pushed downward on top of my head and her nipple slip into my saliva rich mouth. " that it baby Suck on my nipple and let you Saliva Extinguish the burning Sensation. Oh God suck on my nipple has if you were newborns baby. Oh God Scott I'm in heaven right now mmmmmm ahhhh" she moan as her right breast tighten up.

I took ahold of her nipple with my lips began suck on it forcefully as if I was newborn baby shucking on it mother nipples for the first time. Did the same to her left breast Once finish with her breast I made my way down her belly i reached down and unbuttoned her blue jeans and undid the zipper and pull down just a little so I slide my hand down and finger her pussy little. Her breathing deepened as I slide my finger into between her lips and into her canal.

She was all ready wet as hell but I want her super wet so when I when enter her this time I would be able to get in because I know from last time she was tight as hell. As I finger her her Jackie reach up and pulled my shirt off over my head and ran her hand down my back.

" oh God Scott that feel good don't stop. I want your dick in me so bad !" She moaned " soon enough baby I want you enjoyed losing your virginity baby we have plenty of time." I said " I know baby I just want your have your dick in me now." She said I rolled over in seat and let her have a turn and her hungry mouth when to work kiss my neck and chest she was enjoying herself. As she did that she undid my pants and slide her hand into my pant and grabbed ahold of my dick and started to give me hand job but really want her give blow Job " Jackie go down on me please"'I begged of her " I don't know how to baby I never have given a guy blow job before." She said nervously " Baby all you do is roll your lips and slide my dick into your mouth and suck on it like you would an sucker but be careful and don't rack your teeth on it baby" I said to her.

"I sorry baby I don't feel comfortable doing that I hope understands maybe next time Ok I hope your not mad at me"she said. I sat up in seat and took ahold of her and said " it ok baby this your special day and I would never force you to do something your not comfortable doing.?" "Are your Sure your not mad Scott?" She said as remove my pants " Baby does it look like I'm mad but I'm going eat you out regardless I been wanting eat you for longest time and I really enjoy it." I said as lay her down in the seat and pulled her panties down just enough to put my head between her thighs.

I buried my face in her pussy licking and sucking her pussy lips. I ran my tongue over her G spot and she gasp and let loud moan. It was when I slide my tongue into her pussy for first time that her whole body tensed up but and she let out painful moan.

I stopped immediately because I didn't want to hurt her. So I withdraw my tongue and pull her panties back up. I knew she was ready as she would ever been " are you ready Jackie for me to take your virginity?" I asked her. " oh yes baby I want you now!

But which way we going to do it ?" " which way?" I asked her " Yes do you want me to sit down on you like last time or lay down ?" " Well that didn't work last time remember because you're tighter than most woman Jackie and laying down I can control the Penetration better." I said " how bad is it going hurt when you do enter me baby?" She said as grab for a condom from the box we just bought.

" Well Jackie it all depends on how I enter you we can do one of two way slow and easy or hard and fast" I said to her as I correctly made sure I was putting the condom on right and roll it down the full length of my dick. " what the difference in the two baby?" She said looking up at me from seat." " well baby it going hurts regardless of which way I enter you.

If I enter you slowly the pain going last lot longer.But if I push my dick into at faster pace the pain it going be very bad but only last for few moments" I said to her. " so there no way of there being no pain at ?" She said " baby with you being so tight as you are and being a Virgin I have to break your Hyman or your cherry to enter you fully and it going hurt and you may and may not bleed a little" I told her. " so I'm going to bleed ?"she said with look of panic on her face.

I did my best to Comfort her the best I could " baby it just a little bit of blood and it going painful that why I'm leaving up how bigtitted teen drilling her pussy with toys you up to you.

It your body and you know how much pain you can withstand.

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I promise you Jackie which ever way you decided I will try my best to make it as painless as possible because the last thing I want to do is hurt you." I told her she thought about it for few minutes and asked " so if you enter me slowly the pain won't as bad but will last longer but if you enter me faster it going hurt more but last shorter right?"she said " that correct baby and I will do either way you want." I told her she look at me and ask " when you lost your to Christiane did it hurt you any?" She asked " no big butt milf gets tasted handjob ass man don't have any pain when we lose our cherry's we lose our just by entering into the woman pussy I know it sucks but that how it is."I said to her " you promise you won't hurt me baby" she said " Jackie that the last thing I want to do baby but if going hurt either way we go about it." I told her " Ok hard and fast then." She said " are you totally sure about that baby" I said to her "Yes I'm sure baby .

do you want take off my panties or leave them on?" She ask me " Well usually I would take them off but since we are exposed like we are I'll just slide them to side enter you just in case we have make break for it ok" I said " Ok baby sound like a plan to me"she said as she spread her thighs so I can slide my body between them. I was totally nervous as I closed in on her pussy and I could tell so was she.

I grabbed ahold of my dick and slide aside her panties just enough for me expose her pussy. I gently rub the tip of my dick over her g spot and look down at her and said " Jackie I have know are totally sure you want to do this ?" I asked her "Yes baby I want you inside of me please don't make me wait any longer.

I'm so in love with you Scott and I want you to be my first and hopefully my last" she said as she wrap her leg around my waist pushing me even that much closer to her pussy.

" ok I have ask this Jackie may I enter you" I ask her. " Jesus Christ Scott enter me already!" She demanded. So I firmly press my dick into entrance of her pussy and thrust my hip hard and she was very tight and as I enter her she yell out in pain to point i had cup her mouth with my hand "Damn woman i know it hurt but you want someone to catch us." I said as continued push my way through the tightness of her pussy after a few moments I pop her cherry and she did bleed an little.

I felt it running down my dick. I stop for moment to let her muscles of her pussy loose up. Once I was fully inside of her I look down at her and said " congratulations Jackie your no longer a Virgin!"'I said as pick up my pace "Oh god this feel so good she yell out the following FASTER HARDER Scott!" She said. So I started to pound into her as fast and hard as I could she drug her nail into my back big juggs teen girl whitney westsate rides a huge hard cock was matching my thrust pace.

It felt really good to finally be doing this with woman I truly love with all my heart. I felt the muscles of her pussy tight against my dick and pressure had already had began to build in my dick.

We continued on for another ten minutes before she yell out " Oh my God I'm about to cum! Are you about there baby I want cum at same time! She said " I'm about cum to baby !!" I said as the slam into her pussy harder and harder as pressure build " I'm cumin!!" she said as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Wave after wave of her scorching vaginal fluid rush over the condom I was wear and at same time my scorching white cum spewed out from the tip of my dick and filled the condom. It was followed by three more loads blow into condom I was wearing.

Finally both of our orgasm end and I collapsed down on top of her and laid there for few minutes We were both in state of bliss we both we hot an sweaty I didn't want move but suddenly I heard siring and I pop my head quickly and saw a Roanoke county police car rolling at code 3 " Shit cops" I said as quickly withdrew from her pussy and pull of the condom and damn it was full of cum! " damn I would have surely impregnated you if I had blown that amount of cum into you Jackie"'I said as I quickly throw on my boxer and pant and shirt and my shoes and jumped into front seat and as quickly as I could I started the car and peeled out as quick as I could " as quickly as you Jackie can get dressed then join in front seat.

Ok baby sorry we have to roll" I said as I drove up the road and my heart was race I thought for sure someone had called them as we near end of road Jackie jump up into front seat beside of me with very worried look on her face.

Reach end of road I noticed the police car nearing our location and my heart started beating even quicker only for the police car to turn off onto the exit ramp to the Interstate I slowed my car and I slam my hand down on steering wheel " Oh thank god he turned onto the interstate ramp I thought for sure he coming for us! Sorry baby you ok?" I could tell her heart was beating just has hard as my was. " Yes I'm ok baby damn I thought we busted to thank God we weren't?" " You telling me I would definitely would have gone to jail." I said Jackie leaned in close give big kiss on lips and said " Thank you baby that was awesome.

Damn Scott did you blow this same amount oh cum into Christine and Stephanie?"'she asked as held up condom that was nearly full. " Nope no where near it hell I didn't even cum last week with Stephanie because I had relived myself before she called .and if you remember with Christiane I put the bloody thing on backwards and it came off inside her " I said as I drove down the road "oh that right I forgot you told me about that honey and you mom made you go to health department to get check" Jackie said " Yeah I still have Nightmares of the q-tip they ran around inside of tip of my dick." I said Jackie burst out laughing " ahh that couldn't have hurt that bad baby." She said " The HELL it didn't Jackie that was worse pain of all those test they did on me" I said to her A little while later Jackie pick up the condom that we had used in her hand looking at " damn Scott your cum is so sticky and warm she dip her finger into condom and was about stick into her mouth this when I stopped her "Jackie don't put that in your mouth!Jackie for it now mix with spermicide." I told her " spermicide what that Scott?" She ask wiping her cum cover finger on her jeans "It a liquid that they put inside the condom that supposed to kill the seaman in case the condom were busted and also acts as a lubrication." I said to her "ok but aren't condoms designed to not to busted Scott?" she said " well Jackie grabbed that condom box we got it laying in back seat there" I said Jackie turn around grabbed the box " now read what it say about their effectiveness" I Said to her " it said here on box that they 99.99% effectiveness"she said " that why they add in the Spermicide in the condoms so for 1% chance they were fail." I said "oh so they are just as effective as births control pills"she said "you are correct"I told her "Scott can we talk about what we did back there?" She asked as I pulled into gas station.

" Sure thing Jackie . what on your mind?" " Oh I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and explaining everything to me and answering all my questions no nubilefilms naughty assistant surprises her boss at home se how stupid they may have been." She said I turn towards her in seat to ahold of her hand and said fucked latina nympho takes a load to the face To be busty blonde milf teaching a teen how to suck and fuck with you Jackie none of those questions you ask were stupid.

I didn't get that my first time with Christiane. It was rush job so I wing it and look how sunny leon tow gril fuking turned out I put bloody condom on wrong. I just hope I didn't fail to live up to your expectations back there baby" I said to her she lend in close to a give me big kiss on lips " Scott you made it special for me and this night something I will always remember.

I'm just sorry I didn't go down on you like you were wanting me to" she said "Listen here Baby it ok you didn't feel comfortable doing it ok that ok. Jackie I never going force you do something your not comfortable doing hell I would end up blowing that loud in your mouth instead of inside of you ok." "Oh then it a good thing we didn't that amount of cum shoot in my mouth I would have surely had choked on it." She said " yep you would have babe hey I need gas up car and while I'm doing that run in clean yourself up a little.

I need to disposes of this condom in trash can" I said "Ok you do that I'll be right back baby." She said has she got out of the car and ran into gas station. So I tossed the condom nearby trash can and I knew I had pre paid for gas since I was paying for with an check.

So when did that and return to car to fill it up. While I was filling the car up Jackie returned to car and when she returned to car. She literally looked like we just hadn't gotten done making passionate love to each of just minutes ago.

Which was good thing. Once I finish filling it up I returned to car. " So what took you so damn long in there?" " Well Scott I had fix my make up and my hair and I had a little blood in my panties so I had clean that up a little." "Oh ok well I have fifteen minutes to get you home or your grandma going have my head. So buckle up" I said Well ten minutes later Jackie and I pulled up in front of her grandma house.

As gentlemen as was I walk around opened the car door for her and even walked her to the door and sure enough Jackie grandma was standing there looking at clock on wall " Damn Scott I thought you to be late and you bought her home a full ten minutes early." Jackie Grandma said " 8:30 is 8:30 Ma.am I have earned you trust I don't want to lose it" I said to her she just smiled and I give Jackie and good night kiss and told I'll would talk to her later Aftermath Well home coming was quick approaching and Jackie and I had already started planning for it.

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Our plan were to go home coming and stay just long enough to say we were there then go find place make love again well unfortunately those plan never happen and here way One night Jackie and I was talking and we decided we would three way Ashley ( who would later become my wife) now those who are enough would know when three way calling was first invented and I was never had three way called someone before so I initiate the call Well Jackie and Ashley and I all talk for what seem like hours before Jackie told me she had to go and with me being new to this three way call thing I didn't know that I had drop the call.

Well Ashley and I continue to talk and I told her everything we Jackie and I done and were planning to do at homecoming and then it happen an unfamiliar voice came over phone at first but very soon I knew who it was and it was Jackie grandma and boy was she pissed I didn't know how long she has been listening " Michael!" Jackie she has a tight asshole but she doesnt quit said I froze " Yes Ma'am?

I said " Boy you had better hang up Ashley call back immediately we need to talk" Jackie grandma said " Yes Ma'am I will" I said Jackie grandma hung up " Ashley I have to go Jackie grandma want to talk to me." I said to Ashley fabulous hotties enjoy a very kinky threesome I don't understand Jackie hung up it should have disconnected the call" Ashley said " I guess not well wish me luck Ashley" I said as hung up the phone Moments later I call Jackie grandma back and I was nervous as hell.

Just how long had she been listening and how much did she know. I nervously Dialed Jackie numbers and Jackie Grandma answered the phone "Scott is that you?

Jackie Grandma said " Yes Ma'am you said you want to talk I'm not in trouble am I? I ask " You know the answer the to that Scott!"Jackie grandma said My heart sank and my heart started to pound and sweat starting forming on my forehead "How much of Ashley and my Conversation did you hear Ma'am" I asked her grandma " Enough to know that you have deflowered my granddaughter and you both have plan to have sex again with Jackie being only sixteen years old and your being eighteen I could get you for statutory rape!" " statutory rape!" I said as my jaw literally dropped to the floor " Yes Scott statutory Rape and that would make you a Sex offender and you would have to registered every year for rest of your life!" " Ma'am I didn't do anything to her that she didn't consent to if I remember correctly here in the State of Virginia the age of consent is six teen Ma'am.

I surely didn't rape your granddaughter Nancy ( not her rename) and I would never do anything that she didn't want to do" I said "'Well regardless of Jackie if she give her consent she a minor and if I wanted to I could press charges against you but Scott your been great to Jackie and total gentleman to her.

So here a deal for you Scott!"Jackie grandma said"What kind of deal Nancy" I said very nervously " Deal is you break up with Jackie and you have no contact with her until she eighteen and I won't press statutory rape charges on you how that sounded Scott" Jackie grandma said I really didn't want break up with Jackie.

We had to much history and we just had became lovers only a few week before. But if I didn't take her deal she would press charges on me that would ruined my life. So what else could do but take her deal as much it was going devastates Jackie and me. I love this young woman with all my heart and soul and now her grandma was demanding I break up with or face prison time.

" Well which is it going to be Scott are you going break up with my granddaughter or is next call I make to the law?" Jackie grandma said my heart was breaking when I slut milf gangbang and casting threesome xxx suspect told us that it was tts place her my answer.

" Well has much as I don't believe Jackie and I broke any law since she give her consent I'm not going call your buff here and as much as I hate the fact your force me break up with her or face prison time . I going accept your deal but you have tell her your literally back me into corner and give no other choice." I said " Well Scott you made your choice when slept with Jackie and you had better have used a condom because she get pregnant and I'll have you ass up on charges so quick your Head will spin." Jackie grandma said " There no need worry about her getting pregnant Nancy.

I wore a condom so I wouldn't get her pregnant. But you really need talk to granddaughter before I break up with her. She wanted me to take her virginity I never forced or pressure her in any way to have sex with me." I said " Oh I just about to do that Scott ?" Her grandma said then I heard Jackie grandma yell at Jackie pick up phone. Moments later Jackie picked up phone " What now nana ?" Jackie ask " well Jackie I over heard Scott talking earlier to Ashley about what you too did in back seat of his car and what your were planning for after homecoming and since your under eighteen and he is eighteen I could charge him with statutory rape!" Jackie grandma said " Nana that not fair he didn't rape me I wanted to have sex with him I give him my consent to make love to me please Nana I love him!" Jackie said " Well Jackie your sixteen and the law is the law I said I could press charges on him but I offer him a deal" Jackie grandma said " what kind of deal Nana?" Jackie demanded of her grandma "Would you like to tell her Scott or shall I?" Jackie grandma asked me just the thought that I had break up with her was tearing me up inside to point were I said to cry.

" It better it came from me Ma'am." I said as I was crying hard " Baby please don't cry see Nana want your causing here what was the deal baby?" Jackie said I took deep breath trying to calm down but I couldn't her grandma was literally ripping my heart from my chest " Jackie promise me you won't be mad at me?" I plead with her " I won't babe just tell me"Jackie said "0k the deal was that I had break up with you and have no further contact with you until you turned eighteen or she going to press statutory rape charges on me.

I don't want to do this baby I love you with all my heart but I have no other Choice" I said " Really NANA your making him break up with me or face charges that new low for you nana" Jackie said " Well I'm giving him BIG break her Jackie if you think about I could just called the police on him that my right as your legal guardian but since he has been so good you I give a choice.

So Scott get to it!" Jackie grandma said " Jackie I'm sorry baby my hand are tied here I just want you understand that I love you with all my heart and soul We both knew the risk we were taking and I told you there a chance she would find out. Has most as this killing me. I'm sorry Jackie we can't see each other again or talk to another until you turn eighteen please don't be mad at me" I said crying my eyes out.

" really you going let her force you break up with me." Jackie said "It was that or I would go to prison Jackie I had no other choice please don't be mad at me baby I love you with all my heart and soul and I'll will never stop loving you Jackie! Maybe once you turn eighteen we get back together if you can find in your heart to take me back." I Said to her " I'm not mad at you Scott the person I'm mad is my grandma he didn't force me to have sex with him I wanted to he ask me many time if I was totally sure I wanted to have sex with him.

Thank a lot Nana your have ruined my life and don't expect me talk to you for long time Nana because of this. Jackie said " well your get over it soon enough missy by the way your ground and plan on not going homecoming either!" Now that pissed me off and I said " that wasn't part of deal Nancy you have punished her enough by making me break up with her!"I said " Goodbye Michael and remember no contact what so ever until she eighteen" Jackie grandma said has hung up the phone I most have cry my self sleep that night.

But I won't be dateless for homecoming read next chapter to find who it?