Timid old man got fucked by a gutsy young blonde

Timid old man got fucked by a gutsy young blonde
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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 4 Later that night… Back at home; Danny sits on the couch watching TV. He kicks off his shoes and gets comfortable as he flips through the channels, not finding a single thing on to watch. In the kitchen, Maddie stands over the stove fixing herself some Coffee. She's wearing a silk nightgown under her robe and, strangely, a pair of high heels.

She pours herself a cup of Coffee and heads into the Living Room to join her son. Danny looks up and sees her standing beside him.

"Mind if I join you, Danny?" "No, mom. Go ahead." She sits down besides him, and they begin to watch the news on TV. Reports of the incident that happened at the Nasty Burger fill the news, making Danny feel even more embarrassed than he already is.

Maddie looks over and sees his embarrassment, and feels even more awful than she did earlier. She can't even bear to look at him, and turns her head away. This is when she notices that her Fenton Vibro-Tron is on the nightstand behind the couch. "Oh god, no! The Fenton Vibro-Tron!

Things are already bad enough. I can't explain this to Danny. Gotta hide it." She reaches over and grabs the Vibro-Tron and opens the drawer to stuff it in. Danny looks over at her to see what she's doing, and gets an eye-full of her Luscious, Gigantic Ass. Instantly, his penis shoots up in his pants, as he can't help but to stare.

"Oh, man. I never knew Mom had such a perfect ass. I bet it's so soft…" He slowly reaches his hand out, wanting to just touch it, to see what it feels like, but pulls his hand back when she sits back up, Vibro-Tron well hidden in the drawer. Maddie looks over at Danny, who smiles nervously before turning his attention back to the TV.

She wonders what's going on until she notices the erection Danny has. "What the…Danny's got an erection? But we're not watching anything remotely sexy on TV." Big boob blonde teen strip and granny blowjob glasses first time fucking is not a game looks at the TV screen and sees a very old woman reporting the news, and becomes even more confused.

"How could he have gotten a Hard-On when…" She finally begins to realize what's the cause of her son's horniness as she looks down at her nightgown.

"It's me. I'm the one that's making him horny." And once again, a struggle goes on inside of her. Whether or not to fuck her son. Whether to cross that threshold that has been deemed wrong. Maddie looks over at her son again, this time with desire in her eyes. Danny looks back at her with a confused look, not exactly knowing what's going on. Suddenly, she springs forward and locks lips with her son, giving him a deep, passionate kiss. After a few lisa berlin bull fucks slave charles with a nasty strapon, she pulls back away from him.

They both have a look of shock on their faces. "MOM!" Maddie starts to panic as he eyes well up. "I'm sorry, Danny. I'm so, so sorry! I don't know what came over me. I…I just, I just…with Jack gone and…I'm sorry, Danny. I didn't mean to…" Danny interrupts her and smiles. "No, it's OK, Mom. Actually…I kinda liked it." Another look of shock comes over Maddie.

She didn't expect her son to be so accepting to what she did. "Oh my God, Danny didn't freak out. Well…he is a mature young man.

And the way Jack's been going ghost crazy, I can't even remember the last time I had a good lay. But Danny's a virgin. I can't be the one to take that away from him." She looks up at Danny, to see him still smiling, and still hard. It helps her to come to her decision.

"Oh, hell. He has to learn sometime.

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Better me than some slut off the street." She leans in and kisses him again. This time not as aggressively, but just as passionate. She moves her tongue around his mouth, taking control. Danny closes his eyes and just enjoys it.

A single tear falls down Maddie's face, as she continues to make out with her son. After a minute, she pulls back from Danny, leaving a small line of saliva connecting their mouths.

Danny looks at his mother and sees the single tear rolling down her face. "Mom, are you OK?" Maddie smiles back at her son. "I'm fine, Danny. Just fine." She reaches down and begins to unbuckle Danny's pants. Danny raises his hand, wanting to reach out and grab his mother's breasts. Maddie gives him the green light. "It's OK, Danny. My body is yours tonight." And with that, he places his hand on her breast. He massages and plays with them, savoring the moment. Maddie finally gets his pants unbuckled, and pulls them down along with his boxers.

His Cock is pointing up to the sky like a flagpole, and stiff like steel. Maddie looks up at her son. "Danny, if you don't want to do this, I perfectly understand." "No, mom.

I want to. I really sexy hood cocoa stlouis blood freak fuck wildin to." He looks lovingly at his mother, not wanting to disappoint her, and also wanting to get laid.

She lowers her head and opens her mouth, putting her lips around the head of his Cock, and slowly going down onto the shaft. She begins to bob her head up & down, working her tongue around gently so not to bring him off too quick. Danny sends his hand underneath Maddie's nightgown and plays with her bare breasts. He tilts his head back, enjoying the moment. "Oh, man. I never thought my mother would be giving me a Blowjob. And she's so good.

Now I know why Dad married her." Maddie continues to suck off her son, with a feeling of triumph washing over her body. "Oh, I've missed this. I hope Danny's enjoying this." "Danny, is mommy doing a good job?" Danny answers with a smile on his face and a bit of drool. "Oh, yeah. Real good." Maddie stops her motion, feeling good about herself. "Hmm, maybe I should give Danny my special service." She pulls back, then goes lower, swallowing as much of his manhood as she can, until his head touches the back of her throat.

Danny's eyes almost roll into the back of his head. Maddie's pussy begins to get soaking wet. She brings her sex xxx sixy storys english down, and puts her middle & ring finger together and jams them into her box.

She fingers herself at a furious pace, as she works her tongue around Danny's Dick faster. "Oh, god. This isn't working. I need something bigger." Instantly, she remembers the Fenton Vibro-Tron she put in the Drawer, and pulls Danny's Cock out of her mouth. "Danny, I need you to do mommy a favor." "Sure, mom. What is it?" "I need you to reach in the drawer and pull out the Fenton Vibro-Tron." Danny reaches behind the couch and opens the nightstand drawer.

He pulls out the Vibro-Tron and shows it to Maddie. "Is this what you were talking about." "YES! Now put it in me, Danny!" He reaches over towards her throbbing pussy. Maddie takes the hand she's been pleasuring herself with, and helps Danny guide his way to her waiting vagina. They insert it, and Maddie flips the on switch. The Vibro-Tron starts to shake wildly inside of her.

Danny holds on and moves it in & out of her. Maddie keeps working on Danny's Cock, deep throating it again until she can't take any more in. Danny's body starts to weaken & shake. He looks ready to blow. "Oh god, Mom. You gotta stop, I'm gonna…I'm gonna…" She doesn't listen.

Danny tries to hold on but he lets loose his load right astonishing cassandra nix and sheena shaw having lesbian sex his mother's mouth. Maddie stops, then lifts her head off of Danny's Cock. She then takes a huge swallow and gulps down everything he shot into her mouth, much to Danny's surprise. "Mmmm, that was yummy." Danny's surprised by the woman he's seeing now.

He never expected his mother to be so sexual. "Oh, man. My mother's a freak. Now I definitely know why Dad married her." Suddenly, Maddie reaches down and stops Danny's motion, pulling the Vibro-Tron out of herself.

"This isn't doing it. I need something more. I need a real Cock." Her eyes turn towards her son, who's getting hard just thinking about sex with his mother. She takes her hand and gently pushes away, lying him down on the couch. She climbs onto him, grabbing his Cock & straddling him.

"Don't worry. Mommy will guide the way." She lifts herself up and guides his Cock between her love lips, and into her wet pussy. Almost instantly, she moans in pleasure. "OOOOHHHHHHHH, YES!" She begins to grind herself on him, moving his Cock all around in her pussy.

Danny reaches out and grabs his mother's ass. "Aw, man. It is soft. This feels like heaven" Maddie closes her eyes and keeps riding. She leans forward, closer to her son so that her breasts are pressed against his chest. Danny looks up at his mother. "Oh, Mom! You're so incredible!" Maddie opens her eyes and looks at her son.

She smiles, as her eyes begin to well up and water again. She leans in closer and kisses him deeply, as another tear runs down her cheek. She then shoots up, feeling that Danny has just hit her spot.

Danny looks like he's ready to blow. "Mom…I think I'm gonna…" "Go ahead, Danny. Give it to me! Put it all inside me!" He complies, and shoots his cum inside of her.

Maddie feels it filling her up like a fire hose. She falls forward, resting on her son, the two of them sweaty & exhausted. Danny has a look of worry on her face. "Mom…I-I just came inside you. W-won't you get…" Maddie cuts him off.

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"Oh, don't worry, Danny. Your father & I created a super Birth Control pill. Just in case I got impregnated by a renegade ghost…or your father did. Now you bd jhalokhati xxx villag storys com upstairs and wash up. It's past your bedtime." She gets up off of him as he stands up, grabs his pants and underwear and heads up the steps to the 2nd floor.

Maddie's smile fades as she comes to a realization. "(Sighs) This might just be for one night only. Well, it was fun while it lasted." Just then, Danny peeks his head downstairs.

"Hey Mom, is it OK if we can…uh, "get together" tomorrow?" Maddie looks back at her son, with the smile back on her face. "Of course we can, honey." He heads back upstairs as the phone begins to ring.

Maddie reaches over and grabs it. "Hello? Oh Hi, Jack!" Maddie adjusts her nightgown so that she's wearing it properly. Listening to her husband, she puts her finger to her mouth & smiles. "No, go ahead and stay the whole week, dear." She turns her head and looks at the stairs Danny just went up. "I'm sure Danny & I will find some way to pass the time."