Sydney cole and cassandra cain horny threeway on the couch

Sydney cole and cassandra cain horny threeway on the couch
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You may notice I use some of the same themes and idea's from my other story but believe me, these are very different and this one is much improved. There may be some minor errors because I'm half asleep while I'm writing this and my proof reading skills are not on right now. Her name was Kerri. She had the perfect body for a 14 year old, round 32B boobs and of course the ass to match.

Her face was clear of blemishes, with big blue eyes and giant dick-sucking lips that certainly made her boyfriend happy. She had lost her virginity to that boy but she was still dreaming for the day it would happen with a girl. Of course she had her experiences with her girl friends, occasionally hooking up with each other and feeling each other up but that wasn't the attention she was looking for; she wanted kianna dior son steep mom to be real and passionate.

She was one of the popular girls but didn't have that selfish attitude, she was friends with all types of girls which left her options open. Of course at the time I didn't send mom son mom xxx all her desires but I soon found out.

My name's Angie and I'm Kerri's best friend. Although you may thing Kerri's body is amazing, I wasn't a slouch in that department either. I have C sized breasts with a great ass too and although I'm short, I'm well developed in all my areas. All the guy's say I'm "cute" but I never get the compliments that Kerri gets.

I was opened up by one guy as well but long before that I would finger myself to sleep almost every which kept me pretty lose, lose enough to fit almost four fingers in or a cucumber (I got kinky sometimes).

I had often thought about being with a girl but I was only bi-curious.

At the time me and Kerri were very close but these series of events brought us even closer. Kerri and I always hung out on weekends, no matter what; it didn't even matter if guy's were involved (which it usually) did. The night started out just like any other Friday night did, plans to go out with our friends and party and drink even though we were underage - we had fun. Everything was set and we were going to go to a party, but as we were getting all "prettied" up Kerri noticed a new text on her phone from her boyfriend.

It read "sorry Kerri i dont think we are right for each other anymore, i got your virginity and thats all i wanted. im sorry baby." Of course Kerri was devastated and began to cry but being the good friend I am I tried to cheer her up and wipe the tears from her eyes. "I can't believed he would do this to me! I hate guys." "I know honey, I know their all scumbags but I promise you were gunna have a good night tonight, we're not gunna go to that party and we can just relax tonight and watch movies and everything." "I can't do that Angie, that big bood xxx sex stories story ruin your night!" "What else would I do without my best friend at a party, if you want since my parents are out of town and my sisters out we can steal some alcohol from their stash." "That would be great babe, thanks so much.

We can get so wasted!" She gave me a little peck on the lips which seemed to spark my hormones up. She looked so good too, wearing her tight little black spandex pants that showed off her perfect form and a black shirt with teal cheetah markings - the style.

I was wearing tight dark blue jeans and a sweatshirt with no shirt underneath and only my bra, figuring I wouldn't be taking it off. Surely I was wrong about that. We decided to look on the HBO channels to see if any good movies were on when we stumbled across something that gave us both a laugh - Lesbian Teens: Cancun.

At this point we had started to drink vodka, our preferred drink with coke as our chaser. We were both past tipsy and were more of just giggling around for no reason. "Hey Kerri I have a question baby girl." (obviously with the words slurred) "Ahh what is it hunny." "Have you ever though of you know, done what their doing in this movie hahaha." "Oh my god, all the time you wouldn't even know Angie." "Same hereeee, ever thought of doing it with me?" Her reply was self explanatory, a kiss right on my lips with her tongue soon following.

We seemed to do this for a while, I slowly massaged her breasts threw her shirt - not really trying to make her orgasm, just tease her. Without skipping a beat she slowly lifted my sweatshirt and found a pleasant surprise, just my bra and large boobs. She played with my stomach, tickling it and slowly making her way up to my breasts; going in endless circles it seemed.

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She finally reached her hands around my back and unhooked my bra, letting it fall softly to the ground and leaving my tits to perk up and my nipples to stand in attention. We then decided to just strip down to nothing. She had a skimpy little thong on that was already soaked in the front, I thought to my self this must have really been her fantasy! Ker then layed on top of my, her tongue licking my erect nipples while she lightly massages them. I layed there helpless, moaning in the most intense pleasure I had ever had in my life.

Kerri then began to bring her tongue up to my neck and began to lightly nibble all around my neck and lightly on my ear lobes. It was my turn now though, as I pushed her off of me and flipped her over so only her bare back and ass were open to me.

I worked my way from the back of her neck down her back and finally to awesome deepthroat and cock riding action with hinata tachibana perfect ass, that I had fantasized about so many times about laying in my bed with my fingers deep inside of myself.

I slowly brought my tongue down to her ass crack, sniffing to make sure that it was clean - it smelled of poop like any butt hole but this seemed to turn me on even more.

She jumped when my tongue first went in black guy fork girl story xxx settled down and started giggling when I began to go back and forth at a rhythm with my tongue, in and out. At this point with nothing else to do with her mouth, Kerri began to drink more and more; almost finishing a fifth by her self! She was totally gone at this point while I was still only tipsy with a few of my senses still in tact.

This seemed to make her even more turned on, as I slowly moved my hand up to her soaking wet pussy I noticed that it was almost dripping. This just encourage me even more, sticking to fingers in immediately while my tongue was still working her ass hole. I flipped her body over, without any fear at this point and moved into the 69 position with my dripping wet pussy hanging over her face - she knew what to do. Although her TLC on my boobs was the most amazing experience of my life at the time, this had to over take that.

We were both eating each other out, with both our faces dug deep in each others clean-shaved pelvic area.

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She slowly moved her fist up to my pussy, and since she had made me so lose she began to work it inward which literally made me scream with pleasure. I knew she was close to orgasm, by the way her legs were shaking and with a finally thrust of my two fingers I set her over the edge, as she squirted her glorious pussy juices all over my waiting face.

It was salty, by tasted just like mine did whenever I masturbated. I then sat up and straddled her face, certainly making it hard for her to breath. This made her work even harder though and I could feel myself slowly cumming. I let out a shriek and all the built up tension was gone. It was over, for the night. I dressed her back up, making sure to run my fingers all wild babes get their holes filled up with huge cocks her hot spots.

I let her go up to my room and sleep in my bed while I cleaned up the mess of alcohol and our juices that was spread all over my couch. When I was finally done I went back upstairs and saw that she was passed out, under my covers.

I got in next to her and hugged her, my best friend and best lover. She woke up, dazed and confused - half hung over and half drunk. "thanks angie, your amazing. i love you". "i love you too, see you in the morning." And with that, and a soft kiss on the cheek we fell asleep in each others arms.

Monday came. I walked down the hall of our school watching her walk; her ass jiggled slightly, in those tight black spandex pants.


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