Remy lacroix and gia dimarco hot threesome

Remy lacroix and gia dimarco hot threesome
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(Reading the earlier chapters may be helpful.) Justin sat on his bed and watched his sister Emily dash out the door to chase after her best friend Jill. The two siblings had been in the middle of having sex when her friend returned to the cell phone that had dropped out of her pocket.

She had been over earlier to watch their parents' having sex through a peephole in Justin's bedroom. That got Emily so hot that after Jill had left, she wasted no time using Justin to relieve herself. Even though Justin encouraged Emily to chase after Jill, he was still disappointed at being interrupted. When Emily didn't return right away, Justin figured that any hope of anything happening tonight was shot.

He changed into his PJ's and went to sleep. Justin slept later than he intended and in the morning had to really hussle to get ready and out the door in time to get to work.

He didn't see his sister and hoped everything was alright with her. The house was empty when Justin got back from work. He noticed that Jill's cell phone was missing from his desk. That was the cause of the entire fiasco last night if Jill hadn't dropped it, she would never have returned and seen them through the window.

He flopped onto his bed and turned on the TV, flipping channels for something to veg out on. About fifteen minutes later, he heard the front door open and then shut followed by footsteps moving down the hall towards his room. His door opens and Emily walks in wearing a tank he finds her masturbating and offers his help and shorts. "I'm back," she says cheerfully. "Hi." Justin sits up in bed.

"I take it everything went well with Jill?" "Yep! No problems there." Emily climbed onto the bed straddling Justin's legs. "Now, remember where we were last night?" she asked. "Yeah." She leaned her body into his and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "I think we have some unfinished business," she said before kissing him. Justin wrapped his hands around his sister. His hands explored up and down as their tongues danced in their mouths.

He was just about to move big tit blonde loves to be cock slammed hands to the front of her shirt when he saw that Jill has entered the bedroom too. Justin pushed Emily away from him. "Jill, um… hi." Jill smiled back and gave a small wave. "It's okay," Emily said as she leaned back in. "What's she doing here?" Justin asked. "You know how we were watching your parents last night," Emily explained moving her hips in Justin's lap.

"She wanted a better look." "You mean she's going to watch us?" "Do you mind?" "No really," Justin smiled back. "Is she going to join in too?" Emily put a pouty frown on her face.

"Am I not enough for you?" "No! That's—" "Don't worry silly. It's okay. But she just wants to watch for now." Emily looked over at Jill, "Are you ready?" Jill had grabbed a chair from Justin's desk and moved it near the bed to sit down in. "Yep. Let the show begin!" she giggled. Emily giggled with her. "Here it goes," she announced as her lips found Justin's again.

The two kissed for a few minutes before Emily leaned back from the kiss. "What's wrong?" she asked Justin. "What?" he replied. "You're different," she accused him. Justin looked over at Jill who was perched on her chair less than a foot away.

"Well, it's weird having an audience studying me." "Okay, let's go to our parents' room and have her watch through the wall." Emily hopped up from the bed, dragging Justin by the hand behind him.

Upon entering the bedroom, Emily flopped on the king size bed, pulling Justin down on top of her. "Now, it's brazilian pool orgy and blonde partner threesome hot sneaky yoga us," she said as she pulled his face down for a kiss. Justin eagerly returns the kiss.

His body is draped over hers and his hands quickly find their way to his sister's mounds, kneading them through her clothing. He felt Emily pull his shirt off over her head and lifted his hands and arms just long enough to let the T-shirt be discarded. They rolled together several times, enjoying the space that the king-size bed afforded them, before Emily settled on top. She sat up and pulled the tank-top off over her head. Even before the garment was discarded, Justin undid the clasp on her bra and leaned upward to take one of her full tits into his mouth.

Justin heard Emily moan as he continued his oral assault on her firm tits. She writhed in his lap and he could feel his cock getting even harder than it was before.

It suddenly dawned on him that he was hearing two distinct sets of moans. He glanced to the side and saw that Jill not watching through the wall, but had moved into the bedroom with them and was watching from the side of the bed. One hand had disappeared under her dress while she watched the action in front of her. "Oh, no you don't," Emily said. "You keep your mind on me." She pushed Justin down on the bed and undid the buttons on his jeans.

Pulling both his jeans and undies together, Justin's cock sprang up. Emily immediately climbed up on top of him and started slowly sucking on his cock. "Oh Yes, Emily…" Justin said as he leaned back on the bed.

"Your turn too," Emily reminded him as she wiggled her but in Justin's face. He took the hint and peeled her shorts down her legs and lowered her pussy to his face. His first taste of her pussy was sweet, yet tangy, but he drank of her nectar with gusto. He could tell when he hit a sensitive spot as it disrupted her licks on his cock.

Justin could feel the pressure building in his balls as the two continued to pleasure each other. He didn't want to waste himself in her mouth so he grabbed a hold of Emily's waist and rolled them both over. He quickly turned himself around and lay on top of Emily; his cock questing for the entrance to her pussy.

Emily reached down and helped guide his member inside her. Tuned out were the other movements in the room and the gasp of "Oh my goodness!" as the two lovers were lost in the feelings of their union. As Justin glided in and out of her sister's wet pussy, he knew that it wasn't going to take much. Emily was also on the verge as she pulled at her brother, forcing him deep inside her.

Their releases came as an inevitable culmination of their passion as they pushed against each other tightly, Justin releasing spurt after spurt of his seed inside Emily's spasming pussy. As the two collapsed in their arms, their awareness of the rest of the world returned. Jill was standing at the side of the bed, not a foot away from the spent couple. "That was amazing! What did it feel like?" Justin rolled to the side as Emily sat up with a blissful expression cosplayer redhead walking in the forest and find a dick to fuck her face.

"It's better than anything you can imagine," she said. Jill was looking down at Emily's pussy, watching Justin's thick cream pour out. "Wow, it's messy," she said. Emily glanced down then shrugged. "Believe me, you won't be worrying about that." "But how did it all fit inside you?" "You're pussy makes room for welcome visitors," Emily said with a smile.

"It can be a little tight at first, but that's why you get yourself all wet." "And when he pushes inside you?" "It's hard to really describe. You just have to feel it for yourself. I'm sure Justin won't mind, right?" "No at all," Justin said, trying not to look too eager. "No, that's okay," Jill said quietly. She was staring at Justin's limp cock, still covered with the fluids of their union.

"You can touch it if you want," Justin offered when he saw Jill's gaze. She shrank back at the suggestion. "Don't worry," reassured Emily. "It's harmless." Justin's cock gave a twitch just then. "Well, mostly harmless." Jill sat frozen in indecision for just a moment before hopping up from the bed. "No, I'd better get going," she said, the words tumbling out of her rapidly. On her way out the door, she turned back and said, "Thanks for letting me watch." "Our pleasure," Justin said.

"No problem. Catch you later," Emily waved goodbye to her friend. Turning back to Justin, she said, "We'd better get this cleaned up though." The next afternoon, Justin was lounging in the living room when he heard a knock on the front door. He went to answer it, surprised to see Jill standing there in a pastel pink sundress. He opened the door for her, but before he could say anything, Jill blurted out, "Oh, good.

You're here." "Forget your cell phone again?" Justin teased. "No, but, um…" She stood just inside the doorway for a moment. Then gathering up her courage, she rapidly said, "Can you show me?" Her face turned a little red and she bowed her head slightly, letting her long hair obscure her face.

"Show you… Oh, you mean yesterday?" Ravishing blonde is down for some dp nodded gently. "But yesterday, you weren't…" "I wanted to," Jill started. "But I couldn't in front of Emily." "That's okay," Justin said. "Remember how I was nervous when you were there?" Jill smiled at the memory. "Let's go to my parents' room, just in case Emily shows up." He took her hand, led her quickly down the hallway.

They entered the bedroom and Justin closed the door. The two sat side-by-side on the edge of the bed. "You're a virgin, right," Justin asked gently. "Um… yeah," Jill said, blushing slightly again. "That's okay," Justin said, putting his hand comfortingly around her shoulder. "What about kissing?" "Yeah." "Besides Emily?" "Of course!" Jill retorted. She then blushed as she realized her reaction admitted that she had made out with his sister.

"But only a few times." "Anything further?" "Not really," Jill said. "One more question before we start," Justin asked thoughtfully. "Are you on the pill? Teen cam kitchen girlpals toying each other should I get a condom ready?" Jill smiled.

"Emily and I went on the pill at the same time," she said. "It's like a rite of passage for us!" "Then there's nothing to worry about," Justin said. "Are you ready?" Jill nodded. "We'll start nice and slow." Justin leaned towards her, gently guiding her face towards his. The first few kisses were quick pecks, but then their lips joined. Justin's tongue traced the contours of her lips as it sought entry into her mouth.

As Jill leaned into him more, her long hair tumbled across their faces. 'That long hair is really pretty to look at, but it's really inconvenient when making out,' he thought as he tried to brush it away. As Jill grew more relaxed, her kiss became more confident and assertive. Her tongue sought his out and they danced together in both his mouth and hers.

'She's quite a good kisser,' Justin thought as the minutes passed. Breaking the kiss and pulling back, Justin saw a smiling Jill looking back at him. "How was that?" he asked. She blushed slightly, looking down. "Nice. Very nice." "Here," Justin said, guiding her to stand in front of him. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close for another kiss.

His hands roamed up and down her back, exploring her lean body. Jill found it very hard to concentrate on the kiss. Justin's hands on her back felt so warm. Each time they went down, they came closer to her rear and on the way up, his thumbs reached further around her body towards her tits. She found herself standing on tiptoes to try to force her rear into his hands and moving slightly away from him to give his hands access to her tits.

'This feels almost as good as when I touch myself,' Jill thought. 'What will it be like when he…' The thought broke off as she felt his hand move to completely envelop her right tit. She could feel the warmth seem directly into her being and she knew her nipples were clearly poking through the thin material of her sundress, catching on his fingers as his hand made gentle circles.

Her knees grew weak and if it weren't for his other hand still around her back, she might collapse on the floor from the pleasure. Unbeknownst to Jill, another pair of eyes was also watching. Emily sat in Justin's room, watching as her brother untied the bow at the top of her friend's dress, revealing her athletic tits.

She listened to Jill's deep moan as Justin put one of her nipples in his mouth. Emily wasn't sure that this would happen, but could sense Jill's enthusiasm yesterday seemed to be dampened by her presence.

While she was a little disappointed that her friend didn't want to share this with her, she was glad it was happening.

As Emily's hand disappeared inside her panties, she thought, 'This is going to be a good show.' Justin's hands found the other bow tied around the back of Jill's dress and pulled it open. The dress dropped in a pile at her feet, revealing a matching pair of pink panties.

The front was soaked to a blood red color from the juices seeping from her pussy. His hands cupped the firm cheeks of Jill's rear as his mouth continued to devour her tits. His hands kneaded the flesh as it ran over the material of her panties, pulling her closer. His hands slid up and then down inside her panties, rubbing her butt directly, feeling the soft flesh filling the palms of his hands.

Jill moaned in satisfaction. The magic of his tongue on her tits was stroking a fire in her chest and his warm hands on her rear were making a similar heat in her groin.

She could stockinged brit babe gets sperm in mouth stand as she held onto his shoulders for support while he feasted on her body. Just when she thought it couldn't get any nicer, she felt his hand slide around her hip to touch the lips of her pussy. Each stroke of his hand along her opening felt like it was winding a spring inside her tighter and tighter.

She could feel something building inside her, like the crackle of static electricity hanging in the air. The spring snapped. Jill felt pleasurable bolts of lightning shoot from her pussy to connect to the heat in her chest and rear.

Like a slow explosion, the warmth of her orgasm burst forth from her center, expanding to fill her every extremity with a tingling sensation. The waves of pleasure bursting through her body caused her to collapse completely onto Justin as they both tumbled backward onto the bed. Emily watched from the other room as the two lay embracing on the bed.

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One of her hands was busy in her pussy while the other clutched her breast as she approached her own release. 'When would be a good time to go in there?' she thought as she watched Justin get undressed. 'And I hope he saves some for me.' Justin crawled back on the bed towards Jill. She was still trying to catch her breath, but her gaze was fixed on his hard cock as it, and its owner, towards her.

He lay down beside her, his hands still slowly moving over her body, as he whispered, "Are you ready?" Jill's eyes remained fixed on his cock.

Even though she had seen their parent's doing it, and watched when Justin pushed that cock into her friend, she couldn't imagine it fitting inside her. She also remembered the incredible feeling of pleasure she just experienced as well as the look of pleasure on her friend's face.

The warmth inside her that was slowly returning as Justin's hand glided over her body helped steel her conviction. "Be gentle," she said. "Just relax," Justin said as he moved between her legs. "Since this is your first time, it might hurt a little bit at first." He used his hand to slide the tip of his house vark man fak new up and down the length of Jill's pussy.

The slippery moisture from her pussy felt nice as it coated the head of his cock. It took all of his willpower to go gently with her, resisting his instinct to fuck her fast and hard. Jill felt the sparks of pleasure as his cock rubbed around her opening. She felt the head of his cock nestle in her pussy as Justin laid his body on her.

'This isn't so bad,' Jill thought as Justin bent down to kiss her and his hands rubbed over her nipples. She felt the pressure increase as Justin slowly started to push in. Her opening felt spread open impossibly wide yet she couldn't feel it actually enter her. The pressure grew, a mixture of pleasure but with increasing discomfort and a little bit of pain, and she could feel herself tense her body up. She remembered she was supposed to relax, but that's like asking someone not to look at that picture on the wall.

You might have ignored it all day, but once someone points it out, you can't help but look at it. Jill's concentration was suddenly broken by tickling fingers in her armpits. She giggled at the feeling and lurched to escape. She lifted her butt to try and slide away, and was surprised when she suddenly slid all the way down Justin's cock.

The sudden feeling of fullness took her breath away as she collapsed back against the bed. Looking up, she saw Justin smiling back down at her. "I told you to relax," he said with a chuckle. Jill started laughing too as they embraced each other.

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Justin could feel each giggle that Jill gave as a twitch on his cock. He started slowly moving his cock in and out of her deflowered pussy. His cock glided in and out with ease as he settled into a slowly increasing rhythm. He felt Jill's hands on his back, clutching him tightly as a series of pleasant whimpers timed to his thrusts emanated from her mouth. Emily watched from the other room.

She saw Justin's cock sliding in and out of her friend's pussy. She heard each sound of passion coming from her lips and each grunt of exertion from his. As her own hand hastened the arrival of her own release, she thought that this was way more exciting than watching their parents. She didn't know if was because she had fucked Justin before or it was her friend getting fucked, or just the anticipation that she should soon be joining them. She didn't care.

She only knew that the explosion of passion bursting within her filled her with pleasure, but still left her hungry for more. Jill was amazed at how easily Justin was able to move inside her and how full she felt. Her pussy felt impossibly stretched open, yet her discomfort earlier has been washed away by the waves of pleasure. She felt the heat spreading out from his cock to fill her entire being. She lay flat on the bed, holding onto Justin's torso for support, letting the feelings flow through her.

Even though she just had an orgasm, she could feel another one coming fast and it threatened to be even larger. Justin was relishing the feelings building in his balls as he sliced in and out of Jill's pussy. Her lean frame was not as soft and he missed feeling her breasts cushioning against his chest the way Emily's larger tits did, but Jill's pussy felt tighter around his cock and her moaning turned him on. He felt the pressure building. With a grunt, he thrust as deep inside her as he could and held himself there as his cock released its bursts sensual babe cums loudly on set x traordinary pictures her quivering pussy.

Jill knew that Justin was coming inside her when he held himself deep inside. She could almost imagine feeling the jets of liquid spray against the inside of her pussy. She flexed her body against him, trying to get that last bit of stimulation to push her over the top.

As Justin started to relax, she could feel her orgasm burst forth as all of the pent-up energy bottled up inside her spread to fill her body. She floated on a feeling of fulfillment as the pleasure coursed through her veins for the second time today. As the feelings passed, she collapsed back into the bed in exhaustion. "Jill?" A panic went through Jill upon hearing her friend's voice. "How could you?" Emily asked. "Emily?" Jill responded, trying to crawl out from under Magic hands french massage happy tugs anal body.

"I thought we were friends!" Emily yelled. "But…" Jill was shocked at her friend's reaction. "I thought…" Emily walked towards the bed. She dropped the angry expression on her face to be replaced with a more mischievous expression. "I just want to know why you didn't tell me." Relief swept through Jill. "You're not angry then?" Emily shook her head. "I heard you come in and got to watch the whole thing from his room." She smiled at Jill's shocked reaction.

"You have to promise me one thing though." "What?" "Always invite me." Jill noticed that Emily was wearing only an oversized T-shirt which she pulled over her head and tossed on the floor. "I hope you still have something for me," Emily said. "Watching you two was so hot!" Even with his cock recently spent, the sight of his naked sister joining her friend on the bed was enough to rouse it from its slumber.

"I'll always have something for you," Justin said, pulling her into his lap. "I'm so hot," Emily said as she found his cock. Lining it up with her already soaked pussy, she sat down hard. "Oh, yeah," she sighed as his cock sank deep inside her. As Emily started bouncing up and down on his cock, Justin reached around her body to cup her tits. Emily reached out with her hands to pull Blonde hottie cherry kiss does with fiance close, sandwiching herself between her brother and her friend.

Justin's head reached around Emily's to kiss Jill. Emily's hands hugged Jill close, exploring her back and rear. The three continued in their sexual union for several minutes as the three of them touched and caressed in the most intimate way possible.

Emily was the first to reach her release, her pussy clenching Justin's cock as she rode him. Justin took a little longer to reach his climax before filling his sister's pussy with more of his seed.

Spent, the three teens collapsed into a pile on the bed, each lost in a haze of contentment and bliss.