Two horny big ass ebony lesbian babes enjoys amazing oral sex action

Two horny big ass ebony lesbian babes enjoys amazing oral sex action
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October 22nd Dear Journal, Kyra came to my apartment again today. Luckily the last girl had just left about 5 minutes before she showed up. They always come back for more. It's amazing -- as a married biology professor in my late 30s, more girls have been throwing themselves at me now than ever before in my life.

Not like I'm complaining or anything! Sometimes they want extra credit. Most girls do it for the thrill. This is the age when they're finding themselves sexually, after all. A mature, athletic, educated man in his prime, like myself, is an easy target for those raging female hormones. Often these college age girls want a teacher in the classroom and a teacher in the bedroom as well. I have a studio apartment close to the University, furnished with a bed and a desk for my computer as well as some bookshelves and art.

Lynn thinks it's just used as an office, located conveniently close to the school, much closer than our house in the suburbs which is about an hour's drive. Such a dear, never questioning my late working hours. Thank goodness Lynn hasn't caught on; she'd never tolerate infidelity and I don't want to waste money on a divorce.

I do love my wife. But I also love fucking all these barely-ripe college girls! It's a dangerous game, but I can't resist playing it. I'm addicted, though I admit it only to this journal. But anyway, back to Kyra. She showed up at my door in a long, black peacoat and red high heels to match her ruby red lipstick, her silky brunette waves falling over her shoulders and halfway down her black. She smiled at me and walked in before I could even say Hello and invite her inside.

Thick black lashes and eyeliner framed her hazel eyes. I was wearing only my boxer shorts. Kyra was one of my favorites thus far, but we'd only had sex twice -- two very intensely passionate encounters, one in the classroom and one here at the apartment.

She's the one who broke it off two weeks ago because she couldn't stand the thought of sharing me. I'm always very forthright about being married and unable to pursue anything more than casual, albeit explosive, sex.

She's barely 18 and very sexually inexperienced, telling me she's looking for a long term relationship, not a fling. But she came back to me today, looking more seductive than ever as she stood in front of the bed. I sat on a chair at the desk, intently watching her, still not saying anything. Her creamy thigh peeked out from the black peacoat, making my cock twitch in my boxers. She kept her eyes sunny leone red bikini xxx story mine and slowly unbuttoned the first two buttons of her coat, revealing a pristine porcelain neck and chest.

My gaze went to her cleavage, amplified by the tight coat. Her fingers undid the third button and suddenly it was if reality became heaven itself -- those perfect, succulent orbs of quivering flesh spilling out and staring right back at me, with big dusky areolas hardening instantly in the chill of the room. God, how I'd missed them! I'd just shot my load not even twenty minutes ago and my cock was already nearly at maximum hardness again.

Her tits are an overflowing D cup, her nipples large and delicious, enough to inspire the hardest of erections. My breath caught in my throat, all of my blood flooding into my groin. Had she no clothes on at all under the coat? Surely at least a thong. She grinned and bent over, cupping those voluptuous breasts, striking a pose in front of the bed that made me want to hammer her hard in every hole right there and then.

I watched her pull on her nipples, making them stand out like little sausages that I wanted to sink my teeth into badly. The red high heels clicked upon the hardwood floor with her every move. Her fingers continued south, undoing the fourth and fifth buttons of the long black coat, now exposing her flat stomach with a sparkling crystal belly-button piercing. The dim light over the bed threw shadows down her toned abdominals, casting a dark vertical trail leading right down from her glittering belly-button towards the ecstasy that I knew to be between her legs.

I got to my feet, entranced, her fingers right over her crotch on the last button. It was torture -- I wanted to rip the coat off her body to reveal her perfect nudity! My prick was fully engorged, 8 1/2" of raging flesh pointing right at her through the thin fabric of my boxers, all my thoughts and actions reduced to the basest of instincts -- sex, sex, sex! Copulation, insemination, penetration!

She grinned seductively. I walked over and pushed her down on the bed, jumping on top of her. She giggled. Sex stories desi village bhabhi sex yanked the peacoat open brusquely, making the last button fly off across the room. Finally, her perfect pussy mound! I began salivating immediately, the smell of her sex instantly pervading my nostrils.

Her shiny red heels were in the air, her thighs wide open for me. I slipped my boxers off and stuck my face in between her legs as she lay upon the satiny black lining of the peacoat. There was a neatly trimmed strip of dark hair right over her slit. She has, in my opinion, the perfect pussy. Plump and puffy, her thick, rippled, moist folds of cuntmeat peaking ever so slightly from her lips. A tiny, pink pearl of a clit hid at the top of her slit.

I could suck on it for hours, but I was so horny that I only ate her out for about 10 minutes this time. Her moans began filling the apartment when I went down on her. I love the sound of her moans -- little gasps and cries and "oohs." Before she could cum, I pulled my lips away and took the base of my thick cock in hand.

She licked her lips, staring at my prick. Straddling her body as she lay on her back on the bed, I rubbed my meat along her slit, getting myself slick with her juices. The little moans and gasps continued to fall from her lips.

Then I stopped playing around and aimed the head of my cock in between her cuntlips. Our eyes were locked in a heated gaze. I bucked my hips at her, sinking my prick balls-deep in a single stroke.

She groaned loudly, her breasts bouncing from the force of my thrust. I bent my head and suckled those voluptuous tits while building up a faster pace.

Her cunt was so tight and hot, swallowing my meat whole! Kyra moaned underneath me, clawing at my back. I couldn't help but groan along with her, sounding like a growling beast with a nipple in my mouth, as her powerful cunt muscles squeezed my prick rhythmically. I hammered her pussy for all it was worth, filling the room with the sounds of my cock penetrating her teen hole: The slapping of skin on skin, the moist, squelching sound of my dick pistoning in and out of her cunt, our moans and cries.

Kyra's taut body writhed on the bed, her hips rising up to meet my thrusts. She held my back tightly, my face buried in her neck. Her moans turned into screams that she was cumming. I couldn't hold back any longer as I felt her pussy spasm around my cock -- I slammed into her hard one last time and gasped, my prick erupting deep inside her womb.

Her moans were loud in my ear. My cock throbbed, and so did her orgasming pussy. We were both breathless. I collapsed upon her, eyes closed with my head on her chest, my prick still twitching inside her hole. Reality came world big monstar cock sex back down on me as soon as I'd shot my load. Usually I was so good about using condoms, but in the heat of the moment she just let me dive right into her pussy!

My cock slipped out of her slimy hole, a string of semen sticking from her cuntlips to the head of my dick. A big gob of cum came rushing out along with my prick. Man, I hope she's on birth control. She stared up at me adoringly in the afterglow of intense orgasm.

And then seconds later she began trying to talk me into leaving my wife ("Hey, why don't you leave that old cunt-bag of a wife for me? Think of all the fun we'd have together then!"), even though I'd told her before that leaving my wife wasn't an option. Then she asked me to at least stop fucking other girls from school.

I walked over to the door and held it open for her while we were both still nude. She knew the deal: I could not offer her a serious long term relationship.

Tears were in her eyes as she threw her coat on and ran out the door, her cum-filled pussy peeking out with each step due to the missing button. I shook my head. This girl could be trouble. Damn, and she left some claw marks on my back -- if Lynn asks about it I'll have to tell her that mysterious rash is acting up again! That's all for tonight ~ ~Professor X Oct. 23rd Dearest Journal - I fucked a girl named Minnie for the first time today.

She stayed after class to ask some questions, and before I knew it she was sitting on my lap kissing me and bouncing up and down like a little girl visiting Santa! My cock meat stiffened immediately at the feeling of that round little peach of an ass grinding against my crotch! This girl always wears the shortest skirts and dresses possible, driving me to distraction. I've caught a glimpse of her satiny thong before in class when she bent over her lab desk, but I figured it was accidental.

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Now I know better -- she's a seductive little minx! She's probably around 5ft tall and 100lbs, very slender. Long and very curly blond hair and blue eyes. Pretty girl, but kinda slutty looking, too (not saying that's a bad thing).

Thick, dick-sucking lips always painted some gaudy shade of pink. Even though it's October, she still wears mini-skirts.

Today she was wearing a little red corduroy one that barely covered her asscheeks along with some sexy leather boots. Her tits are probably a full B cup. Not huge, but definitely nice & perky. I'd smother myself to death in them any day, believe me! So she didn't really have questions about the assignment -- within 5 minutes she was on her knees sucking my dick while I sat at my desk!

I unbuttoned her pink blouse, revealing a girly polka-dotted bra. She pulled her tits free, showing off tiny pink nipples. I caressed and squeezed them while she swallowed my dick to the balls -- she has quite a talent for deep-throating!

Lifting her little skirt up, I saw she was wearing a matching thong. I pulled it aside and fingered her succulent, bald pussy as she gagged and sputtered on my prick. She moaned around my cock. Then she took my saliva-coated meat out of her mouth, holding it in her hand, and begged me to fuck her. God, I love my job. I took out a rubber from my drawer and lifted her onto my desk, not caring about the pens and papers falling to the floor.

She got on her hands and knees on the desk and wiggled her cute little ass at me, beckoning me to come fuck her. I got up on the desk, positioning myself on top of her. With the base of my prick in hand, I aimed it between her pussylips and thrust forward, pushing her against the desk with a grunt. My lubricated cock sank deep inside of her. I gripped her hips hard and began fucking her steadily from behind, knocking nearly everything off my desk with a clatter.

She was gasping and squealing, so I had to keep my hand over her mouth, leaving lipstick all over my fingers. Our rhythmic slaps filled the room. There were probably still lots of faculty and students still left in the building, so I hope nobody noticed the sounds coming from the biology lab this afternoon!

I grunted like a beast, eager to blow my load. I pulled out of her when I was ready to cum, rolled my condom off send mom son mom xxx quick, and shot my load all over her back -- creaming her skirt, the back of her shirt, her hair. Somehow she didn't feel it because she walked out without mentioning it or wiping it off.

I guess maybe she thought I spermed in the condom? Maybe it was some sorority dare to leave class all covered in cum? Regardless, I wouldn't mind fucking that little bald pink pussy again soon! Side note: One of the apartment neighbors came on to me today in the elevator, a middle-aged single mom -- I wonder if she hears my numerous sexcapades through the walls and wants to try me out for herself!

I have plenty of young girls at the school to keep my cock entertained for now, though. Another girl, Melanie, is coming over to my apartment shortly. I last saw her at school, in the bathroom, where she was on my lap letting me fuck her up watch how this big pumped up stranger girlfriend homemade ass while sitting upon the toilet.

Ah, college -- the best years of our lives! Until next time~ ~Professor X Oct. 26nd Dear Journal - Had some pretty intense sex with Melanie the other day.

What a hot, young whore! She's a gorgeous redhead, with hypnotic, almost amber-colored eyes and freckles all over her porcelain skin. Probably about 5'7" and 120lbs. Great tits, 34C. Nice and perky, with tiny nipples that are always so responsive.

She says her pussy starts to get wet at even the slightest touch upon her nipples.

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It's easy to make her cum whilst fucking her -- I just lick and suck and nibble her sensitive nipples until she's writhing in a puddle of her own pussy juices! I made her cum 5 times in a hour once. Mel was in my class a couple years ago; this year she's a Senior. She's one of the girls I've been fucking regularly.

We started having sex when she was a student of mine. So the other night Mel came over wearing a sexy little black dress that barely covered her ass -- got my prick twitching at the door.

She had shiny black heels on that had to be at least 4." I made us a simple spaghetti dinner, and afterwards I hot bitch kristall plays with her nice kitty masturbation european some wine and got the soft music going. That's when she began telling me about a fantasy she had of being tied up to a bed and ravished.

I listened intently, my prick also paying rapt attention. Unfortunately, there are no bedposts on the bed in the apartment, otherwise I'd gladly bring her fantasy to life! The sun was setting and we were both relaxing.

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I loosened my light blue silk tie, staring out the window at the golden sunset. We sat silently sipping our wine a few moments, gazing outside.

I kept thinking of her bedpost fantasy, of the mental image of her restrained body, breasts thrust upward and outward due to her bound wrists stretched high above her head. My cock was pulsing at the mental images dancing through my head. I broke the silence, asking Mel to meet me out on the balcony with another bottle of wine. While she got settled outside, I slipped my tie off and stuffed it into my pocket. Since it was a perfect fall evening, the balcony door was left open to the warm breeze.

I silently walked through it and walked up behind Mel as she stood over the balcony railing, enjoying the sunset. She'd set two glasses of wine sat on the table.

The copper tones in her hair were illuminated beautifully in the light of the sun, setting her aglow with youth and vitality. She jumped a little when I snuck up behind her but then she smiled and pressed back against me, rubbing her firm ass into my crotch. I bent over and kissed her neck and bare shoulders, making her squirm and giggle. My hands crept up her sides, stopping at her breasts. I strummed her nipples through the thin, silky fabric of her dress until they felt like hard little diamonds.

She threw her head back, a small groan falling from her lips. Her ass pressed harder into my growing erection. I envisioned her pussy wettening under the dress just from the touch of my fingers on her chastity lynn gets tight pussy stretched big black cock monstercock. My right hand slipped down along the curve of her side to her shapely hip and then down to her leg, feeling the fabric of the dress as it rested upon her toned thigh.

She giggled again, rubbing her ass all over my crotch, getting me harder and harder. My fingers slipped underneath the dress and slowly grazed the insides of her thighs before feeling the heat in between her legs.

Then my heart skipped a beat as I continued on and felt the wetness of her slit and the baldness of her pussy mound -- no panties! Instantly my fingers were slick with her juices. Obviously she was ready for me. But I wasn't quite ready yet for her.

My hands went back up the curves of her luscious body, stopping at her arms right below the elbow. I kissed the back of her neck and she let out a sigh.

Then in a single motion, I pulled her hands behind her back and began tying her wrists with my silk necktie. Mel gasped in surprise. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" I said into her ear in a low voice. I could see the goosebumps breaking out all over her pale skin. Then I kissed her neck and her exposed shoulders. I made her turn around to face me and we kissed passionately.

Her pert breasts were thrust upward from the restraint. I kissed my way down her neck to the smooth skin exposed by the low neckline of her black dress, making my way down her decollete until my face was nuzzled in the warmth of her cleavage. The sun had not yet set and I found myself brazenly pulling this gorgeous college girl's breasts out of her dress right outside on my balcony with her hands tied behind her back. I sucked wildly on her little pink nipples, comendo a vizinha dos sonhos morena muito gostosa each breast in my hand.

I ran circles all over them with my tongue. She began moaning loudly when I pressed the tip of my tongue to her nipples and then sucked them alternately. Then I moved one of my hands down in between her legs. Her inner thighs were coated with the sticky wetness of her aroused pussy.

I shivered, my cock straining now in my pants for the ecstasy of her tight hole. We kissed once more and then I suddenly turned her around so that she was facing the sun as it neared the horizon. The sky was set afire, reds and purples as far as the eye could see.

I bent Mel over the balcony and crouched down behind her with her pert bum in my face. Pulling the dress up just a few inches revealed those thick, bald pussylips and the backs of her thighs all wet from her natural lubrication.

Mmm, I had to control myself, pausing to savor the sight of her juicy sex before diving into it. She moaned as I ran my fingers up and down her slit before slipping just a fingertip inside her hot gash. I pinched her lips together and strummed her clit, teasing her. But then she gasped when I leaned my head in and began lapping up and down her slit, letting my tongue poke into her hole.

I held her hips steady, her hands resting right above my head at the small of her back, her wrists still bound firmly. Her fingers flexed and curled from the oral pleasure I lavished upon her womanhood. My tongue curled up until the tip of it pressed against her clit, the rest of my tongue covering most of her slit. I was smothering myself on her dripping sex, my nose buried in the crack of her ass as I devoured her pussy with my mouth.

She was moaning now, neither of us caring if any neighbors were watching the scene out here on the top floor balcony. I lapped her cunt and pressed my tongue hard against that little clit-button until I knew she was near orgasm. Then I stood up, pulling my prick from my pants, and pushed it against her moist gash from behind.

Her lips fell open. One of my hands went to the base of my dick, the other to her chest cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples. She was moaning steadily already and I hadn't even begun penetrating her yet! I rubbed my dick up and down her wet slit for a few moments, teasing her. The sun was now sinking below the horizon, a molten pool of orange that disappeared in an instant, leaving the sky streaked with pink and purple. Gripping her chest firmly, my body pressing tightly against her, I finally plunged my prick in between her pussylips with a groan and a gasp.

Her moans turned into squeals -- I had to hold my hand on her mouth for awhile to keep her quiet. I didn't see any neighbors outside, and didn't want to attract any attention with screams. My chest pressed against her restrained arms as my body enveloped hers from behind, crushing her tits against the balcony railing. Melanie threw her head back, her long red hair flying in my face, her ass grinding into my crotch to force as much of my dick up inside her as possible. Seems this young college beauty was enjoying being restrained and dominated out on the balcony by her Professor!

I certainly love every second in her cunt (or ass), but it did make it even hotter to fuck her while her wrists were tied, pulling her helpless body around and shamelessly using her for my own pleasure as well as forcing pleasure upon her.

It was also admittedly thrilling knowing we were exposed out on the balcony. She loved it too -- before I spermed up inside of her (she's one of the few girls I trust with birth control) she climaxed on my cock while I penetrated her from behind up against the railing.

Her orgasming pussy always creams my cock up good! She's got such a juicy pussy, she's practically a squirter! We came together, out on the balcony for the world to see, reduced to a breathless heap of bodies against the balcony rail. Looking down, I saw a droplets of combined pussy and tons of group sex on the dance floor juices pooling on the concrete at our feet.

I set her wrists free and handed her a glass of wine. With my semi-erect dick still dripping cum and her pussy oozing, we toasted to a good, hard fuck and sipped quietly as dusk fell upon us. We fucked once more before she left, hard and fast up against the door -- couldn't resist it. Ah, Melanie. maybe I will buy a big four-poster bed just for you? What a sweet girl, with such sweet cunt meat! Until we meet again~ ~Professor X