Pamela miti jessica rizzlick every drops

Pamela miti jessica rizzlick every drops
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Mother/son -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mother and I practice what my mom's doctor calls "consanguinities" (or making babies with other family members). Mom says that it is much more common than society would ever admit, and that in the farming community where she grew up it was common, since the families were isolated, big families were an asset for taking care of the farm, and most babies were born at home anyway.

She has also reminded me that there are instances of sanctioned incest for childbearing in the bible, such as Lot and his Daughters. I also want to talk to those family members out there who have repressed their sexual feelings: Go for it! I can say from personal experience that there is nothing better in the world than combining the love you feel for a family member with sex!

And yes, I have made a baby with my mom, and made several other babies with female members of my family, and they are all beautiful, healthy children! My Mom's doctor (sworn to secrecy and pro-life) told us that since we had no genetic diseases in the family, our risk of producing a child with birth defects was only slightly greater than the general population, and we should disregard the myths that society would have us believe!

She said that on the contrary, since in her opinion both my Mom and I were exceptionally attractive, intelligent and physically fit individuals, we were far more likely than the general population to produce attractive, intelligent and physically fit children!

She said the major problems she found in her research came from in-breeding over several successive generations. But in the final analysis, nothing in the world could have prepared me for the experience of holding my new-born daughter in my arms for the first time, and kc williams randy west in classic porn video featuring hot blonde chick theclassicporn and vintage this beautiful, healthy child produced by our mutual family love on our mother's belly.

It all started for me when I my father passed away when I was just sixteen. He died from a rare form full xxx sexe movie sex stories cancer he got as a result of Agent Orange exposure during his tour of duty in Viet Nam. He had been ill for many years, and although my mother had had a great deal of time to prepare for his death, she was terribly grief-stricken when it finally happened.

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My dad had known he was dying for some time, and told me over and over how that when he died I would become the man of the house. He made me promise to take care of Mother in every way (whatever that meant to me at the time) after he was gone. After the funeral and my older sister returned to college, mom asked me to spend the next couple of nights with her in bed to help "ease her transition." The first night, we both had some wine talked about dad, their life together, and she confessed to me that they had wanted to have more children after the war, but that after her second miscarriage they heard the word that was spreading from other vets about Agent Orange and stopped trying.

We laughed and cried together, and eventually got drunk together. When we got up to retire for the night, Mom reminded me to join her after I got dressed for bed. When I entered her room, I came in wearing my pyjamas, but when I lifted the sheets, I found that she was wearing a sexy negligee showing off her awesome cleavage! I quickly slipped under the covers, trying my best to hide my rapidly growing hard-on. Though she was 38, she looked 28, and Anna Nicole Smith had nothing on her!

My mom had a very sexy body, with huge, 46DD breasts. a flat tummy and tight, smooth ass, with wide, generous hips, blonde, waist-length hair and blue eyes (just like me)!

Being active in wrestling and football, I had a pretty good body myself, and was popular with the girls at school. I had had plenty of experiences with girls in high school, but I always wondered why the girls I was attracted to were all blonde and buxom, just like Mom.

When I pounded them to multiple orgasms, I sometimes imagined it was Mom that I was fucking instead of them!

I had always secretly wondered what it would be like to have Mom in bed.and all these thoughts were giving me a raging hard-on! Mom turned off flight attendant bondage and extreme anal destroyed teen hd first time halle von is in light by side of her bed and lay down on her side, looking at me and smiling.

Her eyes shined and she asked me to come over for a good night hug! She hugged me tight to her voluptuous body and held me there for what seemed like forever! I could feel her warm, soft skin next to me, and the unmistakable aroma of female arousal! I realized she was as turned on as I was!

There was no way she could not have noticed the rock-hard seven inches of cock that had just burst out of pyjamas! I was blushing, not sure what to do, when she lifted her leg to capture my penis between her luscious thighs.and I then felt the head of my penis rub against her rough pussy hairs -- she wasn't wearing any panties! A fog settled over my mind then. My instincts took over, and I did what came natural: I gave her a very un-motherly kiss on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth!

To my surprise and excitement, she just moaned and our tongues began to dance in her mouth! I couldn't believe it! She was seducing me! Her own son! Her hips began slowly undulating against my hardness, rubbing the head of my raging cock up and down the wet trench of her pussy! I was so turned on I began to breathe hard and Mother or no I had to have her!

I rolled on top of her and placed the head of my penis at the mouth of her vagina. I paused for a moment.mating with my mother was a tremendous taboo, but it was now an irresistible need!

She saw my hesitation, and arched her back, taking the head of my penis into her vagina and instinctively angling herself for the deepest possible penetration! There was no stopping me after that, and I rammed my prick deep inside her pussy, all the way up to her womb, and her hot, wet cunt surrounded and gripped my swollen cock, coaxing the seed from my balls!

That did it! I came, shooting jet after white-hot jet of egg-seeking sperm into her fertile womb! Again and again I spurted my seed deep into her, emptying my swollen, teen-age balls in her, filling up her insides until it was running down her thighs!

She came multiple times with me, too, screaming "Yes! Yes! Inseminate me! Do bandar and girls sex mobis Come inside me! Give it to me!

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Give it all to me! I want your baby! Ahhh!" I collapsed on top of her with my penis still balls-deep inside her, basking in the glow of our tremendous mutual orgasm.

She kissed me softly on the cheek and thanked me in her sweetest voice. I asked if she meant what she said, and she replied "Oh yes, yes! I love you so much! You've been so good to me through all of this, and now I want to mate with you! You have your father's seed in you, so handsome and well built--in every way--Ohhh!" Her pussy walls clamped down on my cock again, hungrily sucking the last drops of my seed into her womb.

In my haze, I noticed that I was still hard! She said that was another thing I had in common with my Father! The haze of lust came over me again and I began pounding her cervix.I was so turned on by what she'd said that I became a fucking machine all night, coming inside her again and again, filling her pussy to overflowing again and again with my hot, sticky seed!

I asian babe ayumi shinoda gives rimjob and blowjob me up in the morning with my Mom on top of me, riding my morning hard-on! Panting, I asked her again "are you sure.are you sure this is what you want!" Again she answered "Yes!

Yes! I want you to father my child!" The thought of spurting a baby in my Ma's belly drove me wild, and the fog settled again until all I could feel was my mother's hot, wet vagina gripping and releasing my penis, and my toes began to curl and I Shouted "Oh, Ma!

I'm gonna comes.our baby!" Her ass went crazy bobbing up and down, milking every drop of seed from my balls! It took me a full twenty seconds to get my rocks off, which was the most and greatest pleasure I had ever experienced in my sixteen years and I don't know how many orgasms my Mom had!

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It was every day after that, our days began with lovemaking and our days ended with it. A few weeks later, she sat me down when I came home from high school and told me she was pregnant! We were both so happy we had tears in our eyes as we embraced. I was so totally blown away!

She said that she had already prepared the family for her coming pregnancy, and they had all accepted her story that it was dad's last, dying gift to her.

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She told me that she and my dad had actually discussed this, and agreed that if I was willing, it would be right to commemorate his passing with the creation of a new life! I was so excited! This would not only be my child, but also my new brother or sister! We kept fucking every day in every conceivable position right up to up until the week before she gave birth! She also had me stimulate her breasts throughout her pregnancy, and said that she wanted me and my child to share in the milk that was forming in her large breasts after she delivered.

In fact, she said that my father had done the same thing for me and my sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits sister, because of milk overproduction had been a problem for her.