Cute brunette gets screwed in a gangbang

Cute brunette gets screwed in a gangbang
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My name is Chris. When I was 16 years old, I went on a summer vacation to France. France was nice and all, but the thing that I really can't seem to forget was the plane… My two cousins, Ricky and Nick, and I had been at the airport for almost 4 hours.

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We had gotten there early, and our flight had also been delayed. We, along with all the other people who were supposed to get on our plane, were sitting in the seats near Gate B26.

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It was around 8:00 PM now and it was starting to get dark outside. I had been looking at this girl across from us for ashvray xxx nage sex stories story seemed like hours now. I figured her to be around my age. She had brown hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.

She had on a pair of tight jeans which looked nice but couldn't reveal anything while she was sitting. Her pink tank top showed her really nice tits, and ended short, showing hot wife storys adrianna faust getting french pussy fucked hard athletic stomach with a belly-ring. I wanted so badly to go over and talk to her, but this one damn kid was in the seat near her and she was sitting at the end of the row.

At around 8:30, the kid got up to go to the bathroom, and I made my move. Walking over to her and sitting down, I smiled at her. "Hi," I said, politely shaking her hand. "I'm Chris." "I'm Jessica," she replied.

"So, this delay really sucks, huh?" We started talking. I learned that she lived in a town near mine in Boston, and that she was 17 years old. I got around to asking her if she had a boyfriend, to which she replied with an indignant "No", explaining to me that her last boyfriend had cheated on her and was such a jerk. "God, how could someone cheat on you? I mean, why would you?!" I remember saying. She smiled at me. "So I think you kinda like me," she teased.

"Lil bit more than 'kinda'", I said laughing. I continued to make her feel better, clearly seeing that she was still hurt by her last relationship. That's when we heard the call for us to start boarding the plane.

Everyone started to get up, and I started saying bye to her. She grabbed my hand as I got up and said quietly, "Chris, I think I kinda like you too. Go to the bathroom at 10:00, kay? Bye," and with that she got up, kissed me on the cheek, and walked away. My mouth hung open. What did she mean by "go to the bathroom"?

Was she going to be there? What was I getting here? As me and my cousins walked on, I was really excited and having a hard time keeping my dick down. I kept telling myself "She just wants to talk, don't flatter yourself man!" 8:45…8:55…9:00…I thought 'God!

10:00 is never going to come!" My cousins asked me why I was so jumpy and why I kept asking for the time.

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I told them the story and they didn't believe me. "No way Chris, you talked to her for like 10 minutes…besides she was fuckin' hot man!" I snorted and told them that it was true.

At 9:50 I couldn't take it anymore and got up. I walked back to the bathroom, and saw that the door said "Unoccupied".

I pushed the door and slid in carefully, to my great surprise seeing Jessica in there already! "Hey Chris!" she said playfully, giving me a little hug. The bathroom was small, and I was pushed up against the sink.

I remember thinking "Man this girl gets acquainted fast!" when she smiled at me and asked, "So, what do you wanna do? Where are you seated?" I told her, and then said "Well, I don't know.

You asked me here remember? What do you wanna do?" She smiled and her hands moved to her hips. "Well, I was thinking I'd give you a little present for being so nice before.

What you said really cheered me up and it meant a lot to me." I started breathing hard, thinking carefully. I was getting some right here.

Definitely. "Oh, I like presents. What did you have in mind?" I asked her smiling. "Hm, I was thinking maybe some of this," she said, getting on her knees. She rubbed my cock through my shorts. I saw her hands and her light blue nail polish going up and down my dick. She squeezed gently, and as I raised my head to the ceiling to sigh, getting pretty hard now, she said "So, do you like it so far?

Not bad, huh?" I looked down at her. "Jessica, seriously, you're so hot and I like barely know you but this is great…yea this is seriously the best present I could get and…oohh…" I dropped my sentence as she giggled and slid my shorts down. My cock was poking out of my boxers, but she slid them down over it. "Oh wow! You have a really big dick Chris!" she exclaimed, looking at my 8 inch meat.

I smiled at her. "Thanks," was all I could think to say. "Now Chris, just relax and tell me what you want me to do," she told me. "I'm pretty willing here, and I want you to enjoy this." I looked at her. "Uhh…what to do? I mean, do whatever you can really…I'm happy already," I told her sheepishly.

She replied, "Well, how do you want me to, you know, how do you want it? Want me to use my mouth? My hands?" I looked at her again. This was my first time. I had no idea and I just wanted her to make me cum. "Well, to tell you the truth Jess, I've never done this before.

I'm pretty sure I won't last long…so you know, I think your mouth feels better right? I mean, you know, it'd be better for you to suck it since I'm only going to be able to hold out a little while, right?" I amiga de la prepa y mi verga nervous about cumming wet crack of hotty nailed hardcore blowjob like, no time at all.

"Oh Chris, you're so…good! Okay don't worry, leave it to me. I'll help you hold out for a longer time so you can enjoy." I smiled and told her "Thanks Jess." She took her right hand and grabbed my shaft.

Slowly, she began to jerk my cock. I thought to myself, "God, this is already so much better than jerking off!" She stared at my throbbing cock as her hand pumped my shaft very slowly and firmly.

I tried to breath slowly, but I took deep breaths. Her hand felt cool and very smooth. As she stroked, she licked her hand once or twice to moisten up my cock.

I experienced a wave of pleasure feeling the on-the-spot lube. brother and sister ebony audisex good right? It's still all in the balls Chris?" she said, laughing at her line. I laughed too and said "Yup. Still packed away." She continued the handjob, taking care never to stroke too fast lest my orgasm start.

She began to rotate her wrist on every stroke towards the head of my dick so that her hand slipped around the whole dick. She playfully rubbed my cock head with her fingers and tickled the very tip.

I held back the urge to start the cum flow. She looked up at me then and, still grasping my shaft in her hand, she bent her head down and licked the tip of my dick. Again. A few more times.

I involuntarily jerked my hips forward, getting an inch of my dick in her mouth before she abruptly pulled her head back. "Couldn't resist, huh?" she said, giggling. I answered her, "Wow…no, I mean, I didn't even mean to do that uhhhh&hellip." I moaned as she started sucking me off. This was nothing like the handjob.

Her mouth felt so great around my dick, wet and smooth, her tongue rubbing along my shaft as her head bobbed up and down. She sucked hard and sloppily, making slurping noises as she sucked. Using a lot of spit and making my dick really wet and slippery, she swallowed my shaft then sucked my head, and repeated.

She pulled off just as I felt my orgasm approaching. "Gonna cum?" she asked, licking her hand. "God I was just about to!" I sighed. She laughed and replied, "Okay then, when I start again go for it. You can, you know, grab my head, thrust deep, whatever. I don't mind at all," she said, putting her hands tightly on my bare ass. I felt her fingers exploring for my asshole, and when she found it began rubbing.

I moaned. "You like?" she asked playfully, squeezing me closer to her. "Then cum baby, down my throat. Fucking spill your hot juice in my throat!" I looked at her and she smiled. I grabbed the back of her head and, with one pull, thrust into the back of her throat. I heard her gag slightly, but my cock was ready to erupt. I continued thrusting ridiculously hard into her mouth as my hands held her head down, at least 6 inches of my cock down her throat.

I lost control of my dick and began cumming. Still thrusting, the first shot of my jizz bursted out when my cock was deep in her, and she swallowed.

I kept cumming, some dribbling out onto her chin and chest, the rest filling up her mouth. I moaned loudly in ecstasy as my orgasm ended. Panting, I looked down at her as my dick softened. She had cum all over her face and, my dick still in her mouth, I could feel her swallowing.

Horny again I pulled her head to my hips hard, my now softening cock completely down her throat. She swallowed and her throat contracted on my dick, sending me new sensations.

I pushed into her hard, letting out one tiny spurt of cum before pulling out. She looked up, also panting. "Good, huh?" she smiled at me, wiping her mouth. I chesty brunette mouth fucks dick on gloryhole speak.

I just nodded, my eyes wide. She laughed, and asked "So, when you leave?" I answered, "Two Two weeks. August 15th." She looked at me and started laughing. "Well, I'll see you then! That's when I leave too, so I guess we'll do this again!" I know its short but if i get good comments, my horny schoolgirl gf simply loves my cock will write about the return trip or my adventures in France (PS The return trip is better than France)