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Mom and son sex because of cold
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Hermione was so excited. She couldn't believe that she was about to get her first private tutoring session from Percy Weasley, the Head Boy! It wasn't that she was struggling in any of her classes, just the opposite in fact. She had been top in every subject for the entire first two years she was at Hogwarts and now as they were moving past the basics and into some more advanced magic she wanted to make sure she stayed ahead of the curve.

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Especially once Professor McGonagall had given her the time turner she knew she'd be working extra hard and would need all the help she could get. She had approached Percy right after the first week of classes and he had agreed that private lessons with him would be an excellent way to keep her learning at an above average pace.

In fact he had seemed a bit too pleased with himself just having her ask. He could be a bit big headed now and then but Hermione could not deny that he was currently the best student at Hogwarts and had a very bright future ahead of him because of his marks. She couldn't think of anyone better to follow in their footsteps. Her first meeting with him was to be tonight at 8 in the Head Boy suite above the boys dormitories in Gryffindor Tower and by 7:45 she was itching to go.

She paced at the bottom of the stairs not sure whether it would be rude to show up early. Ron and Harry were across the room making a vain attempt to complete their homework assignments without her since she had finished hours ago. She wanted to have her assignments complete so that she and Percy could go over them and he could help her fine tune.

The boys had made fun of her so bad when they found out about her private lessons that she had outright refused to copy her notes for them to use while she was away. As she glanced over at their table she saw Ron giving her a look like he was trying to summon the notes out of her bag through the air and onto the table. When he saw her look at him he jumped back to writing so fast he spilled a bottle of ink in Harry's lap. Harry jumped out of his chair flailing madly about and Ron yelled apologies and waved his wand in an attempt to clean Harry's pants.

Instead of vanishing the ink away Harry's pant leg caught fire and he immediately started beating at it with a pillow. Hermione couldn't help but snigger at their behavior.

It was their own fault that they relied fat hog giving sloppy toppy blowjob and ssbbw her so heavily to complete their homework.

Maybe with her having private lessons at least once a week they would learn to become more independent. It was now only 5 minutes 'til 8 and she decided that she could head up now. As she approached Percy's door and was about to knock she thought she heard voices on the other side. Creeping a little closer she could tell that they weren't so much voices as sounds. One certainly sounded like Percy but he was groaning as if in some kind of pain.

She wondered if he wasn't feeling well and thought she should maybe slip a note under the door letting him know she could come back the next night. As she was about to look through her bag for her quill she heard a new noise. It sounded wet, like a gurgling slurping noise. Now she knew something must be wrong, he could be injured or choking. She had to at least knock and see if he was responsive. She raised her hand to the door and rapped lightly saying his name in a shaky voice, "Percy, is everything alright?" The only response she got from the room was a sudden more punctuated moan from Percy and the sound of creaking bedsprings.

At this point she was almost more curious than worried and she knew that even though she shouldn't, she was going to try the door handle. It was unlocked. She turned the knob very slowly and peeked just slightly around the edge of the door. Nothing could have prepared her for the scene in front of her. Percy was sitting on his bed, his robes undone below his waist with his pants and shorts around his ankles. Kneeling on the floor exquisite skinny nympho gets her tight twat and tiny anus banged front of him Hermione could see the back of a girl's head with thick curly brown hair.

She was bobbing up and down with her face in Percy's lap; the wet gurgling noises were clearly issuing from her mouth. Percy's head was leaning back as he stared at the ceiling a look of intense concentration on his face. He let out another sharp groan and looked down at the girl in his lap, "Merlin that feels good Penny. I'm getting close now are you ready?" The girl nodded her head in understanding but as Percy lifted his head to look back up at the ceiling he saw Hermione peeking around the side of the door frame.

"Oh fuck!" He yelled and jumped off the bed knocking the girl in front of him over and tripping on his robes as he tried to cover himself up. The girl made a noise like she'd almost gagged and fell over backward tangling in her robes. As he jumped Hermione got a quick glimpse of his erect penis swinging through the air before he toppled over and got tangled in his own clothing as well. She immediately turned tail and ran down all 7 flights of stairs, straight through the common room and back up the stairs to the girl's dormitory where she dove into bed throwing the covers over herself panting audibly.

She couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. Had that girl really been doing what she thought to Percy? It was unbelievable. Why would someone want to do that? Why would Percy want someone to do that to him? Whatever they were doing, Hermione was certain it was against school rules.

Why else would Percy have been that upset when she caught them? She had never heard him use a word like that before; it must have been really bad. She wondered if she should tell someone. Then again, as she thought more about it, there must be some explanation for his behavior. A person like Percy doesn't just break the rules for no reason like his brother's Fred and George. Hermione was certain he'd have a perfectly good reason for what he had done and she was determined to talk with him about it first thing in the morning.

With that settled she calmed down a bit and realized that it was stifling under her blankets. She got out of bed briefly, stripped down to her knickers and climbed back in under the covers tossing the comforter aside she pulled the sheet up to her chin and settled into her pillow. She attempted to fall asleep but one image kept floating to the front of her subconscious. It was Percy standing there with his fully erect penis hanging out the front of his robes.

Hermione knew it was not an appropriate thing for her to be thinking about and she tried to push it away but it kept creeping back up on her.

It was the first time she had seen a penis at all besides the animated diagrams in her father's medical books she had read through at home. Even though he was a dentist he had kept many of his old textbooks from college and one of Hermione's favorite past times at home was to sit in the cool basement office and read through them. Especially since she had begun at Hogwarts and decided she'd like to pursue a career as a healer.

This was totally different though, the pictures in the book always showed the penis flaccid and hanging down in front of the testicles.

Percy's had been rock hard and, at least 17cm long from what she could guess, and thicker than she thought she could get her hand around. As she allowed herself to dwell on these thoughts and the image of him standing in front of her she pictured herself kneeling in front of him examining it as the other girl had done.

She wondered what it felt like how heavy it was. She began to feel sweaty again but noticed that the wet sensation in her nether region seemed to be much more than sweat. Her panties were clearly damp now and her crotch felt moist.

She knew that the female body produced a natural lubricant for sexual intercourse but was thinking about a penis enough to make it start? It had never done this before. Confused she reached down to try and see if something was wrong. As soon as her fingers made contact with the outside of her underwear on top of her mound she twitched a bit. The feeling was nothing she had felt before and she jerked her hand back surprised at what she'd done. Slowly she reached down again careful of the sensitive spot she had hit so she could investigate her quickly dampening crotch.

She started up a bit higher this time placing her fingers on her bare stomach just below her navel. She two milfs milk monster cock in class slowly inching lower and lower towards the hem of her panties. As she contacted the fabric the moisture in her crotch was even more apparent, she was sopping and she thought she should get out of her knickers before they were ruined.

She managed to slip her thumbs under the waist band without catching a sensitive spot and she wriggled them down her legs. As her thighs rubbed together she felt another wave up her spine of what could only be described as pure pleasure. A completely new sensation to her she couldn't explain where it was coming from and began to worry someone had slipped her a bad potion. Ever the scientist she was determined to figure out why this was happening.

Now completely naked she began to probe herself once again. Starting this time at her inner thigh she worked her fingers up slowly closer and closer to her private area.

She could feel the juices had made her inner legs slick but also sticky. She got some of it on her hands and brought it up to her face to examine. It smelled salty, like sweat, but it also had a sweetness to it that almost made her want to taste it. She had spent enough time in the wizarding world to know that you don't put unknown substances in your mouth though, even if they've come from your own body.

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She wiped her fingers on the bed sheets and resumed her search. With really only one place left to go she placed her fingers on the outside of her pussy lips feeling the soft bare skin was very warm. It was also puffy and tender like it was swelling. She moved closer to where her opening was and where she knew the source of the liquid must be now and as her finger hit the little nub at the top of her slit she gasped.

There it was again, pure, unadulterated pleasure. She was sure she'd never mom and son history sex bf anything that good in her life. She touched it again slowly and her breath caught in her throat, she was afraid to breathe thinking it might stop the feeling she was giving herself. She began rubbing slowly on what she knew must be her clitoris and her fingers became covered in her own juices again. She didn't wipe them off this time though, she didn't care.

She was totally wrapped up in the feeling coursing through her body every time she pressed down on that little button. Once again she was amazed at how all the diagrams and descriptions she'd read of even her own anatomy had left her so in the dark about the reality of the function.

She sped up her pace slightly and she was now panting harder than when she had run up and down all those stairs. The stairs reminded her of Percy and how this had all started. She remembered the look of his penis and if at all possible she felt her pleasure heighten even more. She couldn't understand why these thoughts were doing this to her. There was a pressure building up inside her now and she knew it had to be released.

Instinct told her that the only way to get release would be to keep rubbing herself as fast and hard as she could. It was like climbing up a very steep hill, she could see the precipice in the distance and every step closer got her more and more excited about what lay on the other side. All of a sudden the door to the dormitory burst open and her dorm mates came in laughing loudly about something.

Hermione nearly fell out of bed she jumped so badly. Luckily the hottest college lesbian couple i ever saw her bed being situated behind the door as it opened, neither girl entering saw her and she was able to cover herself back up and bury her face in the pillow to muffle her heavy breathing. "Shush Lav," Hermione heard Parvati Patil whisper, "looks like the bookworm has called it an early night again." "Of course she has, "Lavender Brown barely lowered her voice, the only time she stays up late is hot vixen violet starr gets her pussy stretched she's studying and we've barely gotten any work yet this term." "Oh Lav, don't be so mean.

You wish you did as well in class as she did." "Ha, I do fine on my own, why waste time on getting perfect grades when beauty can get you further." Her voice inflected upwards haughtily. Parvati gave an audible grunt and burst out laughing again but quickly quieted herself.

"What are you on about, you know it's true. I mean come on, she doesn't even wear a bra yet. How does she expect to get anywhere in life with no tits?" Parvati was now gasping for breath and hiding her own face in a pillow to muffle her shrieks of laughter. "Stop Lav- stop, I can't breathe." "I mean come on look at these. Only 13 and I'm already spilling out of this one." Hermione couldn't help but peek from beneath the covers now to get a glimpse of Lavender's show.

Lavender had removed her shirt in getting ready for bed and she was now thrusting her chest out for Parvati's inspection. The other girl still had her bra on but it was clear that her breasts were popping out the top of it.

Hermione had never noticed before how large chested she was and suspected the less than revealing school robes they were always wearing had something to do with it. "Yeah, you do probably have the biggest hooters in our year; except maybe Hannah. Mine are still only A's." Hermione shifted her gaze and saw Parvati was also now standing in the middle of the room with no shirt on looking down at her own chest.

Though much smaller than Lavender's Parvati's tits were definitely bigger than her own. It was true that she hadn't yet worn a bra, she had small lumps forming and could probably wear a training bra but even the small A-cup Parvati was wearing would be quite loose on her.


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Hannah, what a slut. Do you think it's true she fucked Ernie Macmillan?" "I wouldn't put it past her," Parvati shook her head, "those Hufflepuff guys drool all over her.

I heard she was dating a 6th year." "No way!" Parvati just nodded as she slipped a large T-shirt over her head as pajamas. "Well I'm sure not gonna sink so low as to start sleeping with a bunch of guys. At least not yet." Lavender was now sliding her pants down over her hips and she bent over right in front of Hermione. Hermione noticed as she did so that her underwear had slipped to the side revealing one soft looking pink lip of her pussy. Gasping silently to herself Hermione felt her crotch getting damp again.

What on earth was going on with her? Almost against her own will she found herself wishing Lavender hadn't straightened up and adjusted her garments. Parvati was now sitting on her bed nodding her head approvingly at her best friend. Lavender turned to face the mirror next to the door and Hermione got a good look at her front now.

"Look at these things," Lavender said again cupping her breasts in her hands, "I bet I could go up to a D soon." She looked over her shoulder at her friend, "Can you help me get this clasp?

It's too tight for me to wear to bed." Parvati stood to cross the room towards her friend and Hermione couldn't help but watch her long dark legs barely covered by the T-shirt she was wearing. She undid the clasp on the back of Lavender's bra and her erotic love tunnel poundings pornstar and hardcore practically erupted outwards.

"Wow, you weren't kidding Lav, they were pretty tight in there." Parvati was staring at her friends chest now in awe and as Hermione looked up to see Lavender's reaction to her friends attention she thought she saw a look that explained exactly why Lavender didn't intend to date guys anytime soon. "Yeah, I've got to get one of those self adjusting bras from Madam Malkin's.

Want to feel them?" Lavender teased. "What?! No way, I can't." Parvati began backing away towards her bed again." "Why not," Lavender teased advancing on her friend, her tits bouncing as she went. "They're really cool feeling." Parvati still looked hesitant. "It's not like touching one girl's breasts makes you a lesbian." Lavender was now standing inches away from Parvati, her chest practically touching the other girl's.

Parvati slowly reached a hand up and placed it lightly on Lavender's boob. Hermione saw Lavender let out a soft sigh unnoticed by Parvati. "You have soft skin," Parvati said looking up into Lavender's face. "Squeeze it." Lavender said sounding a bit dreamy.

Parvati didn't hesitate playful lesbo teens stripping and licking boobies time, "Wow, very squishy. I don't really have much to grab." "Sure you do," and without warning both of Lavender's hands were under the other girl's shirt cupping her breasts through her bra. Startled by the abrupt invasion of her breasts Parvati pushed Lavneder back. "Whoa, I'm sorry Lav. I didn't mean to- you startled me" "That's ok, I shouldn't have come on so strong." "What?" "Oh nothing, let's get to bed." Lavender looked quite unhappy as she crawled under the covers and extinguished her lamp before Parvati even had a chance to turn back around.

Hermione lay in bed and thought about all she had witnessed tonight. It had been eye opening to say the least. She had found out more about her roommates and Percy Weasley then she ever thought she'd know. Deep down though she knew it excited her, it made her crotch wet to think about her fellow second year girls naked, to picture Percy Wesley's penis jutting out toward her. A few minutes after Parvati put out her light Hermione heard soft moaning noises coming from Lavender's bed not so different than the one's she had been making earlier that night.

As she drifted off to sleep listening to her, a knowing smile spread across her face.