Latina cheating girlfriend fucked hard for money

Latina cheating girlfriend fucked hard for money
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My sexual experiences with my little cousin (Chloe) began when I (Mark) was 17, just before I left for college.

She was only 14, but, unlike her older sister Sarah, who was 19 and not very attractive, Chloe had recently developed amazing breasts for her age and had a perfect body. She was, at most, 5 feet tall and had a perfectly round ass that no underage girl should have.

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To top it all off, she had long, shiny brown hair and the most beautiful and seductive blues eyes I had ever seen. In short, she was the definition of jailbait.

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Fortunately for me, Chloe had liked me since we were little kids. When we were younger, she had once told me that we would make, "a cute couple." So, as she began to develop, I instantly started to fantasize about her, despite our age difference.

However, I had never actually believed that anything would happen between us until a car ride home from a family reunion. My parents had been unable to attend the reunion, so my Uncle John and Aunt Maggie offered to let me ride with them and my cousins (Chloe, Sarah, Matt, and Jake) in their van. The reunion was mostly uneventful, but I had a fun time playing volleyball with Chloe and some of my other relatives.

Throughout the game, Chloe had teased me constantly and thrown me suggestive glances, but I stupidly dismissed her advances as, at best, juvenile flirting.

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As dusk started to approach, my uncle told us that we ought to get going so we could get home before it got too late. As we piled into the car for the three-hour drive home, Chloe pushed me towards the back row of seats while her siblings and parents took the front two rows. Uncle John drove, but, within a half hour of hitting insatiable sluts doubling up on rock hard cocks road, almost everyone had fallen asleep from a long day and the night sky had darkened the inside of the van.

I had just started to drift off myself when I felt Chloe place her hand gently on my inner thigh. She slowly moved her hand up my thigh until she reached my cock. I immediately opened my eyes and looked at her. I could barely make out her seductive eyes through the dark as she winked at me and whispered a faint hush to silence my protests. I relaxed as she wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to rub me gently from outside my jeans, not caring if it was wrong or if we might be caught.

Chloe quietly reached up and unzipped my pants, then carefully slid my cock out of my boxers. The sudden shock of cool air felt amazing as she gently pumped my increasingly hard dick with her delicate little fingers. I placed my hands behind my head and leaned back, closing my eyes. After a few minutes of jerking me, I felt Chloe shift slightly in her seat.

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I looked down just in time to see her leaning over me as she licked my shaft from base to tip. Then, she wrapped her lips around me and worked my whole cock down her throat in one long, gentle motion. I almost exploded into her mouth at that very moment, but I regained my composure and relaxed. I just smiled and watched that amazing little girl work her magic. I caressed Chloe's hip and moved my hand across her jeans towards her zipper. I undid her pants and slipped my hand in between her jeans and underwear.

Her panties were completely soaked, so I pushed them aside and began to play gently with her pussy. She immediately turned into a little animal and began sucking me much harder the moment I touched her pussy. I looked up, worrying that someone might hear us, but everyone was still asleep and her father still didn't look back to see or hear us. A few minutes later, I felt the tension in my balls release and my cum poured into her mouth.

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In a moment of pure ecstasy, I felt her gulp down my seed and suck every last drip of cum out of my cock. She wiped her lips, put me away, and then reclined back against my chest as I continued to massage around her clit.

She grabbed my wrist and pushed my hand deeper between her lips. I slid one finger deep into her incredibly tight young pussy as she gasped and cuddled her face against my chest. "Ohhhhh, Mark," she whispered.

I gently kissed her forehead and pushed deeper with my finger, slowly moving in and out while I massaged her lips with the other fingers. I slid my other hand up her shirt and caressed her nipple through her bra. She looked up and stared deep into my eyes. "MARK!" she mouthed as I felt her nipples turn hard and every single muscle in her body tightened.

Her orgasm shook her whole body and seemed to overtake her completely. My finger inside of her was instantly covered in her warm juices, which ran down her pussy and soaked through her pants. We kissed each other softly as I pulled my hand from her pants. Then, she zipped up her jeans, looked back into my eyes and cutely whispered, "thank you," before cuddling against me and falling asleep.

I stared down at her tight little teenage body for the rest of the ride home. We arrived at my apartment about an hour later and I heard Uncle John call back, "We're here Mark, you awake?" We all got out of the van so I could give everyone a hug and say goodbye. I felt a little strange hugging my aunt and uncle, considering that their 14-year-old daughter and I had just made each other cum on their back seats.

Nevertheless, they smiled and told me how nice it was to see me and how they wished my parents could have come.

Chloe said goodbye last, and when we hugged, she pulled me in close to whisper in my ear. "I can't wait to have you fill my hot blonde babe in wedding gown drilled by pawn keeper with that beautiful cock of yours," she breathed. The primal instinct to fuck her brains out kicked in and I had a crazy desire to strip her right there and fuck her in front of her parents, but I calmed myself. "It was nice seeing you too," I said, loud enough for her parents to hear.

Chloe smirked and climbed back into the van. As they drove off, I saw her turn back a blow me a kiss. I could not wait for the day that I actually got to fuck my little cousin's beautiful pussy.