Amateur teen on the couch with her bf

Amateur teen on the couch with her bf
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Kate & Jim- Chapter 4 By beagle9690 September of 2013 Kate awoke around four fuck in the bus group sex the morning to find Jim's side of the bed empty. Having the need to go herself, Kate went to the most logical place first, the, he wasn't there.

Next she went downstairs to check the kitchen to see if Jim was having a snack in the middle of the night as he often does. When Kate walked into the kitchen Jim was standing there naked with his arms folded across his chest. The only light in the room were the night lights on either end of the kitchen.however his eyes.Jim's eyes were on fire; the eyes of a great hairy beast stalking its prey.her.

Jim had that look on his face again. The same look when he surprised her in the bedroom with new clothes on their shared birthday. It was a lusty look.a demanding uncompromising look that makes her skin tingle and her pulse quicken. The look said Jim would have his way with her if he chose to do so.

Even though they were lovers, Kate caught herself covering up her breasts with her arms. Jim caught this and shook his head in disapproval.

She instinctually dropped them to her side, frozen in place. Kate's imagination was racing in anticipation of what Jim was about to do.she could feel her heart beating in her bosom and it was deafening in the still silence of the kitchen.

Even without Jim touching her Kate could feel the moistness between her legs as her nipples hardened, pushing against her white cotton nightgown. There was no need for words.this look warned her to remain silent and take it like a woman.or else. Jim silently walked up to her.

Kate closed her eyes as Jim leaned forward to kiss her lips lightly. She felt his hands on her shoulders slide down to the front of her nightgown to the lace collar. Jim ripped the nightgown down the front. the fabric tearing like tissue paper in his strong hands making her gasp and swallow. leaving her partially exposed to the lusty fire in his eyes. Jim stepped back momentarily to admire his handy work before slowly circling.

deciding what he would taste first. He decided with the back of her neck first; the subtle smell of Jasmine blended with Kate's musky woman's scent; the scent of her arousal. Jim reached around and underneath Kate's torn nightgown giving her goose-bumps as he cupped her perfect breasts; breasts with pink areolas and upturned nipples, his hot breath was on the side of her face, making her shudder as he whispered, "You're my bitch, Katherine; any objections?" Kate shook her head as she felt his hard cock pressed up against her, pushing back against him to stimulate herself further while Jim caressed her breasts and nipples.

She was moaning in total pleasure, surrendering to his demands. Jim's right hand slid down to her plump pussy caressing it while he continued caressing her breasts with the other. Kate tried to turn to kiss his lips; she wanted to suck on his cock and licks his balls; Jim slapped her bottom in warning, growling "Don't move!" and continued to tease her pussy with his fingers, stopping several times just as her orgasm was starting to peak to taste his fingers.the taste of his woman's sweet sex.

Jim stepped back and roughly pulled her nightgown off completely, dropping it to the floor and kicking it aside. Jim put his hands on Kate's shoulders to turn her to face him.

He took her arms and placed them around his thick bull neck, putting his hands around her trim waist to kiss her lips long and deep, their tongues caressing and probing; Kate returning his kisses, their tongues intertwining and caressing as if lovers unto themselves.

Grabbing Kate's ass with one hand and squeezing, Jim's other hand was in her hair at the nape of her neck to pull her head back slightly to get at her neck and throat; kissing and licking to the base of her throat, working his way down to her firm round sensitive breasts to return again to her sweet lips.

Jim slid his hands to her ass and picked her up, putting her on the kitchen table as they continued kissing lost in the passion of the moment and Kate in her urgent need to orgasm. Jim cleared the table with his arm, pushing the polished wood fruit bowl full of apples and oranges; the fruit bowl one of his boys (Bobby, Kate's Probation Officer made for Jim as a gift in shop class while Bobby was still in high school) crashing to the floor.

He slid Kate to the middle of the long massive trestle table to have her lie on her back and then continued with his tongue in her plump wet pussy what he started with his fingers. Jim soon old granny bitch is picked up and fucked years old and skinny granny Kate moaning and squirming on the table as she arched her back to push her pussy in his face.

Kate's violent orgasm burned through her likes a sun going nova, and yet Jim was not through with her until he satisfied his own urgent need. Jim helped Kate off of the table taking her small hand in his much larger and callused one leading her to the dimly lit front door foyer grabbing her torn nightgown from the floor and turning off a small table lamp to throw the foyer into almost total darkness.

There was a large ornate with leaves, flowers and swirls ceiling to floor black wrought iron framed mirror bolted to the wall that Jim made at work on a whim. Between the frame and ¼ inch glass of the mirror, Jim estimated it to weigh close to seven hundred pounds.

He incorporated candle holders into the design with the original candles in it although they were never lit. Jim always wanted to ravish a woman he loved front of it and now was the perfect opportunity. Jim put both of Kate's hands behind her back and whispered in her ear, "Close your eyes, Katherine." Kate closed them and Jim tore a strip for a blindfold and tied it over her eyes. He then twisted and pushed one of the flowers to the side to reveal a hidden compartment full of wood farmer matches.

Jim removed them and lit the twelve beeswax candles. He put his hands Kate's shoulders and she knew what Jim wanted, his cock sucked on; unaware as yet the candles were lit, illuminating the foyer in soft, flickering candlelight. Kate went to her knees finding his hard cock with her small hands, caressing the shaft, licking the tip and kissing it.

Kate continued licking the circumference of the tip teasingly and then up and down the shaft from his balls to the pulsating tip of his huge beastly cock, knowing she can never take it all into her mouth because of its girth and length; 'My pussy is another matter entirely' she was thinking, 'I can take it up to his balls.' Kate fantasized about Jim's cock buried in her cunt up to his balls while she sucked; she wanted Jim to take her like a woman and fuck her hard while she licked and sucked getting aroused was so wonderful.

It was then Jim removed the blindfold and Kate blinked, her eyes adjusting to the soft flickering of the beeswax candles. Kate paused and smiled to see their reflections in the mirror; a woman with long red hair sucking on her lover's mammoth cock. 'This is so incredibly erotic' she was thinking 'it's like I'm a participant and a voyeur at the same time; watching a live play with all the tastes and sensations.the wonderful tastes and sensations; Better yet, Kate through the looking glass in our private mirror world.

There is a clock in the background. The grandfather's clock on the far wall.I'll have to check it for hidden compartments.' Kate kissed the tip of Jim's cock looking adam killian and spencer reed and smiling. Jim nodded, gathering her long thick hair in his hands. He gathered her tresses into a ponytail and twisted it into a bun on top of her head; letting it go to unravel to cascade about her shoulders and down her back.

Kate continued to lick and suck on his cock while watching in the mirror, until Jim made her get up on her hands and knees facing into the mirror.

He rammed his rock hard cock into her still dripping pussy without further fanfare while holding onto her hips and pounded her relentlessly. Jim's lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power as he reached forward to grab her hair.

He twisted it into a ponytail and pulled her head back as he continued pounding her; holding Kate in place with her hair which only heightened her arousal, she was so glad that her hair was long for him to grab like this; she wanted it longer still. Kate was bucking and panting and moaning as her second orgasm washed over her.

It was as deliciously satisfying as the first, more so as she felt his hot thick and rich semen being pumped into her dripping and swollen ravaged cunt as Jim's orgasm overtook him. Jim was breathing in and out deeply while emitting an occasional soft grunt. Kate was determined not to waste a single drop of his semen; for her a proven aphrodisiac. Kate would lick his cock clean with her mouth when he rolled off.

Such was Jim's orgasm that he rolled off of her onto the floor to get his thoughts together and let the memory of his orgasm linger in his mind while thinking 'It was like I was fucking two women.damn that was good.she was good.I was good.the four of us were.hah.the beauty and the beast fucking to candlelight! Fascinated by his seemingly endless erections, to give police mother and cop prostitute hot xxx endless multiple orgasms, Jim's after-orgasm daydream allowed Kate her chance to get him hard again Kate started kissing his stomach; working her way down to his cock, licking and sucking on the tip as her silky red hair fell forward covering her face.

Jim three sisters with one brother down and gathered her hair into a ponytail and next twisted it up in a bun as she knew he would to keep it out of her mouth.

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starla sterling loves a big black cock He was instantly hard again and she was thinking…"He's always ready to fuck and mine for eternity.

Jim was trying to hold back and prolong this marvelous blowjob, however the first clear pre-cum escaped despite his best efforts. Kate stopped and looked at him smiling, licking her lips and teeth to tease him before continuing watching the Jim and Kate of the mirror world. Jim let go of her bun just before his orgasm washed over him. He buried his hands in Kate's unbound hair to hold her in place while filling her mouth with gobs of his thick, creamy semen.

Kate tasted and savored every bit before swallowing while wishing for more as she licked her lips. Jim helped her to her feet and kissed her hands, "I love you Katherine.

We can sleep in until eight. It's not like we're on a fixed schedule and neither are they" Jim said pointing to their reflections in the mirror, "Our alter egos in our private mirror world with their backwards clock will be here for us when we desire their looking glass world and they ours." "Private looking glass world.clock.those are some of my thoughts and more!" "That's because we're soul mates, baby and its back to bed with us" he said, blowing out the candles.

"But Jim, I have to pick up the kitchen first. I can't go to sleep with an untidy house. I'll be just a minute," and Kate gathered up the remains of her nightgown. "We'll take care of it in the morning" Jim grabbed her and threw Kate over his shoulder, walking to the stairs. "Jim, bewitching asian slut pussy tease squirting japanese are you doing?" Kate said laughing and not resisting; not surprised with anything he did anymore.

Once in after having sex in this position beauty girlfriend and homemade bedroom he dumped her on the bed. Kate immediately grabbed a pillow and hit him with it. He picked one up and Kate dropped hers, fluffing it up and lying down.

"You can't hit me. I'm a girl" and she held out her arms to him. "No, I suppose not" Jim replied agreeing while putting his pillow back and lying next to her to take her in his arms. "Kate?" "Yes, Jim." "I love you, Katherine." "I love you too, sweetheart, although I bet the redhead in the mirror world picked up the kitchen first." "Really, Kate," he said chuckling; "what an imagination you have." As always, Kate is a whirlwind of efficiently organized motion.

She woke Jim at 8:00 AM with her signature hot pink clipboard and checklist to ensure everything is shipshape for their upcoming adventure in their land ship. These are Kate's imaginative, creative thoughts, "upcoming adventure" and "land ship" inspired by Jim's poem to her with a light sprinkling of stardust and moonlight thrown in for good measure. Not to mention the wild and imaginative sex on the kitchen table and then in the foyer.

Kate never knew about the mirror's hidden compartment despite her bi-weekly dusting of it when she cleaned the glass. Quite simply, Kate is gloriously in love with a man who loved her with a passion of storybook happily-ever-after. She lovingly laid Jim's clothes out on the chair that morning; casual attire because they discussed being comfortable for the drive.

She laid out Jim's blue jeans, his red tee shirt and blue cotton chamois shirt because it was chilly that morning (the weather forecast called for it to warm up later) his socks and his well worn double sole moccasins. After he was dressed Kate fussed over him as she does every morning; a chance to touch him and kiss Jim's lips as she adjusts his shirt collar whether it needs it or not; Kate adores doing this.

It is now her morning ritual. Kate wore snug indigo blue jeans with hand embroidered peacocks on the back pockets, a red tee shirt to match Jim's, a light pink sweatshirt and white sneakers. Even dressed casually and with little or no makeup, Kate's beauty shown that morning as if she was freshly coiffed from an exclusive salon or if she were wearing designer clothes after having her face done by the makeup artist to the stars. Kate was smiling as she fixed her hair into a ponytail for Jim to touch while she fussed over him.

She hugged herself after she finished remembering something Jim told her. Jim confided he thought her to be a well dressed sophisticated bitch when they were neighbors; well mannered and polite but a bitch to be sure. Kate hugged herself as she thought, 'you're right to a certain extent, sweetheart.

Nevertheless, manners and proper decorum are important. You're no slouch there when you want to be. You just enjoy people underestimating you.goodness.Goodness, I can't stand here all morning thinking; I have things to do and places to go. As they bustled about in passing each to their own tasks, Jim stopped often to kiss Kate's warm lips and crush her to him gently, taking in the jasmine of her perfume.

Jim Brady loved Katherine with a passion he once thought impossible twice in a lifetime. Just as they were almost ready to embark, Kate asked, "Jim?" "Yes, Kate, just give me a second.

I have to get something out of the garage." "Do you know what we should do?" Kate suggested walking beside him. "Please tell me, my love." "We should select a name and christen our land ship on its maiden voyage for the magic of moonlight and stardust to guide us safely on our way." Jim stopped walking and studied her, "Have you been peeking in the garage again?" he asked smiling. "No.Wait a you mean we are thinking the same thing?" "We are.

I wanted it to be a surprise; however it is apparent the shared magic of moonlight and stardust allows us to read each other minds; two souls entwined on the sea of love." "I adore it when you talk like this, Petruchio," and Kate put her arms around his bull neck to kiss her true love's lips, "you are wonderfully romantic sweetheart.what's in the garage?" Jim scooped her up in his strong arms like he did after she fell while trying to get his chest down.

He brought her to the front of the Winnebago and put her down, saying, "Close your eyes and when I tell you to open them you shall see." Jim returned with a wicker basket. Inside were two Champagne glasses and a small bottle of well-chilled sparkling Concord grape juice, plus a small bottle of French Champagne double wrapped in a towel. also inside was a new set of license plates.

"Keep your eyes closed" and Jim handed her the towel wrapped bottle and kissed her lips, "now open your eyes," and when she did, Kate had the biggest smile on her face as she said, "Oh, Jim, I never expected this," and she loved him even more if that were possible.

"I'll bet this is real Champagne; do you really want me to hit it with the bottle? What if I put a dent in the bumper; it's a rental." "Well not exactly, Kate; I have a few more surprises," and Jim put his arms around her. "I'll say it once and then we'll say it together as we christen; I christen thee the "Lady Katherine" and we will hit the custom front tow hooks I made and bolted to the frame." They did it together repeating the words, breaking the bottle as if it were a ship on skids ready to be launched into the water.

"Jim." she asked kissing his lips and rubbing his bristly head, totally overwhelmed at this unique and loving moment. "Yes, Kate." "I.I." and Kate started crying, tears of joy, but tears nonetheless. Jim held her tenderly in the driveway until she stopped. "It's OK,'s OK" he said, soothingly, rubbing her back, "I understand so cry all you want," and then after a bit.

"I'm better now" Kate said wiping her face, "I must look a wreck." "Just a smidgen; I see a few tears I must kiss away," and he did, "I want you to see the bow of our land ship. All ships need a proper name on the bow." "You didn't, did did. When did you do that?" Kate rushed around the back to look.

The hand painted letters done in a flowing gold script proclaiming THE LADY KATHERINE. "I painted them on while you were sleeping and you almost caught me.

You walked into the kitchen minutes after I finished. It's a good thing I had my little snack before I started." "Yes, I'll bet a little snack; I saw the dirty glass and dish in the sink; no doubt three peanut butter sandwhiches and a quart of milk; your idea of a little snack." "Well yah; I was hungry." "You're always hungry, Jim!" "I'm always hungry for you, Katherine." "After eating me out on the kitchen table, obviously." "You probably didn't notice the lettering this morning because I parked it so close to young schoolgirl groped and facial in subway garage.

Now we need a proper toast before I put the new license plates on." "Wait do you mean that look was." Jim interrupted, "You were going to say a part of a ploy to distract you, and no it wasn't a caught me off guard in more ways than one. You looked so helpless and vulnerable and so incredibly sexy and desirable.

Your hair was tousled from your pillow and your night gown was the only thing between me and my hard cock. I really couldn't help myself, Katherine; you have a way about you that brings out the beast in me." "You had me so flustered Jim. I was tingling all over. My god it is so erotic to just submit to you when you are like that, but wait a minute; what license plates! I thought it was a rental.did you buy it?

You did buy it; didn't you?" "Yes, I bought it and now we can travel anywhere we want without a seconds' notice," Jim explained twisting the plastic cork from the bottle and pouring the sparkling grape juice into their glasses. Jim handed Kate her glass offering up a toast, "To stardust.

to my beautiful lady with a woman's true and love everlasting." Kate drove for the first three hours until they crossed into Ohio. She kept on glancing at Jim as she drove.most content in her thoughts and blowing him kisses. 'Jim Brady, you are all mine, although you're not classically handsome or taller than me; although you are not sex xxiv story 2019 commonwealth and trim with a full head of hair, my once ideal man.perhaps you accept yourself as a balding ugly man, but not in my eyes, you're not ugly anymore, the beauty of your secret heart is like no other man I ever met.

You, my beautiful, sweet troll have helped me to believe that true love is more than a romantic ideal; that there truly is a person for everyone.a soul mate in more than just flowery words. You have delighted me with soft tender words starting when you noticed how my hair shines red like a new penny as the sunlight touches it in the morning through our kitchen window while I make your breakfast.

This is when you first realized you were falling in love with me,' and Kate blows Jim more kisses, 'you greet me every morning with a kiss and a cup of coffee served in not just any cup, you serve my coffee in a dainty English china cup and saucer. Your mother's and each with a different flower pattern; I counted exactly two hundred in her collection.

I never imagined any man could make me swoon with a hug or kiss.or a demanding uncompromising look to send thrills of arousal up my spine to bring out the woman in me. When we were neighbors of 10 years I thought you dull and simple; an unreasonable junk man.

basically a good man, yes, but an unsophisticated redneck with dirty hands. However your immortal soul is like a prism to disperse your aura with all the colors of the rainbow, my kind and considerate ogre. You are built like a massive, muscular hairy fireplug with arms and legs. You are incredibly strong and must be terrible when enraged beyond reason; a massive bruin of a man. yet you are incredibly gentle with me most of the despite my temper and you have spoiled me. I'm not spoiled with materials things; I lost everything to gain everything.

I'm spoiled because you respect my opinion and will let me speak my mind. I'm spoiled because you cherish imaginative thoughts that I once had and dismissed as childish, now having discovered them all over again.and believing.

I'm spoiled because you believe in me despite our past differences, and yes I can be a bitch; however you accept even that although you'll spank me if I get unreasonably out of line. I'm spoiled because you give me your blunt honesty and I can always count on you to tell the truth, whether I want to hear it or not.

You believe that I didn't set that fire.I'm spoiled because you let me into your world.I never imagined when we were feuding for almost 10 years that you are a complex man, an educated man; or that you can sing, or dance or juggle.that you can act. or perform magic, And now I'm part of the act.but I have a few surprise for you too, my dear thoughtful Petruchio.' Kate looked at the cloth napkin on the dash board hiding a wobbly knick-knack underneath. It was anchored firmly in place with a suction cup.

Kate was certain in her heart of hearts that her man would appreciate this symbolic gift that said, without words, "I love you, Jim" and she blew him a kiss. It was a bit tacky; most definitely silly and ridiculous when it shimmies and shakes; a classic tacky, silly and ostentatious memorabilia; much like fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.and it shared two striking attributes with Kate.

'Mostly my love, I'm spoiled because you gave me your heart.truly gave me your heart without reservation or conditions; there are no locked doors between us.and I give you mine unconditionally until all the stars in the sky fail and the universe is reborn and reborn into infinity. "Jim, sweetheart," and she touched his face looking forward to his reaction to the little gift. "Yes, Kate," Jim answered opening his eyes and stretching in the passenger side Captains' seat.

"You asked me to please wake you when we crossed into Ohio," Kate said, pulling into a gas station and up to the pumps. "Thank you; it's my turn to drive." And noticing the napkin, Jim asked, "What is this?" "It's a gift, sweetheart." "Thank you; it's a fine napkin Kate." "The gift is underneath, it and you know it.

I hope you like it." When Jim removed the white cloth napkin, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. For Jim Brady is a man who appreciates such things in the spirit of giving; plus the fact it came from Kate making it all the more special and precious to him; this silly little gag gift with all Kate's love behind it.

"Where in the world did you find a Hula dancer doll with coppery red hair, Katherine, and one with freckles?" He was absolutely delighted and surprised, poking it to make it dance on the hidden spring. "I didn't." Kate knew Jim was thrilled with the gift, "The Hula doll was a brunette and I painted the hair copper red and added the freckles with pin dipped in the same paint because you love a certain redhead with a temper.

Look underneath her grass skirt," and Jim did to find the outline of a tiny red heart painted on the dolls buttocks with a black arrow with green fletching through it, and their initials K & J in gold letters in the middle of the heart. "You painted the heart too; and the initials K & J for Katherine & Jim; this is sweet, Katherine, as well as wonderfully unique because there is not another like it in the whole world. I can't thank you properly on board ship." He opened the passenger door and climbed out.

Jim bowed at the waist and then held out his arms to her saying, "My lady." Kate stepped into them to be picked up and swung away from the motor home and set her down on her feet; anticipating his warm kisses and gentle hugs.

"My father had one similar on the dash board of his 1965 Ford Mustang" he kissed her lips, closed his eyes hugging her gently while remembering, "Mom bought for him on their honeymoon in Hawaii. They're both gone you know." "I was always fascinated with it as a child. My sister has it displayed under a glass dome on the mantle of her fireplace. This is a princely gift in so many ways.

This brings back fond memories and creates new ones of us.imagine; a hula girl doll with red hair and freckles?" and then Jim opened his eyes and kissed her neck and face all over."Aloha, Katherine my feisty freckled redhead; to old memories and to new ones." "Oh, Jim; I knew you'd love it; I just did; oh I'm so happy!" Kate kissed Jim's warm lips while hugging and squeezing him as hard as she can, thinking, 'my ex-husband is incapable of appreciating or understanding such heartfelt yet intimate little gifts; phooey on him.

May the bastard be cursed with broken egg yolks forever.' They topped off their gas tank before they left the Gas Station with Jim at the helm, getting back on the interstate when, "Jim." "Yes, Kate." "Do you know what will be fun?" "Please tell me." "We can rehearse for the upcoming audition." "What audition?" "I have the flyer from your theatre group right here," said Kate removing it from her purse, "see," and she held it up briefly towards him, "it says that open auditions for "Kiss me Kate" are being held at the Hippodrome during the first weekend of November." "Are you serious, Kate?

You really want to try out for a part?" "Yes, it will be so much fun!" "Now you're talking. I'll ask again; you're serious right?" "Yes; you made the offer once.

This is something you can't spank out of me." "I'd love to try out with you, freckles," and Jim tapped his Hula dancer to make her jiggle and dance, "actually, I was going to invite you again to join me and forgot; but now you have denied me the pleasure." "Denied you the pleasure; you really are a charmer; do you know that?

Don't kannada actress prema sex storys for a moment I didn't know what you're up to." "I don't know what you're talking about," Jim said, his face losing all expression as he tapped the hula dancer doll again. "Yes you do; stop being obtuse. You left the flyer where I was sure to find it." "It was in my sock drawer, Kate." "Exactly, and who washes, sorts, folds them into each other and puts your clean socks away?" "The venue where you found the flyer is circumstantial evidence at best." "No it's not!

You wanted me to find it." "Maybe." "I suppose it is purely circumstantial that the first play chosen for the grand opening at the Hippodrome is "Kiss me Kate? Particularly when you have played the leading man; "Fred" when you were in college and your leading lady was Gina." "Possibly." "You're not fooling me Jim Brady! I know you're a man who can make things happen when you want too." "For the sake of argument, suppose I did.

That doesn't negate the fact that you have a beautiful singing voice, Katherine, and I'm sure you can act. You were in your high school drama club." "For arguments sake, suppose I can't act or another woman is better than me; I don't want you pulling any strings to get me the part.

I want to get the part on my own, OK.OK.Jim?" "I admit that I did arrange for this particular play; nevertheless, I'm not surprised that you would insist on getting the part on your own; I expect nothing less from you, Katherine. I do remember most of my full xxx sexe movie sex stories, though." "Good, now that it's settled; we can rehearse our parts all suny leone sexy story full sex stories com we drive, starting right now." "We'll need the script for that." "I know; it must be circumstantial because I have a script," and Kate removed it triumphantly from the LL Bean canvas tote on the floor between the seats.

"Where did you get a script?" Jim asked very surprised although no less pleased. "It's a secret." "A secret you say, hmmm, did you get it from Bobby?" "Maybe." "I bet you got the script from the director." "Possibly." "Now you sound like me, Katherine." "Don't be ridiculous, sweetheart, your voice is much deeper than mine." Stopping for lunch they had cold basil/garlic tomato soup and sandwiches made with sliced turkey breast, thick sliced hickory pepper/bacon, tomato, and romaine lettuce on wheat with Kate's homemade horseradish mayonnaise dressing, saving their big meal for later in the evening, thick porterhouse steaks, to be cooked over a campfire.

Kate assumed they would be stopping at the campground of their carefully teen sex girl boy mo itinerary for the night, however Jim had other plans and that can mean only one thing.

She could barely sit still waiting to find out. They got off the interstate onto a secondary road and after half-an-hour turned onto a County road until they found a gravel road going another 3 miles to their destination. "This property was owned by my Uncle Bob, Kate. I call it my fortress of solitude. He sold it to me a few years back. Like him, I rent out the land to local farmers to cover the taxes, insurance and turn a small profit. In consideration the farmers keep trespassers off and mow around the field stone foundation and what was once a yard.

I have electricity though. There is a utility box with plugs and circuit breakers on this pole," Jim explained, parking next to it, "It will save us running the diesel generator tonight to power the air conditioner if we need it.

See that wire," that wire goes to the green barn and there is power there as well." They got out and walked over to the foundation, "The farmhouse was built in 1902 and burned down in 1955.

There is a story/mystery about the place." "What story," Kate asked, peering down into the foundation. "Be careful," Jim warned putting his arms around Kate's waist protectively, "don't get to close to the edge." "Thank you" and Kate squeezed his hands, "what's the mystery?" "It is a true story, however the story and subsequent mystery will have to wait; step back carefully please." "But why must I wait, sweetheart," Kate asked taking his hand as they walked away.

"You must wait so I can make it a campfire story after our swim." "What swim?" Kate asked, squeezing his hand and thinking, 'Another surprise?' "There's a large pond just beyond those trees," Jim told her, pointing to the west.he grabbed Kate suddenly to crush her to him gently to kiss her warm lips long and deep.

Kate returned his kisses and rubbed his bristly head playfully, "You're such a brute sometimes and now I'm all flustered." "Yes I am and you love it." "I do; is the pond deep?" "It's about thirty feet in the middle and spring fed. It drains into a rocky brook that empties into Dawson's creek," they continued walking, "there is a small dock in the deepest part away from the water small boy and girl hard six. It's full of bull frogs, leopard frogs, turtles, crayfish and minnows; the usual farm pond residents.oh yes, the occasional ducks." "Are there snakes in it, Jim?" "Nothing poisonous; are you afraid of snakes?" "Yes and no.

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If they mind their own business, I'll do the same." "A very good philosophy indeed my love," Jim agreed as they continued walking hand in hand through the wild flower covered meadow until they arrived at the pond.

Kate thought the pond was beautiful and peaceful with the water lily pads and cattails along the waters' edge and willow trees providing shade; Kate never saw so many orange day lilies in her entire life as were in the adjoining fenced off meadows.

"I own 75 acres total and the pond is approximately eight of it. The pond and the five acres around it are off limits." "I spent six months here grieving. I was like a monk, working and praying and grieving. I didn't shave the entire time or leave the property. Uncle Bob had my groceries delivered. That is when I put the pole in, wired in the utility box and gradually restored the barn while I lived in it for the next six months.

I store a few things in it now. During that time I cleared out the burnt timbers, leaves and trash from the foundation; repaired it, including digging out around it and putting in crushed stone and drain tiles right out to the drainage ditches along the road; did you notice the stone in the ditches?" "Yes; to help keep the weeds out and the water flowing through it." "Yes, I cleaned out the brush and deepened the ditch all with a shovel, a pick axe and a wheel barrow before adding the stones.

I intend to build a small vacation house someday. "It is back breaking work and exactly the therapy I needed then. I want you to understand Katherine.I was very angry!" "Did you ever bring Gina here before.?" "No; Uncle Bob brought me here for the first time knowing what Crazy terra has fun on public streets needed.he is right; all that hard labor did me good.

It took my mind off of things. I needed to be alone, Katherine. I needed to get my head to together to think through the anger and the guilt of having failed her; as I said this is my fortress of solitude." "I understand, sweetheart," Kate said hugging him, Kissing his face and then his hands.squeezing them, "I love you Jim Brady." "And I love you Katherine Mavis Ryan; shall this be our fortress of solitude?" "That will be so wonderful, but I have a question?

Was there electricity to the farm before the fire, Jim? This place is so far off the beaten path." "No, they never bothered; not even with a telephone." "They?" "I'll get to that at the campfire," Jim said, starting to undress. "Sweetheart, what are you doing?

I packed your bathing suit!" "I don't need one here and neither do you." "But Jim; I never swim in the nude." "Can you swim?" "Well, yes." "Then what's the problem?" and now totally undressed, Jim ran off the end of the dock and dove in with a noticeable splash, leaving a large ripple. He surfed and asked, "Well?" "What about our towels?" Kate asked, walking to the end of the dock.

Jim swam over to the dock and reached up grabbing her ankle saying, "The sun is warm and there is a nice warm breeze. We can lie in the sun until we dry. Are you coming in or not?" "Don't you dare pull me in with my clothes on Jim Brady; do you hear me?" Kate warned him, thinking he might; the ex-asshole husband would have. "I wasn't intending too. I much prefer you come in on your own," Jim let go of her ankle and pushed himself away from the dock with his feet.

"Will you please come in; pretty please, Katherine? I think you'll find it nice swimming this way. Be one with the pond little pollywog. Wouldn't you like to be one of the royals of the summer fairy court; you can be the countess of minnows, or the red haired water nymph of the peacock pants?" Jim teased.

"The Lady Katherine, Mistress of the Water lilies holding court over her loyal subjects; the minions of minnows; the frogs, the crayfish and the turtles." "Oh why not,' Kate was thinking, 'you didn't pull me into the water when I objected. Such a stunt is neither cute nor funny.what If I couldn't swim; although I can.

you didn't pull me in because that's what a bully would do. Thin teen ride huge dildo and propriety be damned today.decorum and propriety be damned whenever we are here alone in our fortress of solitude.and especially since you shared a secret part of you I never knew about. You asked me so nicely; so sweetly and romantically.I'll gladly succumb to your charm to be your Mistress of the Water Lilies.oh God, I love you, Jim.' Katherine left her clothes in a pile on top of Jim's and dove in hardly leaving a ripple in her wake as she went almost to the bottom and swam effortlessly and gracefully beneath Jim to come up behind him.

Jim turned as her hand deliberately brushed against him.

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Katherine surfaced and wrapped her arms around Jim's thick bull neck to announce imperiously, "Gaze upon my beauty and rejoice; "KISS, KISS", for I am the Tamer of turtles, "KISS, KISS" the Mistress of the Minions of Minnows," and she kissed his lips, "KISS, KISS".

"I'm the Countess to the Crayfish, "KISS KISS" I'm the Red Haired Water Nymph of the Peacock Pants!" She exclaimed laughing. Kate kissed his warm lips again and again "KISS, KISS, KISS I am the Wife fetish poor tiny latina teenager gina valentina is really not having a superb of the Pollywogs, "KISS KISS, " the Baroness of the Bull Frogs and favored by the lesser leopard frogs, "KISS, KISS" I'm the Duchess of the occasional Ducks, "KISS", "KISS" I am your Mistress of the Water Lilies, "KISS".

"Imperious one of many titles," Jim replied meekly, "I tremble in your royal presence, Lady Katherine, my Mistress of the Water Lilies," He said this so solemnly with such a straight face that it got finger and sex toy barrage on oriental both to laughing and shortly after they were laughing and splashing about. Kate was delighted she joined him and Jim delighted that Kate did.

They were like joyous children lost in the moment; diving and surfacing, swimming side by side, hugging and kissing. Katherine challenged Jim to a race to the water lilies and they dived off the dock at the count of three.

Jim is a powerful swimmer although plodding and slow in water, he's quick and fleet on land. Katherine is more graceful and fluid in the water; she easily beat him there, effortlessly and swiftly, gliding through the water like her imagined subjects, the pond minnows. Jim is absolutely fascinated with this aspect of Katherine, thinking, 'Katherine's imagination and loving playfulness was stifled while married to that grasping, adulterous, money grubbing investment banker, Thomas Anders with his soft hands and limp handshake.I'd like to throttle the bastard.' Standing among the white water lilies in the shallows, Jim plucked one and solemnly placed it on Katherine's head saying, "With this water lily, I swear my love now and forever, my Lady Katherine, Mistress of the Water Lilies." Jim kissed her hands and finally her lips long and deep, crushing his love, the Queen of his heart to him gently.

"I swear my love, now and forever, my dear sweet, Petruchio," said Kate, placing the water lily on his."it's getting late sweetheart; the sun will be going down in a few hours. We need to dry off in the sun and get our supper fire started." They picked the sunniest spot they could in the warm sun kissed grass.the sun's final kiss until old Sol drops below the horizon. Kate was amazed how quickly their bodies dried as they lay there on their backs watching the clouds drift lazily by.

Jim was lying next to her asleep with his hands under his head, 'A talent' Kate was thinking 'to be able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Jim looks so peaceful and happy .perhaps it's a trick of the light. The sunlight playing on his face shows an ethereal handsomeness just under the surface that only true love or God can see.I've never made love under the sky before.' Kate sat up and leaned over to kiss her lover's lips, awaking him, "Katherine," Jim said, covering his yawn with his hand, "thank you for letting me sleep.

That little nap did me a world of good," and he started to sit up, "I'm starving!" And Kate licked her finger and placed it at the base of Jim's throat to trace an imaginary line to his manhood, stopping to stroke his big cock to get it hard, "I know, so am I." Jim stood up and Kate got on her knees, continuing to stroke his cock in one hand while cradling his balls in the other.

Kate started licking the tip of Jim's hard cock, teasingly while Jim's huge cock was so big and he tasted wonderful, "I love you sorry, sweetheart, thank you for bringing me here." Kate was stroking her pussy with a free hand as she licked and sucked on his hard pulsating cock… teasing him, probing and testing with her tongue and lips.

Kate almost brought Jim to orgasm several times, but backed off playing with her dripping wet pussy. She stopped sucking and licking his cock to lick and suck on his balls making Jim smile and growl in his throat. Jim's hands were buried in Kate's hair as she took his cock deeper in her mouth, licking and sucking ravenously all wet and sloppy; savoring every inch of it that would fit.

What God took form one part, God more than made up in another because Jim's cock is huge. Kate wanted Jim's cock buried in her pussy, and soon, however she would be patient and pleasure him first.

As always Jim's orgasm is an onslaught of testosterone laden energy as his hard member assaulted Kate's mouth and tongue. The ensuing orgasm was soon followed by a torrential onslaught of big mom xxx ve dulokal thick rich semen flooding her mouth for Kate to swallow greedily.

"Was that good lover?" Kate asked licking the tip of his cock, teasingly. "It's heaven on earth, my little red haired vixen and especially now in our special place." "Good because I'm going to suck on your cock to get you hard again so I can ride you. I want to be on top. Jim lay on his back and soon was hard as she know he would be. 'This is incredible!', Kate though as she slowly climbed on top of Jim, lowering herself in place, engulfing his entire cock into her swollen and dripping vagina thinking, 'it feels so good&, I'm going to fuck myself silly.' Kate looked down to see Jim smiling at her and she tossed her head and smiled back.

Kate's beautiful red hair spilled over her shoulders and then her back as she arched it, stretching like a cat in heat. She put her finger tips on Jim's chest and slowly raked down his chest, not her nails, just her finger tips, Kate knew better. Kate's hips were slowly gyrating while she was pumping up and down on Jim's big fat cock. It felt incredible and better than that. Kate gradually increased her speed and gyrations and in her exuberance and sexual passion nearly lost her balance.

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Jim took hold of Kate with his hands to hold her in place as she pumped him, up and down, increasing her cadence as Jim thrust upward. "That's my girl Katherine," Jim encouraged her; "You are in charge now, my love and my life. Don't hold back, my beautiful Katherine, my sexy little redhead of the peacock pants." Kate was wild and out of control as her orgasm burned through her&hellip.Kate's eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and she was holding Jim's hands as she came, moaning, and panting and squealing with delight and not holding back.

Kate opened her eyes to see Jim smiling at her through her passion and what she considered glorious reckless abandon in pleasing herself. It was marvelous sexual rapture to be with japan hidden cam toilet xxx man she can't intimidate in any way shape or form; a man who encourages Kate to explore healthy sexual needs.

"You never fail to amaze me, Katherine. Come here my love, I need your hugs and kisses for the after play." Satisfied, Kate lay down of top of Jim while he stroked her hair and held her close in his powerful and protective arms.

The special intimacy they now shared and intuitively understood is an unspoken and deep ineffable feeling of loving intimacy; whether alone or in public.a slight touch or kiss was all that was needed to remind them. Kate could feel Jim's heart beating and it was beating only for her and the thought was wonderfully silly, unfailingly girlish but spectacularly true and wonderfully romantic. It was dark as they were walking back hand in hand too their land ship, when Kate asked, "Jim?" "Yes, Kate." "Promise me we'll always be like we are right now." "I promise." "Jim?

"Yes, Kate?" "May we spend a couple more days here in this peaceful place?" "We may and I'm glad you like busty fat wife kacey parker fucks black plumber here." Jim squeezed Kate's dainty little hand in his large callused one, "somehow I knew you would though. There is something about this place, and I can't quite put my finger on it." When they returned to the land ship, Jim got an axe from the barn and spilt some of the small logs into kindling for their fire.

He found it hard to believe that Kate never sat at night around a campfire let alone cook on one. Jim explained her many of the tricks for cooking over the hot coals and being a quick study, Kate cooked the third porterhouse steak almost to perfection; one for Kate and two for Jim. After dinner and the dishes were washed and stowed away, Kate changed into a short pale rose summer dress and pinned her hair up for Jim, a dab of perfume behind each ear and on her wrists.

They toasted marshmallows over their campfire to a golden brown on the outside; hot, gooey and creamy in the middle. Jim brought out wood and canvas folding chairs from the barn, the short ones that sit close to the ground. Kate didn't sit on hers; she sat between Jim's legs leaning up against him for a backrest. His strong loving arms were wrapped around her as they watched the fire, the only light for miles, aside from the stars and half moon.

"Do you want to hear about the mystery now, beautiful?" "You know I do," Kate answered squeezing Jim's hands and snuggling closer, "I've been waiting all day." "You smell like Jasmine and it mixes well with tight pussy licking with alison and brooklyn womanly scent, my love." "The story, Jim." "I'm tempted to rip your dress of and ravish you now." "The story, please; how did the house burn down?

What happened?" "I was tempted to rip your clothes off and ravish you when we were neighbors. However you were married and off limits. The first time I was tempted was right after your Neighborhood Garden Club meeting in October of 2007. Your had just cut your beautiful waist length hair short; into a blunt, chin length bob with blunt bangs; I liked it better long and loose or when you wore it pinned up.

I was always on the lookout to catch a glance of your long red tresses down and loose. You were wearing a white blouse under a tailored navy blue jacket and matching skirt; stockings and black pumps.

I also remember you had a cameo set in gold filigree pinned to your jacket and a red silk scarf tied around your neck for a splash of color.

Do you remember that day, you little red vixen; I was underneath my truck changing the oil when you walked into the garage. I miss that old truck. Do you know that after I sent it through the crusher, I saved it?

I have the cube outside next to my office." "Yes I remember that day.

You were in the garage under that old truck. You slid out from under it on the creeper and stood up. You wiped your dirty hands on the front of your coveralls; if I remember correctly, you were in need of a shave. You walked right past me without a word to the refrigerator.

You took out two cans of cola. You offered me one. I politely declined. You drank them both down and burped loudly to annoy me," and she started laughing. Scratching your butt you asked, "What the heck did I do now?" "You remember well, Katherine. You were very charming and you were flittering natasha vega blow a lucky old bastard you suggested I plant perennials per the decision of the Neighborhood Improvement Committee.

You handed me a very precise drawing so all the perennial flower beds would be the same from house to house on our street. Included were a list of the correct flowers; spring, summer and fall varieties and how and where they should be planted." "I remember, Jim.

I thought you agreed after you said you'd take care of it. I thought I'd finally won after you dug the flower bed in the right spot to my specifications. I thought by changing my tactics and flittering you might comply.

In the spring you planted corn." "Yes and it was especially delicious because you stared knives at me all summer and into early fall. I did plant the perennials in the fall. It is a good idea and they look nice when they bloom throughout the year, although First time sex and deflation strayed from your color scheme and flower varieties; you sent me a thank you card the next spring when the tulips and daffodils bloomed and invited me to attend the Neighborhood Improvement Committee meetings." "I remember," Kate said, laughing, "you are so recalcitrant.

Myra told me you planting corn instead of flowers was hysterical. I find it quite annoying that you and Myra got along so well." "You thought me recalcitrant over flowers?" "Not the flowers, because of your arrest right after you planted the corn.

I was in Florida visiting my grandmother when it happened. Myra told me all about it; she and Sam watched the whole thing. Now that was hysterical!" "He was a new Officer and I didn't like the way he talked to me when he approached me on my own property.

It was a misunderstanding and I was given an appearance ticket." "You refused to show the Officer Identification." "That's right. I told the cocky rookie there is not a curfew in this town and as a free man I'd ignore it regardless." "I know," Kate said laughing a new, "The Officer kept insisting and you kept refusing." "I was on my own property, for god's sake.

I wasn't about to stand and argue with him all night." "I know, you told him to take a hike and walked away." "And you find that hysterical?" "No not that part, Jim. The Officer tried to handcuff you so you decided to play with him. You took the handcuffs right out of his hands and bent them sideways so they wouldn't close. You walked away and sat on your porch. How many Sheriff Cars showed up; all of them?" "Four or five and as you said, I waited for them on the front porch." "I know, Myra said he ordered you at gun point to remain seated so you pushed the footstool over with your leg and your feet up on it." Sergeant Kowalski arrived first and took charge.

He ordered Officer Kowalski to holster his Glock." "Is Officer Kowalski the Sergeant's son or nephew, I forget?" "You really do know everything about that night.

Tim is John's nephew, although his son was on my team. I paid for new handcuffs and that was the end of it; no hard feelings. You met she only cums when he fucks her of them at our birthday party." "I got lost in all the people you introduced me too. Now, when I returned from Florida, shortly after your almost arrest, I discovered for the first time my ex-husband was cheating on me with an intern. I thought about having my own affair to get even." "Thank you, I'm flattered." "Not with you Jim!" "I was teasing; married women are not my style." "I didn't though because I would be just like him; I would have to stoop to his level.

I took my wedding vows seriously. We went to counseling and I forgave him.until he did it again. Let me tell you Jim, I made the bastard's life miserable if I didn't get my way right up to our divorce." "Yes, I know you did; you intimidated the hell out of him; he's afraid of you Katherine.

Acid tongue bitch or not you were honest with him." "Will you please tell me about the mystery?" "The McNulty's owned the house; John and Mary McNulty. They were in their mid sixties at the time and by all accounts very much in two raunchy stunners pleasure a stiff shaft group sex cumshots and Jim kissed Kate's hands.

"It was on their 40th wedding anniversary; John gave Mary gold earrings. They drove into town to renew their wedding vows in Church, followed by a dinner with friends in the Church's recreation hall.

Mary still fit into her wedding dress and that is what she wore.

There was a photographer at the party from the local newspaper. Their picture was in the paper the next day and the following day John's obituary. By all witness accounts, John drove back to the church alone because Mary thought she accidently lost one of her earrings there. While John was driving into town there was a brief but severe thunder storm and the fuel tank beside the house was hit by lightning igniting it.

When the Sheriffs, Volunteer Fire Department and neighbors arrived the house was engulfed in flames. They found John or the charred remains of him in the driveway. It was far too late for Mary, or so they thought and they just let it burn out. They sifted the burnt debris after they cooled and found nothing in the basement; no sign of Mary anywhere.

After an inquiry and thorough investigation, like the house, it was determined John was struck by lightning. The autopsy of the body found a small lump of gold clenched in John's charred right hand. Interestingly enough, John's wedding band remained intact. To this day nobody knows what happened to Mary. John is buried in the small cemetery next to the church where father and daughter blood xnxx and Mary were married.

Local legend tells that on the anniversary of John's death, starting with his 41th Wedding Anniversary and ever since a woman in a white wedding dress has been seen by John's grave." "That's quite a story, sweetheart. Has anyone actually talked to the apparition?" "No; as soon as anyone gets close Mary is gone; wacky teenie is taken in butthole asylum for uninhibited therapy it is Mary of course.

Uncle Bob bought the property for the taxes and then he sold it to me." "Is this property haunted?" "No not that I've heard?" "Do you believe in ghosts, Jim?" "I've never seen one. That being said I don't go out of my way to look for them either." "Jim?" "Yes Kate." "Is the motorcycle in the barn in operating order?" "It should be, yes." "May we ride it tomorrow?

I've ridden on one." "Yes, there are several paths and/or farm machinery access roads intersecting the farm and county roads." "Can we go look at it now?" "Not tonight my love. I'm thinking of turning in.

I have two helmets and one should fit you" he said as Kate got off his lap and stood. "The first thing after breakfast we'll go for a ride" and he took Kate's hand in his. "Let's try out that Queen Size bed."