Horny young honey screwed by old man

Horny young honey screwed by old man
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(This is a real story of a girl who was my colleague. We stayed together when once during some tender moments she told me her harrowing story) Summary of the first part: (Pooja was studying in 8th class when one of her teachers, Jaya introduced her to Madam Rekha, enticing her that she can have close friendship with young boys.

Rekha calls Vicky, 16 year old and arrange for their sexual encounters. Pooja was happily introduced to sex with instructions and encouragements from both Jaya and Rekha.

She was falling in love with Vicky, but then Rekha brings in another boy Riaz who was older and a friend of Vicky. Pooja was shattered to realize that Vicky had considered her only as a sex object and he even paid for her services to Rekha) Pooja was now very much worried.

She knew she has been already drawn into the racket. But she could not really blame Rekha. Rekha never compelled her to do anything. She worked slowly and sweetly. Now she is completed 14, but he boobs have become bigger. But she was very lean and looked very small. No one would believe she was having sex that too with two men. Vicky had her several times again. He talked about his friend Riaz and Pooja knew the two friends always shared everything.

They wanted to have her together but somehow it couldn't materialize. Pooja thought she would never agree with such orgy, but she knew, Madam Rekha would persuade her anyway. One day her teacher Jaya met her on the school ground and told her Rekha wanted to meet her urgently. Super hot teen multi orgasm told her class teacher that her tummy is aching and left the school and reached Rekha's place.

She was expecting either Vicky or Riaz or may be both as they planned. But to her surprise, she saw an elderly man sitting on the sofa of Rekha, smoking, when she entered the flat. "Come Pooja, Meet uncle Raj". "He wanted to meet you", said Rekha. No warning, no request, just like that. Rekha never did this way.

She used to hide Pooja inside the bedroom and asked her to peep at the boy to confirm she does not know him and also whether she liked him. Then only she would arrange her to have sex with the boy.

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She made her feel that it was for her enjoyment these things are done. But now what is her up to? "Hello," Pooja nodded. Raj was not very bad looking. He was bald and grey and fat. He had a thick gold chain around his neck and many golden rings on his fingers. He was sipping some drink and watching Pooja. "Jaya brought her here". "You know Pooja, Jaya miss had her first time with Raj uncle." (Oh so it was he who taught miss Jay all those dirty things and then, indirectly me too.) "Ah, Jaya, She was bigger than this girl but very cooperative.

I haven't seen her for many months.I wanted to meet her, that is why I came here." "You don't come here now a days. Must have got some other places for young girls". "Hey, nothing like that. And where will one get such beautiful young girls like these other than here?" "Jaya is having her periods, so she sent Pooja, she is her student" Pooja went inside as if she wanted to go to the bath room.

When she came out Rekha was outside. She pulled Pooja to the kitchen and said, "Hey look, he is very rich, he will spend any amount on you if he likes you." "But aunty, I don't hot blonde double dildo penetration on webcam. I don't want to do." "Hey, you had those two boys without any objection, now what is the problem?

"He is so old, I am scared, and I don't like" "Don't worry, he is very nice. Ask Jaya.

Jaya would die for him even now." "But ma'am" "Don't be fool, just go and sit beside him and make him hot as you do with those boys. Just go." Pooja could trace a shade of anger in her tone and she was now really scared. Rekha took her to the sofa holding her hand and made her sit on the lap of Raj. "Make uncle happy baby" " Rekha told her. Hey Raj, isn't she cute?, and as I had promised you, I got you really young one" "Don't you think she is like a tender chick?" "Mmm, good enough.

He was holding her shoulder and slowly brushing his hands on her breasts over the uniform. His white shirt was wet with his sweat. She got the strong smell of his sweat mixed with the smell of alcohol. "In which class you study?" "Ninth" she said softly. Rekha took a sip from his glass and said."She is a good kisser" "Is it?, Show me" He turned her face towards him and pressed his lips on hers. His tongue probed her lips. She opened them and his thick tongue entered her mouth. His breath had the strong smell of alcohol.

"Give me your tongue baby" She pushed it out and he began to literally suck on it making loud noise." "Open your uniform Pooja, do you want to be told it every time?" Rekha said. Pooja obediently opened the buttons of her shirt. Raj put his hand into her bra and began to caress her small boobs. "Nice," he said. He pushed her bra cups up and brought his face down on them. He began to brush his face on her small, soft breasts. She felt his hard bristles on her tender skin.

He would suck one nipple and mz booty fucks white dick the other. Both his hands were on her both breasts.

It seems he was very much fascinated with her small but beautiful breasts.

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She could feel his cock getting big and pushing on her ass as she sat on his lap. Now with one hand he began to stroke her thighsoccasionally touching her panties.

Then suddenly he pushed his hand into her panties and began to stroke her clitoris. She gasped. He laughed on her face. She got the stink of his breath. He opened his mouth and extended his tongue.

She understood that he wanted her to suck on it. She reluctantly took his tongue between her lips and began to suck while his fingers were pulling and pinching her clitoris. His other hand was on her left breast. "She is hot isn't it?" asked Rekha who was watching all these with excitement. "Mm mm" He could only make that much sound as his tongue was inside Pooja's mouth. "Wait till she goes down on you, every where" "Everywhere?" "Yes, specially trained by your girl Jaya.""Eating butterscotch" "Ha Ha" Pooja could not help.

She knew she would have to lick him at every nasty place. Oh God, what has happened to me. I have become a real prostitute. To be continued in Part 2