Plenty of lovely bitches happy to see jock striptease and hardcore

Plenty of lovely bitches happy to see jock striptease and hardcore
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It was a rainy day, by night it only got worse. Tristan was standing on the pavement, getting wet and holding his jacket over his head. He was on his way home, but he didn't really feel like it. He was going home from the fun evening with his friends, and didn't quite feel like calling it a night.

There was a bar across the road, windows shinning bright in the night. It was a spontaneous thought, but he turned around from his way, crossed the road and got in.

The inside was warm and pleasant after wet and ready for drilling hardcore blowjob cold night rain. Tristan went to the bar stand, sat down and ordered mojito. Barman was a nice guy, black short hair and a kind smile. They chatted, laughing at each others stories. It was a good time, Tristan thought, definitely beats going to home and spending an evening alone. While they were telling each other jokes, Tristan didn't notice how a tall guy got in through the bar's door.

He had blonde short hair, blue eyes with hard eyebrows, and was in an incredible shape, his muscles visible through the tight shirt as he took off his jacket.

It looked like his shirt was about rip. He looked acroos the bar, his deep set eyes stopping on the Tristan, a slight smile appeared on his lips.

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He walked over to where Tristan was and set next to him. "Hey" he said "Hi, I thought you were going home" replied Tristan turning to look at him. Tristan thought the guy was incredibly beautiful, especially with that square jaw. They were friend for a long time. Zach was always nice him, always help I with everything he could and always keen on listening to whatever Tristan had to say.

Zach could finally take a good look at Tristan, he loved looking at him. The boy had a really firm body, his hard big muscles noticeable even through the jacket, he had a huge back and muscular shoulders. Even though he was sitting, Zach could tell that he was really tall, at least 6"6, he liked it.

And his face,Zach couldn't stop stare, he had a square jaw but his chin was giving an impression of the triangle, with the small cute nose and deep set brown eyes, he had a strongly innocent look. Huge hard body and such an innocent face, he was 26 years old, not older then Zach who was 28. Zach was already getting hard just from looking at him. The barman had to walk away, there were more clients communing and he had to serve them. Good, thought Zach, having him all to myself.

"Are you waiting for someone" asked Zach "No. Just getting drunk, all by myself. Didn't want to go to sleep just yet" answered Tristan. "Nice! Me too! Now you've got yourself a drinking-body!" Zach and Tristan talked over different things, just making small talk while getting dossier and dossier. "Gotta go to the loo" said Tristan, got up and started walking a bit funny towards the door at the ride side of the bar.

Zach took his chance and damped a load of white powder into Tristan's drink, that should knock out a horse in a second, he thought. When Tristan came back he drank a bit and smiled at Zach, starting talking again. Apparently Tristan was more then a horse, because it took him another 15 minutes of drinking down that cup in his hand, even though when he turned around, Zach dumped more powder into it, hopping it won't kill him.

But once he amptied his glass, he started to faint, seemingly struggling to keep himself awake. "Whaa. What's. I think there's something wrong with me. I don't feel well" he said with his half shut pretty eyes, his head wobbling from side to side.He started falling and Zach caught him.

"Is everything recent teen is willing for the first fuck session of the day asked the barman, seeing unconcies Tristan. "Yeah, just had too much to drink, that's all." said Zach "I'm gonna get him home, I know where he lives" he added seeing barman picking up the phone to call taxi.

Zach put Ttistan's left hand over him shoulder and started dragging him to the exit door, some people turned around, but he didn't care, his fun night was just starting. He walked out into the cold night, with Tristan's body on his shoulders, he was strong so it as easy for him to carry even someone so big as Tristan's.

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He could feel him breathing, he was glad he didn't kill the pretty boy. His car was parked just at the door, he knew what he was coming for when he entered the barhe made sure to park close to the exit. Zach dropped Tristan's body on the back seat, still unconscious, and got in at the drivers seat. It was 15 minute long ride, for Zach it felt like eternity, he couldn't wait to play with his new toy. They bewitching asian slut pussy tease squirting japanese arrived.

Zach parked the car close to te huge metal doors. Got out and carried out Tristan's body once again heaving him on his shoulder. When he was picking him, Zach noticed how hot Tristan's ads looked while he nikko jordan horny masseuse giving a handjob and blowjob for money lying on his face. It was perfectly shaped and like looked huge and firm bubble ass. It took him some will strength to don't feel it there, 'just a little bit more, soon I'll get to play with that' Zach told himself while opening the metal doors and carry the body inside.

It was a dark shabby room, that had another, smaller, wooden door with the handle, opposite to the one they just came in through. Only one naked bulb was hanging at the middle of the room on a black wire attached to the ceiling, blincking time after time. There was another lamp hanging from the right wall, lighting the old working table, chair stoop a little aside. In the whole with just two weak bulbs the shaddy room was darkly lit. The floor was dirty with trash, and burned cigarettes laying around.

There were also some boxes close to the exit door, and an old looking, bettered couch at the left wall, facing the table. Zach dumped Tristan's still unconscious, but firmly breathing body to the ground, stretching his shoulder.

Zach was weak but the the guy was huge and heavy, clearly solid muscle. Zach went to the boxes at his left, he couldn't wait any longer! He opened one on top and pulled heavy ropes from it, threw them on the table. Then picked up Tristan again and carried him to the dirty black couchthrew him there roughly on his back.

He didn't notice it at the bar but the bitche's jeans weren't tight ans still he could see a huge bulge. 'Fuck yeah!' Zach thought to himself. He started undressing him, roughly pulling Tristan from his jacket and the shirt under it. What he saw when he finally dumped the shirt in the corner was beyond his expectation. Tristan's body was super hard redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital creamy white like milk.

He had huge abs and hard big, hairless chest. His shoulders were round and smoothly flowing into huge muscle arms, 'he could put up a fight to me' thought Zach seeing how big his hands were.

Zach loved how Tristan's neck looked muscular too. He couldn't wait to suck on those red nipples of his. This time he couldnt hold himself so he bent down and started sucking on Tristan's right nipple, he heard him starying to make a few sounds but they died away. Zach was sure that dose will keep him asleep for the whole night, if not longer. Zach started pulling down Tristan's pants, after he was done with shoes, he had nice big feet, he saw a black boxers after dumping his pants at the corner with the rest of his clothes.

He couldnt wait to stop and enjoy the view, he had to task them off him. Zach pulled the boxers with one quick rough move and got them off. He was practically paralysed, starring at the big dick Tristan had between his mmuscular legs. He was cut and delicious pink head was visible lying on the huge set of hot looking, smooth balls.

He was shaved, no trace of pubic hair, like was waxed. Zach turned his body around looking for the first time at his sexy ass. Tristan was definitely working out a lot! His ass was of a perfect shape, shaved too, completely, and with firm muscle cheeks, as Zach saw when kinky sex with astonishing milf mature wife pulled them apart to stare at the delicious pink hole completely hairless.

"That's it! I cant task it any longer!!" said Zach and started pulling his own clothes off. Zach himself was a hot price of meat. He had a huge torso, hard six pack with big shoulders, muscle hands and a round butt. His dick was already hard 10" at least and really fat, Zach loved the screams when he ducked someone balls deep roughly without pausing. Zach was hairless too, he liked to shed all his body. He picked up Tristan's body of the couch and carried him fast to the table.Zach dumped his body hard towards the table, on his chest.

He pulled Tristan's hands acroos the smooth table and started tying his hands at the opposite sides with the rope he got from the old boxes. He was almost done with the second hand when Tristan's started to move. He pulled his head up and looked at Zach. "What.What's happe.ning?" "OH are you awake?" asked Zach after finishing tying his second hand. Tristan now was tied, bent over the table, unable to move really. "That's fucking weird dude, that dose of the drug I gave you would killed a horse, and you wake up what" he checked the old clock on the wall "after 30 minutes?!" "You know I'm actually glad you are awake, oh how much I'm glad!" Said Zach walking towards Tristan's face and bending so he could look him on the face "OH, man, that innocent face of yours!" Tristan noticed that Zach was naked and he felt that he didn't have any clothes on too.

Zach could tell the bitch is finally realising the situation, feeling that he was tied up, because he started to struggle against his hung tit mother id like to fuck rides wang japanese hardcore. "Sorry, little dude, but you are not going anywhere" said Zach smiling into Tristan's face.

He could see how Tristan's eyes get filled with fear. Tristan saw as Zach got up that he was naked too, and had a ragging boned now in front of his face. "Zach what do you." but he couldn't finish because Zach showed his 10" hard cock into his mouth.

"Dont you fucking dare to bite me bitch, you don't wanna know what I'll do to you if you will!" Growled Zach in a barking voice. Zach pushed his cock all the way into his whore's mouth, feeling his chin on his balls, at the first try. It went hard the first time, and Zach had Tristan gag, but as he ounded more and more his dick slid into the depth of his throat easier and easier.

Zach looked down at his slut, not stopping or slowing down with the throat fucking, he bent a little to look at Tristan's throat and saw the outline of his cock sliding in and out with every thrust. This only made him fuck even harder. "Oh fuck yeah! I should've done this earler, bitch!" Zach was really horny so he started to feel his orgasm coming soon, and thought about where he wanted to plant him seed.

He felt his balls tighten, and heard Tristan starting to scream in muffled sounds. "Oh, yeah take it, bitch,you know what's coming, whore, you gonna fucking love it! My cum tastes great!" By this point of hard throat fucking Zach was giving, whole Tristan's face was covered in hs saliva, and Zach's dick and thighs were dripping too, and even more was coming out of Tristan's mouth as he was gagging and dripping onto the dirty floor. Zach felt his dick starting to pulsate as he watched this beautiful scene and ahot the first rope of cum right down Tristan's throat, it went all the way to his stomach.

Tristan swallowed to dont gag and his throat muscles made Zack's dick cum even harder. Zach started pulling out and the second rope ended on Tristan's tounge. Once out of Tristan's mouth Zach started to jerk his cock and send more three ropes of white think cum all over Tristan's face.

The first one ended up shooting at his eye, second one all over his forehead and so,e got into his long dark hair and the third one shot all over his pink lips.

"FUCK you are a good fuck!" Zach bent down to look at the slut's face "aren't you pretty like that, all fucked up and dirty, DAMN you are hot!" Tristan didn't say a word. It didn't surprise Zach, he thought the bitch can't speak with his throat so sore, he grinned to himself.

Zach got up, his cock is still hard, walked around the table and started playing with Tristan's ass.

"Guess what's comming next whore!" Tristan started to fight his ropes again, and tried to scream but couldn't do a good job of it. Tristan was strong but ropes were secure good and the only thing he got out of it were his red wrists, it only turned on Horny young honey screwed by old man more seeing his toy writhe like that, hopelessly, and getting hurt even more because of it. Zach didn't want to strech Tristan's clearly virgin hole,he loved to make them hurt, loved to know they feel every part of his dick stretching their assholes.

Despite Tristan's fighting Zach lined his now even harder then ever dick with his hole. He didn't tie Tristan's legs so he could move his ass, it looked like Tristan was actually inviting him in. Zach couldn't hold anymore, he needed to be inside of that whore hole. Zach plunged his dick, all the way in into Tristan's virgin tight hole "Oh my God you are tight!" Breathed out Zach through the Tristan's screams. Even though his throat was sore he couldn't stop himself from screaming.

Zach started to Lund hard and fast without giving Tristan any time to adjust. The screams filled the room along with Zach's moaning "FUX YEAH BITCH, SCREAM!" Roared Zach unmercifully pounding into Tristan with every thrust going balls deep.

He could feel his own balls hitting Tristan's with every stroke in. He bent down a little to grab Tristan's dick and wasn't surprised to find it being rock hard.

"I knew it! BITCH! I knew you were just a fucking whore waiting for the big hard dick to rape your so DAMN tight asshole! I know you fucking love fit, scream all you want slut, nobody cares! Your rock hard dick betrays your screams bitch!" Zach kept punding harder and harder. "I bet you dreamed about this, huh? Dreamed about big juicy cock stretching your holes!

Oh DAMN your hole grips my cock so nice, you love it huh? Love it when I pound you till you are half dead, bitch?! I bet you do!" Tristan kept screaming, the table under him gave away more and more with Zach's pounds. Zach gripedTristan's shoulder long hair and forced his head backwards while still punding into him. "You love my dick bitch?! That big fat piece of meat all the way in you! Streching you nice and rough, huh?! You fucking whore! Tell me You are a whore! Tel, me you are my fucking whore, bitch!" But Tristan just kept giving out muffled screams, with his head pulled too far to scream.

Zach wasn't giving to wait for the whore to do as he was told. With his right hand still holding tight and he was sure painful grip on his bitche's hair, he used his other hand to take a grip on his throat, all the while fucking him wild. Zach started to choke Tristan hard, saw that he couldn't breath anymore and felt the grip of his asshole on his dick tighten. "Say, it bitch! SAY IT! Or I FUCKING swear I'll chocke you to death and then will finish fucking your dead body!" Screamed Zach that sounded almost like a roar deep from his chest.

Zach knew he's going to cum soon, with that asshole being so tight! "I'm your.fuc.king." started Tristan, trying to speak while being choked "whore." Zach let go off his throat, pulling on his hair even tighter and finally shooting deep into Tristan's hole. He felt Tristan's hole getting even tighter, Zach knew his rough fuck makes ebon cum hardcore blowjob was cuming too, without touching himself, just on his fat throbbing dick.

It was the orgasm Zach have never felt before, he was cuming and cuming and cuming, he was sure it was his biggest load ever. The growling screams of pleasure came out from Zach's big chest. Once he was done, he let go off Tristan's hair, which collapse on the table. Zach pulled roughly from his asshole and saw that there was no shit anywhere.

'The bitch, cleans himself, nice!' Thought Zach, smiling. Even though he just had the biggest orgasm of his life, he wasn't tired. He saw his white cum starying slowly coming out of the, seemed to be tight again, asshole.

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He walked again to the boxes and picked out a nice huge fat butt plug, returned to his slut and started inserting it into him. He wanted to keep his cum in Tristan. He wanted to know that it was absorbed inside of him, it turned him on.

When the butt plug was half way in Tristan weakly spoke "please. .let me go" "Oh you are not going anywhere, not yet at least" said Zach lightly, pushing the rest of the plug roughly all the way in.

"Our fun isn't over yet, my whore-toy"Zach saw white cum on the floor, and some was dribbling from the still fully hard cock. He could see now, Tristan had a huge 11" cock at least thought not as fat as Zach's.

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Zach's collected all the cum from the floor and squeezed as much as he could from Tristan's dick into his hand, it was a huge load. He walked around Tristan and bent down to look him straight into face, inches from him, smiling. Zach took roughly Tristan's face into his free hand and firmly pulled it back, bringing his fun full hand closer to his mouth. "It's yours, I'm sure you'll like it" he said smiling again, and smashed his hand hard across Tristan's mouth. Some of it got all over the lips but most got in.

"Swallow" said Zach with the had voice while looking Gristan's staring in the eyes, he saw Tristan looking right back into his eyes when he felt Tristan's through work and heard him swallowing.

Zach smiled again still looking him in the eyes, he knew there already, Tristan will forever be his FAVORITE play-thing.