Comiendo el cono de im hija en la manana

Comiendo el cono de im hija en la manana
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Foreword: An Idea I have been tossing around for awhile.

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The sexual development might be slow in this story, and it might be more story than sex, so if you want erotic content quick, this may not be the story for you. Nonetheless, If you feel like sticking around, feel free to. Tell me what you think of the premise and the story in general.

If it feels cliche or if there is something that doesn't make sense, feel free to let me know. Demon Overlord Lucifer, Chapter 1: I'm the What?! My eyes slowly opened and my body slowly awoke from its comfortable slumber. I looked at the ceiling, and took a deep breath. "Another day huh?" I said to myself. I rolled over on my side and looked at the digital clock next to my bead.

"6&hellip.50?" I blinked a couple of times to re-adjust my vision and the time finally came into focus. I stared at the clock for a bit. "Ehh&hellip. I still got five minutes." I rolled over on my other side of my body and closed my eyes. During these quick five minutes I had a dream of sorts.

It was really vague, but there was a silhouette that resembled a girl who had an amazing figure. "Hey, Javin! Wake up!" Someone was pestering me in my peaceful slumber. "Ehhhh&hellip. Five more minutes…" I didn't want to deal with this. "You're going to be late for school…" The voice spoke again, more annoyed this time.

"…" I didn't give a response. "You left me no choice then," I heard footsteps walked away and I felt relieved, finally being able to fall back to sleep. This was cut short when I felt a blunt pain on my side, like someone dropped a brick on it. "God dammit! What is it?" I got angry and sat up quickly looking in the direction of where the blow came from.

My eyes locked on a person, and I gave them a russian mom hair hot milf fucked delivery guy from head to toe, my eyes still waking up, unable to recognize the figure in mom and san xxx rum night of me. The brown hair, the blue eyes, the slender frame and slightly tan skin.

C-cup breasts with a slender waist and hips. Thin legs and cute feet. I looked back up to the head of the person. "Oh, it's you Leena." I sounded disappointed. "Well sorry for not being someone famous." She crossed her arms and looked away.

I took the nearest pillow I could find and tossed it at her. "Get out, I'm going to change." I waved her off. She grabbed the pillow and tossed it back at me, three times as hard. "Idiot." I got up from my bed and started taking off my shirt. "W-What are you doing?!" She got flustered and looked away. "I said I was going to change." I continued taking off my shirt and tossed it on the ground. "Unless… You want to watch me change." I grinned mischievously.

"Don't be ridiculous." She quickly left the room. "Tch. She's so shy." I looked at half-naked body in the mirror. I was modestly built, with little body fat. My arms had muscles but they weren't extremely defined or anything, and I had a six-pack that barely showed.

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My chest had a massive scar that went from one side to another, from a childhood incident where I was sparing another child around my age. I looked up at my face, my bright green eyes shined through my shaggy bed-head brown hair. I walked over to my desk and grabbed my necklace. It was a crest of sorts, and was passed down to me from my grandfather.

I looked over at the time and saw thirty minutes had passed since I woke up. "Ah shit. I'm going to be late." I said to myself. I quickly got changed into my regular clothes and freshened up. I made my way downstairs to slip on my shoes. Leena must've already left since her shoes weren't there. My parents already left for work so I had no need to say good-bye.

I burst out the door, closing it behind me and quickly made my way towards school. Soon enough, I made it and was exhausted by the time I made it to my classroom. I was quickly greeted by my two friends, Reina and Allen. "Yo Javin! How's it goin'?" I received a heavy pat on the shoulder from Allen. "Hey Javin!" Reina gave me a more peaceful greeting. "Hey guys…" I took a yawn. "Ugh, another day of school." I sat down in my seat and rested my head on the desk. "Good to see you as tired as usual." Allen pulled up the chair from the desk in front of me and took a seat facing me.

"Ugh, Its terrible. Really. School starts too soon." I closed my eyes double penetration anal sex student hardcore and big tits to go back to sleep.

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"You can't fall asleep yet Javin! School hasn't even started!" Reina scolded me. "Don't care. See you guys in a few hours or so." I fell asleep quickly.

I had a dream similar to the one this morning. This figure came closer and closer to me, until I was embraced by it. It still seemed vague, but it was pleasurable. The figure pushed me down and reached for my crotch. I could move anything so I just went with it. It stroked my cock, which was now erect, and embraced my lips for a kiss. She then moved down and began sucking on my cock, her technique was amazing, I had never felt anything like it before.

She sucked harder and harder, drawing more blood to my cock, making it harder and harder. Her mouth popped off like sucking on a lolipop and she maneuvered herself so her crotch was above mine. She was about to drop her hips on mine, when I was awoken from the pleasurable dream by a slap on the back of the head. "Congratulations Jevin! you successfully slept the whole school day." Allen was clapping and grinning like crazy. "Dammit Allen, I was in the middle of something." I rubbed my hand where he hit.


Something Erotic?" He gave a mischievous look and moved his head close to mine. I was taken aback by his accurate guess. "Oh, I guessed right." He looked surprised.

"Ugh. Just shut up." I got annoyed and stood up from my desk. "Shall we go home? Reina has practice today so it's just you and me." "Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever." I slightly ignored Allen's presence and walked along. "Hey hey, wait for me!" He caught up with me. We were walking down the hallway, but nobody was really around. "Did school just get out?" I asked.

"Nope. You've slept over for about an hour." "W-what?" I looked at my watch and saw the time read 3:40pm. "Shit. I did." "Haha, you're normally able to wake up by the time school is out. Today's dream must've been 'extra' special…" He elbowed me playfully. "Cut it out. Y'know, that perverted tone of yours is the probably reason why you can't get a girl." "Ouch. How mean." He scratched his head and smiled.

"I'm just more honest than others." "Yeah yeah, whatever." I waved off the comment. We made our way out of the school, and walked on home. Once we got to where our paths split, we waved each other off and went our own ways. I took a sigh, "I'm going to be late anyways, might as well make a detour." I said to myself. I made my way over to the neighborhood park was and sat down on one of the swings. I gently rocked back and forth, reminiscing on the past. There were many times when I would come here with Reina or Leena and play around.

I pulled out the necklace around my neck and looked at the pendant. I took it off my neck and held it up to the sky. On further inspection, I saw an engraving on the back side of it. I brought it close to my face and looked at it close. I saw two letters, L.S. Initals? I thought… "Ah, whatever." "You." I heard a voice. "Hey you!" There it is again. "Boy, listen!" Voices in my head… "Am I just hearing things…?" Blown away sex kitten in undies is geeting pissed on and screwed thought.

"No, you're not. Listen, kiss the pendant and place it on the ground." The Voice gave me instructions "Who are you?" I questioned the voice. "If you want to find out, do as I say." "Why should I trust you?" I asked.

"Because I know your father" The voice spoke. "What the fuck? Don't give me that shit." "He did say you had a oddly sharp tongue at times." "The fuck are you on?

Or what the hell am I on?" I was really confused. "Goddammit son, just kiss the pendant and place it on the ground. If you wish to release your true potential, do as I say." His voice was more irritated and more annoyed. "True Potential?

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The hell are you talking about?" I questioned, quite pissed off myself. "If you want to know, do as I say" He repeated himself. At this point, I was ready to give in, this voice is obviously too stubborn to listen to what I have to say. I held the pendant up to my lips, and made contact with it. Even though it had been in my palm, it felt frozen. I tried to pull the pendant off, but it was stuck to my lips.

"The fuck is this old man?" "The transportation requires blood of the descendants. Pulling it off will give enough blood to enable the gate." I was confused, but went with it. I swiftly pulled the pendant off my lips, ripping off skin and blood fell spanked british sub gets her ass hardfucked my lips. "Ow, Fuck!" Blood dropped from my lips onto the ground.

I placed the pendant on top of the blood and waited. "Now what old man?" "Give it a second, its registering the blood." Shortly after he said that, a glowing circle with patterns over it emerged from the ground and glowed brightly. "The fuck is this?" "It's the gate, don't be alarmed." Slowly, I began falling into the ground, more and more of me was consumed until I was fully in.

What was around me was pitch black.

"Hey! Old man! The hell is going on?" I shouted. No response. I scratched the spanked british sub gets her ass hardfucked of my head. "Now what?" Suddenly, torches lit up, designating a pathway. There was no other way, so I decided to go follow the torches. I kept walking for what seemed like forever, until I saw a dim light in the distance.

I picked up my pace and made my way towards. As I got closer, the light got brighter and brighter, until it resembled a doorway. I went through it and entered what looked like a throne room. I walked forward, looking around, taking note of my surroundings. "Welcome Boy!" A booming voice came from dead ahead. I looked forward, but saw nothing. Shortly thereafter, a tall man walked in from behind the throne.

He had long black hair, slightly red skin, and wore a long black cloak. He spoke, "Welcome to Hell, Boy!" He held his arms out. "Hell? What the fuck is going on? I want answers." I demanded.

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"Easy now, I know you're confused and all, but bare with me." He held his hands out, a gesture to try and calm me down. "Come closer, allow me to see your face." I walked closer. "Ah, you do resemble him…" "'Him'? Who's 'him?'" I asked. "Your Father." He replied. "Who are you?" "I am Lucifer Scyna Satan, Ruler of the Demon Realm." "That's rediculous. You expect me to believe you?" "Have you not witnessed everything that has taken place so far? I understand you're confused, but allow me to explain.

Your family, the Klynes has been servicing the Scyna Clan since the beginning of time. Every few thousand years or so, a new Clan is placed admirable blow from non professional girlfriend and homemade power of the realm. The Clan that is placed in power is decided by the ruler of this realm, which is me.

I have nominated your clan since you've been loyal to my clan the longest." "That sounds pretty corrupt." "Indeed it is, but that's how things work down here. Know this though, the new ruler of Hell must go under a renaming process, where their first and last name are changed to a more… Suitable name for hell.

Your current last name becomes your middle name, and you adopt your new first and last name." "Uh-huh…" "This is the main reason I've called you down here today. You must accept a new name. Here's a list of options." Name Options: -Lucifer -Maou -Satan -Beelzebub -Zagan -Stolas -Ose -Asmodeus -Azazel "Uh… Lucifer Asmoedeus." "Are you certain?" "Yes." "So be it." He clapped his hands.

"Before we get into the formalities, I'd like to introduce someone." He looked behind him and shouted, "Come out here girl!" He looked back at me and smiled. from behind the throne a girl came out, who looked around my age. "Javin, I would like to introduce you to your new slave." "My what?!" I replied.

"Yes, the ruler of the Demons needs a slave to do menial work for him, along with pleasuring him." "P-pleasuring?!" I was taken aback. "Why yes, you know the dreams you've been having recently. They all came from the influence of the pendant, this slave was calling out to you." "O-okay, I can live with this…" I calmed down. "Does she have a name?" I asked. "She doesn't.

She's your slave so you can name her however you want. She is also capable of body modification so she can adjust her body and yours however you may see fit. Girls like her are commonly used as whores in brothels down here, but this girl is fresh and clean." I smirked a bit. "I like where this i m going shopping and you re paying going." "She's included with become overlord. Are you ready to proceed with the ritual?" "Yeah, let's get it going!" I was excited.

"Oh unholy one, give this boy the blood of a demon and then will of a Hero, for he shall be inaugurated as the new overlord of the demons." Lucifer began chanting. "Allow this boy, Javin Klyne, accept the new name, Lucifer Klyne Asmoedeus.

He will guide the torch of the demons to prosperity and wealth…" He looked at me, "Do you, Javin Klyne accept the new name Lucifer Klyne Asmoedeus, along with the responsibilities and power of being Overlord of Demons?" I paused for a moment.

I was tired of living my life as it was. I always wanted something exciting to happen. I thought this might be the perfect chance to escape being 'normal.' "Yes, I accept." "Then may this boy be soaked in his own blood and be born anew." Lucifer Satan pulled a Sword from the ground and thrust it into my stomach.

I was surprised by what happened. "Was this all for nothing? Am I going to die?" I felt betrayed. I fell to the ground, motionless. Part 2 Coming soon!