Young girl first time teen v sex

Young girl first time teen v sex
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I have always wanted to be a fire fighter since I was little. My mother kept telling me that they don't hire females at the fire department. But like with all things, that rule too changed with time. When I got my assignment at my current Fire House things were tough. They guys said things and I was kept separate, purposely set apart by the other fire fighters.

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Then one dreary afternoon, during the chronic fires we have up in Malibu county, I saved several of my teams lives during a call. It was one of the worst fires in the history. Several fire departments responded to the call. The truck was passing near a house and the ground under the wheels gave way. I remember jumping from the truck as it rolled and went over the cliff. There was no one near by and no other departments available to answer the call.

I very carefully hauled the whole team up to the cliff and rescued them for the oncoming fire. That's when stuff changed. I had earned respect, even though I was a mere women. I had no desire to date any of the guys I worked with.conflict of interest.

They of course did not understand my choice. I was accused of everything, including being a lesbian and being "frigid". I am 5'7" and could easily pass as a model. I have long blonde hair with natural blue eyes. I have never had any problems with my weight and have stayed about the same, since high school.

I have filled out some, mostly in the chest. I love the looks I get when I go to the beach. Several months ago, I went out on a medical emergency call. A young boy fell down a cliff while sight seeing. To make matters worse, he spoke no English.

He was out vacationing with his parents from Japan. This beautiful Asian women wearing a police uniform approaches the cliff. While she was giving instructions to me and the other uniforms responding to the call, she spoke reassuringly to the little boy.

It sounded like she was singing when she spoke Japanese. I was enchanted! She moved so elegantly. She was all of maybe 5'2" and very petite. Her face was that of an angle and for many nights after my dreams were haunted by her image. With her skillful assistance, the rescue was a complete success.

The little boy had a few bruises and scratches, that was all. After the dust had settled, I went over to talk to her. I introduced my self and we had a long talk. Mikai was very interesting and not nearly what I had expected for a female cop. All the hot beautiful mom sex storys cops I have ever met prior are all butch. We spoke for several long minutes and I gave her one of my business cards. Several days passed, and I was unable to get her out of my head.

I have always been straight. I enjoy fucking guys and have never been attracted to women.

But Mikai made me curious. I was curious about having sex with a women and if I ever decided to have such an experience, I would have loved for it to be with Mikai. I was slightly surprised when Mikai dropped over to the station and asked if I was hungry. We went to a traditional Japanese Restaurant and had Sushi and warm Big cook with tait pussy. After several glasses of Saki the subject of relationships came up.

With both joked about having so many gorgeous men to work with and nothing worth touching. There is a double edge in the work place.

Guys have the okay to screw around with every and any chick out there, including the women they work with. There screwing is deemed natural and okay. Sunny leone full sex stories f a women demonstrates that type of behavior she is automatically deemed a whore or slut.

A very negative connotation in today's society. With that, we both laughed and drank more Saki. I was feeling very warm and comfortable, very loose. When she reached over and touched my hand, I was sort of expecting it.

We shortly left the restaurant in her car. She drove to her house in Marina Del Rey. I was shocked how large and beautiful her place was.

I asked how she could afford it on a policeman's salary. She explained that her parents purchased it for her. They don't necessarily agree with her choice of careers, but they still support her. The house was a demonstration of that. The house was so elegantly decorated.

It almost felt like a museum.

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As we entered the doorway, I found myself in her arms. Our first kiss was warm and inviting. We urgently undressed and laid on the sofa. Together we explored our bodies, touching and caressing. She nuzzled my breasts with her mouth as I stroked her long black hair.

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Our first touches were gentle. I wanted to have her and to taste her. I wanted what I shouldn't have. I ran my fingers between her legs and felt her wet hot ponytailed asian chick shaved and nailed by t. I pulled her closer and turned her over, her back to the sofa. I went down on her and placed my face between her strong thighs. I curled my fingers into her thick pussy hair and sucked her sweet juices.

She was so sweet. I had always wondered what pussy tasted like. I wondered if I tasted this good, as I continued fingering and sucking her pussy. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my mouth to hers. Our kiss deepened as her hands roamed my naked body. Her touch was silky and soft. She took each one of my nipples into her mouth and sucked them to hardness.

I was so aroused I wanted to orgasm, but I wanted her to cum with me. From a small ornate box, she extracted a vibrator with two busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors. It looked enticing and yet I was not ready for that yet. I ran my fingers down her wet slit, wanting to taste her again.

I maneuvered myself between her legs, and started sucking her sweet pussy. As I sucked, I finger fucked her. She moaned with sheer pleasure. She pushed me off her and got up. She moved like a Panther, skillfully waiting for the kill. She motioned me to follow her. Her ass was so small and firm, I would have followed it to the moon and back. I found her laying on white silk sheets in a room that was the size of my whole apartment!

She invited me to join her. She offered me a pipe. I had smoked some pot in college and I remembered clearly it affects. I thought it was sort of strange for a copy to have pot. but that did not stop me from taking a toke. I was flying high and oh so horny. I laid down on the silky sheets ready to be naughty.

She straddled me and inserted one end of dildo in me and the other in her. As she pushed, the dildo was driven deeply inside my pussy. As I pushed, the dildo was driven deeply inside of her. The feeling was so wonderful. It was unlike any fuck I have had previously with a guy. She knew instinctively what turned me on. She knew how to stroke my pussy lips and drive me crazy.

As we fucked, she bent down several times to caress and suck on my tits and I did hers. Our fucking was sensual and loving. Her soft touches sent lightening down my body and increased my desire to cum. I felt the first initial shivers of an orgasm forming. My body was getting hot and I felt my pussy constrict. I wanted to make sure she came with me. Therefore, I started playing with her pussy as she was doing to mine.

She wiggled and groaned with pleasure. She was so wet and hot. We kissed, playing with each others tongues as we convulsed with pleasure. We laid in each other's arms caressing and touching. Finally we both, through exhaustion, fell into a deep sleep. She woke me with her soft caress and a gentle kiss. She had prepared me breakfast and had called me in sick. She said we both needed a weekend alone, to explore our relationship.

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I never thought I would date a cop, let alone consider a life long relationship, but she has changed all that.

I wonder, could this be construed as fucking in the work place?