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R old cock big load
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A rapist at 14 (2) My first Out of home rape occurred about a week after I first rapped my sister and mother. I had gotten in a big argument at school with a guy who lived about a block from my house. I wanted to beat the shit out of him but I refused to fight him because I was already on probation for fighting and I didn't want to get suspended again.

Many of my friends thought I was afraid of him which made me even madder. I found out his mother was a divorcee and worked the midnight shift at the local truck stop, eleven to six in the morning. It took about another week to get all that information without making it obvious to why I wanted it. His house was only two blocks from school so I left my eleven o'clock class early about 11:30.

Daughter incest creampie impregnation uncensored started at 11:45 that gave me until one PM. I picked up a roll of masking tape, surgical gloves, and ski mask out of my locker and hurried the two blocks to his house. I walked around to his back yard hoping to find an open window. I decided to try the back door and was amazed that it was unlocked.

I stepped into the back porch and listened. My heart was pounding like crazy, and I pulled the ski mask down and put on my gloves. I found his mother sound asleep in the front bedroom of the 2 bedroom house. She was snoring and had thrown the covers off. With no air-conditioning it was a little stuffy add hot.

Everything so far was going my way, she was naked laying on her back. I admired her well developed tits guessing they were about a "C" cup. Her arms were at her sides. I jumped on top of her straddling her sides with my knees pinning her arms. I quickly unrolled a strip of the tape and placed it over her mouth and another strip over her eyes.

She was struggling and trying to buck me off her chest. I hissed "stop struggling or I'll cut you from cunt to tits." She immediately stopped and said, "Please don't hurt me." through the tape. I told her I wouldn't if she cooperated. She nodded yes.

I'm going to give you the fucking of your life so lay back and enjoy it. I turned her on her side and tapped her arms together. I kissed her tits and sucked her nipples sliding my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy lips before inserting my finger and massaging the inside of her vagina.

I used my thumb to stimulate her clit. I pulled my hand out and smelled and tasted her juice. She smelled faintly of Lilac and there was non stop pleasure for attractive hottie with jugs naturaltits and hardcore any taste.

I slid down and inserted my tongue into her now wet cunt. I licked and sucked her clit and pussy until she climaxed.

She was breathing heavily and softly moaning. I lifted her legs and shoved my cock into her pussy and fucked her violently. She began to shove back at me and I new she had cum again.

I looked at her bed side clock and new I had another ten minutes before I had to go. I pushed her legs higher and with drew my cock and jammed it into her ass. She screamed into the tape and I think fainted.

I withdrew my cock and could see I had split her ass hole slightly and a little blood was running down her butt. I reinserted my cock into her ass and began to pump her shit hole. I was fucking hard when I felt her bunching her ass back at me and knew she was awake and liking it.

I was getting close to Cuming and I whispered, "I'm going to put my cock in your mouth. If you scream or bite me I will cut your throat." She nodded. I pulled out of her ass and was surprised there was no shit on it. I pulled her head to the edge of the bed and shoved my cock into her mouth. I whispered always in a gruff voice, breathe thrrough your nose, and Ishoved straight down hitting and entering her throat with my cock head.

I didn't have time to be gentle, and didn't want to anyway because as nice as she was being this was a revenge fuck. She started choking and thrashing her shoulders so I withdrew my cock and she gasped for air. "I told you to breathe through your nose, take a big breath and hold it when I hit the back of your throat. She nodded. I again shoved my cock into her mouth and down her throat until it was buried and my balls were against her chin.

I fucked that throat for about a minute, withdrew and let her catch her breath and then continued fucking. I came within another minute and a half. She choked a little as my sticky cum slid down her throat.

I'm going to leave now.

If I put the tape back on it may be awhile before someone comes. If you promise not to scream for ten minutes I'll leave it off. I'll put the tape on fake butt sex toy seducing my stepfather side of your mouth to make it look like you scraped it off yourself. She nodded yes, then whispered, "I haven't been fucked like that in a long time.

I know you won't but I would like it if you came back." That's a nice complement considering I raped you I growled and left. I got back to school on time and no one was the wiser. My next rape was not planned. It was just after dark about a month after my last one. I was riding my bike back from school.

We had had a meeting of the football team after practice. It was real dark and this lady was walking by herself, she had on a mini skirt and a loose blouse that showed a lot of tit when I road by. She had on open toed sandals.

There was this vacant lot about a half block up the street. When I road by I noticed there were big bushes in the front and high grass about a foot covering the lot. I hid my bike and squatted behind this big bush. As she walked by I reached out and grabbed her from behind. I put my hand over her mouth and told her if she screamed I would cut her throat. I took my comb and placed the edge on her neck. She nodded that she understood. I reached down with one hand and pulled her panties down below her knees.

Then I put my foot in the middle of the crotch and pushed them to the ground. I bent her over and made her spread her legs. I undid my fly and took out my cock and jammed it to the hilt into her cunt. She was a little dry and a little tight but as I fucked her it got wetter and wetter.

In no time her cunt opened up and she was humping back at me. I took hold of her arms just above the elbows and fucked her hard and fast. I felt my balls tighten so I let go of her elbows and grabbed her around the waste pulling her tight against me and shot a load of cum up into her pussy.

I held her like that for about two minutes as I drained my balls. My heart was pounding a mile a minute. I took her bra and tied her hands behind her back then I used her blouse to blind fold her and stuck her panties in her mouth.

I then laid her on her back and played a few minutes with her tits. She must have had a silicone job because they were to hard to be real. Just then I heard some one walking down the street. I took my comb out and place it at her throat and said, "If you make a sound I will cut your throat I whispered. She nodded. I waited about ten minutes to make sure whoever it was, was gone. I had put my finger into her cunt and was rubbing her clit while I waited. She moaned softly. I leaned over and whispered, "You would like me to fuck that nice cunt of yours again wouldn't you?" To my surprise she nodded in the affirmative which made my cock begin to rise again.

You have a very special vagina that likes my cock so I'm going to accommodate you I told her. I lifted her to her knees and inserted my half hard cock into her cunt. And fucked her again like a dog. It took me close to half and hour before I came. I was really slamming my meat to her when cut lose a stream of sticky cum deep into her pussy channel. I had to quiet her a couple of times because she was moaning too loudly.

Then I left. When I got back home it was almost nine o'clock and my mother asked me where I'd been. I told her about the meting and that it had lasted a best brunette ever kayla west was caught lusty patrool during border crossing longer than usual I lied. I had dinner, and we were watching TV when Sara reached over and began to unzip my fly.

She stopped and asked me what that white stuff was on the fold of my zipper. I don't know sis maybe paint from the fence at school. She slid the zipper down and pulled out my cock. She said lets put some life into your pole and plopped it into her mouth. She began to suck my cock but after a few seconds she took it out of her mouth and said, "Ray I taste pussy juice and it's not mine or Moms." Both of them looked at me and waited.

Shit I thought I better come up with something fast.

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I caught one of the girls in my class giving head to one of the guys in the bathroom. I couldn't resist so I snuck up behind her and pulled down her pants and fucked her I lied. Well I hope you didn't get her pregnant, that's all we'd need said Mom. Sara went back to sucking my cock; when it got nice and hard she straddled me and slipped it into her already wet pussy. She had stopped wearing any panties or bra's and always seemed ready to fuck. Mom said, "Hey Sara, night time is my time, you have mornings remember." Ah mother, can't I l have him just for tonight, tasting that other girls pussy juice made me horny.

"Well if Ray feels he's up to two pussy's tonight its ok.´ they both looked at me and I grin and said, why not. Sara resumed riding up and down my cock with her vulva lips tight around my cock (she had learned to tighten those lips by practicing on Moms dildo) she kept squeezing my cock with them.

God I love to fuck sis I thought. I hope I'll still be fucking her when I'm ninety. We fucked like that for over an hour and a half. She kept Cuming about every four minutes, not big ones but little releases.

Mom finally said, "Hey, that's enough, it's time for bed and my tern." Ok Sara said just pamela miti jessica rizzlick every drops me get this last one I'm almost there. She began rising up and down my cock faster and then she sat all the way down on my lap and sighed ummmmmmmmm.

She got up and every one laughed because the front of my pants was soaked with pussy Juice. I gave Mom a real good work out. I ate and fucked her for over two hours including a half hour in her ass without Cuming. I got up to go to my room when mother asked me to stay. I reinserted my half hard cock into her ass and we went to sleep. The next morning I picked up the local paper and read about the rape the night before. I enjoyed how my victims described their individual bbw turky fit boy semail. The amazing thing was that both had described me as being rather gentle, and how I made sure they had had an orgasm before I left.

Both of them said they hoped someday to find a man that knew how to make love as well. The first one went so far as to say I could come back anytime. The paper began described me as the gentleman rapist. The other thing that I was enjoying was the way Mom has changed. She is happy and bubbly and has come too really liked being fucked. The rape that gave me the most satisfaction was my eighth grade English teacher.

Just before summer vacation I had asked her if the way she dressed meant she was an old maid. I meant no harm but the whole class laughed when I said it. The reason I had asked was because she always wore dress's that covered her big nanny gets seduced by kinky teen a tight necked collar to her ankles, old fashion high top shoes and her hair in a bun, just like Mom used too.

Prior to that incident I was getting a C+. It really pissed me off. I read in the school paper that the following Monday there would be a final teachers meeting before summer vacation, and that all teachers were require to attend. They were told the meeting may be quite late so be sure to eat or bring a snack. I waited after school and when she came out of the administration building I followed her to her car. She was parking about a block from the school just a few houses from my first rape.

Instead of at the parking lot at school. Excellent I thought, no street lights. I hung around the area both Saturday and Sunday to see how much activity there was in the early evening. It scarlett johansson milf red black interracial cock bbc anal sex first nil. School was officially over on Friday but the teachers had to return on Monday.

After dinner I told Mom I was going to visit my friend Todd. I took my bicycle and rode back to the school, first looking to make sure her car was still in the same area and then I left the bike in the bicycle rack. I went to my locker and grabbed my mask, surgical gloves, masking tape and a piece of rope I had picked up.

I then walked by the meeting room to make sure Miss. Higgins (her name) was at the meeting. When it became very dark I walked to the car. I put two pieces of tape on the passenger side door and then I did the same on the driver's side. The house that was across the street from Miss, Higgins car was dark so I waited on the porch.

Around ten o'clock I saw her walking to her car with someone. Oh shit this isn't going to work. To my surprise and delight the person she was with turned away from where Miss. Higgins car was parked and walked up the street in the opposite direction. I saw the other person get into their car and by the time my teacher got to her car the other person had driven off.

I quickly came up be hind her and as she opened the car door I peeled one of the tape pieces and placed it over her mouth. At the same time I shoved her down on the front seat. And took the other piece of tape and placed it over her eyes. I then proceeded to tie her hands behind her back and in the low gruff whisper I had practice I said stop struggling or I will cut your throat, and she immediately stopped.

I lifted her up and she felt like a feather. She was about 5'6" tall and weighed maybe 105lbs. I pulled her out of the front seat and put her in the back seat. Looking around to make sure no one was around I closed the front door, picking up her purse and putting it on the front seat.

I unbuttoned and removed her dress and placed it on the floor.

I undid her bra and I was really surprised at the size, maybe a "C" cup, and firmness of them. They had been well hid by the way she dressed. I bent down and bit the nipple of one. She jumped a little but the nipple popped out so I kissed it and then began to suck her titties one at a time. She was mumbling threw the tape but I could not tell what she was trying say. She did start to squirm. I took my time sucking those fine breasts detecting a faint moan.

I removed her panties that were just a little moist and slid my hand between her legs, but she quickly crossed her ankles and squeezed her legs tight together.

I reached into my pocket and took out my comb and just touched her throat and said, "Open your legs or I will cut you. She hesitated and then parted her legs and I slipped a finger into her pussy. My god I thought, here is a woman who has to be in her forty's and her pussy is as tight as Sara's was when I first fucked her. My heart started to pound even more as I probed the inner parts of her vulva lips.

I took my thumb and carla cox thrills us once again with some hardcore sex it on her very tiny clit. I had a little trouble finding it under its hood. As I continued to probe into her inner passage she began to secrete her natural juices and her pussy loosened a bit. I shoved my finger as high up into her as I could and did not locate her hymen. She must have broken it herself, with a dildo maybe?

I thought. In probing for her hymen I found her "G" spot and began to rub it. As my thumb rubbed her clit and my middle finger rubbed that spot, I felt it begin to swell with her liquid. Faster and faster I rubbed, and her ass began to push her pussy against my finger.

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It took about twelve minutes and then she let out a groan through the tape ummmmmmmmm, and her cunt shot her liquid out of her pussy in a gushing fountain all over my hand and the seat; and her ass came about a foot off the seat.

Her pussy was quivering and she was grunting ummm, ummmm, ummmm. I was grinning from ear to ear. I got between her legs and placed the head of cock which was as hard as I think it had ever been.

She was shaking her head no but she spread her legs even further. I shoved down hard and entered that splendid virginal crevice. Down deep in the recesses of her love chamber the head of my cock sank until it could go no further.

I began to pump that tight hot hole. I took my time slow and easy until I felt her climax one, two, and then three times. I had been at it about ten minutes increasing my speed about every three. I felt my balls tighten and by that time I was really hammering that pussy. We both came together as I felt my cum drain from my shaft into her glory hole. She was shoving her pussy into paula shy and kari licking pussy by the pool cock as hard as she could.

We both laid there panting with her ass soaked from her own juices. We laid like that for about five minutes and then I began to move my half hard cock slowly in and out of her cunt.

It took another two minutes for her to start pushing her pussy up to meet my cock in perfect unison. I fucked her for a good thirty minutes before I came again. She had multiple orgasms and her pussy had become a sopping furnace. We were laying there quietly when I realized she had dozed off.

I laid my head between her tits and went to sleep. I woke with a start and looked at the dashboard clock, it was 1:45. I turned my head and started sucking her nipple. She woke up with a start also and as I kept sucking on her nipple and rubbing the other breast, kneading the firmness of it She laid her head back and her breathing became erratic. I shifter her around and positioned her head so that it hung over the edge of the seat.

I shoved my pants and shorts down to my ankles and removed my left leg from them. I straddled her chest and took my comb and gave it a little push against her throat and told her to open her mouth.

I said if you bite me I'll cut your throat. She opened it and I slid my soft cock into her mouth and began to fuck it telling her to suck. It didn't take very long for my dick to get hard and I filled her mouth. I whispered, breathe through your nose, and when you feel me against your throat take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can.

I pushed my cock in until it touched her throat, waiting a moment before shoving it straight down into her throat. She gagged and began to thrash her body around Just like the others had done, so I withdrew. "I told you to breathe through your nose and to take a deep breath and hold it. If you do you won't feel like your suffocating. You will learn to like it," I told her.

I again shoved down to her throat and I heard her take a deep breath and hold it. I penetrated her throat again and began to fuck it. In and out of that engorged throat as her saliva made it easier. I would stop and pull out of her about every minute or so to allow her to regain her breath. I fucked her like that for close to twenty minutes before I felt my balls load up and I shot a load of cum into her throat.

I was still hard so I inserted it into her pussy and slowly fucked her again. I lifted her legs up and pushed them back over her head. I inserted a finger into her wet pussy and began to massage her ass hole with pussy juice. I kept inserting my finger into her cunt then rub the juice on her ass hole until it was real wet and then I shoved my ginger in to the knuckle. The sphincter muscle tightened around my finger like a vise. I heard her grunt. Shortly I was fucking her pussy with my cock and her asshole with my finger.

Her ass hole began to loosen as she learned to relax. Then I shove two fingers in and had to wait again for her to relax before I got three fingers in, all the time fucking that still tight pussy. Finally I withdrew from her cunt and inserted the head of my cock into that sphincter muscled hole. As the head popped in I held it there when I heard her suck in her breathe and grunt. I then shoved it to the hilt and I heard a loud ohhhhummmmp. I waited about twenty seconds and then began to pump her shit hole.

She was so tight that it took awhile for her ass to lubricate and allow easy penetration. I fucked her ass for close to an hour. When I pulled out of her she shit all over my stomach her ass and the seat. "Oh Shit," I said. I picked up her dress from the floor and wiped the shit off me and her ass.

I laid her legs back down and put on my pants and left. As soon as I got home I went in and took a shower putting my clothes in the laundry, it was four thirty in the morning. There was nothing in the newspaper for two days, and then the head line said "Local School Teacher Raped." It went into great detail how a neighbor on his way to work found her and what her condition was.

Not to get too much ahead of my story, but two years later she was suspended from school for fucking the entire football team including me at our fraternity party. That nice tight pussy had become totally stretched. I was told that how she came to be at the party was that she had fucked our center Tiny and he brought her. He had a huge ten inch cock and as big arounf as a Pepsi bottle.

` Luckily for her there were none under seventeen. I guess for never charming guy picks up huge titted plumper fucked for over forty years when she finally let loose she went slightly nuts.

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