Celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games

Celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games
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Rachael was set to do her show dressed in a black skirt and a light blue sleeveless blouse. She stepped out into her studio and started talking to her audience about the show. Suddenly she staggered and started to fall and a group of women from the audience caught her and lowered her to the floor.

One of them told the others to loosen her clothes and they unbuttoned her blouse slipping it from her shoulders then unlocking her bra and removing it that left her torso bare. Her skin was a softcleardark coloring of someone of Italian descent.

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For a short somewhat plump woman she was very attractive and the woman continued to strip her on camera slipping off her skirt and panties. This left her completely nude laying on the floor no one in the studio moved to help her.

One of the wo en went to the counter and got a Turkey baster and a jar of marinadefilling the batter with the marinade she shoved it up Rachael's pussy as deep as it would go and sprayed it I to her womb. Then she started spreading it over her breasts and body. She refilled the baster and rolling Rachael over she shoved it up her anus emptying it deep in her bowels.

More and more viewers tuned in to watch Rachael Ray getting raped by a Turkey baster. The woman stood up and asked if there was anyone in the studio that wanted marinated Rachael Ray to eat.

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Three young men about sixteen stood up and walked to Rachael's supine body stripping as they walked. One lay down on Rachael's back pushing his twelve inch cock into her marinated anus and then they rolled over so the second man could ram his twelve inch penis deep into Rachael's womb.

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The third man straddled Rachael's face pushing his twelve inch cock in her mouth and down her throat. She started gagging and gasping as he fucked her face. The two men in her pussy and anus began pumping in and out of her orifices, pounding her holes with force and speed. All three came at the same time and they pulled out of her and as they returned to their seats one saidnot a bad fuck who is next.

Two men and a woman started towards her as she said please don't come in me I'm not on any birth control. The woman saidso you can have a bun in your oven and the men took their places at her cunt and anus and the woman forced Rachael to eat her to an orgasm.

She stood up and watched the men fuck Rachael and when the man in her vagina started to pull out as he came she dropped her weight on his butt driving his ejaculating penis deep I to her womb filling it with his spunk. Rachael sobbed no please we are trying to have another kid I'm fertile now this is the best time for it to happen. Well then you will probably have a kid you just won't know who the father will be.

I think we can help with that worry get Rachael onto her hands and kneeswhen they did that she led a large German shepard over to her body and encouraged the dog to mount Rachael. The dog mounted her and drove his prick into her cunt thrusting hard and fast with Rachael screaming that she would not climax with a dog fucking her but she shut up when she had the most pov clip of a hottie pleasing him orgasm of her life two minutes later she came for two minutes solid pumping out her cum puddling around her knees.

The audience heard her praising the prowess of the dog as the best lover she had ever had. The home audience watched over ninety men fuck her and the women would occasionally clean her out by shoving a hose up her pussy and anus filling her womb and bowels with water which she emptied out when she was forced to stand and move to a dry section on the studios floor.

When the last three men filled her body with their sperm a woman stepped up with a tube of super glue and glued her pussy lips together sealing the sperm into her womb then she forced Rachael to pinch her nipples and glued them onto her breasts. Finally she shoved a kitchen tool up her asshole and glued it in place. Then she pushed her legs together and glued her thighs together making it harder for anyone to work on removing the objects from her.

Everyone in the audience left so the stage crew called for the rescue squad that took Rachael's abused body to the hospital where the medical staff slowly undid what the woman had done.

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First they separated her legsthen unglued her hands from her nipplesthen they worked at getting the object out of her anus and everyone noticed that Rachael was extremely aroused and had many orgasms as they worked on her.

This caused her to scream in pain because the cum had no outlet so the pressure built up in her groin. They finally started working on her cunt and when the freed a small piece of her lips her cum sprayed out like it was a high pressure hose dousing everyone around Rachael's body with her juices so everybody got to taste Rachael's most intimate secretions.

Sobbing Rachael's watched the people around her enjoying her body as they started feeling her body her intimate parts. They began to force her body to have more orgasms so she would squirt out the small gap they had made in her cunt. After an hour of this game and Rachael was totally exhausted they unglued her nether lips and they fucked her. A few months later the news came out that Rachael was pregnant with twin girls and it was unknown who the father was and Rachael's husband was divorcing her.

After the babies were born Rachael lost weight becoming beautiful teen natalie monroe creampied after getting fucked and fit but also wearing more revealing clothes and rumored to be fucking very young men and women.