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Sexy teen lucy tyler will fuck for cash reality kings
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Thirty-Four Harry Gets Hermione Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mf, mf, exhib, grope, magic, mc, reluc, spank, unif Since acquiring the fabled Spellbook of Desires from the strange and frankly disturbing salesman at the Quidditch World Cup, Harry had not once used it to seduce Hermione Granger into having some hot teenage sex with him.

Ron and half the school had had the pleasure of fucking her sweet teenage peach on numerous occasions, either filling her twat with their hot cum or painting her pretty face a lovely shade of white. Harry had once received a wonderful blowjob before the First Task to relieve the pressure, but he never had the pleasure of defiling her sweet teenage snatch. The time however, had finally come for Harry to have his chance at Hermione. Of course, Hermione had no choice in the matter, but Harry was certain she'd have no problem with having the cock of The Boy Who Lived stuffed in her tight pussy.

All Harry had to do was squeeze a golden coin with her initials adorning it and she would do anything he wanted her to. There was only one problem with his plan to finally fuck the beautiful Hermione Granger; Harry had to find someway to make sure Ron wouldn't walk in on them going at it.

Ron nearly spent all his time with Harry and because they took all the same classes, there would be almost no opportunity to have his fun with Hermione.

Even if he got away from Ron and found some secret place to fuck her, there would always be that chance that he'd walk in on the two of them. Seeing Harry and the girl of his dreams in mid-stride japan romantis threesomeher in law no doubt send Ron into an angry frenzy, either hexing both Harry and Hermione or possibly never talking to Harry ever again.

Harry therefore had to find a way to keep his best mate busy while he defiled his girlfriend for his own pleasure. The only sure way to keep Ron away for the time he needed was to use the only other girl he had full control of to seduce Ron and make sure he had no opportunity to walk in on him.

Harry could probably find something that would do the trick in the Spellbook of Desires and not involve Ginny fucking her brother, but Harry knew that the only spell that he had full control over was the one imbued on both the golden coins and the on the girls they were connected with. Harry's plan was to wait until the evening meal and instead of going down to the Great Hall with the rest of the students; he would wait up in the common room.

He would squeeze Hermione's coin and make her join him before doing the same with Ginny's and forcing her seduce her brother and fuck him in front of everyone in the Great Hall. Of course his plan was quite cruel once you got down to it, but he knew that Ron would enjoy himself in spite of the ridicule which was sure to follow.

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Plus, their little amateur milf solo webcam prostitution sting takes weirdo off the streets of incest would keep everyone glued to their seats to enjoy the show.

When Harry finished with Hermione, he'd simply tell Ginny to let Ron cum and know one would ever know that he had fucked Hermione, including Ron. 'Hurry up Harry, I'm starving!' groaned Ron, waiting in the common room for Harry to come down so they could go down to the Great Hall together.

Before Harry could respond and tell him he'd meet him down there, Hermione came traipsing down the girls' dormitory. 'Jeesh Hermione, dressing down are we?' Ron asked the dreadful looking Hermione, who rather than dressing in her usual slutty garb, had dressed herself in a fake agent bangs pierced pussy asian babe woolen sweater and a long ugly skirt.

Since her little trip to the Library weeks earlier, Hermione had done her best to fight the sexual urges which had nearly taken her over. One of the ways to combat her own horniness and that of other students, who lusted after her, was to dress like an ugly librarian.

She had even adopted a pair of glasses to complete her look and turn away any possibility of standing out and being targeted for any further sexual deviancy. 'At least you're not dressing like Ginny. Did you see what she was wearing…? I thought I was going to have to blind myself!' Ron complained, even though his cock had stiffened at the sight of her.

'Go ahead you two… I need to change… I'll meet you down there in a few minutes' Harry lied to his two friends from the stairs above them. 'Alright… But I'm not saving you any!' Ron replied snidely, as he and Hermione made there way through the portrait hole. Harry ran back into his room and before Ron and Hermione had reached the Great Hall, he had found the coin with the initials 'HG' on it and just as they walked through the doors, Harry squeezed the coin and enacted his plan.

'Turn around and tell Ron that you need to use the washroom before eating… Then run back up to the Gryffindor common room and up into my room where you'll suck, fuck and make me cum until I tell you to stop' Harry said calmly into an empty room, hoping that there was no limitation on distance for the coin to work properly.

Whether it worked or not, Harry had to enact the second part of his plan before he was hopefully too overwhelmed to think about anything else. He found the golden coin with the initials 'GW' on it, squeezed it, and commanded Ginny to partake in a most perverted act. 'Walk over to Ron and seduce him into having sex with you in front of everyone until I tell you to stop' As Hermione ran up to the Gryffindor common room to suck and fuck Harry's brains out like a good little slut, Ginny had received her orders while she was just tucking in for her evening meal.

Her eyes glazed over at Harry's commandments and before she even took a bite, she was standing up and walking over to her brother, who had just come into the Great Hall. Ron looked a little pissed off because his friends had all but abandoned him and was shocked to see his slutty sister walking towards him.

'Ginny… What the fuck are you doing… Stop acting like such a slut!' Ron shouted at her as she walked towards him, swaying her hips and letting everyone see her soft and curvaceous ass as her short skirt moved up and down with each step.

Before Ron could say another word however, Ginny, had reached him and had lowered her hand to the small bulge in his pants. Ron had again felt a small twinge in his cock at the sight of his sister walking towards him in her slutty little school uniform and although he knew it was wrong, he also couldn't help but fantasize about what he'd do to her gorgeous little body.

He quickly snapped out of his reverie however, after Ginny stopped in front of him, reached out with her hand and took firm hold of the small two girls like to please each other growing in his pants. 'Gin… Let go… Everyone is watching!' Ron whispered to his sister, as her hands slowly massaged his growing cock.

'GOOD! I want them to watch!' moaned Ginny, as she slowly got onto her knees while she continued to rub the bulge in his pants. She could tell Ron was already semi-hard, even before she had reached up to the waist of his pants and tugged them downwards to release his growing shaft. 'Mmmmmm!

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Looks tasty!' Ginny moaned as everyone in the Great Hall got a look at Ron's now completely hard six inch cock with his sister moving her mouth ever-closer to it, in order to fulfill Harry's orders.

While the entire Hogwarts student body watched in awe as Ginny Weasley began to suck on her older brother's six inches, Hermione Granger had made it up to the common room and into Harry's bedroom, where he was already ready for her. Harry was lying completely naked, spread out on his soft and plush bed.

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Harry didn't even have to say a word to the young horny witch. Hermione disrobed herself of her heavy sweater and ugly skirt in short order, before peeling off her bra and panties seconds later.

'God Dammit Hermione… Why the hell have I waited this long? Oh… Leave those sexy glasses on!' Harry moaned as his semi-hard cock stood straight up in attention. As if in response to Harry's arousal, Hermione walked over to the end of his bed, crawled onto the covers and made her way slowly and sexily towards his five inch hard shaft. Seconds later, Hermione's bushy head of hair was over top Harry's cock and balls as she got ready to engulf the pulsing hard prick.

'FUCK GINNY! STOP!' she is gorgeous and she likes bukkake Ron, back down in the Great Hall as Ginny's mouth moved quickly back and forth over his six inches. He knew it was wrong, but he also knew it felt too good to stop his horny little sister from fondling his balls and sucking on his cock in front of the entire school. Ginny was like a women possessed as her dainty fingers caressed his ever-tightening sack.

Nothing seemed to register for her; not the growing crowd beginning to surround her to watch and especially not the fact that she was sucking on her brother's now fully hard six inch dick.

'I always knew there was something wrong with that family!' Malfoy shouted from the back of the crowd as he watched the petit redhead deep throat her brother with passion. 'Jealous much… LIMP DICK!' shouted someone from the crowd, making everybody laugh and point at Malfoy, who still hadn't quite recovered from Ginny and Hermione's powerful spells.

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Malfoy still had revenge on his thoughts, but until his cock recovered both its size and vitality, there was little point in enacting any kind of revenge for personal pleasure. As Ginny continued to suck on Ron's stiff shaft, Sex xxx story 2019 america had just begun her assault on Harry's even stiffer cock.

Her bushy head of hair enveloped his lower waist as her mouth moved up and down on Harry's cock coating it with her warm saliva and eliciting moans of pleasure from the recipient of her loving blowjob. Hermione had only one thought on her mind; to pleasure Harry using all of sexual talents and resources at her disposal.

The first step was to give him one of her world famous blowjobs before giving him the real treat. Harry had his hands behind his head with his eyes closed and a smug look of pure satisfaction written across his face as he enjoyed the talented tongue of Miss Hermione Granger.

'I'm sure glad you're such a whore, Hermione… I can tell you've given your fair share of blowjobs!' Harry muttered as Hermione continued to work away on his throbbing hard pole. 'Mmmmhmmmm' Hermione moaned in agreement onto Harry's dick, nearly making him cum right then and there. If Harry could have his way, he'd have Hermione sucking on his knob every night.

Unfortunately, Ron was his best friend, and he had an unhealthy obsession with Hermione and Harry knew Ron didn't want to share his prized possession. 'Okay Hermione… Slow down! I want a piece of that sweet pussy before I blow my load!' Harry groaned as he felt his cock hit the back of her throat. 'FUCK ME RON! FUCK ME!!!' Ginny screamed like a whore after finally pulling her mouth off of Ron's saliva covered cock.

It didn't take long for Ginny to get back up on to her feet and begin to strip off her clothes seductively for both Ron and the rest of the Hogwarts students now staring transfixed at the young red-headed slut in front of them. Ginny slowly revealed more and more of her soft and supple teenage body as she pulled off her dress shirt, skirt and eventually her itty bitty underwear. As a tribute to her adoring admirers, Ginny flung her tiny thong into the crowd of spectators, where three or four boys fought over them.

'Maybe we shouldn't Ginny!' Ron pleaded somewhat unconvincingly. 'You're kidding right? Who wouldn't want to tap this!' Ginny replied with a smirk before she turned around to look at the rest of the crowd surrounding them and then back, to give them a good look at her sweet teenage ass. Neville nearly fainted and most of the other boys in the crowd nodded their heads in clear agreement. In fact, a few of the sixth and seventh year boys in the back rows of the crowd started to try and climb over those in front of them in order to make it to the horny slut and fulfill her every fantasy.

As if in response to the sudden movement in the watching crowd to get to Ginny and fuck her silly, Ron wasted no time in slamming his full six inches right into Ginny's unsuspecting pussy from behind. 'Ooooooh! RON!' she screamed as her pussy was stretched to accommodate Ron's wide shaft. Half the crowd cheered as Ron let go of any sense of right or wrong and began slamming it into his sister from behind. Her luscious teenage ass cheeks jiggled back and forth as Ron stood behind her and pounded his hips into her ass.

'OH MY GOD! You feel so good inside me Harry!' R old cock big load moaned after having climbed on top of Harry. With just the tip of Harry's five inches now being engulfed by Hermione's horny pussy, she was already moaning like a dirty whore.

Despite the amount of boys, men and other objects having found their way into Hermione's delicate teen pussy, she was still as tight as ever. Harry had to work hard for over five minutes before her tiny pussy began to loosen enough for him to drive his cock into her a little harder and a little faster.

'Spank my ass Harry… Spank me hard!' Hermione moaned as their tempo started to increase. 'SMACK… SMACK… SMACK!!!' Harry's hand left several large hand shaped red marks on Hermione's ass as she continued to ride him even faster. Harry didn't even have to force Hermione to be such a horny little slut and ask for a hard spanking; she was coming up with it all by herself. As Hermione continued to let out her inner-whore, Harry flipped her over onto her back with his cock still slamming in and out of her.

Hermione let out a gasp of shock as Harry began to pummel his cock deeper into her now quivering pussy. The change of position and Harry's deep penetration was all Hermione needed to hit her first powerful orgasm. 'OH MY GODDDDD!' screamed Hermione, as her body shook and the powerful sensation of an orgasm trickled through her body. Harry could feel Hermione's pussy clench his cock and coat it with her warm sticky fluids.

'Yes Ron… You're such a stallion… You're cock's even bigger than Harry's' Ginny moaned as Ron stood behind his sister and ploughed his cock into her from behind. Everybody in the Great Hall were either slack jawed and stunned at how the scene in front of them, or cheering Ron on to fuck his sister even harder. Ron slid one of his hands from Ginny's fine ass, down towards her moist pussy.

As he continued to rut his cock into her, Ron's fingers went to work on her small patch of orange pubic hair and moist slit. 'Mmmmm… Keep going Ron… I'm about to cum!' 'Me too Gin!' Ron moaned; ready to burst at a moments notice, largely due to both the faux pas of fucking his sister and the fact that he was doing it in front of half the school. 'No wait Ron! Hold on just a little longer… I still want you to fuck my ass!' Ginny shuddered as milf sarah vandella blowjob her stepsons large rod couldn't help but go through her own orgasm.

Her pussy clamped down tightly on Ron's pounding cock as her juices ran through pussy, lubricating his shaft in the process. 'You're too tight Hermione' Harry groaned back up in Gryffindor Tower, as his endurance quickly ebbed away and his savage thrusts became far more urgent and aggressive.

'CUM ALL OVER ME HARRY!' Hermione moaned as Harry slammed his cock into her one last time and pulled out in the nick of time. Standing up on his soft bed over Hermione, Harry began to rub his shaft as quickly as possible to reach his sticky end.

'UNGHHHHH… UNGHHHH!' he grunted, firing several thick loads of hot cum all over Hermione's stomach, breasts, face and her sexy pair of librarian glasses. 'Mmmmmm… Tasty!' Hermione moaned, as she licked the cum left on her lips.

Feeling as though his mission to thoroughly fuck the gorgeous Hermione Granger was now complete, Harry got off his bed, squeezed Hermione's enchanted Galleon and ordered her to clean herself up and go to bed earlier. 'I can't last any longer, Gin!' Ron groaned, pulling his cock out of his sister just in time to spray his hot sticky load all over her glistening back. Everyone roared in approval as Ron continued to stroke his shaft and spew massive amounts of his potent seed onto his sister's back, splashing up onto her hair in the process.

Ginny had wanted to prolong their little sexual foray and possibly get a good ass fucking in before Ron came, but she underestimated how tight and how hot she was.

Just as Ginny was ready to turn around and suck the last of Ron's cum from his now softening cock, a commanding voice sounded in her mind, telling her to stop fucking her brother.

'What the fuck did we do?' Ginny said in surprise as she turned around to see and exhausted looking and very naked Ron behind her. She could also feel the slightly warm trickle of cum dripping down her back and ass. 'What do you amateur teen plowed with panties pulled aside cocksucking and petite, what did we do?

I fucked you like the whore you are!' Ron replied as he picked up his clothes, got dressed and walked out of the Great Hall, high-fiving a few admirers on the way out.

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'Whatever… Who's next?' Ginny replied, looking at the crowd of eager boys and girls ready to fulfill her every desire.