Admirable blow from non professional girlfriend and homemade

Admirable blow from non professional girlfriend and homemade
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What the fuck happened to-me Last Night?

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Oh wow! I was wet and loose and stank of hashish-cannabis. I reeked of ganja-black drugs that had knocked me out the evening-party before, well almost so. And I was in some bedroom, somewhere in the city, but where I did not know. my body felt relaxed and I felt high off sex; It was a really good feeling that masked the ache from my cunt and my ass too! They had both been used repeatedly. oh my! oh no! so what had happened to this white slut last night, I groggily thought to myself on the wet bed, moaning and groaning to myself and the two negro chicks standing there stoned.

"you was gang-banged you white trash, stoned on hash" some stoned mini-skirted negro chick tells me. She began laughing at the words. "you enjoyed it, you had orgasms" another accused me. "you don't no speak to da feds or you is dead, shot in the head, is found in a shed, knickers down from fucked on a bed" the other tells mom and dad sex watching dugtar. "bang bang, gang gang, they runs da hood.

thats bad mother-fuckers da brothers is blood" "and you da muther, or pill make other, like no otherz, they suck yo white-uddaz" ".datz sheet?" "I'm ok, I enjoyed it" I assured them. "yeh you is ok" came back the hood speak. ".from roll in the hey" "want to speak to yah black guy?" she solicited. "Innt want to speak to him girl, they locked him in da bathroom, innt coming out soon." . "oh my!. Sounds a great night, tell me about it?" "will that!" came the response as they helped my wobbly legs make it into the living room of the flat.

and so the sordid story unfolded as we sat on the couch, two fantastic looking babes in a threesome how I had fantastic sex that night like a cheap white slut in the wrong neighborhood. oh yes! The Night Before, sings the whore. ------------------------------ Making out with my new fucking-guy So I met this guy in a bar, and he was a negro guy who wanted me.

He liked my white dress and thought it made me look innocent and virginal.and he wanted to know if my cunt and nipples were pink? Only one way to find out Mr!

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- I told him with a big smile. I liked this clean guy. Soo why not? "will you do it for me" he asked me outside the club. "I will do it for here?" He nodded.

So I get against the wall and we do it. His skin was rough and course, his voice deep and resonant and I could smell is maleness in my nose. He slipped his long dick up between my pembantu cantik sex dengan majikan legs, and into my wet cunt.

I moaned, holding up my dress for him as he entered my depths like many guys had before, and he began to fuck me like all the guys who had wanted me had.(I hoped so).except the few I missed to my shame. "yeh fuck my cunt" I begged him as he pounded away at my wet cunt with his big black dick ! It was ok round here, I could be a white slut and no-one abused us for it. He was not my first non-white guy, but he was my first black, so it was special as he fucked me against the wall in the door way.

I cum as his big dick fucked inside my hot pussy and then he cum and cum up inside my cunt. He was happy with the fuck! Just great! So that was me whetted by a black. neat. He Takes me to a Party in da hood He wanted to take me to a party sometime and we could make-out there? "Like when?" I asked. "now if you want." he said. It was a Saturday night after all. "Sure, Take me away with you!" I told him. simple as that.

And he did! We got a taxi .and off thought the dark mean city streets, and soo into the very wrong neighbor-hood! oh my! "You sure this is the right place?" I gasped. He assured me that it was and that I would be safe with him.

I am drugged for sex So we went into this block of flats and up the elevator to the right floor.'ping'.went the doors. "innt soo bad" I said, thinking out loud looking at the place. what had I expected? gang-graffiti everywhere? Hoodies lurking in the tenement? He looked back at me darkly. "Is bad" he assured me. And he talks me to this flat where music was coming from. They let us in. Reggie music sounded along with the thick smell of ganja-cannabis strong in the air.

Like wow, they said looking at me. "yo the pussy meat has arrived!" I shivered and my cunt got wet with anticipation and excitement! Then I saw the two negro chicks in mini-skirts smoking ganja and smiling at me.

"Innt pussy meat girl, you is safe here" one told me. "Is safe, is pussy meat tho" the other one said. They passed me a joint of cannabis and I took a blast. Wow that was strong stuff and it tasted gorgeous!

So my black introduces me to the others and sits me on the couch and this rasta passes me more hash. Next thing I knew I was seriously stoned!

And I told my guy that I wanted to go to sleep in the bed.

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So he helps me stagger into the bedroom and we sit on the bed kissing. He gets my tits out and plays with them, looking at my nipples. Then Suck suck. I spread my legs for him so he can look at my cunt that was wet and dripping with his cum, that he had put inside me earlier outside the club. oh my! he goes down on me and licks my wet cunnie with his mouth and tongue making me gasp and moan for him.

After he had tasted my juice he presented his long wet black dick to my mouth and I took him inside my delirious mouth and sucked upon the big cock. It filled my mouth!

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But I felt blazers xxx squirt he story stoned that I thought I would pass out and maybe I did. I fell back onto the bed and my head swam, the lights whirled in my dizzy head and I begged him to fuck me. So we had sex again. He pushed his dick up my wet pussy and began to fuck me on the bed as I smiled happily up at him. Another happy memory. He opens my eye lids and I wake up.

huh? "they had drugged had best leave" his distant voice tells me. "But baby I want to go asleep" I wine to him. And I was beyond caring what happened to me. And so with his new load of cum pumped up my happy pussy, I drifted off to a drug induced sleep, in my contentment, in my lovers arms. They gang-bang me I had gone to sleep. I awoke again, not opening my eyes.

There was noise and I was turned onto my back. My legs were pulled open and bare. Cock was pushed up my wet cunt. and I was being fucked on the bed. oh yes My lover needed me again? good for him Breath on my face and the smell was wrong. It was not my lover who was in my cunt fucking me. I realized it was some one else. A hand went over my eyes before I could open them to stop me seeing! And my head swam as I began to orgasm again from the fucking. fucking and more fucking. OMG I was stoned and cumming and felt that somehow I was my cunt, which had grown to a huge size and was pulsating with wet orgasm.

I was a cunt, and nothing else! My whole body orgasm-ed with my cunt as they cum and new dick was pushed up my wet fuck-hole using me lie the pussy-meat I was. More cock for the slut! "Is wrong!" "Innt wrong!" "fuck the white slag" "she is enjoying it bro!" "she's just pissed allover me!" "she has!" Someone phoned for the.Posse!?

WTF! "I is phoning!" "don't call the feds" "she had passed out" "she has birth control or she has black baby!" "who you call?" "the i blackmailed my hot mom you crazy!" "you wanted us to call!" "call them? no way you beetch" "Innt calling no feds" I was contented and my eyes were closed, feeling dreamy and well fucked.

I had cum and cum and felt like the fucking pleasure was now over and I could go to sleep. hmm yess. but I was wrong! White-Bitch, Black-Turf = hot orgasms! Toll paid The door crashed open and noises sounded. The atmosphere changed to one of menace! oh noo; more crazy guys! czech redhead shared in swingers club tube porn that yardie sheet on man? you is yardie?" "we innt yardies!" "the sheet!" "bust a cap yo ass if ah find yardie uzi this far north you dig rasta-man" "dig" "dig dig" "also dig man, chill" "stay cool bro" The music changed to gangsta rap.

And it go turned up louder. "Niggaz in town, where dat white chick you banging?" My legs were open and wet, drooling the cum of six or eight guys, my tits cool with saliva, as they came into the bed-room.

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I slightly opened one eye as the room swirled before me, my legs and arms weak and helpless. I saw some dark guys in dark hoods filling the room. Mean guys, killers. oh no I groaned as they swarmed in.

"White-beetch on Black-Turf ! Must pay the toll !" "oh yeah!" "we is banging the beetch brothers" "Is toll road" "pretty cunt. too bad it get damaged now!" someone laughed. A hoodie opened up my legs wide and slipped his cock up my wet used cunt to begin the next round of fucking.

I parted my lips and panted as he drove his dick into me fucking me like a fuck-toy. which I was for them. more sperm secreted into my cunt. And another dick, pushed in to take its turn fucking me.

This one smelt like a horse! His dick made my cunt go wild. Another of them was on the bed and turned my head and pushed his dick to my lips, but I was too far gone now. He opened my eyes. "wow man. She is out!" "good" "drugged her real good rasta-man" "oh yeh.

practice man," they laughed. "fuck her real good!" some one sang. "I iz fuckin her ass" I felt the next gang-fucker take his turn now, as dip his dick into my hot cunt at my wet end. This was hot. Then he takes his dick out of my cunt and pushes it to my ass which opened up easy for him as I was so relaxed. He slid his dick up into my white ass and began to sodomize me.

"Now I iz fuckin her ass!" "fuck her real good!" "darng they is fucking her in her ass. she will notice that!" someone complained. "yeh she notice she is fucked ha ha!" Well he pulled out of my ass to shoot his load to my relief and ejaculated his load over my tits and belly. loads of thick cum. Another one had a go in me, and then another, fucking away at my cunt, using me for their natural needs to cum in.

Forcing me to orgasm yet again for them, at the mercy of their black dicks. "I is putting the shooter up her snatch!" "for?" "safety catch bro" "hell fuck yeh then, is safety bro like said" "k" Then I felt cold cold metal horny feel horny masturbate with big toys up inside my cunt.

It took a few moment to realize what they were doing though the drug haze. He began to fuck me with the cold blunt metal. "she likes it!" It dawned on me. I felt myself go cold and then felt my bowl movement in fear. I couldn't stop myself. "she is shitting herself!" "stinks. lets go!" "ha ha, that was funny!" "you tell feds who and next time no safety, pull trigger, bleed from hole, ho" "guess so" "Come out your head, you'd be dead" It went dark, the light off. And it went quiet.

And I passed out, falling into a deep sleep. They had gone, and the party was now over. Back to life, back to reality. new guy finds out that I am a fucking slut - its soo over ! Oh wow! I was wet and loose and stank of hashish-cannabis. I reeked of ganja-black drugs that had knocked me out the evening-party before, well almost so. And I was in some bedroom, somewhere in the city, but where I did not know.

.now I was seated on the couch with the sordid details told to me. And so my black guy collects me and takes me to his car.

But he was not speaking to me. "I drive you home" dude offered money to brunette eurobabe for some pussy sex pornstars and hardcore said in a dulled way.

He drove me to a block near my home and he told me that I was a slaag and that I had enjoyed it. "I did" I told him. And that I was not the type of white woman he was looking for. "huh?" And my cunt looked like a Kabaab. he smiled. "Well thanks for showing a girl a good time, anyway!"