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Hot fitness massage brooklyn chase
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Introduction: ____________________ ____________________ This story was written for the CALLING ALL WRITERS Pt 5 story contest. The contest required that it refer to a photograph of a sexy mother and sister love2 lick com wearing a little black fuck-me dress and sitting alone on a bench in a public place.

She's watching an older couple walk away. My story deals with incest and it'll offend some. I certainly hope so. We shouldn't all be perverts. This isn't a stroke story. The actual sex is only refered to, and not even graphically.

I'm calling it an erotic and romantic comedy. You might call it shit. Let me know. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1 Anticipation: _____________________ _____________________ I won't be surprised if this telephoto lens lands me in jail for being the pervert I am. She'd better at least be entertaining.

If I wasn't getting so lonely deep down inside, I'd never have agreed to this foolishness. I should have just hired a call girl. At least we'd both know where we stood right from the start. I'm going to do this like I do everything, my way and let the chips fall where they may. She can either take what I give or tell me to screw myself. _____ That was awkward. Mom and Daddy were as sunny leone x 2019 janwar ke to see me as I was to see them.

Thank God they're finally leaving. If my newest best hope wasn't so late they would've ruined everything. Mom about crapped when she realized it was me sitting here dressed like this. I can't believe she still thinks I'm her innocent little angel.

Just because I didn't sleep with half the boys in high school doesn't make me an angel. If she ever finds out about Daddy and I, she'll probably strangle both of us. Daddy's way more worried but at least he's got a clue. Seeing him hurting like this just kills me. He's always been so gentle. All he's ever wanted to do was keep me safe and happy. This little girl couldn't possibly have asked for more. His spankings were always just enough. As soon as he was sure I was starting to get excited, it became all about comforting and cuddling.

And big rough fingers. And little smooth fingers. At least in the beginning, before he slowly started giving me more and more of what I wanted. He looks so sad and ordinary walking away but he's still the most amazing lover I've ever had. He just won't stop worrying that he's going to lose me forever. I wish I could make him believe me.

I don't know how many times I've told him I'll always be his little bad girl. Even if I'm someone else's bad girl too. I may be twenty-eight years old but I haven't given up on finding that someone yet.

I wouldn't be here dressed like this if I'd given up. _____ There she is.

Damn, she's a fox. This little adventure's starting to get interesting. I'm late and it looks like she's pissed already. Good. She needs to know who waits on who and the sooner the better.

If she's the woman I think she is, she'd be disappointed if I was on time. She'll soon find out who's the boss and I'm going to make her love it. Her boss has always said he'd never have made it so far without her. He claims she's the real deal, a honest to god genius. I had to give rough fuck makes ebon cum hardcore blowjob my word that I'd never try to hire her away from him.

He said he'd never introduced us because she's the biggest reason he's done so well. And he thought she might destroy my marriage. Looking at her now makes me think she might have. Well my marriage is history now but it sure took me a long time to realize the ex was right. I always tried not to be demanding but being demanding's just my nature.

She always thought she'd be the one to tame me. She did the right thing for both of us when she finally gave up and left. I don't begrudge her one cent. She earned it putting up with attractive cutie and her vaginal balls softcore amateur for so long. _____ So now I sit here and wait. I know he's late on purpose and I'd be disappointed if he wasn't.

I'd also be worried by now if I didn't know what kind of man he is. I'd have given up and left half an hour ago. He's an inconsiderate SOB, making me wait so damned long freezing my pussy lips off.

At least thinking about him is keeping me from freezing on the inside. His company has dealings with my boss. He doesn't know it but I went to school with his secretary and she's told me about him for ages.

When my boss got curious about my personal life, it didn't take me long to find out who was interested. My girlfriend's always said he's a real hunk and doesn't take any crap off of anybody. If she's right about him, I'll be able to get him to spank my ass until I bawl like a baby. I can still barely believe it. I'm a total idiot to get my hopes up again. This god damned world is overflowing with boys.

I need a man. _____ I hope she likes that little black dress, I know I do. She's got legs to die for. I think that poor bastard walking away with his wife is still drooling as he looks back at her. His wife's going to kill him just for looking.

He'll likely think it was worth it. He'd probably have a coronary if he knew she's bare and bald under that little black dress. _____ I know I shouldn't but I just love this little black fuck-me dress he told me to wear. It took me forever to find but it's been worth it already. I get a thrill when men stare at me in it. Especially the married ones. It makes me the woman of their fantasies.

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Especially if I bend over. Their wives hate me on teen whore gracie glam gets serviced by mailman smalltits pornstars in my little black dress. I'm the woman of their nightmares. I'm excited already and we haven't even met. _____ I'm going to love taking her out and spoiling her.

If she works out as well as I'm starting to hope, all those late nights and weekends at the office will have been worth it.

She'll sure look good getting out of the Ferrari at Antonio's. She's even sexier than in her pictures. I can see how perfect her little tits are from here. I can't wait to watch her take off that little black dress. I hope she gets naughty so I can spank her but good. I'll give her an excuse if I get the chance.

God I hope she's not a slut. _____ I've never ridden in a Ferrari or eaten at Antonio's. These last minutes are almost too much.

I can't wait to see him. My hopes are too high but I just can't help it. I just know he's going to make me feel as safe as Daddy always has.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's just as tough as Daddy too. He said I look sexy but he hasn't even seen me in person. I hope he's not disappointed when he sees my little titties. After I take off this little black dress that I love. I'll have to be good until we get to Antonio's. Any time after we're seated, I'll have to be ready. I might only get one chance. He might not even give me an excuse.

If he doesn't, I'll have to be careful. Bad girls need spankings. Sluts need to be gotten rid of. That's how he thinks if he's the man I'm looking for. _____________________ _____________________ Sometimes that girl puts her daddy through hell. I can't believe she's out in public dressed like that.

She may be twenty-eight but she's still my little girl to me. She needs a good spanking. From someone that can make her cum just as hard and as many times as I can. When she finds him it's going to kill me. God, just the thought of her bright red little butt's getting me going right now. _____________________ _____________________ Now that was funny. Being a mom can be pretty entertaining every once in a while. She was as surprised as we were.

Sitting on that bench in that little black fuck-me dress. I hope worrying about her daddy's feelings doesn't ruin what looks like an exciting night for her. I'm still amazed that neither of them ever realized that I've known from the start. It didn't surprise me one bit when they started fucking like rabbits all those years ago. And haven't stopped to this day. Not that I've ever cared, they've obviously been shani reid double pentrated by throbbing black cocks for each other.

Besides, I've never doubted that his fun with her has been good for me. Having his mind on her and his dick in me has kept me a satisfied woman for a lot of years.

That's a hell of a lot more than any of the girls I play Bridge with can say. I suppose most of their fun is probably in the past now. At least if her mysterious new someone special works out. I sure hope he does, I was beginning to think her daddy was the only man she'd ever keep around.

I'm sure she'll always find plenty of reasons to come by for private visits with the old goat from time to time. If she doesn't on her own, I'll have to make sure she comes by every once in a while to recharge her daddy's flashlight. I don't want to start complaining about not getting my little cave lit up often enough just yet.

If her new guy works out maybe I can finally stop having that horrible nightmare where her daddy half kills her boyfriend.

If that old nightmare ever does stop, I've got to admit I'll miss the waking up wet afterwards part. Just thinking about it's getting me started right now.

Amateur latina sells watch and pounded at the pawnshop brunette and blowjob well, I just hope the old Ford doesn't lose a framus rod or muffler bearing on the way downtown.

I've always wanted to have dinner at Antonio's. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2 At Antonio's: ______________________ ______________________ Oh my god. I can't believe Daddy finally brought Mom to this place. On the worst possible night. What a disaster. Oh crap, here it is, my excuse.

My test. He threw his fork on the floor. And I've got to stand up and bend over and pick it up. With my bare pus in my daddy's face. For this whole place to see. Daddy's going to explode. They're both big bastard's and this fancy schmancy place is going to get trashed but good. This guy's the closest thing to a real man I've ever had a chance with. Not counting Daddy. I'm not eighteen, I don't have forever.

I've got to do it. Okay. Here I go. I'm so god damned scared I'm about to cum right here and now. Jesus, I'm really close. Oh my FUCKING GOD. _______________________ _______________________ I'm falling for this little doll already. She's exactly what I always wished the ex was all those wasted years. I couldn't believe any woman's ass could look so good. Watching her walk in those heels damned near made me lose it before I even got her to my little red pussy magnet. And she was one sexy looking little sweetheart when I helped her out of it after we got here.

Here's my chance to give her the excuse alysha loves to be ass fucked un plugged needs. If she's the woman I hope she is. Well, here goes nothing. Our defining moment. Jesus what a woman, I can't believe she can make such huge scared little girl eyes. She knows she's got to stand up and bend over to pick up my fork. Right in front of that big blue collar bozo. He looks a lot like that poor guy that was staring at her where we met this afternoon.

Maybe a little better dressed but he could be the same guy. Damn! His wife almost blew a mouthful of lobster all over their table. She couldn't miss seeing that fine ass and bald pussy either.

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This is so perfect. That big guy's eyes are about to pop right out of his head. I'll bet he's never seen a crotch shot like that before. I've never had so much fun in my whole life. God, I'm so hard it's killing me. I could cum right now in three strokes. She's a fucking squirter! Right in that bozo's face! Oh christ I'm LOSIN' IT. Sigh. Jesus, I hope the dry cleaners can get this out. This is my favorite Armani.

_______________________ _______________________ Oh crap. This might as well be a double date. She's seen us too. She's got to be shitting a brick right now.

I don't believe it. He just pushed his fork off the end of their table and now he's giving her a GO GET IT look. She's so screwed. She likes him or she wouldn't have dressed like that for him. Damn it's making me hot. My god, she's going to do it. She's so scared she could die right there. Her daddy saw him do it. Here comes a fight for sure. I can't believe how wet I'm getting. *Choke* Oh my fucking god. She's not wearing any.this is going be one hell of a fight.

Holy fuck, she's having an ooOOOHHH SHIIIIT. Sigh. I haven't the final fuck denise sky vs skinny untouched since we had to sell the Harley. I sure miss that old vibrating two wheeled oil leak. _______________________ _______________________ That's my baby girl right here in that god damn fuck-me dress!

Jesus, she's giving me an instant hard on. What the fuck? That big rich looking son of a bitch she's with just threw his fork on the floor on purpose. That cock sucker did it just to make my little girl stand up and bend over. And show this whole snob filled overpriced fucking dump her.oh my fucking god. Her puss is stark naked. Holy shit! She's having a fucking orgasm!

Jesus christ, she squirted right on my fucking slacks. She damn near never squirts. I can't believe that big bastard made her squirt without even touching her! Oh fuck. Oh SHIT. Sigh. I haven't creamed my jeans since her mom showed me her bare pus in Mr. Jordan's math class. _______________________ _______________________ Jesus. Right in Daddy's face. This is the worst night of my life. I hope they both don't go to jail. Daddy's just sitting there.

Oh shit. This is going to be even worse than I thought. I know my daddy. When he stops panting, he'll take a deep breath. And explode. Oh no. Mom knows better than to mess with Daddy at a time like this.

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I can't believe this. They're whispering and she's giggling. Daddy's grinning like a tenth grader. Mom's pointing at.

Christ, my god damned tough guy's grinning like a stupid sixteen year old too. What a fucking schmuck. Now he's scooting over and whispering with both of them. I'm on drugs. It must be this damned two hundred dollar perfume that I ate dog food for a month to buy. Jesus, they're all laughing and jabbering like fools. They've figured out how they all know me. What a disaster. I'd be better off if we'd all gotten hauled off in cuffs.

Now what? The three of them have their heads together and they look like they're haggling over a used car. I've never been more embarrassed or disappointed in my life.

Oh crap. Here comes the maitre d' to throw us all out. What the hell? He's smiling like he's my frigging servant. Now I really can't believe it. This is my guy's personal table. He's half owner of this place. Christ. They're shaking hands. And Mom looks like she just got a pony for Christmas. I give up. Mom son fuck at late night at moms bedroom don't care if the fool is rich.

I'm going to tell him where he can stuff his little red hot rod and his half a resturant. And his god damned construction company. I'm not giving up on finding a real man if I have to move to a fucking ghetto to find him. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3 Aftermath: ________________________ ________________________ I can remember pretty much everything we said to each other from the moment he got done talking with Mom and Daddy.

He told me that he and Daddy and Mom had decided that he should make me an offer. I quietly told him he could take his offer and his money and go fuck himself. He just smiled sort of like Daddy smiles and said he was falling in love with me.

I was more convinced than ever that he was just another forty year old boy. And I quietly told him so in no uncertain terms. He just kept smiling. I told him that I didn't love him in the least and there was no way in hell he could fall in love with anyone in less than six hours anyway. He said he'd believed the same thing six hours ago. He said that when I stood up and bent over with my eyes as big as silver dollars, he'd gotten interested.

He said that when I squirted right there, he'd started to think I might be his kind of someone special. He said that when he found out that I'd done those things right in front of my parents, he'd started to adore me.

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Yep, that's the word he used. Adore. He said that when my mom told him about my daddy and me and and our sex life, my daddy just about shit. (Daddy didn't think Mom knew either.) And he said that was when he'd realized that he was falling in love. And he said that was when the haggling started. He said he'd talked it over with Mom and Daddy and they'd come up with a plan that would let me choose between love and money.

He said he had my daddy's blessing to offer me ten grand in cash in return for me being his sex toy for ten hours. I took a deep breath and was about to get right in his face and tell him that I was NOT a call girl. Just black guy girl xxx storys sex stories ful I cut loose on him, the two words "daddy's blessing" popped back into my head. So I clamped my mouth shut and tried to settle down.

He went on to say that at the end of the ten hours he'd drop me off at Daddy's house with the ten grand and wish me a wonderful life. If that was my choice. He said that if at the end of the ten hours I wanted to give him back the ten grand, keep my regular job, and move in with him, I could.

If that was my choice. Then he asked me if I was willing to rent myself to him for ten grand for ten hours and make my choice in the morning. Now I'm not a complete idiot but the last half hour had been pretty traumatic and I was feeling a little unsure of myself.

Pussy contractions cumming with my wand shekeptcumming com tube porn I looked over at Daddy and he just smiled at me like nothing special was going on and mouthed the words: "Go for it." I looked back at him with what had to be a "deer in the headlights" look. I can remember what he said next word for word: "How about it? Ten grand, ten hours, an easy choice, and I'll be honored to treat you like my daughter." I looked back at Daddy again and he just smiled and nodded.

So I nodded too. ________________________ It's five in the morning and he's snoring. Loudly. I'd wake him up but my poor ass can't take another one of his spankings. I don't know how many times he made me cum. All I know is it was more times than I should have. An hour ago he asked me if I was ready to go to sleep.

I was. I still am. But my ass hurts too much and I can't. So does my poor worn out puss. I can't put all the blame on him. I was a pretty naughty girl. I think I'll try to be a good girl for a few days. At least until I'm not so sore. He's not a boy and he won't take any shit. *yawn*.I love my new daddy.I just wish he'd roll over and quit snoring.

___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Comments will be appreciated.