Mom sex with her son

Mom sex with her son
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Hurry Up I thought as I stood outside her door. I couldn't wait much longer. I was standing outside her door in jeans and a t-shirt, and it was 40 degrees out. I rang the doorbell again, and finally she opened the door.

I was greeted by a rush of warm air, and the scent of something I could only place as pumpkin. It was much appreciated by my cold body. she stood there, 5 and a half feet, black lustrous hair, gray eyes, perfect lips, booty shorts, and a low-cut v-neck shirt that just said- "Hi!" she said, doing a little jump, like only she could. "H-Hi" I managed to stammer. "Can I come in?" She giggled slightly and moved to the side so I could step in.

The warm air rushed over me, much to my relief. "Jesus it's cold." "Yeah," she said, closing the door. "I heard there was supposed to be a storm." I sat down on her plush couch, a blood red, and tried to warm myself by the fire. It was warm and bright, just what I needed. "Want some hot babe gives a blowjob before fucking She asked.

"Sure. Still have any of that mint stuff?" "I'll go check." I watched as she shuffled toward the kitchen, her perfect ass practically bursting out of her shorts. We were going to the car dealers today. Her cars oil had frozen up, and wouldn't start, so she towed it and I had to drive her there to pick it up. We'd known each other since 10th grade. She moved in to the house next to mine in the middle of the year, and I had shown her around.

We used to go to the movies, but lately I've been preoccupied with school work, with my grades on a steady decline, and she was busy with her parents, who werent looking to good, and only getting worse. They went to the doctor, and he claimed it was just "old age" but they were only 50, so it remained a mystery.

I looked around the room. Red walls, a big fireplace in the center of the far wall, a wood table in the middle of the room, a white carpet with a brown design underneath.

Very cozy, to say the least. I got up to look at her bookshelf. I was just looking down the second shelf when she draped her hand down my shoulder. I was surprised. Pleasantly so. "Here's your coffee," She handed the warm cup to me and I gladly took it, wrapping my hands around it for its warmth.

I sipped slowly, drinking in the slightly mint taste, and letting it warm my stomach. "I'm gonna go take a shower she said, sort of 'bouncing' to her room. I turned on the TV, and immediately was distressed.

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"-and Highway 70 is closed, so consider it a snowday, less your driving down the street." awww shit. "Brook! The highways closed!" How were we supposed to get to the car dealers?

"What?" She came running out of her room, a towel wrapped around her body and wringing her wet hair with her hands. "Shit!" She looked around with an indignant look, as if the person responsible was right behind her. "Well, I guess we'll try again tomorrow." I said, and stood up to leave. "No, stay!" She said. "I'm bored anyways." I figured why not, so we plopped on the couch and watched a movie, she still in her towel.

I slowly fell asleep with that ever persistant smell of pumpkin on my nose. "About time you woke up." I groggily opened my eyes to a wonderful sight. Brook was leaning over me in her towel, her black hair falling around her shoulders, and her wonderful breasts right in my face, and those gorgeus eyes looking into mine.

I blushed, but luckily she didnt notice, or she didnt show it. I thougt I saw a smile tug at her lips. "Come here," she said "I have something to show you." She took my hand and led me to her room. I stumbled after her, best I could, still a little dizzy. Her room was red like her living room, and a large red puffy bed.

She led me to it and pushed me toward it. I fell down onto it, my back against her soft sheets. I was fully awake by this time, and highly aroused. Me and Brook had known each other for a long time, but we had never gotten intimate, much to my disapointment. "Brook, what are you. I mean." "Shh. I've been waiting for this for a long time," she said, in the most sexiest voice I could possibly imagine. She leaned over me, and kissed me, deeply, on the lips.

We stayed like that for a least a una flaquita bien buena webacm more videos on sexycamsorg minutes, her wonderful scent lingering over me, her moist lips against mine, her shapely body plastered to me.

Finally, she pulled her lips off mine. I was stunned beyond thinking. I pulled her back to me, embracing her, our lips meeting again. I held it for a good long time, before she squealed and pulled away. "I need more," she said. "I need." she reached down and grabbed my full hard grandfather sex with son in law through my jeans.

I sharply took in a breath. I hadn't realized I had a boner. She ripped of my shirt with strength seemingly impossible for her delicate hands. Her cool hands stroked my chest, moving down slowly to my belt buckle. And then, all of a sudden, my pants were off, and I was laying there in my boxers. I would wonder how she did that in later days, but for now, it was the least of my concerns. I figured it was about time I did something, so I reached up and grabbed her perfect round tits.

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She moaned and her eyes dropped, and she fell onto my chest. Slowly she sat up, and looked me in the eye. "Do that again." So I slowly grabbed her breasts, and worked my hands all around them, working closer and closer to her nipples. She started moaning.

Right before I got to her nipples, I stopped. She looked at me questioningly. I reached up and grabbed the towel wrapped around her body, and pulled it off. I was amazed. I thought my boner couldn't get bigger, but it did. She had a fully tanned body, perfect round, supple breasts, shapely thighs, and an ever so shy pussy.

I slowly started working with her tits again with my left hand, while my right slowly worked down the length of her body. I tweaked her nipples, and I swear she had an orgasm right there. She moaned so loudly I thought something was wrong, and stopped for a moment. "Keep- go-hing!" she scrame again as I slowly tweaked both her nipples. I started my hand moving down her thighs again. I looked down at her shaved pussy. I wonder, had she shaved in preporation? Or was it always shaved?

He guesed the latter. I slowly started tickling the skin around her pussy, getting ever so close to it, but always veering away at the last second. After experimenting for a couple minutes, I looked down again. Her pussy was glistening with juices. I immediately rubbed my hand over her pussy. She moaned louder than before, and juices flowed all over my hand. So she was sensitive. I slowly started massaging her clit with my thumb, and put one finger halfway inside her, then all the way.

Then I put in another, and slowly started targeting her pressure points, twirling my fingers slowly around while my thumb rubbed her clit. "N-YEAH, Nnnnn-YEAHHHHH" Her pussy was starting to weten again. I got ready for the full blast when she stopped me. "I dont want to cum yet," she said, grabbing my dick "I haven't even started with you," she said, and with that, my boxers dissapeared, flung to the floor.

My throbbing dick was exposed to the air, and god was it british milf sexy scorpio works her wet cunt with a dildo. It was begging for her. She smelt so good, that female scent, those juices, the warm air, all mixed to create the most sensual smell in the world, and only made my dick harder. She slowly grabbed my dick and began stroking me. I leaned back, my head falling against her bed. Her hands felt so cool and delicate against my throbbing dick.

I felt her tongue just barely touch the head of my hard on. Slowly, as she got more confident, her mouth engulfed half my dick, and then she started sucking. Oh god, she could suck like a godess. It felt so good against me, cooling my dick. Slowly, she raised herself up, and pulled my dick up, readying to lower herself on me. "Wait," I said. I was afraid I would whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt her.

"Are you ready?" She looked at me nervously, biting her lip. She nodded. I pulled her towards me, and slowly, I shoved the tip of my dick into her. She cried out. I waited for a minute, and then started again.

I know had half of my dick in her. I gave her a couple minute to recover, before slowly shoving the rest of my length into her. I waited a minute before stating to pull her off, and then slowly lowering her again. I started going faster and faster. Her pussy was like a wet vice againt my dick, her juices lubricating the way and making it eaisier.

I slowly picked up speed, and I could feel her building up. I realized suddenly that I was pretty close my self. I pounded her, getting faster and faster, till I felt her pussy tighten, and explode around my dick. It came about rather suddenly. All of a sudden, her pussy tightened against my dick, her flesh rippling across my dick like a series of explosions.

I could feel the build up, and then she came, her juices soaking my dick. But she didnt stop. She kept going, grinding her thigh against my dick. "You wanna cum?" She asked me, her voice heavy with exhastion. "You wanna cum in me?" I went, faster and faster, and I could feel my load building up and then- I exploded inside her, my stored up cum soaking her already went cunt.

It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I could feel it shoot up my cock, straight into her tiny confines, and then rebound and come bursting out of her pussy, onto my thighs. I pulled my dick out of her, as all of the spent juices fell out of her soaked pussy. I picked her up and layed her on the bed, her perfect body glistining with cum. "Thank you" She wispered and then she fell asleep, her bed destroyed, our cum all over her bed. I thought to myself, god, how did I get myself into this?

I smiled, and layed down next to her. She had such a pretty face, I could look into it all day. I brushed a stray lock of big ass mom victoria banxxxx from her face, ran a hand down her side.

I sighed contentadely as sleep tugged at my eyes. Thoughts?