Horny girl pounces on guy and fucks him hard

Horny girl pounces on guy and fucks him hard
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I'd been prowling around the nightclub all night some sleazy shit-hole in Ibiza looking for the girl I'd seen the previous night. I didn't get her name, but she was a bubbly blonde with a thick Geordie accent. She was wearing a tight yellow top and a short black skirt. She was quite short, just over 5 foot tall I suppose, and had a great set of tits on her.

The last I saw of her, was her going off with two lads from Essex. I discretely followed them as they walked along the street and entered the back of a parked transit van. I waited for a few minutes, before passing by the van and casually glancing in a window.

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As I approached the van, I could see it rocking and hearing the groaning and giggling. On looking in the window I could see that the two boys were double teaming the blonde; she was lying on top of the lap on one guy who was fucking her up the ass, whilst the other guy was on top her riding her cunt. That'll do me, I thought.

I enjoy doing what I do to sluts. I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to come across her tonight. But finally, there she was. Beside the bar, eagerly supping cream from a giant plastic inflatable penis.

Yep, you read right.

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I walked up to her and make some crude remark about how enthusiastic she was about licking the giant inflatable penis. She giggled and we began chatting. Her name was Sian and she was on weeks holiday with her workmates from a bar in Newcastle. On each night she usually ended up separated from them as they were "boring".

Sian considered anyone who didn't fuck at least two guys a night when on holiday as "boring". Sian was drunk, slutty and thick as fuck. She was perfect. We slowly made out way to the dance floor. Sian led the way, holding my hand.

As we began to mingle with the others on the the floor, we got closer. I wrapped my arm around Sian's midriff and gently eased her back into me, making sure her bum brushed my crotch. I was rock hard and wanted Sian to know. She giggled as I gently rubbed myself against her. We were both sweating quiet a bit now. Probably due to the heat in the club and the obvious sexual attraction between us.

I had both my arms around Sian now, and she was keenly pushing her ass back against my crotch. I held her tighter and we began dry-humping. I gripped the front of her short black skirt and rolled it up slightly. Sian giggled louder at this, in anticipation of whatever I intended to do next. I gently stroked her cotton panties. They were a bit damp, sweat or sexual excitement? Who knows. Pulling her even tighter into me, I slipped a couple of fingers into her, past her lips.

Sian's busty body trembled with anticipation. She was now, literally, sweating like a whore! I fingered her for a few minutes, before she turned round, grabbed my hand and dragged me into a dark corner of the bar.

"It'll be fine, I fucked a guy here a couple of nights ago, and nobody bothered us" There was a musty old sofa there. I bend Sian over the arm of it and slipped my hands up her skirt, tugging her panties down.

She obligingly assisted, lifting one foot at a time out of her soaking wet panties before picking them up and them on a nearby table. I then unzipped myself, pulled my cock out and stuck in up her all too inviting cunt. We fucked doggy style for a few minutes with me slamming and thrusting my cock hard up her sticky cunt.

I leaned down into her, reaching round and started rubbing her clit as I carried on fucking her. With Sian groaning loudly I then moved my hand up into her top and under her bra. I felt up her tits as her I continued to pound into her, my own crotch getting wet from her cunt juices. I pulled out of Sian and she rolled from over the sofa arm onto the sofa itself, lying face up. I took my trousers off and mounted her.

With my cock back in her cunt I began to fuck her slow and hard. Sian pushed the heels of her stilettos into my ass-cheeks, forcing me nice and deep into her. As we fucked, I tugged on Sian's top and bra and got her breasts to pop out.

I began to suck on her tits as I pumped her cunt harder and harder. Eventually Skinny teen lola fae sucks off and gets banged by big cock came, screaming and squealing as she did so.

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I pulled out of her, with cock still hard. A couple of other clubbers gazed over but Sian shouted at them to "fuck off". They got the message. Sian gazed at my still erect cock and smiled.

"Turn over" I told her. She duly obliged, going on to her hands and knees and wiggling her ass suggestively. I made my way behind and eased my cock between her cheeks and into her butthole. Unknown to Sian, I had also picked up her knickers from the table. As I gently began to ass-fuck Sian, I wound her knickers tight and wrapped them around her neck. The sudden constriction on her throat and lack of air clearly started the slutty sweaty blonde.

With my cock hammering hard into her ass and me gripping her knickers tightly around her throat, I made full use of my bodyweight to ensure there was no chance of escape for Sian. As I fucked and strangled her, I whispered into her ear exactly what I thought of her.

The last things Sian would ever hear would be the loud pumping techno music in the background and me telling her what a dirty worthless skank she was. She clawed away at my hands, but she was too weak and drunk to put up much in the way of resistance. Soon, her arms were slumped down as my balls continued to slap hard against her ass-cheeks.

Sian was dead within minutes, but I kept on going. I just loved the feel of her dripping wet busty corpse against my own body. It just felt so good, so right ! Finally, as I frantically tore into her dead ass, we slipped off the sofa onto the floor. With Sian slumped on the floor, I stood up and wanked over her face and tits.

Then, I picked her up and sat her on the sofa. It was then I noticed she had pee-ed herself. I took great pleasure in seating her in the puddle of her own piss. Finally, I threw my clothes on and made my getaway. I left Sian sitting there, with a stupid vacant expression on her dead slutty face. I just love these annual trips to the Med. Each time, I pick a girl to do asian babe ayumi shinoda gives rimjob and blowjob just the one.

The cops in Spain and Greece are pretty fucking clueless, but I think I left enough DNA on Sian to give them something to go on this time. Still, I'm pretty confident I'll be back next year.