Carmen rought teen fetish fuck presented by tamed teens perfectgonzo and tamedteens

Carmen rought teen fetish fuck presented by tamed teens perfectgonzo and tamedteens
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It was a Friday night, I was going to go to the movies with my 3 really good guy friends. Matthew, Max and Finn were all athletic and very hot!

Matthew is very tall, plays basketball, tan, has dark brown hair and eyes that made you melt. Max has light brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes and plays baseball,football and lacrosse. Finn has blonde hair, dark blue eyes and plays baseball and football. As they pulled up to my house, they all flashed me the sexiest smiles. I opened the door and got in.

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"We're gonna have fun tonight!" Max said, with a wink and a sly smile. "And why is that? I said back, with a wink in reply.

"You'll see!" Finn whispered. We got out at the movie theatre and Finn bought us all tickets for The Fast And The Furious. It was great nobody was in the theatre! "Perfect," Matthew said nodding to the other boys. We all sat in the last row of the theatre. I was in the middle of Matthew and Finn, and Max was sitting next to Matthew. I was so horny already. All the 3 guys were staring horny babes have fun with delicious dicks me.

Matthew put his arm around me and Finn put his hand on my inner thigh. Right as the movie started Matthew told me to sit on my lap and I complied to his command. Matthew started stroking my ashy blonde hair and Max started squeezing my tits. Finn was a little more greedy with me. He started to finger my pussy under my skirt. I was in pure heaven, but I knew the guys wanted more.

Finn took off my skirt and tank top so I was in my cheetah bra and panties. Max smiled at my attire and kept on squeezing my tits. Matthew went to go lock the theatre door. We lived in dick riding makes hawt awesome chick cum small town, so there isn't much regulation in a theatre. Matthew returned and he was hornier than ever. Matthew started fingering my pussy rougher than Finn was. They all started unbuckling their belts and pulling down their pants.

"Suck on it," Finn demanded. I did what I was told and started giving Max a hand job. I was deep throating Finns cock with great effort. I was now gagging on Finns giant meat. It must've been at least 8 inches. Matthew and Finn switched when Finn was close to cumming. Matthew was even bigger!

He was at least 9 inches! Matthew had a much greater pace than Finn. He was hitting the back of my throat with great force. I started tasting his pre-cum in my mouth, so he pulled out and came on my face and mouth. Now, it was Max's turn for a blow job. He was about as big as Finn, but wasn't as rough. He was very gentle with me, but Finn started bobbing my head backs and forth. He was done and I swallowed his cum. Matthew started taking off my bra and panties exposing my massive 34D tits.

The 3 boys marveled at them and Max began to suck on them. Finn next took off my panties with his teeth. I could feel Matthew rubbing my pussy rough and fast. I felt Matthews head of his dick "Ready baby?" Matthew asked. "Yeah big boy!" I said basically begging for his cock.

He stuck it in so hard! My whole body was quivering from pain and pleasure. Nobody had fucked me as big as Matthew, ever! I already felt like I was gonna cum. "Matthew, let me cum!" I squealed. "Beg for it, slut" Matthew said demandingly.

"Matthew, please let me cum on your big cock! Please Matthew let me cum, PLEASE?!" I screeched. "You may cum," Matthew said. Even though I had just cum on his juicy cock, that didn't slow Matthews pace. He just increased his pace. I felt like I was having an orgasm overload and right before I was about to pass out, he stopped. He came all over my ass.

Finn and Max came up to me next. I could feel somebody's hard dick at my back door. "Shit," I thought to myself. It was Finn.

If there was one thing I knew about Finn, he was rough. I felt him taking me, inch by inch. I started moaning and weeping in pain. This only made him go faster. After 3 minutes or so of him fucking me, it started to feel great! While Finn was still fucking my ass. Max came up to my pussy. I knew I was in good hands with Max because he was so sweet and gentle, or at least I thought I was.

He started fucking my pussy without any warning. It hurt a little because he was going so fast! "Slow down a little Max!" I said.

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"No, bitch." He answered as the other guys laughed. I never knew Max could be so rough! He was fucking me and he said he wouldn't stop until he came. I could still feel Finn roughly fucking my ass with no mercy and no intention of stopping.

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Matthew was feeling left out, so he made me choke on his cock until he came. I love the feeling of all of my holes being filled up! It felt so good and now I felt like I was gonna cum again, so I did and Max felt it. "Did you just cum?" Max asked. "Without permission?!" French hotel maid getting fucked said sternly. "Unacceptable!!!!" Matthew shouted. Before I could say anything, they all started fucking my holes faster!!

Finn rummaged through my purse and found a rope and a vibrator that they had put in my bag in the car. They all tied me up and scrawled me out like a starfish.

"So, you like cumming?" Max asked. "Yes!!!" I said before seeing the vibrator. "Well, it's your lucky day!" Matthew said while Finn showed me the vibrator. They shoved my wet panties in my mouth and put the vibrator on my clit. I wanted to cum sooooo badly, but I know if I asked they'd say no in a heart beat. My pussy began to feel very sore.

"PLEASE STOP!!" I begged. "Not a chance." Max replied. I started cumming and as I did I expected then to remove the vibrator, but they only put it on a higher setting. I was ready to pass out, but right when I was about to Finn slapped me.

That got me back to wanting to cum again. They started paying less attention to me and more to the movie, even though I still had this vibrator on my clit. "You better not fucking cum, you whore." Matthew demanded. Finn put the vibrator on the highest setting possible.

I started shaking wildly and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. "Hahaha you may cum, bitch." Finn said relieving me. Max untied me and I took the panties out of my mouth.

I thanked them for all the pleasure they gave me. "So, same time next Friday?" Matthew asked the boys. They all nodded and winked at me. "See you then, slut." Finn said slyly smiling at alexis fawx who can squirt as we walked to the car.