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Glamour babe foxy di pounded on the bed by hard wiener
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Avaricious Lavender, Part 1. He glanced at the clock in room D12 for at least the second time that minute. Constantine was getting rather impatient at this clock, which never seemed to tick over to the next minute. All he wanted was this final five minutes of the day, in this boring as all hell physics lesson to finish. And the worst part was he couldn't even talk to his beautiful girlfriend, Lavender: soft, brown hair, striking green eyes, and a ferocious temper when aroused.

She was the perfect non-Greek woman for this contented Greek. Constantine Papadopoulos, who could not be described as a capitulating young man at 16, grayed under the fierce stare of his beau. She had, along with a fierce temper, perfect c-cup breasts, 5ft 4in of height, and a slim physique, bordering on the 'too slim,' side. This, paradoxically, was the only downside for Constantine's mother, who was, as is the tradition for Greeks, a warm, robust woman who never tired of telling Lavender, of whom she was very fond, though never telling Constantine that, she was too skinny, and that her parents surely must be not feeding her right.

Constantine, on the other hand, was the soft brown haired, japan sex rape big cock eyed and slightly muscled son of a famous Greek cook for a mother, and a pasty-white retired American software analyst for a father.

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His blue eyes had swooned Lavender when he had asked her to go out with him in their last school year, and they had been going out now for about one year, without a hitch. While he was mulling this over, Constantine missed the question of the hot and licentious physics teacher, Ms Muller.

Hot, 24, with a physique any girl would die for she was a constant pain in the ass for Constantine. Here was another example. 'Uh… if the silver reacts with the oxygen, then ' 'Wrong, Papadopoulos, silver does not oxidize.

I can see we have been listening attentively.' 'Perhaps if we were to do some physics we have not already done and re-hashed in the 8th grade, Ms Muller, then I would be much more of an avaricious and studious member of the class.' What an ass answer, but a brilliant way of deterring Ms Muller the students always could overcome her with words; seeing as how she hates arguments and all.

But all Constantine could think of as she turned away in a huff was her sweet, tight ass.

'God I would hit that, huh James?' Constantine asked in a whisper. 'Fucking definitely, her ass is the sweetest thing since I licked your mom's pussy, Moms and stepson porn storys at youjizz yours James, guess whose pussy I'm getting this afternoon?' 'Yeah, fuckin' Lavender's.' 'Yeah, so up yours, douche.' Constantine always could win with the hot girlfriend card.

Finally, the bell rang at 3.25, and Constantine swept his measly materials (he was too preoccupied by knowing he was finally getting Lavender's cherry that afternoon) into his arms, and left the room in a flourish of dark blue blazer the school uniform of course. 'Hi, Lav,' he said carefully, gauging her reaction to his presence. 'Hey, baby, I'll meet you at the bus in a few minutes.' Not too nervous, it seemed, although they were 16 as it stood.

As Constantine walked slowly from his locker, conveniently two down from Lavender's, to the bus stop, his 7 inch when hard cock couldn't help but twitch slightly in anticipation. Lavender and he had decided how they were going to do this no condoms.

Lavender was on the pill, and they would risk an STD, considering they had never had sex before. His abs had developed nicely since he had asked Lavender out, in anticipation of this day. They had chosen a Friday, and Lavender's house, as her parents would be out until Sunday morning.

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That gave them the afternoon on Friday… On the bus, they spoke about various menial things which had happened during the day Ms Muller's bitchy remarks, and Lavender's 64% mark on her most recent French test. When they finally descended from the bus, school bags father of rape young son hand, the nerves kicked in magnificently.

The air screamed sexual tension, but held back sexual tension. Constantine stopped as Lavender removed the house key from her pocket, and opened the door. He knew well the way to her bedroom by now, and offered to take their "stuff" to her room, while she called her mother as she had been asked to do. He walked slowly down the mahogany halls of Lavender's parents' large mansion style house, and his nervousness slowly, but not completely, receded.

He adjusted his long grey trousers and fairly tight black briefs underneath, his cock along with them, as it had twitched again as at the bus stop. While his cock was 7 inches long when hard, it was 2 inches thick, and he was capable, he thought, of holding off his orgasm voluptuous babe luna star gets her hole ruined pornstars and hardcore a fair amount of time.

Just as he thought that Lavender entered the room. 'I called my mother 'as she said this Constantine reached over and pulled her towards him and kissed her deeply, and slowly ran his tongue around the edge of her voluptuous lips. He sat back for a moment 'Are you sure about this, Lavender?' he asked, tentatively. 'Constantine, I've been waiting for this for about a year.' He encircled her in his arms once more, their lover's embrace ending at their mouths, locked in the most passionate kiss they natural busty amateur model bangs at casting ever shared.

It lasted what seemed like an age, and then they were making out. He ran his hands over the mounds of her breast through her shirt, which he soon unbuttoned. He had already removed his school tie, so Lavender started unbuttoning his shirt, as fast as possible. He soon had her bra undone at the back, and not for the first time gazed in wonder at her beautiful tits.

He played with her small, wonderful nipples for a moment, and then moved his head down to lick her left one pausing only for confirmation from Lavender. The glory of her nipple in his mouth made his cock jump to life, and he felt her rubbing it through his trousers.

He licked, held and caressed Lavender's beautiful, 16 year old breasts for a few minutes, before she said 'Constantine, let me return the favour.' Upon saying this, she pushed him over so he was lying on his back, with his arms outstretched above his head. She unbuckled his pants, showing his black briefs and rock-hard cock underneath. She slowly pulled them back, revealing his hard cock and brown pubic hair, waiting.

She looked up at her boyfriend, and started rubbing his cock, before licking the tip of it, and making her way to the base, her tongue flitting over his skin like silk on hard, unmoving rock.

She enveloped his cock head with her beautiful lips, and huge boobs festival bitch gives up her ass for a ride pornstars brunette made her way down his dick, at attention, until she reached half-way. Constantine watched on in ecstasy as she bobbed up and down on his cock, and looked up at him with lustful eyes. She quickly went up and down on his cock, as he wove his fingers through her hair, pulling her head back and forth on his hard member.

She stopped for a moment, then took more, and more of his cock in her throat, until her nose was nestled in his pubic hair and he was about to blow his load.

Feeling his cock on the back of his hot girlfriend's throat was hell without coming, and yelled 'Ahh babe, I'm gonna cum,' but she held his cock in her mouth, and brought it out in time for him to come on her exposed tits, painting a pattern of white, sticky mess on those hot knockers he had licked and nibbled on just a few minutes previously. He surveyed his good work; the hottest babe in his year group had his cum on her tits, and loving it.