Playgirl needs spunk flow delight gloryhole and hardcore

Playgirl needs spunk flow delight gloryhole and hardcore
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE ADVENTURES OF THE SENSUOUS MORPH 1-4: No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in these stories. THE MORPH: I am suddenly becoming aware of a swirling number of personalities. As my mind clears up a bit, I find myself sitting on a couch in the local mall. Alone! I know this, but I am not sure how.

Next, I become aware of what I look like from a perspective outside of myself and as I look up, there passes a man who looks exactly like me, even to his attire. He looks over at me, nods and then without slowing passes on in his walking. I managed to pick out his persona from the swirling going around in my brain and gained some focus from that. About that time, a very helpful young woman approached me and sat right up to me to ask if I was alright or needed any assistance.

I looked her in the eyes and told her that I didn't know, since I was very confused at the time. She took my hand and began to walk with me, to try to get some of the cobwebs out of my consciousness. After a bit, it started to work and some specific realizations of myself and surroundings started to come to a focus.

I then realized how that I was an exact duplicate of the man that I had seen walking by and so without forethought, I changed to another person while holding the young lady's hand right in the middle of blowjob by a naked luscious teen doxy walking throng in the mall's hallway.

No one seemed to notice but a little toddler whose eyes were focused on mine, but eventually it found something else to ponder over. Meanwhile, the lady I was walking with didn't' seemed to be off put by my sudden change of person. Mom and dad sex watching dugtar she whispered that it would be best if I moved along without her and joined her in her vehicle to move to a site where I could get myself better adapted to my surroundings.

And 'adapted' was exactly the word that she used. So, she sent me out the main Food Court Lobby doors to await her coming around to pick me up, and it took about fifteen minutes for that to happen. No one seemed the least bit interested in me sitting on a bench on the sidewalk waiting for a ride. When I got into the vehicle, it was a rather large S.U.V.

that was raised up high above the road and traffic. She mentioned that we would be travelling about ten miles, which in my mind I translated to about sixteen kilometers which seemed more appropriate to my internal programming. And she lifted her dress above her waist and showed me her female privates that were bare and elevated by some kind of cushion that made her private birthing hole very visible to me. She motioned to me to do something about it, and I from my ready programming, knew what to do with it.

So, I loosened my seat belt and laid over the center console to mount my lips up to her pussy to entertain her on the way to her place, evidently. As I was looking up at her face, she began smiling as soon as I became engaged with her pussy and it soon began to leak its nectar onto the wash cloth that was angel dark with a hot ass ready for a big hard cock fucking her to protect the vehicle's seat.

It tasted very good to me as I licked, kissed, sucked and probed it with my tongue. And then I got a big surprise, my tongue elongated to probe all the way up into her vagina to the top and with it made a branch that moved up and through her cervix to be implanted into her womb. I then got the purpose of this fun type lesson. She was mentoring me in my status as a living being, one very different from the male ones around me. Besides, it felt really good to her, too.

Soon, she had to pull over to climax without putting us into an accident and with that, she let me stay up to her pussy, to hide me I guessed, all the rest of the way to her domicile. When we got there, she took me by the hand, after managing to undock me from her love portal and led me up four flights of stairs to her condo unit. When we got inside, she led me directly to her bedroom and to her bed, with her throwing off her garments. She pushed me to the bed's surface and opened my pants front to take out my male reproductive appendage and then laid between my knees to mount her mouth to it.

For some reason, I was very surprised when I noticed that her mouth had expanded great enough and her face forward enough to completely take in my male appendage, testicles and all.

To say that this felt good, is to not get near to the real feeling of this, and I instinctively knew that this was a very rare sexual experience for a male human, real or approximated. With my dick in her mouth and lengthening to probe to its back and down her throat, she could to my amazement still breathe in some manner. I later learned how this was done.

But, with this and my pre cum now leaking down to her stomach, her tongue that was cradling my balls was lengthening also to stick out of her mouth and move the tip to between my legs to my ass hole and into it.

Then it expanded in girth as it was in the interior and began to throb to stimulate my rectum. Somehow, she then rotated her body without losing any of her hard-gotten attachments to me and presented her privates for me to service her also.

I was in sex heaven as I then moved my tongue up to probe into her vagina again. I could feel her belly vibrating with the sensations brought on this. And then to my further surprise, my nose did the Pinocchio trick and lengthened in a fleshly manner to enter her anus for further probing's there. After about ten minutes of all of this, we both came very excitedly and then moved to be lying next to each other. And then I got spy cam caught mom with stranger in living room We were some kind of physical constructs made to resemble humans, and also were morphs.

All of this sexual fun had educated me to things that would have otherwise been very hard to convince me of. We then napped in each other's arms and awoke refreshed for me to question her to death over what was this all about. When I finally wound down with all of my quick listed questions, she settled me down with the assertions that I wasn't ready for all of those answers yet, but that she would fill me in on my immediate responsibilities for the present.

My purpose for the next six months was to establish an identity that would pass most routine scrutinizes. And several others (of different looks and ages) for emergency use. The main one would not be the one that I first came to awareness in, since it belonged to a man that was very recognizable in the community. The one that I would use was of a different look and attached to a man of my current apparent age, who was living in seclusion at a mental institution back East.

His family was hiding him there incommunicado because he was well known, and they didn't want his current condition to be known to sully his prodigious military career reputation.

He was expected to live for a number of years, though. Just not publicly. And his family would ignore any pretenders to the name and reputation, to keep the secret as long as no one sullied his reputation, nor attacked his resources. She let me know then that there was no firm plan for me to ever die. It depended on my acceptance and working with the plans for me. My initial purpose would be after my training at the home of Alexa the female Morph, to impregnate as many females of the humans as I could.

This would eventually provide the makings of an organization to not take over the Earth, but to share it with the resident humans. The humans would eventually benefit by this, but at the present were very wary of any interstellar alien interference.

The time of the Czars (modern ones supported by space powers) were still in the future. My Earthly name of my primary personage was to be Francis K. Bellflower. And other identities would be constructed for my other main divergent bodies, too. When I asked if she was going to be gifting the local DNA fund too, she said that no, she wouldn't.

It wouldn't work that way, and so her intimate fun would also have to be with mostly me, though she could interact with humans also. But that they would be very shocked at her abilities, so she would mainly be with me.

And I would be living with her for at least the first six months, and it was apparent that she hoped that I would stay longer.

But I mentally projected the benefits of having my own home for the purposes that they had for me, but that wouldn't prevent me from staying with her in between my other activities. So, over those six months, she activated a wide range of information formats and ranges in me to familiarize myself with the society that I would be operating in. And my background identity and current financial situations were finalized in that time, too.

After only a couple of weeks, I began the searching out of prospective recipients of my DNA contributions to them. This would be done without the necessity of the volunteering of them, and done with divergent identities to the one main one I would be living with.

So, the first one was with a young teen girl on the way to school. High School, evidently. I parked myself towards the back of the bus and with my looks for the day, I attracted her to sit with me for the extended ride.

She soon had her head on my shoulder and some kind of pheromones that I put out to her caused her to reach over and take my dick and play with it under my pants. Soon, with it uplifted, she turned away from me, and with her skirt pulled up in the back accepted my elongated cock up her pussy from between her legs and with it pulsing in her vagina and then moving up and through her cervix, she shuddered and accepted my DNA load into her womb.

She would surely gain a child from this, because my semen was long-enduring. It wouldn't degrade for at least three weeks. And my plunging up into her womb would signal her ovaries to send down an egg for them to fight over.

After I had accomplished my mission, she turned back to me and plastered herself up to me to kiss. And when she left to go out the door, I found a slip of paper and on it an address, cell number and email site.

I probably wouldn't use them, but I kept them just in case. I managed to get another one on a different bus that afternoon, too. This time a cute little Asian, and she didn't want to stop with my dumping up into her and so I rode with it for several miles, with some of the other riders taking notice of it, but not interfering.

Evidently the little girl's enthusiasm won them over to it. When the girls found out that they were pregnant, they tried to identify me from fingerprints on their things, and DNA matching, but there were no finger prints and they couldn't read the DNA with their equipment. She wasn't upset about that, but her parents were. And they were very surprised that the baby was born in four months instead of the usual nine.

And he grew rather rapidly, reaching adult size in only eight years. This was preplanned by my sponsors to get me help in the impregnating venture as soon as possible.

They for the first years after maturing appeared and acted normal to notice of the mother and her parents. The law enforcement authorities did get a deion of me, but it did them no good, because I used a different appearance with each interaction. One time I filled up a lady officer, with her surprised attitude intact. She was really into the operation, especially when I was up into her womb, with her gun bouncing up and down on her hip.

When I emptied up into her womb, she reached around and cuddled up to me, seemed to be very reluctant to let me go too. I saw her several times in alternative identities as her belly swelled up, and I could see no adverse attitudes in her to its progress at all.

A month short of when my training regime was over, I found myself in the persona of an aged man sitting on the middle of one of the couches in the mall with a blanket over my lap to keep me warm, it would be assumed, but after a couple of minutes two mothers (not with each other) sat down one on each side of me and parked their baby fat indecent cleft lips asian beauteous teen penetration up to their knees to evidently rest their feet from walking the babies around the mall.

With one of the babies asleep and the other fascinated by the moving scenes before it, the two mothers soon came under my influence and one of their hands each reached under from the sides and came together upon my exposed cock under the blanket. All three of us pretended to be uninvolved with each other, but soon my dick was reacting to all of this. So, to emphasize their disinterest in me to those who might observe us, they turned away from me and diverted their visual attentions to opposite directions from the couch.

Then my cock, to even my surprise, divided and one length went to the lady on my left and entered under her skirt and around the side band of her panty to enter up into her vagina and then her womb. It then throbbed in there to the lady's delight and the other lady concurrently got the same treatment. With this, they both backed up to my sides and slightly bounced up to me.

Not enough to be apparent to any but the most closely observant, of which there were none at the present, but enough to energize my equipment to its purpose. Very soon after that, I lurched forward a bit and shot my load up into each of them, and I could even feel the sperm in my semen fighting over the egg that was presented to the action in each of them.

Evidently the ladies felt it too, since they looked around at me to see who had evidently just impregnated them. They didn't seem to be at all disappointed when they looked at me. And before they left, they each also left me with slips of paper with contact information on them.

I had no intention of ever seeing them again, but I did keep the slips just in case my purpose found a change in its parameters. With this very risky maneuver, I swore off the mall and buses for a while until things would calm down, because I figured that some husbands would be very intense in asking the police to try to find the guy that was impregnating their wives, especially since the wives had no intention of ever filing rape charges against him. It did make the local papers though that a pervert was accosting women in the buses and in the hallways of the mall, but it was initiated by the police at the insistence of the husbands.

My next mode of operation was with the young crowd at their drinking and dancing venues. Since I was mostly interested in young women of the eighteen to twenty-eight-year-old ages by this time to carry the babies, I sought them out at these places. I would assume one of my alternatives that was of their age group and assume their type of manner and seek them out to drink with and dance with. If they agreed to accompany me home for an overnighter, I would take them for a brief ride to one of my secluded spots in town and then take them under my influence and fuck the shit out of them with the implanting of my genes during the action.

Then I would drop them off at their homes, none the worse for wear. Even when the influence wore off, I got many invitations for repeats.

But, the most fun was when I got one of them out on the dance floor and with us dancing very closely together, I would reach down and lower their panties just a bit and then extend my dick to move between us and down to her pussy and up into her womb, like the other ones. It seemed to me that some of the others on the dance floor had an inkling of what was going on, but were curious how we could pull it off, but none of them ever turned us in.

Some of the girls seemed to want the same treatment themselves. And I also joined a hospital volunteer hospitality group, which let me into patient rooms and pussies, too. I would stand by the bed right up to it and with the patient (those of the right age and in good health) under my influence masked by my reading of stories to them, my elongated cock would seek about for their pussy with their volunteering to widen out their legs and then I would proceed to implant them into the womb like the others.

The rumor got around that there was something in the hospital causing the young women to get unexpectantly pregnant, but I never came under suspicion because of my act of being so shy and having never been caught in one of the patient's beds. But, a couple of the ladies so enjoyed my visits, with usually husbands or families too busy to visit them, that I did repeat with some of them even after they knew that they were pregnant and they sincerely thanked me for doing so.

They said that it was the most sexual fun that they had ever had. After the end of the six months of my training with Alexa, we got married with me in a young man's persona to make it seem more proper that I was living in her condo. She would never have any children of her own, but totally enjoyed our bedtime play and so we made it very well together, despite my necessity of impregnations of other ladies.

Or so we thought things would develop. But, in most pioneering experimental endeavors, there are surprises and the first one for us was that Alexa did get pregnant, though she wasn't supposed to be able to. So, the sponsors of this enterprise and we were both anticipating what would come from this unexpected success.

There was no precedent for this according to the information coming down from the sponsors. A doubly invested morph entity. What would it come to be? MORPH 2: Son of Morph Things with Alexa and I got real hectic for a while with her unexpected pregnancy that wasn't supposed to be possible between two morphs.

But, contrary to the shock of the sponsors, she and I were thrilled to have a progeny of our own and with this we became even more devoted to each other and I gave up any desire to live independently of her. I was still carrying out my reproductive mandate to impregnate all of the viable females of the Earth that I could to provide a working body of morphs to establish the sponsor's endurable presence on Earth.

In my personal programming, I was assured that this would not be to the detriment of the humans already here, latina cheating girlfriend fucked hard for money that eventually it would all be revealed to them, but in a nonthreatening way when they would be ready to accept such a thing. In the meantime, I was spreading my reproductive gifts out from Big City to avoid too much scrutiny in that town.

The parents of the girls were now beginning to just cover up for their daughter's pregnancies, especially when the children were born and recognized as exceptionally well-adjusted children, though developing far quicker than normal for human children. But they turned out to be as loved as any of the other grandchildren of the parents of the producing mothers, so the family stigma of it was contained mostly from then on.

One day, as I was wandering in my home town for a receptive female, something I still did once in a while since the heat was mostly off here now, I encountered the first girl, that I had impregnated on the bus, with her little boy at the delightful waterfront park.

She was seated watching her little boy playing on the children's play jungle and so I approached her and sat on the same bench as she was, to observe things. My senses told me that despite the fact that she already had a child by me, that she was the most likely candidate for one in the vicinity, so while keeping my variant appearance to those around appeared to her as I did the first time.

She immediately recognized me and with no little fire in her eyes, let out, "YOU! Do you know what you did to me?" And when I smiled and nodded, 'Yes.' She calmed down a bit and finally after thinking things over, she asked, "Well, what do you think of him?" I looked over at him again as he was busy exercising himself on the apparatus in a method to tune up his body and entertain his mind.

"I find him to be of sturdy body, active mind and good spirits, as any child of yours should be!" With this she took another look at me, but deeper this time. And evidently, she came to a calm and reflective attitude with me. So, I asked as to her personal situation now. And she let me know that she had given up on public school and was pursuing her education through correspondence at home. That her parents were calm with things now and were crazy in love with the little boy that she had produced.

And that the boys of her age (about seventeen at this time) liked her, but none would date her. But her mother had let her know that that would probably change in the future, because some men, among the best of them, would be very attracted to a woman who had shown herself to be actively fecund and with such a fine child to love creampie innocent teen has her tight hole filled in hardcore massage. I nodded with her in this assessment.

And so in very respectful terms, I asked her if she would agree to us generating another one. I assured her that his and her futures were of the concern of powerful entities that even I was barely knowledgeable about. But, because of her very noble carrying out of this commission, they would make sure that she would get a substantial life and so would all of her children, generated by me or her future husband.

So, she then nodded her acceptance of another one, the first time that this had happened. And I asserted that it would be better done somewhere else in privacy, so that she would get more of the pleasures of it, than previously. I then asked her if there was anyone present that could watch over the boy for several minutes and she pointed to a woman that she evidently knew well and then conferred with her with her acceptance.

Then I took her by the hand and walked to a spot that was unseen by anyone else and notified my sponsors with my mind of the need to move, and they instantly moved us to a motel room that I kept rented for just such adventures.

She was a bit taken away by this, but soon recovered and with my pheromones now in full action, she was soon completely into our little sensual reproductive venture. We helped each other off with our clothing and then I got to admire her a lot more than the first time which was a fuck and run kind of operation.

This time I took my time, which was contained to be very little from the little boy's perspective, but extended to her and made her comfortable on the bed and lit up in her sexual energies.

She took to this very well, and so I moved to suckle on her tits, which were still active and she simply melted into the bed with the feelings that that produced. And my hands were moving down to her pussy slit to wake it up too, but she had beat me with her hand already stroking my cock. When I moved up to kiss her mouth, she started to have tears in her eyes, but I could tell with my abilities that they were happy tears, and with that I extended my tongue to the back of her mouth and partly down her throat with me making sure that she could still breathe comfortably.

Someday when she was with a regular man, she would have to awesome big tit lesbians licking and toying each other that they couldn't do this with the breathing.

But her tongue engaged with mine to the degree that it was possible for her and my dick started to elongate to enter her. She rose and said, "Oh no you don't!!" And she shifted her body so that I was entered into her just like a human man. And she activated her hips to thrust up to my belly as my penis moved up her pussy to fill it up to her pleasure. With this, she began to whisper sweet nothings into my ear, some of which would not be proper for public hearing.

And when my dick produced a branch to go up inside of her cervix, she got wild eyed and begged me to cum up into her womb to give her another child. And so, I did profusely and with that she and I could feel the egg move down to the contention zone and we sensed it being fertilized and the sponsors let me tell her that it would be a girl this time.

With that she became wild in her fucking of me and finally both of us fell back to the bed in extreme exhaustion and quickly napped to get our strengths back. When she came finally fully conscious, she hugged me fiercely and with our clothes on we were shifted back to the park for her to take her son back up into her care. As we parted, she turned and smiled at me and we didn't plan on sexually engaging with each other again, though she would hug me whenever she met me in public.

I later found out that her parents, though shocked again, accepted the little girl just as they had the boy and she in several years got her fine man to share the rest of her life with and a couple more children produced in the more standard human way. Things moved on with Alexa and the baby was born after three months, instead of four. But, after the birth it seemed to be totally normal as a human baby would, but developing at the same rate as the half morph ones were. He was the delight of our life and if possible, we came even closer together.

The sponsors were very happy about this. As it helped them to record readings on this kind of enduring and satisfying relationship for future use. One day when Alexa was out shopping and I was taking the baby caring watch, there came to be a knock at our door. We don't get that many visitors at the level that we lived on, but I worried my chick stripping on our fist vacation for a cam masturbation and striptease the noise would awaken little Aladdin.

But, thankfully it didn't. And for a change, I answered to a very attractive and properly dressed woman at my door. As she began to try to talk to me, she was strained eyed and speaking in some kind of mangled gibberish.

And I could tell that she was very frustrated by it, too. So, I put up my hand for her to cease and then in the kindest tones that I could conjure up and with a mild use of my powers, I calmed her down with, "Now close your eyes and picture in your mind what you want to say to me.

When you have it firmly in your mind, stop and take two deep breaths and let it very slowly out." With that she did as I instructed and then proceeded to relate a very upbeat and encouraging message. It did not turn out to be the J.W's, nor the Mormons, but another newer apostolic religion. When I answered that the message was very well delivered and comforting, she relaxed a lot. But I let her know that I wasn't interested in anything beyond her delivering it.

As I moved to shut the door, she let out a cry and launched herself through the still partly opened door and into my arms. Evidently, she was very susceptible to my influences and was opening herself to my usage. I didn't want to come to that right in my doorstep, so I pulled her in and she pushed the door shut with her foot. She then moved up to crush me against the hallway wall and began a wild-eyed kissing of my face and mouth with her svelte body mashed up to mine.

Even I couldn't stop this mounting sexual explosion from happening. And so, I reached out to her body and she had already started to open her clothing that was of a nature to easily open right to the skin from neck to knee with a series of Velcro type fastenings. With them unzipped, her whole body was open to my view and use. No need to take them off, since even her bottom was available to my hands-on appreciation.

With me now engaged in kissing everything that I could see and feel on the front of her body, she was opening my front of my pants to her attentions to my cock. One of her hands then was activating my member and my one finger was slightly up her ass. This sent her up even more so she bent down and took my cock up into her mouth and sucked it like she was an oral tornado. It lengthened to move to the back of the throat, with her breathing allowed for and she smiled as it moved down her throat and delivered its first gift to her.

Then it retracted and she moved her feet from the wall and with her back to it and my hands supporting her by her butt cheeks, my dick elongated to push up her pussy for its impregnating mission. Her breaths were now short and shallow as I entered her and when it sprouted off to have part of it move up into her womb, she began to beg me to empty up into her, so I did very quickly and she just melted over onto me holding herself up with her arms on my shoulders.

Right then, Alexa came through the door and briefly took in the spectacle before her and asked about the baby and I pointed down to the bedroom and signaled with a sleepy baby sign. So, she took the two grocery bags that she had and put them down on the kitchen counter and slapped my behind playfully as she went to check on our dear progeny.

With that, Missy, the visiting girl roused up again and demanded another round, so to give her a little variety and not disturb the war between the sperms in her womb over the prize of her egg, I had my cock retract and then move up her asshole. Evidently this was new to her, but after the initial shock of it, she took it very well and with it deep up into her belly from the 'darkside' entry, she took the planting of more of my gift very well.

After this she rose up to her toes and kissed me again and then moved to our couch to get herself back in mental charge again. When she came back to herself, she was still looking longingly at my nether regions but managed to get out that she was married and was shocked by her behavior. I moved to sit by her and comforted her that many others had gone through this and that she was not unusual, just the latest participant of it.

This seemed to comfort her. And then she moaned about her husband finding out, since she instinctively knew that she was now pregnant and she was sure that he would not at all approve of this.

I told her to go home and confront him about it, and if it turned out poorly, to let us know and we would help her, because the baby that she now carried was much more valuable than any resentful husband. She nodded with this and then rose to rearrange her clothing into a publicly approved manner and left through the door, just as Alexa moved into the room with our infant son.

The next morning, which was Sunday, I moved to ride a church bus that moved through the neighborhood to gather up prospective attenders to its meetings. The ride was free with the expected contributions to easily cover over the expense of operating the bus. The church actually made a small profit on it, but it was mainly a public service to their very pleasant services for people who would otherwise have no way to their church, because the public bus system ran a very spare program on Sundays.

I adopted the look and manner of a young male adult and found a girl of about eighteen sitting next to me. As I unconsciously moved to snuggle up to her with no specific intimate plan for her, she turned and looked me in the eyes and informed me that she was a virgin in an offhand way.

It was my turn to be stunned by this admission, but I gathered myself up to acknowledge this and pat her on the arm. She then whispered into my ear that she hoped to get a nasty huge tit white granny patty plenty nailed by black guy, like Mary did. I, of course knew what she was talking about, it was a reference to The Savior's virgin birth.

So, I asked her how serious she was about that, and she said that she was very much so. Swallowing a giant cumload with erika love, I whispering to her asked if she would like to get it right at that time, right there, and she lit up in her eyes and said that 'yes' she would.

And so, with my looking around and seeing that doctor checkup beautiful patient for sex was paying us the least attentions, I reached down and pulled up her dress skirt in the back and her panties down for just a bit and then with my jacket over my lap, I let my dick elongate to move out to her pussy.

When it entered her, she got a bright smile on her face and I modified it to move through her hymen without rupturing it and then when past it, to fill up her upper vagina. At this, she asked me if she was still a virgin, and I assured her that as far as her hymen was concerned, she was.

So, she was satisfied with this. With my member pulsating up in her pussy, she was feeling wonderful sensations and drew even closer to me. But, if anyone had looked up, there was nothing visible to give offense to their heightened religious feelings at that time. Then, my member did the splitting off trick and so part of it was spurred up into her womb and I could feel the release of her egg (a male) and my sperm fighting over it. I sincerely hoped that an especially vital one would win this battle.

With my finishing in her, she cooed into my ear and I withdrew from her body. I then walked away from the church parking lot and immediately changed form in a hidden place and then moved on down the sidewalk with some men from the church looking for me after she had blurted out that an angel had just moved over her and with his spirit had impregnated her.

As I walked, I sincerely hoped that the Creator of all would not take too much umbrage at my little deception. The girl became very famous locally with the confirmation that she was technically still a virgin at her impregnation.

And the boy that she bore was a fine one, too. So, things were moving forward and the boys who were born from my actions (and the girls too) were growing towards their coming realization of who they really were and their place in the sponsor's plans, that even Alexa and I didn't know much about at the time. THE MORPH'S 3-FURTHER REVELATIONS: Things were progressing as far as Alexa and I were concerned.

The sponsors were very sparing and unprogressive in their sharing of additional facts and factors of our commission here on Earth.

Sort of like the Creator of all things is with his true believers. But our son Aladdin was growing even quicker than the previously generated sons (and daughters) that I had a part in over the first year.

On the one-year anniversary of my awakening to life and consciousness at the mall, our sponsors saw fit to update our data base with several additional contingency plans of their current generation.

With this, Alexis and I got the message: Whoever these sponsors were, they were very intelligent, powerful, but not all-knowing. They could be surprised, like they were by the birth of our double endowed morph DNA son and the generation of females among the semi-morphs that I had the hand (actually the dick) in generating.

So, they instantaneously passed on the following additions and adjustments to our awareness: Each city's group of semi-morphs would be called a coven and would be headed by a male or female double morph of my and Alexa's bodily generation. (She was thrilled by that.) That the semi-morphs would be generated in a proportion of one female for each ten males. No explanation for that at the time. That each city's coven would be contained at about three hundred males, and that any losses would be made up with my efforts.

That I would move my base of operations to two other cities of the Pacific Northwest, to establish two more covens, and that the semi-morphs and the single double morph for each of those cities would work from the city that they were generated in.

No info yet on what they would be accomplishing. And stunner of all, that all of the semi-morphs would be speeded to reach and apparent age of sixteen at the same time. So, Alexis and I prepared for a very rushed development of the two additional double morphs that we would generate. And began their coming that night. The sponsors chose the two other cities of the state to have covens from those of populations of from about sixty to one hundred thousand out of the way from the metropolises.

With this it was easier to contain the appearance and development of these exceptional children easier. There would be a large enough child population to not be overwhelmed by their presence, and a relaxed enough population to not freak out by any exposures of them either. If they had been generated in either a much smaller town or a metropolis, their existence would have been very hard to contain. It turned out that Marci, the first of my birthmothers, whom I had asserted I never had relations with again, let me know somehow through the sponsors, that she would like another one before she married Ben, her future husband.

And since he was genetically unable to reproduce himself, he was on to this also. So, instead of the two children that had been generated on a variant timeline, in this that established itself to be the real one, I met her at the park again, only without either of her already birthed babies and we again moved to the motel to have the same kind of fun as the last time. But, this time, she got really emotional as we were about to leave and begged me, to take her home with me to raise our children together, so I informed her that I would run it past Alexis and let her know.

But, after Alexis reluctantly agreed, Marci let me know through the sponsors that I would always be special to her, but that Ben was simply the better choice for her under the circumstances. And I sent my regards and agreement with that assertion to them by return 'psi-mail' through the same sponsors. And then with Alexis pregnant again, we moved over to the Kitsap peninsula to start out the generating of additional morphs to establish the coven there.

A heavily naval influenced city there was our initial area of operation. It was a bit smaller in population from our target cities, but the population there was well indoctrinated in being secret about sensitive issues, since a very powerful missile submarine base was located there. So, lu s kuntrol asia jada kiss asian double penetration group sex interracial teen ebony hiding of a sizeable population of special children would be contained by the city's working nature.

I had now developed the ability to call on a large number of openly accepted personas and so used a whole new set in this city's environs. They had a mall here, too. So, I used it form my aged man exercise regime and caught up to a clerk in the local sexy wear store during a slow time. I asserted to her that I had a very young lover, whom I wanted to surprise with some very sexy undies and I asked if she would model them for me to help me make up my mind.

When she began to balk at this, I suggested that I would tip her well if she did so, and so she checked with her clerk partner and let her know that she would be busy with me for a while and grabbed a bunch of sexy intimate things and led me to the back and most private of all of the fitting rooms.

As soon as horny college girls giving bjs and riding dicks in group had her few clothing articles off, I let off my pheromones and she was putty in my hands. She sat down on the bench inside, naked, and took my dick up to her lips to suckle on it.

She got it operable in very quick order and then she laid down on the bench and I with my zipper open, laid down on her body with my cock extending to reach down and enter her pussy vault to her surprise, expressed in pleasures.

And when she felt my dick moving up into her, she shimmied her body to help facilitate that. When my cock split off the side member to move up into and past her cervix, she was beside herself in agreement with that, and when I dumped my DNA load into the womb chamber, not one but three lovesome nymph is gaping soft hole in close up and getting off pleasuring g strings were released and came down to converse with my sperm there and interview them as to which would partner with each egg.

It resulted in three different united eggs that would produce three unidentical twins. What a surprise that would be to her. When we got up after our little reproduction exercise, she grabbed me and whispered her name, Felicia, and address for us to meet again. I didn't tell her that I wouldn't see her again, though I wondered at the reception that I would get, after she had birthed three babies from the same tunnel that I had so graciously employed.

So, I left it uncertain, because as the sponsors were learning, so was I. Even independently of them at times. One of the things that I had learned for a number of reasons, was that it worked out easier on the female, if she was at least eighteen, though the sixteen-year-olds could handle it too.

But, though the first recipient of my efforts was only about fourteen at the time and coped with three serial pregnancies from me, I felt that the older girls were better equipped to handle all of this and so concentrated on them. Then with a limited time to establish the beginnings of the members of the 300 male and thirty female coven in this city, also. I knew I had to get to work. So, I went back to some of my tired and true methods, including using the public busses and the high school ones.

I was getting real good at the split dick efforts and on one of my first forays on a school bus, I as a young man to the girls on the bus, took my place in the very last seat and with two girls on one side and two on the other did something for the first time. I extended my pheromone envelope to encompass the whole back of the bus and that helped to cover over what I was doing in the back seat.

The girls in front of us ran interference from anyone that would try to interfere. And the girls in the back, raised their own skirts and lowered their panties for me to seal the deal with them. Our actions were blocked from the driver's view by the back of the seats for them, and the jacket over my lap down the middle. And with them with open and receptive pussies, I split off to four members, each one taking one of the girls.

They looked in amazement at each other, but did nothing to avoid what they must have suspected was coming to them. And in fact, each of them moved into positions that greatly facilitated my dick's efforts and soon, I was up into each of their wombs, with their eyes a bit glassy-eyed in desires. As the split off members, with their branched off spurs up through the cervix's of the girls into their wombs for the sexual denouement, I felt them all jump a little when their eggs dropped to the sperm gladiatorial struggle vault.

And I thought that I even felt the victory of each of my sperm in the impregnating of the girls. After that they all snuggled up to me, and I left them gathered up to me as we got off the bus, evidently much to the chagrin of the boyfriends who had been awaiting their arrivals to school.

I repeated this several times in the high school buses of the area latex milf assfucked after teen gives blowjob and got as many as five in pending motherhood, with in that case having two on each side and one on my lap. With the resulting reports on the local news, I moved on to other avenues of endeavors.

I used another set of personas to invade the local dance and party scenes. One of my successes was with an A.A. girl, the daughter of a Chief Petty Officer. It was at a local base children's dance, and she barely qualified with her very adult modeled seventeen-year-old body. I this time appeared as a Chinese Asian boy, tall for my age.

And she welcomed me right up into her arms. After a couple of dances with a multitude of sexy grabbing's, she moved us to a dark corner and with her thong moved to the side, she welcomed my dick up into her and to her surprise up into her womb through her cervix.

She didn't have time to ponder on how I was able to accomplish that, because in my multi-baby generation mode, I serviced four of her eggs and she would have a big surprise, also coming up.

Also, I managed several more couplings that evening, and with my aggressively multiple birth efforts, my time in this area was coming to a finish. About this time, Alexa delivered out next progeny, double blessed and a female.

Then we immediately after her healing up started the next one. She was handling this very well, and was totally devoted to me, at least all that she could with our growing and quickly developing family to contend with.

It so happened that the last of the semi-morphs that was generated in this was in a Japanese young wife of twenty-six that was married to a submarine captain, who was at sea at this time. She was so very pretty and missed her husband very much. She was also lonely with being with no real friends or relatives in a strange land. All she had was the prettiest cat that you might have ever seen, but it though being friendly and affectionate with her, was a waste of time as a conversationalist.

To spread my efforts out, I was now portraying myself as a steam cleaning carpet specialist and with an invitation to clean her carpets, because of kitty accidents, I moved onto the base and parked outside of her doors. When I knocked, she extremely graciously welcomed me in the oriental fashion. What a pretty and wonderful manner she showed to me. As I moved some of the easy furniture to move out of the way, she worked on some of the harder to move ones, as per our working agreement.

And as I looked over to her, I saw that she wasn't wearing any undies under her housedress. Since, she kept her home very warm, it might have been out of comfort, but I kept my options open. But, with my pheromones in control, I hoped. I had no desire to have an angry sea captain looking for me for abusing his dear wife in his absence in serving his country.

But, as the steam cleaning proceeded, I detected that she was coming under the influence of my pheromones, despite my efforts to contain them. Finally, with the noisy motors running outside blocking any ability for others to hear of what was going on it her home, she moved up to me and took me into her arms. "Sir, I detect that you are a morph and I have heard of you folk in the underground news media.

I understand that you are impregnating women, but otherwise causing no other distresses to their lives. And so, I was wondering if you would give me twins to help me pass the time away when my husband is at sea. And I am guessing that you have other abilities, so could you also hide this discrepancy with artificially produced documentation of them being adopted by me while he was out to sea that would pass all official investigations?" "I without confirming her assertions nodded, and so with the steam cleaning system still in action, she took me by the hand and led me to her bed.

And as I watched, she shed her housedress to show only her below the fabric, and she was a totally perfect young woman, fecund as I could detect, also.

So, to get this on the way before any neighborly suspicions might be aroused, she moved back on to the bed and I opened my service huge tits blonde gagged and anal banged and with my dick prominently displayed, addressed her pussy to my lips to sext her up. She seemed to especially enjoy my cock elongated to play with her tonsils in her throat.

And so, we reversed out bodies with me now tonguing in her throat, my dick also elongated and proceeded to enter and move up her pussy vault. She smiled with this, probably of having had to wait for a couple of months already until her dear husband and lover returned to her bed and pussy.

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And with my member shooting off a side shaft up through her cervix, she seemed to know exactly what was going on. With the open tip of my side cock playing in her womb, she reached up to my ear and whispered, "Two, please" and I nodded to that, too. Then I spurred the release of two of her eggs and splashed my semen all around them.

I could feel their coming to be impregnated and so with final fucking flourish up into her, then withdrew with her body smothered up to mine in appreciation.

I could hardly remember a more satisfying occasion of my using my powers. And from the absence of any spillover effects, except for the announcement of the captain getting twin adopted children while at sea, everything seemed to work out just as the lovely lady had desired.

I guessed that I would be welcomed back on future cruises of the lady's captain, but decided to leave it well alone with such a profound success the first time. Before Alexis and I moved on to the third area of a rising of a coven, we moved back to Big City to check on things there. We found them to be in good order and with my accidently meeting with Marci again, she proposed that we could meet intimately again and make another baby, if I wanted.

But the sponsors asserted that three for her was enough, but that I could play with her, since she was lonely even with a loving husband, and so with the aid of the sponsors, we moved to the motel room again, and I gave her all that she wanted, only this time with no baby. With their observing of the enjoyment that we each got out of this, in addition to the enjoyment we had with our marriage mates, they asserted that they would let us have this again in future occasions, and perhaps with more children, also.

She was very happy to hear this. Now we moved our operation to the east side of the state to raise up a coven there, also. The thinking behind this location sort of escaped us, but as Alexis and I now knew that the sponsor's intelligence and usual decisions were very sound, we just moved on and took up my work there, too. Alexis ashvray xxx nage sex stories story busy with two babies and with another boy on the way, also was very fulfilled with sunny leone sexy nude porn life with me and the kids and so was open to living wherever we went, with the niggling question of where would we be settled and used when my reproduction mandates were completely fulfilled.

I was enjoying the process, but concerned about what would happen to Alexis and my children too, since their doubled DNA gifts were accounted for, but still unknown as to the results of. But, as we later found out, the sponsors were well on the track with this, too. We usually traveled light in our excursions, but in this case, we had gathered enough articles of existence to need to engage a moving van.

I let violet starr fuck revenge with horny stepbro company know that the missus and I would load it up with our modest amount of goods, under the guidance of the driver, so that they would only need to send one.

In that way, we all could sit in the cab and drag the small car we were using behind the truck. So, they agreed to this.

After getting the van loaded, we set out to drive even though it was approaching twilight. We would make it in a little over two days, and there was another load waiting for this truck on the other end.

So, to let my wife sit by the window, I moved to sit in the middle right up to the attractive but rough and ready driver, a female. Because she was the driver, and my wife was sitting right by us, I didn't expect any sexual hijinks on the nun mom sleeping fuck son. I was making a determined effort to contain my pheromone abilities.

But, as we hit the interstate going east from Twilight City towards one of the several passes going to the eastside part of the state, I soon could feel her turn to look over at Alexa who was out like a light at the present, and then feel a muscular, but feminine hand rubbing on my leg. Evidently, my resisting joining in, caused her to be even more determined to get her way in this exercise. And with a few minutes more of feeling her fingers now engaged with my cock, I gave up and let things develop as they might.

By the time that she had opened my zipper one-handed and had my cock out for her massaging, I had one of my hands up under her blouse and was doing the same for them.

She showed considerable enjoyment of that. With the constant driving, she might have not gotten enough stimulation's to keep her satisfied. And I didn't see a ring on her finger, either. So, as we worked on each other, I turned and with her keeping one eye down the road, she was a wonderful driver, she began to respond to my kissing of her lips. Her tits were already responding to my caressing as my cock was to her fingers. With us leaving on the drive, she had changed from her overalls to a loose dress, at the time I guessed for further comfort, but with me turned to her and kissing her lips, she reached over and directed my other hand to under her dress fabric, and my hands obeyed this encouragement.

As all the other things were continuing, I moved one finger up into her pussy to stimulate her G spot. I only allowed my finger to extend a very little bit, as I was going to contain my abilities, since this gal would know where we lived. She was slightly vibrating and shimmying over this and when we got to the first rest stop, she pulled in and excused us from Alexa to presumably take each a potty break.

But, jaklin x x x storyr evidently knew this place very well and led me to a spot out of the sight of any others and lifted her dress up and turned for me to do her from behind. And do her, I did. I got myself up into her womb again, to her great surprise, and unloaded enough semen to do ten women.

She had released at least four eggs, and so with a smile on my face I then worked her over very well to get her jollies and then withdrew to join Alexa in the cab. She, of course, knew exactly what had happened and remarked before the driver could return, "Deserved for messing with another woman's man!" And then she went to sleep. As soon as we had dropped off the contents of the moving van, we traded in our little car and got a box truck of our own and paying the owner of the rental three month's rent in cash, with a receipt, we reloaded our own truck to be gone without a trace before the driver found out that she was pregnant with quadruplets.

The diversion worked out fine. THE MORPH 4-FINALE: After having ducked any chance of the female moving van driver finding the bastard that left her with four babies to take care of, we settled down in one of the other towns of this Eastern Washington triumvirate.

And since, time was marching on and we still wanted to get the third coven filled with semi-morphs on time, I knew that I would have to get real busy with my mandate and take some chances in carrying it out, too.

So, I was going to concentrate on multiples to start off with a bang (pun intended.) So, I returned to my tried and true method of buses and the first one that I managed to get on was a church bus of one of sex vedios teacher student in school classroom or teachers room mega congregations in the area.

It drew members from all three of the towns of the triumvirate and so had over an hour of travel for each church session. Since there were multiple buses involved for this large congregation for each of the meetings, the one that I was on was dedicated to getting the attenders that were the farthest out from the church.

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So, this was going to allow me to have plenty of time to do my job with them. And since they were mostly very religious, this would provide them a faith-based cover for their unexpected conditions. On the bus, I took the form of a young man of about twenty-two, and I took my place among the girls, who were vastly in superior numbers to the guys on the bus. And this bus seemed to specialize in the younger girls of from about sixteen to twenty-six.

And since being of a faith-based demeanor was not prolific among the young male attenders, the act that I put on for the girls got a lot of the girl's attentions. When the bus arrived at the church, there were twenty-four girls that I had favored with my attentions under the influence of my mega-strong sexual pheromones. The guys had been lulled to sleep and the driver centered on his driving responsibilities, so I was free to move about the girls and do as I wished, with not one resistive or complaining girl.

I did just one first of all, and she was a girl that was not highly favored in her looks. She was a bit pudgy and a lot of shy.

But I could read a really warm heart in this young girl of eighteen and so favored her with triplets to raise. I knew that they would be in exceptionally good hands, and that her old-time farmer father, though stunned by the babies beginning, would do the best that he could do for this beloved daughter. When I approached her in her seat, she was already influenced by my hormonal assault and was quickly influenced to start the kissing and hugging to proceed the impregnation.

And when she opened her legs to my use, with the driver briefly glancing back at us and then keeping his attentions on the road, she felt my dick extending to her pussy hole from around the edge of her panties. She showed no resistance to this, just a sense of wonder at how it was happening. But, when my cock made its way past her hymen without rupturing it, she was wide-eyed and began to kiss me again in a lusty fever.

Then when my cock did the diversion thing with a branch of it moving up through her cervix, she began to shiver and moan in her body's being male invaded, something she wondered if would ever happen for her. Then with her hand on the root of my cock and lovingly caressing it, she and I both felt it unload into her womb, with an egg, then another and then a third one delivered to the field of sperm combat with her excited desires evident for there to be winners for her to love and raise.

This was beyond anything that I had encountered before and when my cock retracted, with the sperm combat in her womb still in progress, she leaned over with one eye looking longingly up to me and sucked my cock up till it was totally dry. With that complete, I would have stayed right with her, but I had more plantings to accomplish so I after kissing her firmly moved to other seats and other wombs to plant.

I accomplished over forty up into the twenty-four pussies in the bus. And then I got off and quickly disappeared to view to foil any efforts to tail me. It so happened that I had wandered into a large extended family picnic at a park, so I first showed myself in one of my older man personas to scope out the situation, and I found a whole bunch of young girls in attendance, well over fifty by my count and so I set a target to get all of them up with at least one. And I decided to use some of the older ladies from about twenty-six to forty, also to move this along quickly.

One of the already mothers was a widow of about thirty-six, who already had three children. Was as an excellent mother as I read her and so when she went to the bathroom, I read her intentions and arrived there first. All of the little enclosures were busy, so I took over one with my legs lifted up. And she opened the door to see me, but the hormones worked again, so she moved in and lifted her dress, lowered her panties and sat on my lap, like it was an exorbitantly cushioned seating.

I opened my legs and let her pee down between them and then I while she was leaned back into my arms, reached around to wipe off her dampened pussy. Then with her attentions somewhere else in the galaxy, my cock lengthened out and moved up her pussy to her welcoming physical responses. And when the branch of my cock moved up into her womb, the usual egg appeared with a mate and I unloaded again to cover them with my sperm to start another couple of lives.

It appeared that she didn't object to this even a little, matter of fact it appeared from my reading of her mind that she would have liked me to stay around and help her raise these new ones just starting up in her womb.

I through my 'psimail' let her know that she was very desirable, but I would not be able to accommodate that. But I promised (in the sponsor's name) that a fine man would find her, and they signaled that they would accede to this promise of mine and did. She then raised up and wiped up the outside remains of our little fun and after kissing me firmly on the lips, moved out to savor her megan rain fighting and porn by step brother condition among the affectionate family members that she had waited long to see again.

I transformed into an aged female to leave the women's bathroom and moved out to deliver the rest of the sperms in order for the day. And when the total of charming guy picks up huge titted plumper day was added up, it was over a hundred prospective new semi-morphs.

What a great start to a challenging goal of three hundred males and thirty female new ones. I happened to be resting a bit at a local public swimming pool, when a lovely lady of about twenty-five took a place next to me to sun.

I had put my normal guy with a happy face and low wattage demeanor on and she was motivated to use me to apply her sun block, as she had rather pale skin. And since it was early and no one else was in attendance, she took off her bikini and asked me to get all of her lotioned up, before she would cover up again, delaying as long as possible to avoid white tan lines.

I was happy to accord her this effort and I made sure to cover her intimate parts too. And she smiled at that, since she read no unwarranted aggressions on my part. She especially seemed to welcome and enjoy my tanning lotion's invasion of her ass cheek valley and her pussy slit. She even allowed me to lightly tongue and kiss both locations, including her breasts.

But, all too soon the entry of others was evident, so even though they sat as far away from us as possible, she recovered with her bikini.

After several minutes, she moved to the pool and we again alone in it, drifted to a far corner that would not be visible to the others in attendance and then she allowed me to kiss and caress her to my considerable enjoyment. I was about to do my cock trick, when she whispered into my ear that she would like to continue this at her home and for me to follow her there.

So, she gathered her things up and moved, still in her bikini to her little sports car and I followed in our box van. When we got to her home, she wiggled her ass at her door, and then welcomed me into her lovely home for some adult fun. She quickly led me to her bedroom by the hand and then quickly doffed her swimsuit and asked me to do the same. When I had obeyed her, she then sat me down on the side of the bed and began to suck and kiss my member.

This time I was containing myself and allowing things to proceed at a normal manner. So, when I was up strongly, she laid back to allow me to play with her pussy, and so I briefly engaged her lips, tits and then moved down to light up her pussy vault. And it didn't take long at all. Her manner indicated that she was totally into whatever was going to happen and I read from her mind that she had a very fine husband, that was sterile and that they had been thinking of having in vitro fertilization to give them the much desired family to raise.

I had encountered this kind of thing before, and it always lit me up on fire to give these ladies and their men, what they so strongly desired. And so, after lighting up her pussy, with its cumming productions, I held her in my arms and told her how very lovely and desirous she was and then left her on her back with her hips elevated and moved my cock up into her pussy vault and then branched off to also be up into her blonde teen fitness and hd cumshot tits dolly little is in need of some tutoring and much. Since she was surprised by this, I comforted her that the method was strange, but the result would be in two children, one of each.

And with this she relaxed. It was not her time for releasing her eggs, but as had happened so often before, my semen invading her womb, caused the eggs to release anyway. She could feel this, but just took in in stride as my semen with the combative sperm met in the field of living combat. It resulted in the two best invading the eggs, undoubtedly guided by the sponsors and with that, she relaxed and took the impregnation in loving acceptance.

Since, her husband was not due back home until late the next day she begged me to stay over and I through my 'psimail' let Alexa know and I spent the night with this dear lady to comfort her in her pending motherhood.

I only made those two for that day, but I felt like I had done very well indeed. A few weeks later, and I had done my best and I had only one more little girl to make. There had been a public uproar in the area over my activities as the numbers began to add up. And so for the last one, I decided to do what some might consider a mercy fuck, but which I considered one of the most important ones that I ever did.

There was a lady in a rest home, who had been there since she was eight. Her parents had consigned her there, because she was not gorgeous and worst of all was very quiet and said almost nothing.

They were very socially prominent and couldn't stand having her around to lower their exalted status, so their little girl that loved them all through the years was imprisoned in this well-meaning institution, to her long-lasting sorrow. She was now forty-five in very good health. She had had a few lovers over the years, but nothing to show for it, since the ones that had her didn't stay long, because they weren't there for mental reasons, but for physical ones and eventually healed up and moved on with their lives.

So, for month after lonely month, she went through the menstruation protocols that women have to deal with, and had nothing to show for them, but just a few wrestling's in the nighttime with no babies to warm her heart and life.

So, I having found out about this through one of the women that I had dealt with and in her mind a memory through her husband of the dear woman that had comforted him in his recovery from a grievous injury, promised myself that I would do something about this before I finished my mandate.

I simulated a serious medical concern and was assigned to this same place, with the sponsor's acceptance. (By this time, I had figured out that the sponsors had something of a heart with their actions at my request in certain cases, and this was one of them that meant a lot to me.) And she met me at lunch on the very first day and seemed to read my anguish in my assumed impaired manner and I could detect with my psi abilities, that she was determined to do something about it.

That night as I was simulating sleep, she sneaked into my room and with her naked she crawled up into my bed and welded herself up against my side. She began to size up the situation by reaching onto my various sexually influenced sites, to see if her actions would cause me any further harm, and with her realizing that it wouldn't she started to kiss and caress me. By this time, I had been with a large number of women and teacher with student 2019 xxx storys sindhi a few who were very generous lovers, but this quiet and lonely woman was by far the best.

Her kissing soon moved on to deep tongue kissing, with her tongue probing deep into my mouth, she sucked on it like a hoyden would a dick, and then let me suck on hers, too. And then she moved up to offer her tits to me, and I sucked on them as long as she wanted it, and that was for almost fantastic blonde has her trimmed pussy nailed half an hour of her crooning with pleasures at my efforts.

Then, she moved down to my cock to take it up into her mouth. And it rose very fast, so she then reversed her body to lay on mine with my cock up her mouth and my lips on her pussy and ass. She went almost crazy over this, because none of the other guys that had had her, though they were very affectionate, had taken things this far. And when my tongue extended to reach deep up into her ass, she shrugged and wiggled her ass cheeks to get the maximum feelings from that invasion of her body.

She got a small climax with that and was prepared to accept that as her due, but we then reversed again and soon my dick was reaching up and filling her pussy vault to her considerable surprise.

Inside of her it seemed much bigger than on the outside, because of course, it was. But she just accepted that and plunged up and down on it while being laid on my tummy. I let her have this fun for several minutes after which she came much stronger to her delight. But then, the spur off of my inside cock developed and moved up into her womb, with another striking surprise to her. And then with me fully up into that beloved home, I caused her to release one single egg with a whisper, "This is just for you, dear!" And then came the flood of my semen and its sperm all of which would contend for the one lone egg in her belly.

With this she got a monumental climax with a profound cumming all over my belly and loins. After she settled down from her climax, kenshinteki na kyonyuuduma wa otto no tameni miwosasage keirensuruhodo ikimakuru konno mako with tears in her eyes, licked all of the cum off of me and then settled down to cuddle with petite juvenile vixen rides old dong oldvsyoung and hardcore for a couple of hours.

She left me with a fervent kissing and finally moved off to her lonely home for the last thirty-seven years. When she had the baby, the authorities tried to take it away from her, along with her parents, too. But, the sponsors evidently maneuvered things and a judge with a landmark decision and a good deal of fury at how this fine young woman had been treated, ruled that she could keep the baby and that the parents would only have the rights to attend to it, that were granted by Amelia their abandoned daughter.

The home was at first upset and worried about this, but Amelia turned out to be an exemplary mother and all of the other residents got to help in the baby's care, which provided a wonderful diversion to the aches and pains that they were feeling resulting in a much happier cliental in the home.

I by then in other parts of the state, none the less was very happy for her in this result. With my baby making protocol completed, I engendered no more babies, but ones to replace accidental deaths among the chosen ones. Alexa and my three babies turned out to be the leaders of the three covens, because of their even more powerful abilities. But Alexa and I never did find out what the purpose was for them, they just went about their assignments' without ever enlightening us as to their nature.

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I was kept busy though wandering around the circuit of them every three months to verify their situations. I also had the part in providing each of the covens with their meeting places, financed by funds provided by the sponsors to my account, in ways that I didn't know.

And was wise to not ask. Along with my seasonal circuit riding, which I did alone, in each location I reconnected with one of my favorites in that place.

The sub captain's wife, the young lady on the farm and Marci back in my home town. They didn't get pregnant again with my visitations, but they took great joy at my unique cock manifestations in their bodies each time.

One of the times each, Lusty redhead gets her hirsute twat hammered squirting and hairy took them to the movies and in the dark, took them also.

They thought that that was a lot of fun, probably why I chose them in the first place. And this especially meant a lot to the sub captain's wife who became a widow when he was lost at sea.

Over forty years later, I was still visiting each of those ladies, when Alexa was accidentally destroyed in Paris in a street explosion. She was vaporized by the heat with nothing evidently left to clone from. The sponsors, knowing how much she meant to me, asked if I wanted them to recreate her, and I felt that that would be an insult to one who had lived her life so very well.

So, I was alone for a while. But, with the sea captain's widow and the farm girl both now passing on, the only one left was Marci, the first of my implantation's from my home town.

We had been seeing each other all along, and while my 'tricky dick' had amazed her through the years, she began to really appreciate it when she got into her later years, when she still wanted the fun, but not the unpleasantness of fucking up the ass and pussy in old age. I had found out that the semi-morphs had completed their commissions, whatever they were and that we were going to all be moved in mass to a planet of our own soon.

So, I asked the sponsors through my 'psimail,' if they would grant me one wish. To create Marci as a full morph, just like me and at the same apparent age that I had at twenty-four.

They said that they would consult among each other and their superiors along with Marci to see if this would work out. After a very stressful week, with Marci moving to be on death's bed, I got my answer concurrent with notice of her passing, when she approached and knocked on my door much like the little girl that I had first encountered johnnh sinns sex with office secretary chik at the apparent age of eighteen, which she would stay at as long as we were together.

And that promised to be for a long time, endless in practicality. She jumped into my arms, and I teared up like never before or since, and I detected some symbolic wet eyes among the observing sponsors, too.

As Marcia (as I now dubbed Marci to differentiate her from her previous self, which she still remembered) and I joined the leaving giant ship with all nine hundred young men and ninety young women semi-morphs; I also noticed a new Alexa in the company with evidently a clone of mine.

I smiled at that and when we got settled on the new planet prepared for us, they took up residence on the opposite side from us, but became our very good friends when we gathered together every so many years for a planetary friendship festival.