Thai teen meat gina valentina gets her wish

Thai teen meat gina valentina gets her wish
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So I'm Sam Lastorene. I'm a junior at WhiteCap high school in Phoenix Arizona. I'm 6'5" about 230 pounds with a tan skin because I'm Italian. I guess you could say I'm the typical "jock" but I don't act all douche baggy or push kids into lockers or stuff like that.

I was just born naturally a pretty good athlete. I've played Varsity baseball and football here for all three years and hope to get a four year varsity letter when I graduate. I come from a pretty normal family, I have a 24 year old sister, my mom and my dad are still together and I have a dog, his names Leon.

My dad's an international sales representative for Dyson vacuums and my mom is a professor at the University of Arizona, so I guess you could say we're not struggling that much when it comes to surviving. My sister is off working for some company that works with providing better education for poverty ridden schools, I don't know all the details about what she does though.

So anyway back to my life, it's only December and even though we're in Her hot and sexy stepmom secretly makes love with her we don't play games on the diamond year round.

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December through March is our conditioning and it usually just consists of hitting in the cages, pitching, running, lifting and stretching. After a while you get used to it and it's not as hard for you, so you get to enjoy it and have more relaxed conditioning days. My classes I take are boringly easy and I don't mean to sound cocky but honestly they are too easy. I sit there all hour just thinking about getting into the cages after school and getting better. Once that 7th hour bell rings I get out of school and walk to my car, I have a 2012 Jeep Compass that my dad bought me for my 17th birthday, I think it was a little extreme, but what the hell.

I grab my equipment and head to the separate indoor school building where we do all of the extra curricular activities like baseball, track and basketball. My two best friends Kane and Michael are already in there stretching and I was shocked to see how fast they got in there. Everyday as we go through our stretches the track team casually makes it's way into the locker rooms and gets changed. It seemed like there were a lot more runners this year than the previous teams.

I hop in the cage and I small amateur chick stepsister eager to swallow last drop of cumshot 10 or so cuts and hop out while Kane cycles through and I step out into the gymnasium and watch the runners boringly run around an ovular track above us.

But as I'm turning back to walk into the cages my eye catches this runner that I've never seen before in the gym, never seen at all as a matter of fact. I turn back around to watch as she takes the curve around one of the ends and fall in a trance of amazement as I watch her beautiful body take perfectly distanced strides as her ass moved perfectly with each plant of her foot. She didn't look young enough to be a freshman or old enough to be a senior so I was confident in guessing she was a sophomore or junior.

I watched again as she took another turn around the end of the track and fell back into reality when she stopped to take a breather, while I was back on earth I noticed she had on a pink sports bra that perfectly held her (what I'm guessing) C cup tits, a pair of pink skin tight Nike pro combat spandex that could barely hold her perfectly shaped tan ass.

I was actually in shock because I've never seen a white girl with such an amazing ass before.

It was literally perfect. On her feet she had black calf high socks with a pair of white air maxes. As she started to run again the blondish brown hair in her pony tail began to bounce along the same rhythm as her heavenly ass.

"Sam.SAM!" I snapped back into reality just in time for Kane to tell me it was my turn in the rotation to hit but Cutie with nice tits gets a deal she wanted hard really couldn't stay concentrated. I hit as fast as I could and came out to find the track practice was over and the runners had left, but I knew she went to this school and I was bound and determined to find her.

The next day I was so excited to go to school to figure out who this beauty from above was and I spent the first couple hours asking some track team members if they knew who I was talking about, finally my friend Losey on the team told me her name was Mallory Carstaccione. I became even more excited because from the sound of her last name that means she was Italian and I've never seen such an insanely hot Italian woman before.

I asked him what class she would be coming out of after this hour and I rushed to the third floor to see if he was right, he was. As students began rushing out of Mr. Otis's World History, I see her making her way out of the room, as she stepped out of the doorway she saw me and said "Whoa, who are you?" in a sly tone with a slight smile.

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"I'm Sam, I saw you running yesterday and I was totally in awe with how beautiful you were." Now I know that might have been a little straightforward but it must've worked because she giggled. As I said this I noticed that she was only about 5'4" but the most perfect 5'4" I've ever seen and all I could imagine was her bouncing on my cock while I hold her up.

How rude of me. "Aw well thanks, I've never seen you around." I said. "Well yeah.I kinda just transferred from Florida, my parents wanted me to better myself." I'm not totally sure what she meant by that so I just kept the conversation going. I walked her to pornstar sex kitten gets her ass hole banged with hard prick 4th hour class which was Advanced Physics 2.

I have that class 1st hour and told her that all we did was watch a movie. I said bye and we parted ways for the time being. As I walk to my 4th hour which is English I see my girlfriend Paige smile at me as I walk in the classroom and as I sit down. Until I saw Mallory, Paige has always been the most beautiful girl in my life. She's a senior, about 5'7" she's a gymnast and softball player, perfectly step mom seduce yr old small boy to fuck her ass hardcore deutsch with a tan skin, C almost D cup tits, with an ass and a set of legs that is unimaginable.

She had on a pair of Yogas that ended at her calves and a pair of Nike free runs with a V-Neck that barely kept her chest in. "Hey babe, what took you so long?" She asked suspiciously. "Ohhh, I had kind of a bathroom emergency out of no where." Now that was probably the lamest excuse I've ever given, but Paige was a blonde, and even though she's extremely smart, she can be quite oblivious sometimes.

So she shrugged it off and we went on with class. All that was going through my head was Mallory's ass bouncing as she ran around the track with her perfectly elevated tits moving up and down. Paige had to keep flicking me to break out of the trance I was in. "Wow you must not have gotten much sleep last night." She said confidently. "Yeah I guess." I coughed. As school ended, I went through my same routine and made my way to the locker room, my equipment was already there from the day before so I just grabbed it and headed to the Cap.

(our separate building) As I walk in I caught Mallory coming out of the locker room pulling down her now blue colored sports bra over the bottom of her tits, I swear drool came out of my mouth but I must've caught it before anyone saw, she had on Pink combat spandex on today with a way tighter than the day before sports bra. My eyes were literally glued. I didn't know how I was going to make it through the next two years without getting with this girl.

But I knew Paige wouldn't be too appreciative of that. Obviously. The whole practice between my cage time I would step out and watch her run, every time she took the curve shed look at me and smile and I guiltily smiled back. When practice ended and I made my way to the locker room, just as I was about to step through the door I felt a tug on my shirt.

I turned around and of course, it was Mallory. I had to look down to see her as she smiled and said "Heyyyy Sammmmm." with a really cute smile, "Do you need something?" I said nicely with a half smile, but a little wearily.

"Yeah I do." She said sternly and pushed me into the locker room, pretty roughly for a girl her size I must say.

She called to see if anyone was in there, turned the light on, and then locked the door behind her. "Whoa there, come on now you know I have a girlfriend." I knew she'd look at my Twitter or Facebook so I know she saw my relationship status. I felt like that was necessary to say even though I had the most attractive girl I've ever seen rubbing her warm, smooth, moist thigh on my cock through my thin layered shorts as she rubbed my chest.

"Yeah, so, what's, your, point,?" She said with a kiss of my chest between each word. "Fuck it, I don't have one." I mumbled. I picked her up immediately and put her up against the wall.

Her hand slid down and took a firm grip on my cock. I reached up and slid my hands behind her and slid her bra off over her head letting her tits explode freely from underneath the smooth material.

I threw it across the room and put my lips to her tits and started sucking on her perfectly pink and round nipples.

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She grabbed my hair as I alternated between nipples licking her cleavage between sucks. As I sucked my cock got harder and harder as I felt my pre cum start to dribble out and make it's way through my shorts to her hand.

She slid down off the wall as she licked the pre cum off of rough threesome xxx some of these pigs just dont get it fingers and started massaging my cock through my shorts as I thrusted a little to pleasure myself. After about 2 minutes of licking and biting my cock through my shorts she pulled down my waistband to release my most prized possession. "Holy fucking shit." She whispered. "This is fucking amazing." I thought to myself, what a dirty mouth on such a beautiful girl, I hope she knows how to use it.

And oh boy did she. She pulled my shorts all the down to my ankles and rested her head against the wall behind her, I wobbled forward and put just the head of my cock within her tongues reach. She stuck it out and began to swirl around my throbbing tip as she got it moist and smooth with the warm saliva that came from behind her perfect teeth. I kept scooting progressively farther forward as more and more of my cock became engulfed in a sea of warm flowing saliva. I put my hands on the side of her head and thrusted and thrusted with every thrust her head hitting the wall harder and harder each time as a louder moan came from her as her head bounced off the wall.

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(Now Paige and I have been arguing the last few months so I haven't gotten much action from her, so you can imagine how good this was, I also probably wouldn't last long) Her moans matched the rhythm of mine and just as she started to gag I pulled out of heavens cave as thick spit fell off my shaft milf aux gros seins sodomisee par son mec dans lamaisondusex tube porn, she gripped my cock with both hands, jerked it for a few seconds while it rested on her tits, just then I felt the tenseness build up and shot rope after rope of thick cum all over her tits watching them shake as my cum splashed into them, she raised my cock so it pointed up towards her face as my cum landed onto her face, amazed at how she kept a beautiful smile on her face the whole time, and into her mouth as she swallowed every single drop, besides the streams that were stuck to her.

After a good 13 streams of cum, she collapsed to sitting on her ass and sat there in shock as to what just happened. The white fluid continued to drip from her head to her tits and from her tits to her thighs and pussy. I didn't think I could cum as much as I did. My cock was still throbbing and dripping cum, she crawled over and said "Let me clean you off." Before I could say anything, not that I'd want to, she slid my cock into her mouth just as another shot came out.

"Are you fucking kidding me? God damn you needed that, you may have a girlfriend but she isn't fucking treating you right that's for sure." She said as she licked the last drop off of my tip.

She couldn't have been more accurate with that statement. Now I really didn't know what I was going to do with Paige, I was contemplating telling her, and just letting it go by like nothing happened, but this was honestly a huge deal and I couldn't just let it slide. I went to bed that night extremely happy but I felt extremely guilty, and as if it couldn't get any worse, right before I was about to drift off into dreams, my phone went off, it was a text from Mallory.

"I had fun today;) I'll talk to you tomorrow:)" I didn't respond, I really didn't know what I was going to do. All of you reading are probably yelling at your screen saying "What the fuck is your problem? This girl wants to fuck you and you're not taking advantage." Now I understand where you're coming from but you don't know Paige, when it comes to sex, Paige is what you could call fucking amazing in bed, and I wasn't just going to let that slip away.

But I knew what I had with Mallory wasn't something I wanted gone either.