Fooling around with my step sister and friends full story

Fooling around with my step sister and friends full story
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Fbailey story number 743 Mom Gets Passed Around When I became a teenager my father stopped doing things behind my back. It was very eye opening, to say the least. The day after my birthday I witness his vengeance. Dinner was not on the table when he walked in the door. Mom looked scared. However, she went into her bedroom and shortly came back out completely naked and carrying what looked like a thick ping pong paddle.

She handed it to Dad and then stood about three or four feet away from the kitchen counter as she bent over and held onto the edge. Her feet were spread wide and her big tits were hanging down and swinging.

Her bare ass was stuck out as an offering. That was when Dad stepped up and started beating the shit out of Mom's ass. His arm went up almost to the ceiling before it came down hard. He whacked her so hard and so fast that I just barely kept up with the count. As best I could determine she took twenty-five to each ass cheek in a matter of just a minute or two. When he paused Mom never moved. Then Dad started in on her hanging tits. That time he came up from underneath smashing her nipples right into her ribcage.

It must have hurt like hell but Mom never cried out. When he was done he shoved the handle of the paddle into her asshole and said, "Don't let it happen again." Mom knelt down, lowered her head to the floor, and said, "Yes, Master!" Dad said, "Get dinner on the table and then get under it.

You are going to suck your son's cock until I tell you to stop." I had been done eating for a long time. I had cum at least three times in my mother's mouth. Finally Dad let her up, handed her a piece of paper, and told her to get dressed. He told her that four men were expecting her and that she had better not come home until the men were completely drained of cum.

Mom was out the door in record time. The next morning at breakfast Mom looked exhausted. When I asked her what time she had gotten home she replied, "About twenty minutes ago." When I asked what she had done all night, she replied, "I'll tell you after school.

Now get going or you will be late." I really wanted her to suck my cock but I knew that she was horny blonde milf masturbates hardcore show homemade and camshow, so I just kissed her goodbye and left.

That day at school all I could think about was my mother naked with Dad beating her big soft hanging tits with that thick ping pong paddle. Of course I loved having Mom suck my cock for almost two hours afterwards.

However, I was really curious about what had happened at that address Dad sent her too. When I got home the first thing that Mom asked was "What did you think about last night?" I asked, "Honestly!" Mom said, "Of course! I'd like to know what you really thought about your father punishing me?" I replied, "I hate to admit it Mom, but I really liked watching Dad beat your ass and tits." She asked, "Would you like to punish me?" I almost shouted, "You bet I would." Mom said, "I'm so happy to hear that.

You see, that was the last time that your father would do that for me. He can't stand punishing me. I beg for it all the time but he only gives in a couple of times a year.

I need it a lot more often than that…like every day. I had to promise to never ask him again if he would do it in front of you. He couldn't wait to get it over with. That's why he rushed through it like that." She let that sink in and then she asked, "Will you punish me please. I can't get off without it. I've tried! Masturbating just doesn't do it for me. I blame my father for that." I asked, "What did your father do?" Mom said, "Well, every time that I got caught playing with myself he would punish me.

After a while I had better orgasms from him punishing me. So I let him catch me almost every day. It was the best time of my life." I asked, "What about Dad?" She said, "He is the happiest man on Earth today. He won't have to listen to me begging him to beat me." I said, "So you will let me beat your ass and tits…what else?" Mom said, "Anything and everything that you want." I asked, "Can I have sex with you?" Mom smiled and said, "Honey you can have sex with me as many times a day as you want too, as sex lifs sex sex stories story as you punish me first." It was my turn to smile.

I told her to get naked and to bring me that paddle. She giggled like a little girl as she scurried off. When she returned holding the paddle she was naked, as I had requested. She stood away from the kitchen counter, leaned over, and stretched her arms out to grab the edge of it. I stood behind her and off to one side like Dad had.

I raised the paddle and then lowered it onto Mom's ass cheek. I waited a short while and then landed a blow to her other cheek. As I gained confidence I hit her harder and harder. After twenty-five on each cheek I started in on her low hanging tits.

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When that first swing came up from beneath I also came. It was as if the whole scene had gone into slow motion. I watched the paddle come up and kiss her nipple, driving it into her soft breast flesh, and then her breast accordion folded itself up until it collapsed against her ribcage.

The view excited the hell out of me and I couldn't wait to do it again and again. I went from side to side smacking her tits. After ten strokes I started hitting her ass too as long as I was walking past it. I had so much fun that I forgot to count. Mom never complained.

I was still beating her when Dad came in. He smiled at me and said, "It worked. I wasn't sure that it would. Thank you, thank you, thank you." I asked, "You don't mind?" Dad smiled again and said, "Not at all. You can beat her all that you want, as long as I never have to do it again." He got a beer out the refrigerator and said, "When you're done have her fix dinner." When I was done I just shoved my cock into her dripping pussy.

I knew that Mom had had several orgasms and I needed mine. I knew that she had gotten off because she would tense up and vibrate all over. It was almost time for me to tense up and vibrate.

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Then it happened. It was fantastic, my best ever. I slapped her butt and said, "Stay naked and fix us dinner." Mom knelt down, lowered her head to the floor, and said, "Yes, Master!" That made me smile and for some reason I felt great, knowing that I had taken Dad's place in Mom's life. From that day forward she was all mine and she would not need to be passed on to any other men…that is of course unless I wanted to pass her around.

Time will tell. The End Mom Gets Passed Around 743