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Sexy mature nurse myuu hasegawa and a patient tube porn
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You probably want to read Chapter one, 2 and 3 first. The first chapter does not have much sex in it but certainly introduces the main characters to you. Sex is abundantly present in chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 ******** The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 4 Interlude ******** "Can't you find anything in the instructions?

Seattle, that's where we need to go. How hard can it be?" "Just shut up for a moment Cindy, will you. I don't know where big boobs suck from there this stepmother friends daughter couple took johnny for a ride are. I don't know how far to the north Seattle is. All that is in these instructions are something about trains, whatever they might be and sailing ships of which there is a picture here, see?" "Let us first find out where we are, there is something over two foxy blondes share a stiff dong that looks like it is a city." Hours later Cindy and Alex reached the outside of the city.

There was a sign on the side of the road that said 'Caracas'. They entered the first shop on their side of the road. "Disculpe señor y señora, hay una fiesta en alguna parte?" "English, please" "Ahh, Inglés. Maria, ven aquí. Clientes Ingleses" "Good morning folks, I am Maria, can I be of service?

New clothing perhaps?" "Good morning milady. Why would we need clothes for? These are new." "New? Yeah, right, sixty years ago, maybe." "Ask her what new wardrobes would cost for the both of us?" "No need to have him ask me, ma'am. I think I can dress the both of you for under a 1000 dollar." Alex showed Maria one bearer bond from his bag and said; "These things have a 1000 or something number on it. Would that be enough?" "I think so.

You know what, I feel generous today. How about another piece of your paper and I throw in a pair of shoes for the both of you. But, nothing about something or other. If I were you I would not walk around with that kind of money.

There is an International bank across the street." "Oh, yes, thank you." "Wow Alex, these clothes really look different from what we were dressed in. I like the short miniskirt, let's keep these. Say, if I do this, can you see something?", Cindy said while bending over keeping straight legs.

"From this angle Cindy, I can look between your legs right into your throat. I think this is what our instructor meant with improper behavior." "I actually wanted you to fuck me Alex. We are not on the streets. We should be ok." "Sorry no, Cindy.

Off the streets in the context of fornication means in our own private space with nobody around. Not under a roof with two other onlookers. You horny bitch!" ----------------------- On the other side of the road, Alex and Cindy entered the International bank. They looked around and an employee approached them. "Señor y señora puedo ayudarte?" "English please, Yo no hablo español." "Mr, Ms, I am Pedro, can I be of service?" "Yes, I have a few checks to bearer, can I trade some of them for cash?" "May I have one sir, I can verify their validity." The employee gulped a few times and said; "These are valid sir, we do not have enough cash in-house to trade you with.

Would you mind to open an account, sir? Perhaps you hire me for advice." "Yes please, here have one yourself." "Sir, my advice is for free. I will be happy to be of service. In order to give sound advice, I need to know of your plans, sir." "Plans? Oh. Ehh. Yes, Settle, frist time fucking vedifree download it.

We need to go to Seattle." "Seattle? No problem sir. Our bank has offices in Seattle. How about we put your checks in our volts after counting them. Through our affiliates all over the world, you can have easy access to your money the way you wish. I do advice you though to spread all your cheques over multiple different banks. We can take care of that. I think it wise for you not to carry the bag around. I see you wear clothes with the price tags attached from the store across the street. I understand you have no cash.

How did you pay for the clothes, sir, and do you have a receipt?" "We paid with a cheque. The lady was really nice, she gave us shoes for another cheque." "Alonso, ven aquí. Escucha." "Ms, Mr, Alonso will be right back with your cheques, we will settle with the offenders. It is not a problem.

Do you have some identification?" "Yes, we have passports." "Can I see them please." "No, we were told only to show them to customer services representatives." "I will need your passports for identification purposes.

I need them to amateur couple get caught on webcam at night up an account sir." "Oh, ok." "Really, you are Alex Cindy and your partner is Cindy Alex? This cannot be real." "Those passports are as real as you and me, if you do not want to help us, please assist us to someone who can." "I can help sir, you are in the right place, at the right time, at the right moment.

I do not want to pry sir, but I think the lady is in need, I suggest I book a hotel room for you. Tomorrow I will have everything sorted out with contracts ready. I will also see to it you get to Seattle. My colleagues there will advise you investing your money." Alex looked to his left and saw Cindy rubbing her bare vulva beneath the table.

"Agreed Pedro, see you tomorrow." " Ah, there is Alonso again." ………&hellip. "Indeed the lady embezzled two cheques from you. Alonso has paid your bill. We will extract it from your account.

Alonso will escort you to your hotel. We took the liberty to book you into the Hilton, with compliments from our bank. We would like to do business with you, sir. We have been informed some talents with outstanding investment records together with the Dutch pension management funds have merged into a new company.

I will see you tomorrow Mr. Alex Cindy and Ms. Cindy Alex. Your passports have been validated to be genuine." ********************** The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 4 *********************** Having a pool to share with only a few people really was great.

We had not been here a week and I had made swimming a daily feat. Already I felt better and stronger. Just lapping. Lapping. Lapping. It wasn't until now I noticed I had an audience. I recognized Alasie with, no. No, not that woman already. Ms. Vandereeken and&hellip. probably her daughter. Why of all things did they invite Ms. Vandereeken into the estate and why of all things did they not have the patience to wait for me to stop swimming?

What the fuck!? The girl is undressing! Have they all lost their marbles? What is this? < Alasie, what is going on? This cannot be real !> < I am so sorry master, it appears that, yes, we have use of this estate, but only your apartment and our rooms are private.

The library and the swimming pool is WSU property and open to the public. Apparently, nobody knows this and Ms. Vandereeken loves you for allowing her daughter in and to keep quiet about it. If I were you I'd fuck her properly. When at the door she immediately started blabbing about the pool being open for public 24/7. I think she was as surprised as you that you were swimming at this moment.

> The girl entered the water in a sexy bathing suit. It was more functional for swimming than a bikini was, but because of the way the front of the suit was cut, a few wild moves and she could perform the breaststroke with her tits bared, with the side note that her tits were not big enough to gain momentum with them. Amazing girls holding cocks in both hands striptease hardcore fact, I thought it alluring. The girl did fill out her suit proportionally.

< What a dork, in an original way. I like it. Someday he will have to explain that tit's stroke of his. It is funny, I'll bet it is. > I immediately checked her pearl and I saw an Elven presence I had not seen before. Unlike her mother. < Hi, I am Girt. I guess all things need a first. You are one. A first. > It was silent after my answer in this mind-speak conversation for a few seconds like she was shorted. But her reaction eventually came.

< Girt? Is that a name? In what sense am I your first? Oh, I am Pearl and yes, you are a first for me too. > < For a girl to mind speak to me without me having to keep the channel open is new as well.

I usually have to put a thought into someone and then read the answer. You spoke to me. Nobody ever did that. How did you know I would answer. > < I hoped you would. My mother was too eager to get me to this estate. I suspected some abuse, but when I read mother's mind I saw nothing of the kind. Only perhaps a little nudge. I almost missed it, so subtle a nudge it was. You got me curious. That's all. Oh, and I suggest we kiss.

That will get my mother satisfied and leave the pool. > I swam over to the girl and checked her out again. She saw me doing it and held her shoulders back to optimize the view to her jewelry, hardly being contained in the now wet bathing suit. Her nipples hardened because of the evaporating water on the bathing suit. < I can see you want to touch them, what's holding you back?

I want you to. I think it is liberating we can read each other's mind and then mind speak.

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> It was easy to glide my hand over her right tit under her bathing suit. I could feel her heartbeat accelerate. Her head came to me for a kiss and I closed the rest of the gap. Once we started necking Pearl's mother left the pool with Alasie, knowing the world was as it should be. The big advantage of our necking session was we could mind-speak to each other while doing business. < I startled you when I answered your mind-speak.

Why? > < You are a first for me too. I never got any answer from anybody. I almost freaked out when you answered while actually, I was expecting it. For nudging my mother earlier. You must be very strong. > < Very strong? How do you mean? > < Well, I have never seen my mother this eager to fuck someone before. It is embarrassing really. I can totally see it happen. Mummy is quite infatuated with you.

Obsessed perhaps is a better way to describe her want for you. Even now she is hoping we will have a good fuck soon so I will invite you to our house and she can get have a go at you. > < You mean as in inevitable?

> < Yep, you do not have a say in this. > Pearl now started to kiss her way down to my trunks and not stopping there. I am sure her mother would be thrilled to see her daughter's mouth engulfing my erected magic wand waving in her face. < It is not a magic wand Girt > < Oh, then how do you explain it magically disappeared not a moment ago > < It is just nice to suck your dick. I love it.

> < Do you have any idea why you can mind speak but your mother cannot. > < Yes I do. We are not related. She is my foster mother. > < Now, there is a coincidence. > < Do tell. > < Alasie, the woman letting you into the pool. She was my foster mother until recently.

> < No way, she is like, only 25? > < Way, I do not understand either, but she is much older than 25, yes there, unghnmm, that's nice, under that ridge, yesss, stop now or I will come.

> < Stop? Hell no. I want the good stuff. > < Uhnghnnmmmmm, uhnghnnmmmmm, uhnghnnmmmmm……Unhghnmm, unghnm, unm, uh, uh. Thank you Pearl, that was nice. > < What happened recently? > < I accidentally 'nudged' her. sunny leon xxx sexy xxx No, you are kidding me.

> < I am kidding you not. > < Girt, teach me to nudge, please. > < I can only show you, I was never taught to nudge. Suddenly I just could. Who do you want to nudge? > < My foster mother.

I think she would make my ideal sex slave. I just did not know how to get her so far. But with a little nudge, I think it would work. > Hiding my thoughts for Pearl besides some corny one on one action between her and her foster mother, I slipped in her mind and saw her half lie. Yes, she wanted her foster mother to be her slave, but I was her most wanted. I decided at that moment that was not going to happen and that I could never trust this girl.

> < Let me pay you back first >, and kissed my way down her abdomen. While going down I peeled her out of her bathing suit and I soon was writing the alphabet on her vulva with my tongue, continuing with a little calculus on her clitoris. I did not want to waste time and planted some niceties in her mind, < Come for me, you Pearly girl, come now, come for me >, with the desired effect.

"Oooh, master, yeahhh, cute teen and sexy stepmom ffm way sex in the bedroom, oooh, soooooo amy anderson mommy got boobs, unhgnmmm, hmm master, I so love you." Well, it did not take me long in Seattle to have a girl call me master. For sure this one was out to get me and I had not the slightest intention to have this girl around.

I now downloaded her memories and scolded myself for not having it done at an earlier stage. Only moments later I acknowledged with myself there truly was no other way to deal with this girl.

If ever there was a calculating bitch, this one topped them all. "Teach me to nudge, please." This piece of evil was the mistress of nudging. Whoever Ms. Vandereeken once was, Pearl's foster mother, that person has been nudged away. But in spite of Pearl's warped behavior towards her foster mother, I could see what a nice lady she had been in the early years of fostering Pearl.

And I could nudge whatever I wanted, that nice lady was never coming back. Or…… < Wilma, get to the pool, have Alasie hold Ms. Vandereeken in the library a little longer. > Wilma recognized what I had done to Pearl reading the submissive position Pearl had taken. I told Wilma what happened and asked whether or not the Juneau Bureau had something for insane Elves.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a good idea. It is the Juneau Sanatorium for the Mentally Challenged. It is near Amaqjuaq's place in the mountains.

I will see to it the girl is picked up from here and arrange all paperwork with the respective authorities, but what about the mother?" "We will have to ebony chick gets fucked by big white cock critical x her here.

Notify WSU she is ill and under treatment with us. Give them an Elven notorious doctor's name and we will be good. I don't think it is possible to get Ms. Vandereeken back, but I am going to give it a try anyway." < Pearl, can you do something for me. > < Yes, master, of course, anything.

> < I would like you to go with MS Cuch here. She will see to it you will be taken to our educational facilities where you will be taught the noble ways of the nudge. I want you to give the staff the impression you think they are teaching you something valuable. Cooperate with them in their delusion that they think you are to be safely kept there. Do not ever tell them that you already know how to nudge and do not nudge anybody for you will be exposed and denied to be taught the other higher Elven Arts or Elevations.

> < Yes, master, thank you, master. > < Alasie, bring Ms. Vandereeken to me in the pool. We have to make her wish come true or what I am going to do will not work. > < This is one big mess, is it honey? > < Bigger, is Ms. Vandereeken having swimming gear with her?

> < No. > < No problem. > I took off my swimming trunks and when Alasie brought Ms. Vandereeken in I told her to undress, "I do not go skinny dipping with you young man." "Ms. Vandereeken, like I do not know you wanted to flaunt your pieces of jewelry to me this afternoon in your office. Not a single reason not to do it now, and besides, we always swim in the nude here. See", and I came half out of the water. This convinced Ms. Vandereeken and she undressed completely.

She didn't make a strip show of it but she did notice I was watching her and she subtly enticed me when she wrestled her tits out of her garment. They promised to be a handful and I chastised myself that was not the reason she would step into the pool with me. When she got to her panties she wriggled her butt downing them, making sure I had a first-row view of her parting cunt lips. "Come into the water, ehh, Ms. Vandereeken, and please call me Girt." "Oh, call me Daphne, please. It should be etiquette to use first names when in the nude.

What do you want from me, Girt?" "What makes you think I want something, Daphne?" "Well usually when, when. With, ehh. Then when&hellip. I do not know Girt." "Perhaps there is something you want from me, Daphne. Do you mind telling me what you want from me?" "I want you to ehh, I want you to kiss me." At that moment I came closer to Daphne and gently laid one hand on her side and I put the other on the back of her head and moved my head a little towards hers.

Daphne recognized my gestures for what they were and finished my move by bringing her lips to mine, giving me a kiss on my lips which put Alasie's pecks to shame." "I like that Daphne. Is that all you want?" "Nooooh, Girt. I want you to touch me in places." "Daphne, touching you in places sounds a little vague. Please be more specific, what more do you want from me?" "I want… I want. I want you. I want. I want… Yes, I want orgasms. I want you to give me orgasms." Daphne now laid down on the slope of the pool and put her head on her neck and pulled her shoulders in to show off her tits, proudly sitting on her tight body.

She spread her legs wide and continued, "I want you to ravage my tits and I want you to fuck me silly, you stud. Unhngnm, I am so horny Girt, Ungh, fuck me Girt, please fuck me." "How come you want this Daphne, think, how come you want me to fuck you silly, think hard. I know there is something that wants you to tell me.

Think Daphne." I was still holding Daphne and I copied her memories. I could see Daphne before she met Pearl. I could see the proud modest woman she once was.

Not a prude, not by a long shot, but certainly not the wanton slut she was now. All those nudges Pearl gave her were not doing any good to Daphne now.

She was in one big conflict within herself." "It is okay Daphne. You can say it. You are safe here Daphne." And instead of pushing her towards me or pushing her away I just caressed her on her head. Caressing her in a way that could never be interpreted as something sexual. Well, I now was hugging her, hushing her, whispering she was safe, hoping that whatever I did bring her back to her uterine days because the moment she was born, everything was alright. I was holding her tight, hugging, swinging, me being the earthing device that perhaps would make everything alright with Daphne again.

I sat myself down in the shallow water and held Daphne like a baby, hugging her, swinging her, telling her it was alright, asking why she wanted all this. And then the bubble burst. Daphne's emotions erupted out of her like a nova. Like an Archimedes shouting 'Eureka'. Daphne opened her eyes, I kept caressing her, whispering, "It's all right Daphne, you can let go. You know who wanted you to say those horrid things, do you? It is okay Daphne. It does not have to happen. There is nothing wrong with the world.

It is all right now. You know it was not you. I was not you. It was not you." Daphne started crying. Louder. After minutes it turned into wailing until she only sobbed. < Really, it is okay. You can say it. It will stay here and it will never bother you again.

> Now the situation became thrilling. Either Daphne would recognize my nudge to be a soothing one or all nudges from Pearl had made her oblivious for positive nudging. Daphne grasped me in my embrace shouting, "It was Pearl. Ever since I started fostering her she whispered things in my mind. I did not want to do what she whispered to me but I could not ignore it.

All that time I have not been me. It was horrible." Again I just held her in my arms like a baby. I forgot for how long. I must have said a thousand times all was right. And probably a thousand more. Then suddenly Daphne stopped sobbing and looked at me. Daphne looked at me for a long time and asked, "How old are you?

Who are you? How can you know spex taxi amateur bended and fucked ballsdeep is okay Daphne, just know that you are safe. I recognized Pearl to be able to do what I can do to people. Power can corrupt and it has corrupted Pearl in an early stage of her recognizing her ability.

Is it okay for us to get dressed now Daphne." "I do not want to get dressed. I am in a safe place", and held me even tighter. "Daphne, I am happy that I could help you and I wish you will recover to become Ms.

Vandereeken again soon, but I am only eighteen years old and I am holding a beautiful woman and she is not dressed. I am sorry, Ms. Vandereeken, I am getting excited. I am so sorry." "Oh, I thought it was…… Oh! You mean? So it is for me then?" --------- What is the difference between Alasie, Vicky, Wilma and me. How come they call you master and I don't." "First let me look into your eyes." Daphne looked back into mine.

I still saw her Elfishness where the others did not. I entered Daphne's mind again. Searching for the connections her Elven pearl should show. Everything was present.

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I really saw no difference with the other girls. Except that I was the only one to see Daphne's Elfishness in her eyes. "The difference between them and you is that I made them my thrall. Alasie happened by accident. Wilma happened because at the time I thought her to be an enemy and Vicky needed protection. With you, I love you for loving me freely.

And maybe a little, just a tiny bit because you really are not too bad to look at." "In that case Girt, I want to be a thrall as well. Pretend it is an accident because I might be turned into an enemy and because I am worth being protected." "Daphne, it is irreversible.

Once you are my thrall, there is no way back." "Girt, sometimes you can be such a dickhead. Do you think I will encounter someone in my life doing more for me than you did. I don't think so. I think I got a right to become your thrall. I will be more happy. I will be more content and I will function optimal in your service. Do you think I don't see them on their cloud all day. I want to be as happy as they are.

I am happy to be with you. But them women are radiating happiness all day. I want to orgasm as well on happy ending will follow for this horny masseuse as well you a cup of coffee. Do you take me for blind or something." "So you want me to be your master, Daphne?" "Yes, I do Girt.

More than anything else I have ever wanted." "Then undress Daphne. Good. Yes, everything. Good. Look into my eyes rolling your string down your legs. You know how to do it. Feel your wetness. You know you have to suck your fingers now, do you? Very good Daphne.

Yes. That is my slut. Now, take a submissive position. Show off those pretty tits. Drag my pants down and park my dick in your mouth. Suck it like the cock hungry slut you are. You are getting yourself off on this, do you? Answer me, slut." "Unghnnmm, yes master, I love this. I love to have your dick in my mouth. I know it is the best home for it. I love to decorate my mouth with your dick and I will accommodate it with the luxury of my tongue.

I want my mouth to be your cock's paradise. I am getting off on it, unghnnmmmm, I love this, unhgnnmmm." < In that case, slut of mine, come for me, come at will, come as often as you like, think of me when you want, just come, know I want you to, just know I want you…> "Oooooh, uhnghnmmmmasssssturrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, unghnmmm, aarghhhhh, unghnmmmm, I love you mmmmassstuurrrrrhhhhhh." Only because I could not deny the truths in Daphne's plea I granted her servitude to me.

I also set my mind to be more anxious about women near me. I needed more women in servitude to deflect women wanting to be in servitude. To achieve this I just needed to remain inside the house. I was not mathematician enough to be able to calculate how much women I needed in servitude to avoid women wanting to be in servitude. Who was going to help me with this equation?

In my ending wisdom, I decided to ignore Amaqjuaq's advice to not accept or seek women in servitude but I also thought it criminal to not help women like Daphne and not accepting them after helping. Sure, I told myself, I could deny Daphne her serving role in my household. But I could not comfort myself with the life I would sentence Daphne with, in the event, I would deny her such a role.

Again I looked in the mirror and told myself I could not help it. I am the person I am. No, I was not going to shoot myself to save humanity from me. I did not think it necessary. Yet. "Yes, really Girt. I am not kidding. I think it is power related. Think of it like a magnet.

You being able to do whatever you like.

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Being so much stronger than Pearl. You are one Power House of magic. Women will always fall for that. It cannot be helped. You can say a zillion times you did not enchant me with a wanton thought, but only the idea you can make a woman think you did and she will fall towards you like a rock falls to the earth.

All of them. And that is why you have to be so cautious like Amaqjuaq told you to be. And that is why I so want you to fuck me. Why I want you to tell me what to do. Why I have this feeling of wanting to suck your dick. Now! Come here you tease. Didn't I make myself clear? Come here!" Alasie laughed to me. "It is your own fault. You helped the woman. What do you expect from a girl when you do what you did. Not taking advantage. She will love you forever.

Now stick your dick in her mouth. Otherwise, we will never see the end of it." Alasie need not say more. Daphne speared her mouth on my dick with a dive into my crotch like a starved animal. I just let her have her go at it. < Vicky, After all that has been said and done. She can ring my bell anytime.

> < Perv! > < Daphne? > < Yes hmm Girt, please tell me your wish > < If you were to use a little more tongue I just might blow, so you know > < Like this Girt? > < Uhnghum > < Yes, is this better? > "Arghnmghnmmm", < now let me come, you cocktease. > < What if I lick your balls and put a finger in your anus?

> "Uhnghnnmmmmm, uhnghnnmmmmm, uhnghnnmmmmm……Unhghnmm, unghnm, unm, uh, uh." "Thank you, Girt, I loved doing that. ------------ < It is time we had a talk Bhavishya. I have been thinking and talking to a few women about what you said about the women on the plane.

I agree with you. It is not normal. I suspect women to get aroused when you act aroused around them. I would like you to test that on a woman, preferably today. > < Now? Amaqjuaq?

> < If you can spare the time. > < What would you like me to do, Amaqjuaq? > < I want you to go to city center. It is nice weather so a lot of women should be out on terraces. Pick a woman with a deep décolleté, whisper something nice to her, slide one of your hands into her cleavage and cup one tit with your hand.

Then walk away, scan her mind for her thoughts and scan the minds of the women witnessing your exploits. Apart from mindreading, do not use your Elevations Bhavishya. > < So, after everything we agreed upon respecting women, everything we agreed upon when consent ended and rape began, you want me to do this? You want me to assault a woman. I refuse Amaqjuaq. I do not want to do this.

What's more. You want me to do this in front of a lot of witnesses. One person with a camera and I will be all over the Internet. > < I am not asking you to make a habit of violating women. It is a premeditated test with a random person you will cure afterward. Bhavishya, it is clear to us all we need to follow up on things happening on the plane.

We are worried. > < Who are we, Amaqjuaq? > < We, at the Juneau Bureau, Bhavishya. > < I think you'd better hand me a list of the women on that plane. I want to scan their minds to see what thoughts pertaining their trip to Seattle remain in them.

See to it that crewmembers are included on the list. > < That we can do. Good idea Bhavishya. > I did not want to do more pull-ups and did not want to go out as well. My unconscious brought me to the pool and I first showered to remove the sweat from my work-out. < I need you in the pool Alasie. > < I am coming master > ----- When Alasie came into the poolhouse the first thing I did was to elevate Alasie and have her to suspend in free air.

< Ooohh, horny joe loves the taste of white cock tube porn, master, a floating fuck. Nice. > I floated myself to Alasie and I swaffled my not completely hardened penis in her face, enticing her to take it in her mouth. Of course, she succeeded with my help. At a leisurely pace, she sucked it, keeping us connected in the air. < Amaqjuaq asked me to violate a woman and then to scan her for the effect it was to have on her and on the women around her.

I refused. Hmmm, yes with your tongue along the ridge, I like that Alasie. > < I will support you in anything master. I think I would gladly hide the bodies for you, should it be necessary, but somehow it makes me happy you refused to violate a woman. How about me licking you here? > < Unghnmm, Alasie, you're wonderful, attached to me like that. Keep it up, please? I have now asked a list of all women on the plane so I can scan them.

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> < You are the best, master. I am such a lucky girl.

Sucking your dick, floating freely in the air. You are being nice to your ladies, aren't you?………> ----- < The list is available Bhavishya.

> I did not want to be bothered while scanning all women on the list so I went to my own apartment and made sure I was alone. There were 60 names on the list and I started on top. A woman going home after a vacation with her husband. I saw in her memory she got very aroused in the plane and wanted to fuck her husband on the toilet.

He didn't want to. She was aroused to this moment still. I took away the reason she got this horny on the plane and I noticed she stepped out of her bliss, becoming the woman again that got on the plane in Juneau. The next woman was the same as the first and all I had to do was to remove the cause of her arousal to get her to her normal self. It only took me a few hours to finish the entire list and I smiled to myself when it was both my thralls turn to be scanned. Ms. Cuch, being the victim of it all, was indeed more aroused after being groped for her tit, but I did not remove that memory from her.

The same with Alasie, she was also more aroused and still was. There were also horny feel horny masturbate with big toys few girls under 18 on the list, they were not affected at all and I was grateful that not fully grown women were not touched on moments my handicap altered people.

< Good thing I got the list and checked blow job young young girls women Amaqjuaq. All women were more or less, more aroused getting off the plane than when boarding in Juneau.

Some women were already having problems with their arousal. This was happening on a plane with isolated people. Imagine how many people would have been affected on a terrace. Don't ever again ask me to do something in Juneau's name of 'science'.

----- "Master, master", Daphne yelled through the estate. < In the swimming pool, Daphne. > I climbed out of the water and before I could get to my towel Daphne was in her first position before me. It was her own idea. After she explained it to me I did an extensive search on the Internet. These positions were related to BDSM. I liked it. To have multiple girls available, BDSM also provided for a more recognizable hierarchy in my 'harem'.

Daphne was on her knees, thighs unnaturally bent outwards and her tits pushed forward to the extreme, offering her tremendous twins to me. As always I accepted and caressed them. Giving her the reward she was seeking. I laid myself down on a stretcher and, < Ok Daphne, come and fuck me to your hearts content if you think women will not be interested in me when I am freshly fucked.

> < It is the other way around, master. You probably would not be interested in women when you are freshly fucked. I am not as timid as Alasie or Vicky or Wilma. I prefer to walk the safe path instead of threading on the wild side and having to say sorry. If I do not drain you, you go out of the door with eyes like tit seeking missiles. We cannot have that. Here master, squeeze my tits while I ride your beast.

What is more, within the hour you will be in college with Professor Tholeman. She has too many valid points in her favor for you not be interested in her. We cannot have that. You pick her for her medical knowledge and then just sit this college out, do something useful. Like determining the location of your yellow blip on your Elven radar with trigonometry.

> < Now I remember why I like you so much, Daphne. Best idea ever. > As always I came a lot and Daphne cleaned my cock extensively.

She gave me an extended tongue bath to clean me. I had to pry her off of my dick, Daphne was only trustworthy in her clumsiness of cleansing. This was one of those days you go somewhere and you suddenly find yourself at your destination and you realize it is completely beyond you how you got there. I found myself sitting in college without knowing how many people were present when I got in, I was in doubt how to find my way outside.

I did not remember entering this building or getting off the bus. I did not remember asking something inconspicuous to professor Tholeman and getting her memories after being introduced to each other. She was already droning, but I now knew everything she knew with all the differences between joints, tendons, and ligaments she was lecturing about.

During her lecture, I used trigonometry and several places on earth so that I could determine the yellow blip to be located near or in London.

----- It was already two days ago I had to cure 60 ladies from excessive arousal caused by something I did on the plane from Juneau to Seattle.

One of them I was still monitoring. A 19 years old girl who got her MCAT last year already but was not admitted to WSU. I thought it unbelievable. Another thing that bothered me was that this girl was already fucked up mentally in a big way without my shenanigans on the plane. She already was excessively aroused with fantasies of domination and submission.

The poor girl carried a handbag full of underwear to be able to change them whenever she wanted. I did not find a reason for this so I could not take away the thought. I thought the girl interesting because she was aroused tremendously above her already present arousal levels because of her fantasies about power plays between persons. She was getting off dreaming of being tied up and being manhandled and rationalized her fantasies by imagining she was doing beautiful teen has a hardcore first audition manhandling.

If this girl was not helped she would be mad as a hatter within a year. Oh. And she was pretty. < Daphne, you know a girl wanting to be a doctor, got her MCAT last year, going by the name "Claudia Holleeder?" > < Yes, master, bright girl, perfect MCAT, poor and the wrong father.

> < I want her to have a spot, fully funded. > < I will need a week to have her get the mail. > < But the system now shows her name?> < Yes, master.

> < Thank you, Daphne. > Fase one done. Fase 2, establish a connection through her siblings. ----- I walked to the Seattle Bouldering Project nearby and presented myself at the reception.

"Hello, I have not seen you here before sir, can I help you, sir? "I think so, yes. I would like to learn climbing. Am I at the right address?" "We train on all levels, so we can train beginners as well. Are you just beginning sir?" "If hiking in the mountains qualifies, then no, I am not a beginner." "Can I have your name, sir? "Girt Adakai." "Profession please?" "Student." "Field, major study?" "Is that relevant?" "Yes sir, some majors are entitled to a free membership.

"Aha, I am enlisted in the medical program, majoring Genetics. It starts in September, here's my student card." "Wow, they must really want you to study at WSU.

I have never seen a college card issued before August being valid for the next year and it is now only June." "I think it is a temporary card to give me access to the remainder of this year's colleges. Complimentary from my sponsors." "The card is valid, so no problems here. The Elson S. Floyd program is new this year and their students are entitled to free memberships with us.

Some loaded hotshot from Alaska fired more than blanks this way to WSU in the financial benefit of Medical students. The next year as well. Congratulations sir. When you come in for training, all you have to do is slide your student card through this reader here and you are good to go. Where did you say you are from sir? "Alaska." "Well, have fun, sir." "Is there a shop inside where Fat shlong stuffs her holes girlfriend homemade can buy climbing gear, like gloves and shoes?" "Yes sir, through that door and to the left, good luck sir." After fitting myself with high-quality shoes, gloves and comfortable clothing with a backpack I got myself changed.

Excited I entered the said largest bouldering training facility in the world. I'd think only the Himalaya's qualified for that title until I reread the statement.

Ah, inside largest, yes. I measured myself a Goofy pose of a lost person with the fingers of one hand scratching the top of my head and within minutes one of the assistants appeared and asked; "Can I help kinky tess has her sexy feet licked, sir?" "Yes, I think so.

I'm here for the first time and I would not know where to start." "Please follow me to the walls for beginners sir. Here we are. All you have to do is to follow the red grips and to stay below the line sir and you will be alright." This wall climbing turned out to be easier than I thought.

After climbing the wall a few times from right to left and back to the right for an hour I decided to go home and prepare myself for tomorrow's MCAT-test. It should be a formality but still, I was a little nervous. "Are you sure you learned that with hiking in the mountains, sir?" "Yes, hiking in Alaska is the closest to climbing I have ever done." "Alaska must have some vertical hiking trails then.

I suggest you advance to other colored grips that mark a more difficult route. Please try the black next time you are in and then the green routes until you are comfortable with them." "Thank you very much.

You have been most helpful." ----- The next day I left the MCAT exam hall, exhausted. I did not think it had been very difficult but it sure was an awful lot and to finish it I almost had to use the complete 7.5 hours available. There was only one other applicant.

He failed meeting the private items requirement. After one hour into the test his telephone rang. He was assisted out of the test hall and I did not see him back. Going home was all I wanted to do. To swim off my stress or something like that. I sneaked into the house and without being noticed I went to float in the pool to empty my mind. The MCAT had drained me thoroughly. It was not only facts being asked.

One would also have to interpret and analyze complex social problems around a hospital and provide solutions to them. Test scores would not be available within 30 days so I did not plan to worry. ----- In the Seattle Bouldering Project again next day I swiped my student card through the slot and wanted to go straight to the dressing rooms but, "Mr.

Adakai?" I looked up who called out to me and saw the girl attending the reception the other day coming towards me. "Hello, if I may introduce myself, I am Portia Holleeder, can I ask you a question, sir?" "Do you mind my training first, I have to climb out some anxieties and build-up tension.

I think I am more malleable after training. Perhaps you can join me for lunch." "You are inviting me? For lunch?" "Yes, why not, Portia.

I hope there is nothing wrong with me?" "No, no. that's not it. Lunch is okay, Mr. Adakai. We are allowed to have lunch with customers." "Only lunch, Portia?" The poor girl colored all natural bushy couple shows us how they do it vision entertainment within an inch of her ample tits so I knew she was already thinking of something else.

Well, one could do worse than to plow Portia. After changing I sat in front of the beginners' wall and checked out the black route for ten minutes and then started climbing. I had the feeling this was easier than the first time.

Actually, I climbed back and forth a few times without incident when I opted for the green route. Vaguely I spotted some spectators talking to each other and I sat down to inspect the green route. The assistant I spoke with came to me and basically asked me the same question again, "Hello, Mr. Adakai. Normally I would not bother clients but you said the other day that you never climbed before, is it not?" "Yes, I remember, so if I would have said I climbed all of my life you would not bother me now?" "Well, I think I would have bothered you anyway." "I do not understand." "It is your climbing techniques, sir, they do stand out you know.

You have drawn an audience." "But I was climbing a beginner's wall. I am a beginner, surely there cannot be anything special with that." "Well, as a matter of fact, it is sir. People have noticed you have been climbing for over half an hour without touching the floor. That is extraordinary sir.

What's more, you climb with a certain flair, it is difficult to put into a phrase, like ehh, like you are invulnerable. Is it okay if I were to time you." "No problem, we live in a free country. Do you mind if I check the green route first?" "You are going to take the green route?" "Yes, I think the black route is too easy." I sat down, took a few swigs of water and checked out the green route, stood up and begun to climb the green route back and forth and after 12 minutes I was where I had begun.

People applauded when I stepped off the wall. I looked at them, a little embarrassed. "Mr. Adakai, are you sure you have never climbed?" "Yes, I told you, what do you take me for.

A liar or something. I am azusa ayano asian milf pussy cover in man goo long-distance runner, a swimmer, a hiker.

I have never climbed before in my life. What is this nonsense? Leave me alone. I have a lunch date." I walked myself through the crowd to the men's dressing room, showered and came out with my bag. I almost hurried outside, annoyed with these people, but remembered my date with Portia. I looked around and saw her standing with a few people in casual clothes.

I walked up to her and asked, "West Wall Bar?" "Yes, I am coming." I went to sit at the bar, studied the menu and ordered a bottle of water which I had already downed when Portia came in and sat at my table." "Can I get you a drink Portia, anything?" "Same as you please, if that is okay." "I have chosen the West Wall Special, can I order you anything?" "Oh, yes please, the West Wall Special is exactly what it is named after." "And now, for something completely different, you wanted to talk with me&hellip." "Well, as it stands now, first I wanted to confront you with something, but now you are buying me lunch and I uh, I." "Just say it, Portia, lunch is ordered, you are safe." "Well, the other day you mentioned you were going to study medicine." "Yes, it starts in September." "Well, it is like I uh, I uh told it a little bit to my sister, and uh she checked it with the WSU, b-but, b-ut y-you ar-uh not on the l-list." "Portia, I miss the point where something like that is your problem or more importantly where this would be my problem.

In simpler words, what is the problem? Because I do not see one." "But you are not on the list." "A different approach then, shall we bet on it, Portia, that I will attend college at WSU, as a medical student in September this year." "Uh, I-uh, I would-uh, uh, talk to my sister?" "Now, that is sorted out then. Let us enjoy the food. It looks yummy." I enjoyed it. Portia was being the nice and quiet girl to have lunch with. Instead of babbling constantly like a good girl should when in a company she was typing away on her phone.

When I was done with the 'Special' food and the 'special' treatment of my guest, I asked for the bill. Portia hammered on with a staggering speed on her phone when I extended my hand to say goodbye. Portia looked up in a startled way and I said, "Thank you, Portia, it was my pleasure. Let us not do this again.

Goodbye." Nice, only half-past one. Did I really want to get to know this Holleeder girl better? Her sister was not setting the world on fire, that's for sure. Suddenly I just wanted to swim laps. **************************** ******************** You know by now my grammar is far from perfect, well neither am I. I do wish you like my story though. Even in the worst case scenario, it is junk, a good result does tickle me and makes me want to perform better.

I think you are in for a well enough ride, if it were not I would not have written it.