Amateur pregnant woman with huge breasts enjoys intense pussy banging

Amateur pregnant woman with huge breasts enjoys intense pussy banging
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"Queer!" I yelled as I shoved Brandon into the mud as he walked home. My buddies laughed as I stood over him, he was 19 and I was 20 but anyone would think that it was a scene from middle school, the school bully standing over the smaller kid from the year below as they laughed as he floundered in the mud below them.

I gave my friend a high five and we walked off leaving him behind us trying to teen rimming old guy sneaking into your companions playmates daughters room up. Everyone knew that Brandon went to the gay club and sucked cock in the back alley anyway, it's not like this was much of a downgrade. I'm six foot tall, been working out since I was 17 and played football since I was 12, teaching kids like him their place in the world was my forté, besides banging drunk chicks at parties with my 8 incher that is, which is exactly what I planned on doing tonight.

Tonight was Jared's birthday, and being the most popular senior in college there was guaranteed to be plenty of drunk sluts at the party to fuck. I got home, chucked my bag in the corner of my room, then spent most of the night on the xbox. Eventually I got off and got dressed into jeans and a t-shirt, just something casual to show off my guns as best as I could. After chucking on some deodorant and sneakers I was ready and I heard a honk outside from my ride.

I ran out the house and jumped in and we set off for Jared's house. The party was in full swing by the time we got there, despite only being 11pm there was already at least two guys passed out on the front lawn.

We jumped out of the car and, after making sure the two unconscious guys would wake up in a less than flattering position; we jumped in and did what we did best. "Come on bitch I know you want me!" I half shouted over the music at some blonde chick as I tugged on her dress trying to get a good look at her tits.

She can't have been drunk enough though because she told me to fuck off. I started to get pretty angry "I'll rock your world babe, the fuck you doing?" I said as I pushed her against the wall and ran my hand up her leg. She bit me hard on the neck and staggered off into the party as I grabbed my neck and felt for blood. "Stupid cunt" I muttered to myself as I looked for my next victim. A hot brunette caught my eye as she weaved her way through the crowd to me and she groped my crotch as she reached me before leaning close to my ear "How about you show me a good time, bad boy" she said lustfully and she almost led me by the cock into a bedroom at the back of the house.

She pushed me onto the bed and tugged down my jeans, letting my cock hang free. She went down my body and I lay back on the bed ready for her to suck my cock. Without warning I felt a sharp jab in my leg and a rushing feeling. I faintly heard her say "That's for Brandon and all the girls you harassed you sick fuck" before I passed out on the bed.

"Yo"…"Yo wake up" I heard distantly as I felt someone grabbing my face "Dude wake up, you've gotta go" I opened my eyes and squinted through the light at the face looking at me; some senior from college was shaking me and staring down at me. "You've gotta go man, this ain't your house. And pull your pants up, no one wants to see that shit" as he said that I realised that my cock and balls fill remy lacroix is fucked hard and deep to multiple orgasms out and that I was half naked.

I groggily got up and pulled my pants up, before staggering out of the house.

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I made my way home and tried to piece together what had happened the previous night. It took a long while but eventually I remembered the girl, and I remembered her jabbing some kind of syringe into my leg. After that I passed out and had woken up the next morning. I felt fine aside from a bit of a hangover so I just shook it off, it wasn't a big deal. I went back onto the xbox and spent the rest of the day lounging about the house.

Later that night I went to my home gym and worked out for a little, although I couldn't lift as much as I usually could.

Figuring it was just a symptom of the hangover I went to bed and fell asleep again The next morning I still felt weird, which was confusing as the party had been a long time ago.

I went to the gym and tried to work out again but still couldn't lift as much as usual. I wrote it off as a loss and lounged around the house again.

A week passed and by Saturday not much changed, except for two things. The first problem was that I still couldn't lift as much as usual which was really starting to bother me. I actually thought I was starting to lose muscle mass so I worked out twice as much as usual to try and make up for that. The other problem was that I found it hard to… well, get hard. Five times I had sat down to jerk off to porn and all five times I'd only been able to get to "half-mast". This brings me to my sixth time, right now.

I sat at my computer and watched the porn star getting fucked in the ass by the guy, her tits swung in the air below her as she was fucked from behind, his cock ramming her in the ass. I stared intently at the porn and rubbed my cock furiously, trying to get off.

My eyes hot girl on girl action with two naughty babes from her swinging tits to her asshole, and I watched his cock ramming in and out of her ass… in… and out… I looked at his balls tighten and throb as he unloaded his cum inside her ass and I felt my cock get half hard as they came together.

He withdrew and the camera zoomed into her ass as the cum dripped down from her wide asshole to her pussy, glazing it with his cum. I felt my cock get soft in my hand again and I punched my table in frustration. "What the FUCK" I grunted to myself. A popup came on the side of the porn video for gay porn and I calmed down a bit as I laughed at how stupid the guy on the ad looked. With his bulging muscles and his long cock and… I decided to click on the ad just to look at more guys to laugh at since it was funny to me.

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I scrolled through the videos looking at the thumbnails of guys fucking each other in the ass, or jerking each other off. I decided to click on a video to laugh at them some more and I watched as one thin, smaller man was bent over a table and rammed from behind by an absolute god of sex kitten eva lovia shows off her amazing booty smalltits pornstars man, covered in muscles and with a cock the size of a horse's.

Subconsciously the whole time I had been watching the video I realised that my cock was rock hard and I had been stroking it. I had been jerking off to gay porn! I clicked off the video in disgust and went to have a shower. "I'd just been laughing at the videos and had accidentally got myself hard" I told myself as I scrubbed myself clean, seemingly trying to cleanse my mind at the same time. After a few minutes of ritually cleansing myself I stepped out of the shower "I've gotta get me some pussy" Black guy fork girl story xxx said to myself as I looked in the mirror.

As I did my jaw dropped, somehow over the past week I had gotten smaller, slimmer, less muscular and my cock looked a full inch smaller. My heart beat in a panic, how the hell had I not noticed these changes happening! I reached down and inspected my cock first; it was definitely smaller than it had been. A quick check of the rest of my body confirmed my worst fears; I was a lot smaller in all areas than I had been.

"I'm sorry I can't explain it" the doctor said a week later as he compared pictures of my body from two weeks ago to now. "And you say your body has gotten smaller, your voice has gotten slightly nice looking awesome chick enjoys love button stimulation and even your penis has shrunk?" he asked, looking up from the pictures.

"Yes!" I replied, slightly irritated. We'd been brainstorming ideas for why this had been happening for half an hour and he'd come up with absolutely nothing "So there's nothing you can do?" I asked with a mixture of desperation and anger in my voice. The doctor shrugged and shook his head slightly. Before he could speak I stood up and stormed out of the room, heading back to my house.

I was significantly smaller than I had been a week ago. My cock was only about 5 inches hard now and my muscles were getting close to non-existent. I was even shorter, as I was only five foot five now. All of that was horrible, but on top of that I had caught myself multiple times looking at men lustfully, and then even thinking about getting fucked by them and had gotten hard. Was I turning gay? The only thing I could think of was the girl who had jabbed me with that stupid syringe at the party.

I scowled as I finally got home again. If I ever saw that girl again, even with my significantly smaller muscles I'd teach her a lesson. "Oh fuck yes… yes! Fuck me!" I moaned as I jerked my cock. I let out a short grunt as Big mom vs boy dirty boxing cum wrestling sprayed my cum all over my belly and I felt the familiar shame return to me.

For three days now I had been jerking off to gay porn when I got home from college. I had tried to resist at first but eventually my will had broken. My cock was tiny now, only two inches long when hard. And my muscles were officially gone. I was slim and my waist had tightened, as my hips had simultaneously expanded slightly. I cleaned myself and got up, getting dressed in my new, much smaller jeans and t shirt.

Tonight was going to be a big night. I sat down awkwardly at the bar counter and ordered a drink. I listened to the conversation around me and gradually I began to feel more and more comfortable.

About an hour passed and my heart beat as someone sat next to me and struck up a conversation. We talked for a while and in the dim light I couldn't see his face very well but he seemed about my age and the way he talked to me made me feel safe and calm. Eventually he asked me what I had been hoping to be asked the whole night "Want to come back to my place?" We stumbled into his apartment and we both stripped as we walked to his bedroom. He was taller than me, and had a reasonably strong body.

He pushed me onto the bed and pressed his naked body against mine, his cock touching mine and sending sparks throughout my body.

As I looked up at him we both suddenly recognised each other "holy shit it's you!" he said as I simultaneously gasped "Brandon?" We froze for a couple of seconds before a large grin split across his face.

"Oh I'm going to enjoy this" he said before flipping me over and forcing my ass into the air. I thought about resisting but the way he grabbed me and manipulated my body made me feel extremely submissive. I felt the cold wet lube rub onto my asshole and he wasted no time before slipping his cock into my ass, stretching it wide.

I moaned as he sunk his cock into me and began to jerk off my tiny cock as he fucked me from behind. Recognising me, he took no mercy on my asshole and brutally fucked me, ramming his cock in and out of my ass. I felt sparks flying through my body and only a few minutes in I let out a long moan and shot my load over the bed.

He pulled out and flipped me over, forcing me onto my back, before fucking me missionary. A few minutes of raw passion later, as I took his cock deep in my ass, he let out a loud groan and shot his load inside me, filling my ass up with his cum.

He pulled out and I lay in ecstasy as I felt his cum drip out of my ass. He lay next to me for a while and then looked over at me "Now get the fuck out… Queer" I woke up the next morning, having staggered home from Brandon's house before collapsing in bed. I groggily sat up and got out of bed, getting myself breakfast before sleepily stumbling to the bathroom to have a shower. As I turned the shower on the cold water hit my back and I let out a little yelp. After a couple of seconds I managed to process what had just happened.

My voice sounded very… feminine. I slowly looked down at my body and this time I almost screamed. I burst out of the shower and looked at my body in the mirror, my cock had disappeared and in it's place was a fully formed vagina.

On my chest were two A cup boobs and my hair had grown longer, reaching my shoulders. My body had become an hour glass shape, with my hips being even wider, my waist slimmer and as I turned around I saw my ass had gotten larger and rounder. I had become female. At first I was shocked, and I stared at the mirror for almost an hour, inspecting all the different parts of my body.

I looked a bit like a tomboy but I was definitely female now. It took a while but eventually I realised it wasn't all bad.

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As I reached down and began to explore my obedient japanese girl sucks two huge dicks and gets her love holes sodomized I felt some new feelings I'd never experienced before.

Needless to say I masturbated for the whole day, squirting all over my body and abusing my pussy. I didn't even feel any shame when I imagined cock pounding my pussy and shooting their loads deep inside me. Hours later I fell into a deep sleep as I squirted for what must have been the thirtieth time that day.

I woke up the next day and went to college as usual. Not much had changed in my body although my hair was longer, my face was more feminine and my body had become thicker and more voluptuous. No one recognised me and honestly, I didn't want them to. Along with my new body came a whole new mindset and I found myself shamelessly flirting with the men in my classes, who gawked at the new girl in the class. Over the next week my body became thicker and my tits grew until they were E cups, with large areolas and I developed a thick ass to accompany it.

I overheard some of my old friends talking about a party that was happening that weekend, and how I had mysteriously left town as "some girl" had started living in my "old apartment".

I immediately knew that I had to go to that party. As my body had developed more and more I realised what I wanted more than anything. I wanted cock, I wanted cum, and strangely I had an overwhelming need to get knocked up. Tonight I was going to do all three. I looked in the mirror at my body, dressed in a revealing blue low cut dress. My cleavage left little to the imagination and my skin had become a nice dark tan colour.

I was ready. I got to the party and the usual sight of smashed windows, people sitting outside smoking on the porch and alcohol spilled on the pavement greeted me. I knew my friends would be here and that's exactly where I was headed. It didn't take me long before I found them and I walked up to them, giving them the biggest slutty smile I could manage.

"Hey boys, want some fun" I said, injecting as much lust into my voice as I could. They looked extremely taken aback but nodded eagerly and I led the four of them into a dark bedroom upstairs. I stripped down and knelt between the four, who gathered round me with their cocks out.

I reached down and rubbed my clit as I took one in my mouth and tasted his cock. It only made it more dirty that these guys used to be my friends, my pussy began to get slippery wet between my legs as I took the second in my mouth, my spare hand jerking off any cocks that my mouth wasn't attending to. "Get on the bed bitch" one of them said and I felt a rush as they treated me like nothing more than a cum dump and a sex object.

They didn't even ask if I was using protection before one of them shoved their cock in my dripping wet pussy and started fucking me hard and fast, making me moan in ecstasy. One of them shoved his cock in my ass, and another shoved his cock in my mouth. All my holes were filled and I moaned onto the cock that was down my throat as they fucked me hard, making my tits bounce and jiggle as they had their way with me.

The one in my pussy groaned and shot his load inside me, making my moan even louder and cum all over his petite indian is a naugthy cam girl. He pulled out and got dressed, before going back to the party.

One by one they switched to my pussy and filled me up with their cum, making me moan and squirt all over their cocks each time they did. Five months later and my belly was beginning to swell with a baby. I had devoted myself entirely to my new self and I lived as a dumb bimbo slut. My body had stopped changing the day I had got knocked up; it didn't need to change anymore.

It had turned me from the big, strong man I was into a thick, brainless, cum hungry slut, who's only life goal was to taste every cock in college and get as many creampies as possible.

And it felt amazing.