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Black plumper marie leone big black boob sex pornstars hardcore
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About 3 weeks after the molestation incident at Dr. Cunt's office (Okay, since this is a true story we will call her Dr. K - first name was Wendy), her receptionist came next door to my office and said that Dr.

K needed to speak to me. I went next door and into Dr. K's office and shut the door behind me. There she sat, with her usual snotty attitude. She was thin, in her forties, small breasts, and short dark curly hair. She looked up at me. "Julia, I need to examine you in my home," she said as she didn't look up from her doctor's notes in front of her. I was confused. She took a post-it note off the stack and wrote something down quickly then handed it to me.

"That is your appointment time and my home address. Please don't be late, I am very busy". I stood there stunned. After the "exam" she gave me 3 weeks earlier, I knew she wanted this pussy.

I have never been with a female before, especially an OLDER female. I felt like I had a ball of nerves weighing me down in my stomach. I muttered an "okay" and walked out of the office.

I looked down at the little piece of purple paper and realized my "appointment" time was THAT night. I made it through the rest of the day at work in a trance. Should I go? What's going hot babe fucking and get s cumshoot happen? I knew Dr. K was married with two children so I didn't know what to think. Was she really just going to give me an exam at her house?

When I got home from work, I washed my pussy extra good and shaved it meticulously. I took a washcloth, twisted the end and stuck it up my asshole to make sure I was squeaky clean.

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I put on a pink bra with matching pink lace boy short underwear. I mapquested the directions and realized her house was only 11 minutes away. I arrived right on time. It was 830PM. I was dressed casually, jeans, t-shirt and my Ugg boots. The house seemed relatively small for a successful Pediatrician.

I rang the door bell and Dr. K answered in the same clothes she had on that day in her office; blue button down, khaki slacks, navy dress socks. "I just got home a short while ago," she said. I followed her into her home, which was very clean and smelled like lavendar. "Where are your husband and kids?", I asked. "I live in Albany [1 1/2 hours north] but since my office is here, I have a home in the area".

My stomach dropped. We were alone. She offered me a drink and I politely refused. I was so terribly nervous. I followed up the stairs and into the first room on the right. It was set up like a medical office, exam table, cabinets, sink, the works. The room was very big, and in the back there were bookcases and a large oak desk.

"This was the master bedroom but since I didn't really need it, I use it as my office". She then explained she does a lot of exams at the house for underprivileged children in the area with no health insurance.

I wasn't sure if that was exactly legal, but she seemed to be doing a good thing. "Why do I need another exam? I took the antibiotics for the UTI you gave me, I feel fine", I said. "Well, I need to do a follow up and I thick chick goes white to black tube porn booked with school physicals for 3 months so I just figured I'd examine you here. I brought your chart with me from the office," Dr.

K said as she pointed to her desk.

Sure enough, there was my medical chart. Maybe this was just a follow-up. She then tells me she's going to leave me alone to let me get undressed. She said I could leave on my t-shirt, but remove my bra and I could leave on my underwear. I stripped down and hopped on the table. I was on the verge of being turned on, but wouldn't let it happen since this "exam" could go in 2 very different directions.

A few minutes she turned, walked over to her desk, opened my chart and read it for a moment. Then she proceeded like a normal physical. She checked my ears and eyes first. Then she took out a wood Popsicle stick thing and her light and told me to say "Aaaahhh" which I did. She kept pushing the stick further and further and I kept gagging. She did it to me for about 3 minutes straight. I felt like I was being tortured and my eyes started to tear from all the gagging.

She finally stopped and threw the Popsicle stick in the garbage. She then felt about my neck and behind my ears. She then went to listen to my heartbeat with the stethoscope.

She lifted up my shirt exposing my breasts. She listened to my heart in the front and the back, pulled down my shirt to cover me up and then instructed me to lay flat on my back.

She lifted up my shirt and began tweaking my nipples. I knew she was molesting me again but it felt so good that I didn't tell her to stop.

I felt "zaps" down in my pussy and knew I was very aroused. Then she started pressing on my stomach. As she got closer and closer to my pubic hair, I started to get so nervous. Without warning, she pulled my panties down to my knees.

She spread my legs open and looked at it. She then spread my pussy lips apart. Then I realized.she wasn't wearing gloves. "What are you doing?!", I exclaimed, sitting up. "You were so wet when I was examining you," Dr.

K said. "You are going to be my patient - my slave". I nervously told her I had never been with a woman before and she said saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde listen and do whatever she said like a good little patient. I lay back down. She then started fondling my pussy saying things like, "You got a perfect little pink pussy" and "I'm gonna get that clit hard".

She then began to masturbate me.

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She rubbed my clit furiously and it felt so good. I started to moan and I could feel my pussy getting so fucking wet. She then slid two of her fingers into my cunt and started fingering me. "Play with your fucking nipples. Pull on 'em", she said. I lifted up my tshirt and started to tweak my nipples.

Then she bent down and started sucking my clit. I couldn't believe this was happening. "Reach around and finger your asshole, slut", she said to me.

I stuck my finger in my mouth and then slowly slid it in my rectum. I instantly felt like I was going to cum. "Don't you fucking cum until I tell you", she barked at me. "Can I cum, doctor?", I moaned. "No," she said sternly.

"Hold your pussy open while I finger you". I did as I was told and within 30 seconds, I was on the verge of cumming all over the exam table, right into her face. "Cum now whore!", she yelled.

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I came and pussy throbbed furiously. I laid on the table, exhausted.

She wiped her mouth on her button down shirt and walked over to where my head lay. She reached down and stuck her tongue all the down my throat. She then unbuttoned her blouse, exposed her white bra and pulled down the cups exposing her nipples and told me to suck her nipples.

"Bite them you fucking cunt!," she yelled. After a few minutes she pulled her nipple out of mouth and took out another Popsicle stick and her light. "Open your mouth wide while you finger your pussy", she ordered me. I opened my mouth and she stuck the stick in again as I rubbed my pussy. She kept gagging me to the point where I thought I would throw up but she wouldn't let me up and she wouldn't let me stop masturbating.

After a few minutes of that torture, she let me up and began to get undressed. She hopped up on the table naked and spread her legs in front of me. "Eat it," she said. She spread it open with her fingers. I had NO idea what to do except to pretend it was a lesbian porn I had seen and I began licking her cunt slowly.

It was a little meaty for my taste but it was already soaking wet. I began to suck on her clit like she did to me.

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"Good whore," she said. I then pulled back pasty white big tits fucking huge big dick tube porn hood of her clit, seeing the little pink ball appear. I started to rub it and she started to go crazy. "Finger me", she said. Her pussy was surprisingly tight for an older women. I began to finger her as my tongue lapped her clit. She played with her nipples the whole time, occasionally reaching down, touching herself then putting her pussy juice on her nipples and licking it off herself.

"You will stay down there till you make me cum and the only way to make me cum is finger my asshole too". That was something I did NOT wanna do. She then lifted her ass in the air and I knew I had to. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass as I licked her clit.

She eventually came and squirted all over my face as she pulled my hair. I thought it was over after that until she reached into her briefcase and took out a strap on.

She put it on and told me to suck it. She kept gagging me it and I was drooling like mad. Unbeknown to me, the exam table had stirrups that pulled out. She told me to put my feet in the stirrups. I did and slid the plastic cock in and began to fuck me.

She pulled on my nipples and when I looked down all I could see was that fake cock going in and out of my pussy. I started to rub my clit as she pumped away.

I came again within minutes and then to my horror, she told me to litl girl faking xstory dawnload over and she was gonna fuck me in the ass. "No," I said sternly. She smiled. She then grabbed my hard by the back of my head and flipped me over. I fought as much as I could but I lost. Soon, I was on all fours on the exam table as she licked and fingered my asshole getting me ready to anal fuck me.

I started to cry because I knew it would hurt. She then slid the cock in slowly. I kept saying 'no' but she kept on anyway. "Shut the fuck up and rub your clit," she said. I did as I was told but I was in pain. I kept saying "stop, stop" over and and over and then eventually gave up since it was clear she wasn't going to stop.

Thank god she only anally fucked me for a few minutes because I couldn't take much more. After it was over, she helped me washed my face that had my mascara streaming down my face and told me I was a perfect patient and I was perfectly healthy and soon she would book another appointment for me.