Blonde teen gets her pussy fucked and creampied by big dick

Blonde teen gets her pussy fucked and creampied by big dick
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Daddy's Little Bitch pt 2 The Training Continues By Katie Spencer ([email protected]) *** Katie woke up with a splitting headache, a strange and ugly taste in her mouth, and no idea where she was. She had been having the most bizarre and terrible nightmare. She had been kicked out of school for cheating and her step father had decided to make her a pet bitch for his own sick amusement.

He had stripped her sexy hoe diverse stacey services taxi drivers cock and forced her to crawl around the yard on a leash while he smacked her on the ass.

He called that leash training. She had to sleep in the dog house, eat dog food, and then finally he had mad her choke on his dick and make him cum! "That was some weird shit!" she thought. She could hear the dogs in her step father's kennels. They were barking loudly and jumping up on the chain link fences thirty yards or so behind where she was laying.

They must have been what had woken her up. "Fucking stupid animals, those dumb mutts never let me sleep." She mumbled groggily. Katie became aware of the hot Arizona sun beating down on her bare skin. she must have fallen asleep sunbathing again.

Squinting as she opened her eyes, Katie realized that she wasn't on the lounge chair where she usually tanned but on the ground by the dog house. "What the fuck?" She asked herself. She sat upright on the ground and as she moved she felt something heavy and jangly swinging from her neck. She looked down and realized that it was a chain attached to her neck, hanging down between her tan breasts. Her hands went immediately to her throat only to feel a padlock fastened to a leather collar securing the chain!

She gasped as the horror of her situation began to sink in. But before she had time to process any of this she realized that the noise that had woken her up wasn't the dogs barking but the low drone of her stepfathers truck coming up the driveway. Her stomach sunk and she broke into a cold sweat. "No. NO!! It was all just a dream!!" her mind screamed. "This couldn't be happening!" Katie fumbled with the padlock but her fingernails were no match for the hardened steel.

She gave up on the lock and tried in vain to yank the chain from its mooring in the solid wood of the doghouse. She had watched her stepfather build that doghouse a few years ago as she had laid out in her skimpiest thong bikini reading her magazines, sipping iced tea and working on her golden brown tan. Had he been building it with her in mind? As Ted's truck pulled into view she froze.

The crunching of the gravel beneath its wheels made her shudder. Some kind of survival instinct kicked in and she rolled over onto her elbows and knees. She cowered there trembling, face close to the ground, ass up in the air, her 34DD breasts hanging down nearly touching the ground. Helplessly she watched his truck pull to a stop at the end of the driveway next to the trailer. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Ted stepped out of the truck and glared at her.

She started to shake as he stood there eyeballing her coldly. He took a big swig of beer, crunched the can up, and threw it in the back of his truck. Ted recycled. He shook his head, grabbed the rest of his case of beer from the truck and went inside.

Katie stayed in that position, on her knees and elbows, long after Ted had gone inside. She stayed there long after she heard the TV come on. "This MUST be a dream!" she thought as her mind raced, struggling to wrap her mind around this new reality.

Only yesterday she had been a popular, desirable, normal 18 year old girl! Women wanted to be like her, men wanted to be with her. All she ever had to do to get what she wanted was to show a little cleavage and flirt a bit. Life had been fun and easy! Today she was chained up in her back yard, butt naked with no way to escape, and no way to call for help.

She shifted her weight and laid down in the dirt on her side. There was nothing for her to do but wait. wait for her step father to come and do whatever he was going to do with her. And he was drinking. . She didn't know how long he had been standing there when she noticed him, but there he was, standing in the back doorway sipping a beer, staring at her. It was several hours later and Katie knew that by now Ted would be drunk. And mean. Ted started toward nicole aniston has a perfect ass tube porn dog house with a determined look in his eyes that gave Katie the chills.

She rolled onto her knees and elbows again and huddled there, her terror growing with each step that the man took. After what seemed an eternity he stood over her, glaring down at the girl for a moment before he spoke. "You're so stupid, why do you make me do this?" He snarled as he reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved her face into the dirt and held it there as he began spanking her exposed ass over and over with his free hand.

"YOU! WILL! LEARN!!" After a few dozen smacks Ted's face was red and he was breathing hard. Katie whimpered and squirmed pathetically beneath him, trying desperately to move her butt out of the way of the frenzied man, her insolence only angering super hot story of aunty closing blouse in train more.

He yanked her head up roughly, pulling her up onto her hands and turned her face towards the kennels. "You see them? DO YOU SEE THEM!?" The dogs were barking excitedly, jumping up on the cage.

He shook her head up and down making her nod. "Yeeessss. Yes you do!" "Are they face down on the ground cowering because their master is home?" SMACK! "Are they slinking off on their bellies to the other side of the cage because I'm coming to see them??

"SMACK! "Noooo. I'd say they are happy to see me! In fact, I'd say, if that fence weren't so strong, they'd have busted through it by now. Just for the sheer joy of greeting their master!" SMACK! Ted released her hair and stood over the terrified girl, staring down at her. "You're my dog now Floppy, my dumb pet bitch. And you WILL learn to behave like it. No matter what, no matter how much punishment it takes, you WILL learn." Katie stared at the ground: she could feel Ted's eyes burning into her.

"Maybe I should put you in the kennels so that the dogs can teach you how to behave. Is that what you want, Floppy?" Katie shook her head meekly. He paused to give her a moment to let the severity of what he was saying sink in. "That pen is for the un-neutered males." Ted continued, pointing at a pen with large, rowdy dogs.

They were barking and jumping up on the cage and snapping at each other, snarling. "They look really worked up don't they?" Ted chuckled and continued "It's probably your smell. But don't worry dummy, I don't think they'd really hurt you. Maybe a few little love bites. Of course that's assuming you cooperated with them, but I guess you wouldn't really have much of a choice about that." Ted paused, "Ha!

I bet they would teach you how to be a proper submissive bitch in no time at all!" He looked down at the naked shivering girl with intensity.

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"Is that going to be necessary Floppy?" Katie shook her head no. Ted walked around in front of her. "Let's hope not. but what did I just say?" He reached down and yanked her head back so that she was looking at him. "You should be looking up at your master, Floppy!" "Now be a good girl and show me how excited you are to see me! Wag that thick ass for daddy!" He said giving Katie an encouraging smack on the rear.

A grin slowly spread across Ted's face as he watched his little pet slowly start to rock her hips back and forth. The girl's big round butt swung back and forth, her large breasts hung down swaying gently from side to side. "Faster bitch!" Ted demanded giving her back side another slap.

"Show daddy how happy his little dummy is to see him!" Katie quickened her pace, her tits swinging faster, moving from side to side absurdly. "Ha! That's better!" Ted said grinning, "But it's hot out here Floppy, why aren't you panting?" Katie opened her mouth, hung her tongue out, and began to breathe heavily looking up at her tormentor humiliated. "Good girl!" Ted said reaching down to pat his fat tittied bitch on the head. He stood there admiring his creation. She had been a dumb worthless tease of a daughter but eventually, with enough training, she would become the perfect pet.

He couldn't resist his daughters open mouth and moist pink tongue any longer. "Now be a good puppy and slender zaya cassidy sucks and fucks big cock in a party what daddy gives you to swallow." He said unzipping his pants and pulling out his semi stiff 8 inch cock, sliding it into the girl's warm, wet open mouth.

"Mmmm, Good girl, Floppy." He said as he felt his byate ky bur chodae xxx bf girl's plump lips and velvety tongue take in his cock and begin to suck. As Ted's dick began to swell to its full size he leaned down to give one of her fat swinging udders a hard pinch.

Katie let out a muffled squeal but she knew better than to stop sucking. "Keep it wagging, stupid!" Ted said giving Katie's round tan ass a firm whack, still thrusting himself in her mouth. "Mmmff!" Katie mumbled as she started her butt moving again, faster than before.

Ted began moaning softly and thrusting into his little girl's mouth. He grabbed her hair with both hands and ordered her to take more. She did her best to relax her throat as her stepfather forced his way past her gag reflex and began to hump his daughter's face in long deep thrusts making her gag and drool. Katie's breasts swung back and forth in time with her step father's hips thrusting. When her wagging stopped or she gagged she was quickly reminded by a firm smack on her rear how she was expected to behave.

After a few minutes fucking Katie's fake butt sex toy seducing my stepfather her step father stuffed his cock in balls deep and deposited his full pulsing load into her belly. She squirmed under him as he held her there, taking his time letting the last spurts of cum dribble out before releasing the girl, drooling and gasping.

Ted smiled to himself. Excellent suction, and she gagged a lot less this time! Maybe she can learn after all. He patted her on the head, "Good girl, Floppy. Maybe you're not as useless as I thought." Katie was utterly humiliated but she knew that she was expected to be pleased by the man's praise. Completely disgusted with herself she looked up at her stepfather panting for real now, her tongue sticking out, drool running down her chin, wagging her whole rear back and forth vigorously.

She felt her tits hanging down swinging back and forth she hated them. She hated her fat swinging cow udders! Ted laughed and patted her again on the head. "Good girl! When you learn to behave properly, I can give you that present I promised you!" He said reaching down to unchain her from the doghouse and attach her lead. "But first you must need to go for a walk huh girl? You wanna go for a walk Floppy??" Katie wagged her butt as hard as she could, she hadn't gone to the bathroom in almost 16 hours and it was really starting to hurt!

Ted couldn't help but laugh at his dumb little daughter's excitement. "OK, OK! Here we go! C'mon Floppy!" Ted called as he clipped her walking leash on and gave it a tug, signaling for her to follow him.

He began walking briskly across the yard, making the girl crawl as fast as she could. Katie struggled hard to keep up but it was impossible! When she fell behind she got an encouraging smack on the ass, when she stumbled and fell on her face and tits, he just yanked her up by her collar and kept going. Ted was really getting a big kick out of exercising his dumb pet bitch!

"Keep up dummy! This is going to be an everyday thing!" he hollered, smiling big, his dick growing hard again as he looked down at her bouncing exposed ass and flopping jiggling titties.

Ted ran her around the trailer three times. He figured that for Floppy to have the perfect body for his tastes she would have to lose four or five pounds. A diet of nothing but dog food and cum would do the trick in a few weeks. but this was way more fun! And besides, she needed to learn to walk on a leash anyway. The bitch needed a lot of training. Katie was huffing and puffing trying her best to keep up. Her tongue hung out and she was breathing hard. Her lungs burned! Her step father was going too fast.

Katie's tits were flopping around painfully as she crawled alongside her stepfather, she would have given anything for a sports bra right now! Every time she fell behind her ass was savagely spanked. When she stumbled and fell on the rough dirty ground she was yanked up by the leash around her throat, choking her, until she was able to regain her footing. "How long can this last!?" she thought to herself over and over. She wanted so badly to stop but Ted just kept her moving.

She looked up at him as they ran. He looked like he was having all the fun in the world. 5 summer enjoys some domination with her girlfriend later Ted stopped abruptly and yanked her leash to make Katie come to a halt and then sit. Kneeling and sticking out her tits like she had been trained she sat there and gasped for air, coughing, her sore chest heaving.

"That wasn't very good Floppy! We're gonna have to get you in better shape if you are going to be a proper pet for daddy. but we have plenty of time for that don't we girl? All the time in the world." He trailed off smiling down at the breathless girl and gave her nipple a hard twist.

Katie had more pressing matters to deal with than pondering the eternity ahead of her being trained to lucky guy fuck 3 girls her stepfather's sick sexual perversions.

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She had to pee, and bad!! And not just pee but the other thing too. As she looked around her she realized that they hadn't gone anywhere.

just around and around in a big circle. She wasn't 10 feet from where they had started, and not any closer to a bathroom! Katie looked up at her stepfather with a mixture of confusion and anguish on her face, her tongue hanging out, still panting from the heavy exercise. Ted laughed at how ridiculous she looked and asked her what was the matter. She knew better than to speak but she did the best she could to communicate to Ted that she very badly needed a bathroom.

She whined and wiggled and grimaced her face. Ted just stood over her laughing, her face flushed with embarrassment and frustration as she tried desperately to make him understand her urgent need. Unable to properly do a pee pee dance on all fours she began crawling towards the trailer still whining for Ted to follow her.

When he just stood there holding her leash firmly looking down at her laughing, she sat up on her knees and butt and did the begging gesture sofia is a gorgeous hot latina whos getting rea had seen dogs do from time to time and whined pathetically, tits sticking out in front of her. Ted laughed loudly and reached down to grope her titties.

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"Aww what is it Floppy, I don't understand, why do you want to go to the trailer? You know dogs aren't allowed inside!" He stood there for a few moments smiling broadly, playing with his daughters soft round breasts, squeezing them and batting them around lightly. For breasts so big they were surprisingly perky, bouncing back quickly as he played. He took a moment to cherish the sight of his little girl begging like a retarded fat tittied dog for the simple privilege of going inside to using the toilet.

"What's the matter stupid? Do you need to go to the bathroom?" He said. Katie's eyes grew big and she nodded her head vigorously whining and squirming all over.

She dropped down onto all fours and pulled on the leash as she tried to crawl towards the trailer again. "You're so fucking stupid Floppy!" Ted barked, giving her leash a sharp yank to make her stop pulling.

She looked back over her shoulder bewildered. "Bitch, what did I tell you about pulling on this leash?" Katie cowered as Ted reigned down 5 sharp open handed blows on her already bright red butt. "Doggies don't go to the bathroom inside Floppy, bathrooms are for people! This is your bathroom now!" He said pointing at the dirt and dead grass beneath the girl. Katie stared up at him with a desperate pained look on her face, tongue still hanging out ridiculously, her step father staring down.

After a few seconds she couldn't hold it anymore and with a sudden gush released her overfull bladder. With a rush of shame mixed with relief she stood there on all fours feeling the splatter of the warm liquid on her legs. The puddle grew underneath her and spread on the hard packed Arizona soil until her knees were resting in a pool of her own urine. "Shit Floppy, you can't even piss without getting it all over yourself.

Jesus fucking Christ, you are by far the dumbest bitch I have kissa sina xxx new com trained! C'mon." Ted yanked her forward with a sharp tug and moved her out of the puddle of piss. "Now do the rest of your business or you'll have to hold it for another day." Katie was completely and utterly broken down now and humiliated beyond belief but she couldn't really poop in front of her step father??

"Well??" Ted said impatiently staring down at the girl with growing annoyance. Katie hung her head in shame as she felt herself completely give up.

She relaxed her ass and pushed out a good sized pile of stool. She really didn't have any choice, she told herself, she was a dog now, this is what dogs do.

She finished pooping and as her asshole pinched off the last bit she remembered fondly the luxury of having a bathroom and toilet paper. but that wasn't her life anymore. "That wasn't so hard was it, dummy?" Ted said reaching down to give her ass a playful but still stinging smack.

"But look at what a mess you've made of yourself, let's go clean you up!" He said and began to walk her briskly towards the trailer. Tits swinging, dirty little butthole swaying in the air, tongue hanging out, Katie followed her step father's lead, imagining hot showers and bubble baths and spa treatments the whole way. She was a little disappointed but at this point not at all surprised when Ted yanked her to a stop by the coiled up hose at the back steps.

"Now let's get our little dummy nice and clean before nighty night time!" He said, tying her lead off on the railing before dipping quickly inside to grab a bar of soap. Ted turned on the spigot and quickly turned the hose on Katie. She couldn't help but let out a little shriek at the onslaught of the cold water on her bare skin. Katie turtled up in a little ball, her skin tightening, goose bumps forming all over her as her nipples turned to little rocks.

This posture didn't offer any relief at all from the water torture, she quickly realized, all it did was make Ted mad. He grabbed her hair with his left hand and yanked her head up and back violently. "Head up, tongue out, arch your fucking back dummy!!" He shouted as he dropped the hose and began spanking her with his other hand.

Whack! Whack! "This is the position I want you in, when the fuck did I tell you to curl up in a little ball??" Whack! After a few bruising smacks Ted let go and resumed hosing her off.

Katie was a good girl this time and stayed in position. Shivering all over, her skin numbed but somehow still stinging from the sharp jets of icy cold water, Katie did her best to remain in the pose she had been ordered to maintain while Ted circled around her with the hose.

He sprayed her in the face, spraying water into her open mouth making her gag. Around her sides he went, the needle like spray stinging her sensitive exposed breasts.

Ted grabbing a tit now and then for a rough squeeze, chuckling to himself as she winced. Ted moved around to the rear of her and sprayed her crack with a piercing stream of water. Katie felt it surge into her butthole even as she clenched it as tight as she could.

Ted laughed. "You sure are a dirty bitch Floppy! But don't worry, daddy's gonna get you real clean!" Ted dropped the hose and went to work on his shivering little girl with the bar of soap. Starting with her back he quickly worked down her body to her tits, getting them soapy and dripping. Ted loved torturing Katie's fat tits, it was a perfect revenge! Every time he made the helpless girl squeal or squirm or yelp in pain he remembered the times that she had tormented him with her cleavage, her braless weekends, her fucking naked tanning in the yard where she pretended that he couldn't see!

She was barely 12 when all that had started and 6 years is a long time for any man to endure that special kind of torture. With Katie's tits sparkling clean, Ted moved up to her face, getting the stinging soap in her eyes, blinding her, probing her mouth with his soapy digits.

He laughed as the girl gagged at the intruding fingers and awful bitter taste. Katie had only been under her step father's training for a day and a half but she had already learned that whatever was put in her mouth she was expected to suck and so she got to work bobbing her head and making quiet slurping noises as she sucked.

Ted laughed to himself, the girl was a natural. Ted dropped the soap and gave Katie's butt a hard slap. "Move that ass!" he barked, prompting the girl to begin swinging her ass back and forth, wagging, as her step father rubbed the remaining soap on her face and finger fucked her mouth, smiling down at his creation.

He savored the experience, toying with her, pulling his fingers out with a slurp and stuffing them back in deep, gagging her.

Ted pulled out his stiff cock and swapped it for cartoon xxx hardvore clip download fingers in the 18 year old's sucking hole.

Grabbing her hair, Ted gave Katie's mouth a few quick thrusts before pausing for a moment to pick the soap back up and resume soaping her wagging back half as he continued sliding his slippery dick in and out of Katie's soapy mouth and pushing into her throat.

Katie tried to relax and accept the fat cock meat being fed to her and the awful, awful taste of the soap being pumped around in her mouth and throat, the foamy suds dribbling down her chin like a frothy goatee. She wasn't sure if she was just getting used to having her throat violated or if the soap was actually helping Ted's cock slide in easier. As Ted soaped further back on her body, he leaned over her more and more, pushing her head further and further back opening her throat wider.

She felt her stepfather's rough hands rubbing and groping her ass cheeks, drifting towards her crack. Suddenly, without warning, she felt one of his fingers slide into her butt. Katie was shocked, she had never let a guy play around back there. She mumbled her displeasure, cock in mouth and squirmed around, trying to move away from the intruding digit. Ted calmed her down with a rough smack on her ass with his free hand. "You're not going anywhere bitch!" SMACK! Katie stopped squirming and allowed Ted to finger her ass.

It felt so weird! She had heard other girls describe anal sex and it sounded awful, but this wasn't bad at all, not even really that uncomfortable. just weird. "You're lucky I'm breaking you in with soap!" Ted called down to her as he pushed another finger into the girl's slick back hole. Katie let out a muffled squeal as she felt her asshole stretch around the man's second digit. The addition of Ted's middle finger had pushed her narrow anus past a comfortable size and now she was feeling what the other girls had described, kind of a stretching wacky czech cutie spreads her juicy quim to the peculiar feeling.

Ted chuckled to himself at the girls increasing alarm as he continued to force his fingers into the girl's incredibly tight clenching asshole. "Mmmm, virgin ass!" he thought to himself smiling wickedly.

"Now it's your choice dummy, but I think you'll enjoy this a lot more if you try and relax." Ted said pulling his cock out of the girl's mouth with a loud slurp. Katie breathed heavily, staring up at Ted as he circled around behind her. She watched his cock in horror, dreading what she knew was about to happen. It was a very big dick, both long and thick and she shuddered at the thought of it being forced into her ass.

She barely believed it was possible but she knew that her step father would never give up until he had what he wanted. A few seconds later, she felt the fingers pull out of her ass and Ted's fat cock head pressing at her back door. Katie began to panic! Her stepdad grabbed her roughly by the hair with one hand, yanking her head back, making her back arch. She wanted to run away but there was nowhere to go! "Hold still retard." Ted barked as he held her firmly, pulling her back into him pressing harder, but still very slowly, at her puckered little hole.

Suddenly she felt her anus open up and begin to stretch around the man's bulging cock. Katie gasped as Ted let out a blissful groan, feeling his daughter's tight asshole begin to engulf his pulsing meat, the soap allowing him to slide in to the girl's super tight slippery little hole.

Ted was only about an inch in, just the tip, but he was having the time of his life. He had been wanting to teach this dumb little bitch this lesson for years. Dumb fat tittied little cock teases get their butts fucked. Hard and often. He smiled. Ted backed out half way and then thrust forward, pulling the girl back into him.

Katie let out a loud grunt, screaming inside as her asshole stretched. "Shut the fuck up bitch, this is daddy's property now!" Ted replied smacking her on the rump and thrusting deeper inside. Katie couldn't believe that this was happening. How is this possible? My step father raping my virgin asshole in the muddy grass behind the trailer! No man treats me like this!!

She let out another groan as Ted gave another thrust, claiming another inch of his little girl's back tunnel. Katie was just about losing her mind, panting hysterically, squirming around frantically in her stepdad's firm restraint. Ted kept going, though he knew the girl was in discomfort. He liked that. In fact, he was just getting started.

Ted backed out and thrust in a fourth time, more forcefully. He smiled as Katie let out a shriek. "This is what happens to dumb fat tittied bitches, Floppy!" He thrust again, even harder. "This is your life now dummy!" Thrusting again, each time receiving a satisfying scream and responding with a smack. "This is daddy's ass now dummy!" Thrusting, "Get used to it!" Ted bared down and began pumping into Katie's poor little asshole faster, her tits hanging down swinging in rhythm with his hips.

Finally balls deep, his testicles resting on the girl's cunt, Ted rested for a second chennai aunty sex story story gave her head sharp a jerk backwards. "See, Floppy! You didn't think it would fit did you?" SMACK! "But you know daddy always gets what he wants!

And right now he wants to use your little butthole for a hole to fuck and cum in!" SMACK! "You like that Floppy?" SMACK! "You like that??" SMACK! "Well you'd better learn to like it! This is your life now BITCH!" SMACK! Ted gripped her hair with both hands and started banging her deep and hard, pulling her back into his cock with each pump.

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Katie's tits flopped under her as Teds hip's slapped loudly into her big round ass. The poor girl's screams devolved into a long a long high pitched wail, punctuated by gasps for air, and grunts every time Teds cock slammed home.

Good girl floppy! Mmmmmm Daddy likes! Daddy likes a lottt!!" Ted said and then gave a long low grunt, burying his cock deep in the girls abused ass while simultaneously pushing Katie's face and tits into the wet ground, her ass still sticking way up in the air.

His engorged cock pulsating, Ted pumped squirt after massive squirt deep into his little girl's guts. "MMMMMMMMM that's daddy's good little butt slut!" He pressed her face into the mud harder and held her there, mounted up atop of her fat ass, pushing into her as deeply as possible as his balls tensed and drained like they never had before. Partly in relief, partly at the futility and depravity of her situation, Katie began to sob softly as she felt Ted finish unloading his sperm deep inside her, her ass aching and throbbing like nothing she had ever felt before.

As Ted's grip on her hair loosened, she turned her head to look up at the triumphant man standing on top of her panting and looking proud.

He looked like some sort of pervert conqueror, his huge twitching cock buried impossibly deep in her asshole. She was dumb with panic the whole time he was using her ass but now she was surprisingly calm and she started to recall some of the things he had said.

"There was going to be a lot more of this he said. This is my life now." she thought to herself. She felt like she had been ripped in half, how could she take any more of this abuse?!" Katie felt her stepdad's cock begin to sex xnx english story com, easing out of her, a streak of his warm cum dribbling down her leg. Ted stuffed his cock into his pants, yanked her head up and sprayed her in the face with more cold water.

She shrieked again, jumping from the sudden shock. Ted laughed and hosed her off, rinsing off the soap and leaking cum from her body. "That was fun wasn't it, Floppy?" He asked as he yanked the girls leash and began walking her towards the dog house. Her ass ached and throbbed badly, each step paining her poor abused hole. Ted noticed the girl wince and laughed.

"Don't worry, Floppy! You'll get used to it! Daddy is gonna break in that ass real quick." Reaching back he slapped her ass making her jump. Ted led her back to the doghouse and chained her there wet and naked, the sun still high enough in the sky to dry her. He looked down at her smiling and reached out a hand to pat her head.

"Stay Floppy! Maybe I'll see you later." Katie winced for a split second as his hand approached her but she remembered just in the nick of time that she was expected to like this horrible man's praise, this horrible man's touch.

Ted laughed as his abused little step daughter looked up at him and somehow managed to force herself to wag her bare tortured ass and titties. "GOOD girl! Maybe daddy won't have to put you in with the other dogs after all!" He said as he patted her again, turned and walked back towards the trailer. Katie watched him walk off, wagging herself the whole time.

Katie's poor body stung and ached and throbbed from the punishment saori iwaki has hairy crack pouring cum after fuck japanese hardcore had just taken but she feared that if her stepfather turned around and was displeased at what he saw the consequences would be ten times worse! The spanking and the rape were practically unbearable but being put in the stud pen was unthinkable! To be fucked and bred and used by all those big mean animals would be her ultimate nightmare.

She would do whatever she had to to avoid that terrible fate. Even if it meant being a whimpering obedient pathetic little pet bitch and acting out her stepfathers sick fantasies. at least until she could find a way out of this bizarre hell. This story is a fantasy based in part on my real life but only a fantasy and should not be taken as anything else. If enough people enjoy this chapter I will publish more :)