Teen cam kitchen girlpals toying each other

Teen cam kitchen girlpals toying each other
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Part 32 Green Island - Aftermath When the ferry finally took the group back to Cairns, Maria, Nita and Lynne sat together. Each needed to tell Michael and the other girls that they were leaving the harem. The helicopter landed, the blades still turning, when Beth ran to her father and lover. "Have fun?" he asked gently, holding her so tight she gasped. She looked in his eyes to see the real question, "You're my man! I had fun, but I need my man. I'd never let any other man inside me." The ferocity of her reply surprised him.

Then he realized she needed an answer, "You're my forever woman. Always and forever," he saw Beth relax, knowing she was still first. Alice followed committing to Michael and the harem, tenderly taking his face in her hands and kissing him with passion and love. Next, Jennifer took his hands and placed them between her breasts, over her heart. She looked into Michael's eyes, and said, "You are my man, my lover and my future. I love you Michael. I never knew how much until this last week." Lynne, Maria and Nita approached slowly.

They cried. Each handed him their commitment ring. Michael's cheating wife swallowed every drop of my cum bled, but he tenderly kissed them. Alice had given him warning. "If you ever want back, let us know. We love you," he said softly to each of them. From the corner of his eye he saw Rafaela glowering at them. His heart ached. Kat bounced out of the craft. Even with her damaged eyelid, she looked young, exuberant and perfect.

"Michael, I hope you never had any doubt! I love you. You are the only man I will ever want inside me." Becka and Sandy followed. "Michael, we need to talk…" They left the guards to handle the luggage and headed inside. "Let's go to my office. I think everyone needs some space." He saw Beth nod her agreement. To what, he did not know. The girls sat on the leather couch in Michael's office. "Shoot." Becka and Sandy looked at each other, clearly uncomfortable.

"Do you want me to call Alice?" Michael asked neutrally. Both girls nodded. He pushed a button on his cell. In a short time Alice appeared. "What's up?" she asked cheerfully. Then she looked in Becka and Sandy's face.

"Ready to talk now?" Michael asked softly. "We need you, Dad. We really had a great time at Green Island, but neither Sandy nor I could cut loose. We weren't sure we were OK with sex." Alice sighed. She realized what was coming. So did Michael. "Honey, what do you think would make you OK with sex," she asked, giving Michael time to think.

"We want to try with Michael before we try with anyone else. We trust him. We love him. We know this week was for us, but Sandy and I are scared&hellip." "We're not sure about committing for the rest of our lives, but we need to know that we're OK. It just didn't feel right with someone we don't know or love," added Sandy. Michael looked at Alice who nodded imperceptibly. "Girls," he said softly with love in his eyes, "we need to first help Maria, Nita and Lynne.

They've made a big decision and need our help preparing to leave the compound. Why don't we wait until they've moved into town? I don't want them to feel that you are taking their place." Alice's relief shone on her face. "Then we'll make love for the first time." Maria and Nita departed the next morning, crying in Rafaela's arms. They felt ashamed. Michael did all he could to assuage their guilt.

He assured them tons of bitches happy to see dick striptease hardcore the door to his heart remained open.

Jeff came to pick Maria up and to meet her adopted family. He and Michael locked eyes as they shook hands. Jeff promised to be good to her. His eyes told Michael it was a promise he would keep. Erik came to collect Nita. Michael thought he was tight pussy licking with alison and brooklyn strong, gentle soul, absolutely perfect for Nita. Lynne left a day later.

Shoshana saw happiness in her sister's eyes and seemed to impart that message to Michael, easing his pain. Ian came to meet the harem and Michael about whom he had heard so much. Ian asked Michael for his permission to marry Lynne in the future if she would have him, though he also promised Michael he would not ask for at least three months. Michael was impressed with Ian. It soothed his pain knowing that Lynne would have a good chance at happiness.

At dinner that night, Shoshana rose and toasted, "To life!" in Hebrew. She was looking directly at Michael, "To love!" in English. Michael's eyes misted. Becka and Sandy were anxious.

They loved the sex gym, but needed to make love with their hearts as well as their bodies. They'd decided that Becka would stay with Michael first. Beth and her five other harem members seemed genuinely happy for the girls. They knew that these wonderful girls just needed a doorway opened. Once the learned the truth about making love, they would seek their own man.

They'd charmed at least half the men at the weeklong party. Each had a man waiting. Each man had abstained during the week, preferring to wait for the girls to be ready. Alice, Jennifer, Sandy and Rafaela took Becka into one bathroom while Beth, Kat and Shoshana took Michael to the other. Beth suggested that Michael take a five-hour energy drink in addition to his Cialis.

She suspected Becka would be a tigress tonight. In the girls' bathroom, Beth's suspicion seemed laughably far of the mark. Becka was nervous. Her body had shut down the one time she tried on Green Island. She couldn't get it out of her mind. Alice saw the fear in Becka's green eyes. "Nothing has to happen tonight. If you're afraid or don't respond, tell Michael.

He'll understand," Alice said unintentionally adding to Becka's terror. "If I can't respond to him, I'll always be frigid!" Cursing herself, Alice slipped out to talk with Michael. "She's terrified, Michael. She tried with one of the boys on Green Island and her body shut down." Michael thought for a minute. His eyes sparkled with a possible solution. Dressed only in his robe, he went to the kitchen and found a can of whipped cream and fresh strawberries, arriving back in the bedroom as Becka slowly entered.

She wore a long silken robe. Her fine brown hair was in a single ponytail. Flawless makeup highlighted her delicate features and large, almost almond green eyes that now held a haunted expression.

He took her in his arms as the girls exited the room, turning out the electric lights. She trembled at his touch. Soft gentle music played while candles flickered. He swept her into his arms and laid her carefully on the bed. He retrieved the bowl of strawberries, can of whipped cream and the requisite flutes of champagne. Becka sat up, looking at him quizzically. "I thought we were going to make love?" Michael smiled, "We will if you still want to. Making love's tori black xxx full sex stories always this ultra serious thing.

It's fun too." He slid next to her. He knew she was very ticklish.

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He ran his hand along her flank sensuously, tantalizing her flesh beneath her robe. She sighed audibly. Without warning he tickled the same place. She shrieked with laughter, squirming to defend herself. He attacked her enthusiastically.

Becka screamed. She hadn't laughed or enjoyed a man's touch like this in years. Finally Michael relented, dropping back onto his pillow "No fair! You're not ticklish!" she complained, but her eyes were filled with laughter. He fed her strawberries with whip cream, a favorite of hers. He dropped one in her champagne. Finally she snuggled in his arms, her head on his chest.

She listened to his heartbeat and her fear evaporated. He felt her begin to relax. He stroked her cheek, neck and shoulder. She snuggled closer, pressing her C cup breasts against slutty chick gets her tits cum covered. He slid his hand beneath her robe to caress her back. She murmured her delight looking up into his eyes. She squirmed up and placed her lips on his. The kiss started slowly but gradually grew into a fiery demand.

Her lips parted, inviting Michael's tongue to enter. He caressed the top of her palette. She shivered slightly.

She pulled back. Her eyes blazed incandescent with passion and need. She pulled away and sat on her feet, shrugging out of her robe. Becka's breasts sprung free, miniature ski slopes with large, puffy pink aureoles and hard nipples. Michael shrugged out of his robe and opened his arms for her. She stared at his cock for a moment. She ignored his arms, wanting to inspect his organ.

Her small hand gripped its soft smooth hardness. Pre-cum liquid at his slit enticed her. She licked it delicately. She looked at him, smiling a knowing, female smile. She took the head into her warm mouth, circling it, learning how to give pleasure.

Mom catch son fuck his sister 1 to2minite story stared at her, his excitement growing by the second. "Honey, that feels incredible!" She slid back up his body and kissed him deeply. He felt her need and joy. He gently pushed her onto her back, his lips still on hers. He began exploring those magnificent breasts. He took his time, feeling her passion grow. His mouth sucked on one nipple, one hand caressed the other breast while his hand explored her belly just above her sex.

Gripping his hair, she urgently pushed him lower until his lips were caressing her labia. She dripped with excitement. He went lower to her puckered starfish, caressing and penetrating it with his tongue.

His middle finger replaced his tongue. She gasped for breath. He parted her nether lips with his tongue, tasting her essence for the first time. She tasted fresh and a little tangy. He traced her lips to their joining point, but did not touch her visibly engorged clit as it peeked shyly from its hood. Her breath came in ragged gasps. His thumb pressed into her pussy.

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She shrieked "YES" over and over. He rubbed his finger and thumb together, separated only by the thin membrane. She pulled him to her clit. He sucked and gently bit down. "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I'm CUMMMMMMMGGG," she screamed.

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Michael could tell. She'd just squirted!

He continued to torture her clit, extending her orgasm or perhaps giving her new ones close together. Finally she signaled a stop by pushing his head away. Michael lay beside her, taking her into his arms once again. Her breathing gradually returned to normal.

He eyes opened languidly. "Give me a few minutes to rest, then I want that monster in me," she smiled, "I think I'm wet enough." She giggled at Michael's drenched face. He wiped it with the sheet. She'd talked with the other girls about positions. They told her the advantages and disadvantages from a woman's point of view, but told her not to plan anything, as the best position would be obvious.

Seeing the size of Michael's manhood, she now understood. She climbed on top of him and kissed him thoroughly, tasting herself. Inwardly she smiled. She tasted pretty damn good. She slid down his body, opening her legs as her pussy approached his raging cock.

Her small delicate hand directed and positioned him as she pressed back. The head of his cock entered her small opening. She gasped at its size and how it stretched her. Thank God for the Sybian! She slowly impaled herself in minute increments until it was, at last, fully inside her.

She waited several moments for her sheath to adjust. She levered herself up, pulling her feet beneath her legs until she was sitting on his cock and her feet. She reached for the music remote and selected what she wanted. As it began to play, she looked into Michael's eyes and said, "Whenever I hear this song, I will be here, with you." It was music from the first night on Green Island.

Her hips began to gyrate in time to the music. His hands squeezed her incredible breasts, twisted her nipples and caressed her clit. She ground her clit on his belly. She lifted up and slammed herself back onto his engorged cock. It became a frantic race to an unknown destination.

They were no longer making love. It had morphed into a primal fuck. As she came again, Becka screamed out her uniform mom with boy cum on tits milf ivona female doctor high heels, just as Beth had. Becka had her life back. They lay side by side, next to a second, large wet spot.

Becka levered herself onto one elbow to look into his eyes, "I thought I would want you to cum in my ass and my mouth, but I'd like to wait and give those to the man I hope will soon be my lover, Michael. Are you offended?" "Of course not, Honey," he said seriously and then reverted to being a tickling machine.

The girls were sitting in the large main living room. "He's certainly original," Kat said giggling as they heard Becka's faint shrieking laughter, "gotta give him that." The next morning Sandy talked with Becka for a long time. Sandy did not really fear physical intimacy as her rape had been more of a familial molestation and she had even enjoyed parts of it. She'd remained celibate at Green Island to support her sister.

She asked if she could invite someone to the compound and try with him. Michael would be a last resort if she couldn't respond. After all, she was also very ticklish. Relief was written over the other girls' faces and in Michael's eyes. Becka wanted to invite her prospective lover as well. Michael spoke with the guard captain and the cameras in the guesthouse were thoroughly tested. Michael doubted that anything bad would happen, but he wanted to be prepared.

Sandy's man arrived first. His name was James. He was 20 years old and still attended university. He was studying for an engineering degree, hoping to join the oil and gas industry. His broad shoulders and narrow waist testified to his dedication to Aussie Rules Football. They met him on the lounge pool deck where Michael grilled a large amount of meats, shrimp, sausage and kabob.

James headed directly for Michael, his hand outstretched. He looked into Michael's eyes taking Michael's hand in a firm grasp. "I'm James, Mr. Shannon." "James," Michael said returning the shake, "My daughter has been a bit sparse on the details. Do you live in Noosa?" In reality, Michael had a complete dossier on both men.

It had been updated from the Green Island dossiers he had on every outside participant. "No sir. My family is in Brisbane and I'm going to RMIT for engineering." "RMIT?" "It's in Melbourne. It's a pretty big school.

I'm graduating in four months. Then, hopefully a job with Exxon or another oil company. If I can't find a job I may do a stint in the Army." James saw Michael's mouth go grim, "Well, before you go into the army, let me know if you have trouble finding work.

We've got some friends," inside Michael the beast awoke. Sandy presented James to Shoshana. Sandy was pretty and vivacious. Shoshana was simply a stunningly beautiful and sensual creature.

Shoshana would never tire of the open admiration she generated, but it never completely salved her soul. A short time later, Becka was called to the main gate xxx story pron sex stories black guy and girls fetch her date. He was a bit older, probably around a very fit 30. His face told of his years as a lifeguard.

He was Jennifer's friend, so Michael knew about him. His name was Bryan. He'd been an avid outdoorsman until his girlfriend had been killed in a climbing accident when he was 22. He now managed several car dealerships in Brisbane. They ate and swam until the sun began to set. Michael kissed Becka and Sandy on their foreheads as they took their men to the guesthouse.

Michael signaled the guards. The guards had been carefully chosen. Michael wanted the girls safe, but he wanted nothing of what went on to go beyond the guardhouse unless one of the men did something drastically wrong. As he suspected, the guards watched several hours of what could have been classic porn. The Burkett women had years of pent up need and they let it out that night, screaming with pleasure, triumph and joy.

Two days later, after another visit by James and Bryan, the Burkett girls moved into the Guesthouse. Michael's world was changing.