Big tit brunette enjoys teasing cocks bigtits fetish

Big tit brunette enjoys teasing cocks bigtits fetish
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I came down ill and had to have time off school; Tony would bring me the days work so I could keep up with the class. It was the Wednesday I had got up, remaining in my pyjamas, I was watching the TV when the door bell rung, mom answered it, she was thought it was the taxi for her and dad, he had to go for a hospital appointment, I heard "Hello Julie, Come in Andy's in the lounge, go on in" "Hello Andy, how are you today"?

"Not to bad thanks, what brings you here"? "I've bunked off school and I can't go home so I thought I could hang about with you" "Thanks, but what will your parents say if they knew busty blonde milf young cock leya falcon blowjob and bigtits bunked off"?

she shrugged her shoulders, "It's only Home economics and PE today, so I'm not missing much" "Give me a few minutes and I'll get dressed" "You don't need to on my account" Julie told me, Mom looked in to say she they were off as the taxi had just pulled up.

Adding she didn't know when they would be home. Wanting to be the perfect host I asked Julie if she would like a drink, she looked across to the drinks cabinet, "A glass of wine would be nice" I looked at her wondering if she was joking or not, after a few seconds she said "Well are we having one or not"?

I had on occasions been allowed to have a drink, so I guessed she had too, I poured two glasses and sat back on the settee, she sat on the chair opposite me. We chatted about things in general as we drank the wine, with her glass empty she asked for another, as I returned her glass she asked if I had any game we could play, I told her what I had and she asked if I would teach her to play chess, I set the board up and ran through the piece's moves, we made a start, because the board was on the coffee table we sat on the floor cross legged to play, with her skirt being a little tight she pulled it up so she could sit down, I could if I was careful see up it and catch a glimpse of her cotton white panties.

I think she knew this but didn't seem bothered, after about twenty minutes she asked to use the bathroom, sitting back down I noticed she had pulled her skirt up a little higher than before. We played on for another ten minutes or so, then as I was getting us another drink, behind my back she unfastened a couple of buttons on her school shirt, sitting down my eyes were drawn to this fact, she had also pulled her skirt higher and I could see she was no longer wearing any knickers.

We made a few more moves and she changed position, sitting back she pulled her legs up and rested her hands on her knees, I tried not to look, but my eyes were draw to her pussy like a nail to a magnet, my cock was solid in seconds, and stickyasian compilation girl teens love big cock in mouth blowjob and thai to the fact I was in my pyjamas it stuck straight out of the pee hole in front, Julie smiled, "So you want to fool around then"?

I couldn't what I was hearing, I swallowed, "Sure if you do" she got up and unfastened the rest of the shirt buttons, her tits were not covered by a boys nightmare, namely a bra, her tits were about 32c, with nipples like an eraser on a pencil, her aureoles were already puffy and covered in little goose bumps. Looking me in the eyes she unfastened her skirt and let it drop to her feet, now standing naked before me I could clearly see her clean shaved pussy all but a thin strip about it, she opened her legs a little, her cunny lips, dark and crinkled were already moist.

"What do you think"? what a question to ask me, all I could do was give a wolf whistle "That's good enough" it then hit me and I had to ask "What about Tony and Diane, they wouldn't be too pleased if they knew" They aren't here", I just gave a nod, she held her hand out to me, "So are we going to do it here or in your room"? I stood, my cock pointing towards her, as I moved forwards to kiss her she closed her fingers around my cock, "I think I'm going to enjoy having this filling my mouth and pussy" I pulled her close and our lips locked, her tits pressed into my chest, I then felt her hand tugging at the cord holding my pyjama trousers up, it came unfastened and they dropped, "So were going to fuck here then" I gently lay her down and kissed each tits and sucked on her nipples, her hand rested on the back of my head, she whimpered and sighed as my mouth attacked her nipples.

My head was swimming, if only Diane would do this, but she wouldn't make the offer. Kissing down her stomach I more of her, I went down my tongue passed the strip of pubic hair, as my lips touched her pussy lip she had an orgasm, "That's so fantastic" from the stories I knew what to do and set to licking and kissing her pussy, as she had another orgasm I found her clit and sucked it hard, :Oh God, it's too much, I can't take it" but she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tight against her spasaming pussy.

As she released me I kissed my way up to her tits and sucked each nipple a few ties before moving to her mouth, she pulled me to her, my cock was in the right position so with a short push the head was parting her pussy lips, feeling this she kissed me harder, I slipped a little more into her, in the back of my head I knew if she was a virgin, which pegas productions lexye moore se tape une grosse queue should have been, then me penetrating her would hurt, I casually worked a little more into her, Julie looked passed me and just stared like she was looking into space, then I pushed a little more into her, there was no hymen, she must have seen to this herself, moving my hips back and forth she moved in time with me, with each thrust I gave her more and more until my full length was deep in her pussy.

I pumped into her for a few minutes when she arched her back off the floor and went stiff, her muscles contracted around my cock as she shook from the orgasm that was taking over her body, this was all I needed, my cock released my white milky juice, we jerked and shook together as we each came, a minute later she relaxed enough to drop back on the floor, but her body was still jerking, I gave one last short jab and I was spent.

We remained motionless for a while, she then opened her eye's they were filled with love and lust, a tear ran down her cheek, she kissed and held me tight. I rolled us chick rose monroe gets her pussy licked and bonked our side and we kissed lightly and just cuddled. I had remained hard and deep in her pussy, very slowly I started moving my hips, she smiled and kissed me, we just lay there looking into each others eyes and my cock slipped in and out of her warm moist pussy.

Five minutes passed and we had another enormous orgasm together.

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I turned onto my back and Julie dropped her head on my shoulder, we didn't speak, what was there to say. The floor was a little uncomfortable so I picked her up and carried her to my bed, We had a kiss and cuddle then Julie pushed herself up on her hands and leaned down to kiss me, she then kissed down my chest and nibbled my nipples, then lower, she swirled her tongue around my navel, moving lower she kissed the tip of my cock, she kissed my length a few times before closing her mouth over the head, she took about half my length into her mouth then came back up, her tongue swirled around the head, she worked on me like this for a few minutes, uucp xxx shanilioni sexci full story I heard from the landing "Andy has Julie left her school bag here"?

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"No mom she's still hear" Julie was coming up the bed but too late, mom opened my door and stepped in, I had only seconds to pull the sheet up to cover our naked bodies, mom stopped dead in her tracks, "Sorry I didn't realise you were" she turned and went back out, "You're dads had to stay in the hospital, there was something they needed to look at" "Ok mom" we heard her going down the stairs, "What now"?

Julie asked, I shrugged my shoulders, "I think we should get dressed" I agreed, then we realised our clothes were in the lounge, I then thought, mom had to have seen them, if she had, then why did she come upstairs and into my room, then I remembered Julie school bag was in the hall over the banister, I sat up and reached for my trousers and slipped them on telling Julie I would get her clothes for her, I went out onto the landing, mom was coming up the stairs, "I think you might need these" "Thanks mom" we dressed and went down to face the music, mom was in the kitchen, entering we sat at the table "Mom, I can explain" "You don't need to, I was young once you know and it's only natural to want to sleep together" Julie looked at me with a puzzled look, mom then asked if we would like fish and chips hey girls ill be joining you today michael kahn tea, looking to Julie, "You will stay won't you"?

"If you don't mind" "Why should I mind"? "Ok set the table while I pop down the chip shop" ten minutes later mom was back and we were tucking in. Afterwards we sat talking and watching a film, around half nine Julie said she should be going, she got up and I did to see hr out, mom said "You can stay the night if you want" I turned to look at mom, not believing what she had said, Julie was just as surprised, "What"?

"If Julie wants she can sleep over" "I've nothing to wear" with a smile mom answered "That didn't seem to bother you earlier" Julie didn't know what to say, she looked at me for my help, I shrugged my shoulders, and mouthed "I don't know" "Well, what are you doing"? "I'll have to phone mom and let her know" "I'll do that for you, now pop up and have a shower before turning in" Pretty babe lucie kline getting fucked in various angel went into the hall, mom told me to get the bath towels out the laundry, minutes later I was in the shower with Julie, she said she couldn't believe how calm my mom was, "If that was my mom she would have thrown such a wobbly they would have heard it a mile away".

I had a full blow erection and Julie was about to go down on me when mom knocked on the bathroom door, "I've called you mother Julie, and she says it's ok to stay the night" "Thanks Mrs D" everyone called mom Mrs D and not Davies, with mom heading back down stairs Julie said she wasn't really surprised at her mom saying she could stay, this meant her boyfriend would be spending the night.

Having showered and dried off we went to my bed, we just cuddled for a while, about ten minutes later mom tapped on the door, "Night you two" "Night mom" "Night Mrs D" Julie pushed the sheet off us and looked down at my cock, "Is Tony's cock as big as yours"? "What makes you think I've seen it"? "I bet you've had wanking competitions or compared sizes" she giggled, "Diane and I have looked at each others pussy's, and cum together" she saw the worried look on my face "Were not lesbians, we just did it the once one night after we left you and Tony, I so wanted to jump your bones, but I was scared of rejection" I kissed her and told her Tony is smaller than me, she clapped her hands, "Looks like I've made the right decision then" moving down the bed she started kissing and sucking my cock, looking up she said wanted to carry on from where we left off.

She was a cock sucking virgin, but I wasn't going to complain, after five minutes she moved up and straddled my cock, holding me up she deux queues dans une chatte french amateur down taking my full length, she let out a sigh, she started gyrating her hips and bouncing up and down, the bed squeaked a"I hope mom cant hear this" "I know, but it's exciting, thinking your mom is listening and she shapely milf gives us a reason to jerk off be fingering herself" this was a picture I couldn't think about, Julie bounced a little harder making the bed squeak more, I told her to stop it, "Why, your mom might be enjoying herself" I gave in and lay back mauling her tits and she bounced on my cock.

We fucked three times before falling asleep, I was starting to wake up in the morning when mom came in to my room, the fact Julie and I were laying on top of the bed naked didn't bother her, she gave me a little nudge, "Andy, wake up, Tony's here" I sat bolt upright, "What"?

"Tony's here, he came to collect you home work and I can't find it" I pointed to my dresser, "It's on there mom" she picked it up and went down to Tony, I heard her telling him a little fib, in that I was still asleep, he said he would call in after school. Julie and I went for a shower, as we were washing off mom looked around the door, "I'm off to work now, will you be here later Julie" "I don't' know," "Well let me know so I can drop in the shops on my way home" this was obviously directed at me "Bye mom" I was drying Julie's legs and working up to her pussy when the phone rung, I ran to the landing to answer it, thinking it was the hospital, it was Julie's mom, she asked me to tell her to get home she had something to tell her.

Julie quickly dried and dressed and left, half an hour later she phoned, she was upset, I asked what was wrong, "Dad's been promoted and we have to move, "When"?

"Next week" we talked for a while when her mom called her to start and pack her things up. Tony and I went to see them off, this was devastating for Tony, and me, but I couldn't show it. To be continued