Teen girl old women frannkie goes down the hersey highway

Teen girl old women frannkie goes down the hersey highway
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Recap Shelley is the only daughter of Margaret and John, she is home taught by her mother, she has no knowledge of computers so she pay's for Emily to come in once a week to teach her this.

A short time ago she started on Shelley's sex education, bringing her brother David in for this, having first tried the goods.

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The week after the exhibition Emily went for the lesson as usual, during which Shelley asked when she could see David again, seeing she had opened up a Pandora's box, she knew she had to get her laid again, but she couldn't see how, the lesson was near ending when Emily thought she had a solution, but she would have to run it past David first as she didn't want to get Shelley's hopes up.

Back home as Emily was climbing into David's bed she asked him how he would like to have Shelley again, "Would I, I love fucking you and never want to stop, but Shelley, being so inexperienced does something to me" "Good because she hasn't stopped talking about you all day, but now we have to get you over there some how, and I think I have this sorted" she went on to explain her idea, he had as much knowledge of computers, if not more so she would phone Margaret saying she was ill and she would have her brother, come over to take Shelley's lesson, then it was up to them how they got it on, David was up for this.

On the evening before the lesson, Emily phoned Margaret and set the plan in motion, Margaret wasn't sure about the change but Emily assured her David knew his stuff.

He arrived early for the lesson, Margaret sat him down and checked him out, convinced he knew what he was talking about she took him up to Shelley's room. Shelley tried not to look excited and hoped she acted like she hadn't seen him before, shaking his hand she told him Emily had talked about him and it was a pleasure to meet him.

The lesson started and David was showing Shelley something on the computer, leaning over her shoulder to show her, she turned her head and kissed him, "Are you going to fuck me David"?

"That's why I'm here, but we have to be careful because of your mother" "Oh she'll not bother us, she'll be out in the garden taking care of her plants" looking threw the window, David saw Margaret busy dead heading and pulling up weeds, "Come on then sexy, get your knickers off" Shelley giggled, "I'm not wearing any" not wanting to take too much of a risk David suggested they keep their clothes on, Shelley moved to her bed and pulled her skirt up to her neck, David dropped his trousers and underwear and settled between her legs, they were well into it and didn't hear Margaret coming up the stairs, when she stepped into Shelley's room and saw them fucking like crazy animals, she screamed "Get off her, stop this at once" David shot to his feet, his cock sticking up like a flag pole, "Get out, get your clothes on and leave my house at once" David did intend to leave, alexis fawx who can squirt something flashed threw his mind and in seconds he had grabbed Margaret and pushed her onto the bed beside her daughter, she was wearing a dress, buttoned up the young princess gets strap on banged tube porn, taking hold of this he tore it open, the buttons flying in all directions, Margaret was too shocked to react fast enough and at that moment neither David or Shelley wondered why Margaret wasn't wearing any knickers, but then this made it easy for him.

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He moved to her and rammed his cock into her, "Don't do this, get off, stop it, Stop, don't" David took no notice and thrust into her, Margaret la concha de mi novia de antildeos him and kicked out trying to get him off, but he was stronger than she and kept on fucking her, slowly Margaret slowed in her protests and started enjoying this rape, her arms came around David and she pulled him close, her moans of protest changed to moans of pleasure.

Margaret and John hadn't made love for years, how many she couldn't remember, it started as she was spending so much time reading up and sorting out Shelley's lessons, she often went to bed after midnight, by then John was sound asleep, this had gone on for months and they just settled into a no sex relationship, John was her first and only lover, so she knew only him and his 6 inch cock, but not for some time now, so having David's 7 ½ cock ramming her gave her sensations she never knew.

Although sex wasn't on the menu at home John wasn't going without, he taught 12-13 year olds, in their school the teachers taught all lessons, including Physical Education (PE).

Things started around six years ago, the PE huts was an old Arm barrack's, the teachers room was between the boys and girls changing rooms, with a door to each, there wasn't a shower for the teachers, so John would wait until the children had left and take his shower in the boys room, after one lesson the kids were changing when he heard scream from the girls, screams of terror and panic then his name was called, not thinking he dashed into the girls changing room, they were huddled together, as he entered they pointed over the other side of the room, "A rat, there's a big tits pornstar ariella ferrera sucks and fucks by horny chad white John hadn't took any notice of the naked girls, he grabbed a brush and went after the rat, it ran from him and across the floor, he went after it, the girls screamed as it ran towards them and dashed passed John, it ran into a small store room and as John opened the door he saw it dash out of a hole in the wall, he jammed the brush against it, telling himself to see the caretaking and have him patch it up.

As he turned to leave the storeroom, he was surprised at how quickly he scanned the other room, and how much he took in, all the 11 girls we totally naked, their tits ranged from the size of a tennis ball to others that would fill a hand, equally their aureoles and nipples were of different sizes, some of the girls had no pubic hair and then it went to one or two having a decent bush between their legs, "Has it gone Sir"?

"Yes" hearing this they all ran to him to hug him, it was then things started happening. What John hadn't noticed was his cock was solid and making a tent in his shorts, but the girls had noticed, as he was being hugged suddenly one of the girls ran her hand up into her shorts and rubbed his cock, then he felt another hand, he then realised his arms were being held back, "Your cock feels nice Sir, can we see it"?

"No you certainly can not, now stop this and get dressed" the girls didn't take any notice and he had no control over the situation, as suddenly his shorts were pulled down and his cock sprang free. Not wanting to really shout at the girls he kept his voice low, but he told them they were being really naughty and to stop it, they had plans of their own as form all around hands were touching his cock and balls, "Stop it at once" Tracy one of the 13 year olds had moved in front of him and he looked down as she held his cock and moved her hand up and down it's length a few times, then he was totally freaked out when she bent her head and kissed his cock, and then she opened her mouth and took the head into her mouth, he felt her tongue flicking across the head, she looked up and he couldn't tell her to stop as it felt so good.

Hearing no argument from John Tracy sucked a little more of his cock into her mouth before pulled back up, she did this a few times, then moving from him Sarah sucked his cock a few time, he knew he should stop this right now, but he couldn't find the strength. One by one all 11 girls sucked his cock, when fervid nympho blows dick in pov and gets slim crack fucked seventh was sucking him, he slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy, the first few that he hadn't touched wanted him to touch them too, so he obliged, Tracy was back in front of him and she closed her hand around his cock and started pumping her hand up and down, it didn't take more than two minutes when his spunk shot all over her hands, face and tits, all the girls giggled, he had to sit down before his legs gave out, as he did the girls took turns at scooping up a little spunk off Tracy and sucking their fingers, they all said how lovely it tasted.

The bell rung out and this indicated there was five minutes before end of school, he told the girls to get dressed and go home, he didn't think it necessary to tell them not to say anything about this.

When they had gone he showered, his head still spinning at what the girls had done and the fact he let them do it. The next day in class the girls acted as normal as all other times, no one made any comment of the afternoon, this was the same all week, he started thinking it had been a one off and now they had had a bit of fun that would be it. He had changed and was waiting for the kids to get changed before setting off on a cross country run, it would take them over the playing field, down by the golf course and into the woods, then a short hope threw the new housing estate, where most of the kids lived, so there was no problem here, then back into the woods and golf course and into the school grounds, in all it would take a little over the one lesson, being around 50 minutes.

As he was about to see if they were ready Tracy knocked on his door asking if she could come in, as she stepped threw the door he asked what she wanted, "Sir, can we stay here and not go on the cross country"? "What are you going to do if I let you stay"? kendra casting by pierre woodman walked to him and standing in front she slipped her hand into his shorts, "What about if we play with your cock, and if you want, you could suck our cunt's", he jumped when the boys door was knocked, "Sir were ready" Tracy asked what they were going to do, he knew he would be sent to hell, but he found himself calling, "Ok James, you all know the route, off you go, the girls want to stay here and play with balls today" Tracy giggled, she called to Diane to watch the boys to make sure they went off.

When she got back into the changing room, all the others were naked and had started sucking John's cock, while he sucked their pussies, she stripped and joined the line, they went round twice and John was no where near coming, as they started the third round he had one at each hand and fingered two while eating one out, being like this he couldn't see the girls or do anything to stop them doing what they wanted, so when Tracy sat over his hips and sat on his cock, taking it to the full depths f her pussy, he could only groan, Tracy couldn't have been a virgin as she knew what to do, and minutes later his balls sprayed his spunk, filling the girls pussy to over flowing, she bounced on his cock until it stopped throbbing, Susan had been sat over his mouth at that time and when she got off he looked at Tracy and told her she shouldn't have done that, "I know Sir, but I've seen mommy and daddy doing it and it looked like fun, so I wanted to try it" "And was it fun"?

"Oh yes Sir" Jenny, one of the 12 year olds asked if she could try it too as she's watched her brother and girlfriend doing it, John told her she would have to make him hard again, this was easy down with her class mats help.

She sat over him and he opened he up with his fingers, he let her take control and she held him at her pussy, slowly she sat down, her face scrunched up in pain, she felt like she was being split in half, he did tell her to stop if it hurt too much, "No I want to do it" he felt her hymen, she looked at him and closing her eyes and screwing her face up, she pushed down hard, she was no longer a virgin, slowly the pain eased and she started bouncing on his cock, she looked at her friends, "Look, I'm fucking teacher" they giggled, "Is it nice, what does it feel like"?

Jenny just smiled at them as she bounced on John's cock, minutes later she was filled with his spunk. Over the rest of the term he had sex with all 11 girls, he lost count of how many times, some weeks he had four of them others only two, when the end of term was nearing, Tracy told him, "Don't worry Sir, my sister Joanne is in your class next year, and she wants you to fuck her, and I'm sure some of the others do to, so you'll still get your pussy" over the holiday John couldn't stop thinking about the next term and how many of the girls he would fuck.

For six year's class's have come and gone and every single girl that's been in class, he has bedded. He often wondered how he hadn't been found out. Now here was Margaret getting her pussy pounded by David, at first she protested but she was now enjoying it, Shelley lay beside her mom and cuddled her, "It's nice, isn't it mommy"? Margaret turned to look hot blonde babe with big tits pounded in pussy by big cock her daughter, "I'd forgotten how good it was, and David is so much bigger than your daddy, I know I'm being fucked now", hearing this David slowed as now he knew Margaret was a willing partner, he looked at Shelly and she was looking a little disappointed as she wasn't getting anything, he flipped Margaret over so she was now in charge of the love making, pulling Shelley over his mouth he went to work with his tongue on her pussy, she and her mother hugged, as she bounced on David's cock her tits bounced with her, Shelley for some reason reached out and touched her mothers tits, Margaret was shocked at this but she didn't stop her daughter, Shelley played with her mothers nipples and mauled her tits as she was having her pussy eaten out by David, who's cock her mother was riding, as if it had been planed the three came together, rolling off David Margaret turned around and went to work sucking his cock, now she had been woken she was out to enjoy herself, Shelley bent forwards and under her mothers instruction she sucked and licked David's cock, he was solid in minutes, Shelley moved from his mouth and lowered her pussy on his cock, Margaret moved up the bed so David could suck her tits, coming in Shelley, David flopped back worn out, Margaret picked him up and said he wasn't getting out of it that easy, she told Shelley to run the shower, the three washed down which revived David, for another two hours he fucked Margaret and Shelley twice more, when he was on his way home he called Emily and told her what had happened, she couldn't believe Margaret had done all he said, before hanging up he did say he didn't think he could manage her after all he had done, she told him in no uncertain words that she expected him to perform.

From that day David went with Emily to Margaret's, where not a lot of computer work was done, after two months David was feeling to tied and wasn't keeping his end nadia ali sex stories xxx sex story chut, so he suggested he ask one of his friends if he wanted to help out, hearing he could fuck mother and daughter and probably Emily, Jason was all up for it, this arraignment worked well and six months passed and everyone was happy.

John never learned about Margaret having two young studs fucking her and Margaret never learned about John fucking all the girls in his class.

Life can't get any better than this.

David and Shelley married and had two daughters, Jason and Emily married and had a son and daughter, they all live together in the one house and nudity is the order of the day, the kids are between the age off 11 and 13, David and Emily are still fucking and Shelley and Jason still fuck. Peter's the eldest, the other day Emily walked in his room and he was eating out his cousins pussy while fingering his sister's, he thought he was in serious trouble but when she just asked if he was enjoying himself, he nodded and went back to his business.

the other week he walked into his Fathers bed room and saw him fucking Margaret, Peter climbed on the bed and started romance and seduction makes beautiful czech cum her tit's later he fucked her, becoming a man that night, he since fucked his cousins and sister.

As for John he is still fucking the girls in his class, he's not knocked any of them up as he has the morning after pill and make's sure they take this.

Tracy who started all this off dropped in the other week, she came to say good bye as she was emigrating to Australia, for old time sake they fucked. We leave this happy family with the knowledge that they'll never go short of pussy or cock