Two raunchy stunners pleasure a stiff shaft group sex cumshots

Two raunchy stunners pleasure a stiff shaft group sex cumshots
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My name is Adelene and I am 17. I'm 5'5" and 120lbs. I have brown hair and green eyes. I live in a Holler in Kentucky. My Mom ran off when I was 3 and I live with my Daddy and twin brother Adam.My Daddy works hard,but,we are still poor. All three of us live in a 2 bedroom cabin.

The only thing I have going for me,is that I'm good in School. I figured the only way I'm going to get out of here, is if I have an education.

One day, Adam and I didn't have school. He had gone off somewhere,to do whatever Adam does,and I had become friends with these two guys. I had known them forever, seing as we had grown up together. Willy,Cliff and I were in this beat up shack, fooling around. I'm not a virgin by the way. I like sex and there just isn't much to do around here.

The guys and I had been together before,but,this time we got caught. We were all naked on the floor of the shack. Willy who is 17 was squeezing my 34C tits and sucking on my nipples. I LOVE that. "I just love your tits,Addy.

They tattoed and curvaceous tori avano auditions and gets banged by lex so beautiful." Willy said as he sucked and squeezed harder. I moaned and thrusted my tits in his face. Cliff was eating me out ,and doing a very good job of it.

I started to writher around on the floor. He was licking me from my ass to my pussy, over and over. Then he started to flick his tongue over my clit,faster and faster. I knew I was going to cum. " I'm cumming!!!" I gasped. "AAAAHHHHH!!!" I screamed out. We laid there getting our breath back. After a minute I got to my knees and said"Okay guys, whose first?" Willy stood in front of me,and I put my mouth to his dick. I started to swirl my tongue around randy and arousing sex games hardcore and reality head.

I then licked him from the base to the tip. He moaned. I sucked his cock into my mouth and started to bob my head up and down. He wasn't very big,Like 5 1/2 " so I could take him all the way to his balls.

"Oh damn Addy. that feels so fuckin' good" Cliff groaned. Then he grabbed my face and started to fuck it. " Yeah Baby! That's it. I'm going to fuck your mouth like you wouldn't believe" Willy said breathlessly. Cliff then came and stood beside him and I grabbed his dick in my hand and starte to jerk him off. "Yeah pump my cock Addy,harder" cliff groaned. All of the sudden the door flew open and my father was standing in the door way.

My father just stood there staring at us. Then he roared"What the hell are you doing?" He came and grabbed me off the floor ,and told the boys to get the hell out of there before he peeled the skin off their backs.

He dragged me naked out of the shack,and down to our cabin. "I can't belive you,Adelene" He shouted. " is this how I raised you? To be whore?" That hurt. I wasn't a whore. " I'm sorry Daddy. I promise I'll never do it again" I pleaded. I had never seen my father so angry. It was scary. "You better believe you won't. I'm going to make sure you don't" We were at our cabin and he forced me into the house.

My brother Adam was sitting at the table and jumped up."What the hell is going on?" He asked. Adam just stared at me. "get the fuck out boy! " My father yelled. Adam ran out of the house. My father pushed me into his room and shoved me face down on the bed.

"So you want to be a whore ? A slut?" my father hissed as he took his belt off. I looked over at him,with tears running down my face. "No Daddy, Please don't" I sobbed. He brought the belt down on my ass as hard as he could. I cried out in pain.

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Over and over again he beat me."THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! again and again. " You wqant to ruin you life little slut?' My father shouted. "How many Adelene? Huh! How many boys? Bet you've left all the boys around here put their dicks inside you.

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Fuck your tight litle pussy. What about you ass? They fuck you in the ass? How many men have you fucked?" He kept hitting me with that belt. "Stop Daddy!!!!! PLease!!!

It was just them 2 boys Daddy, I swear! " I was crying uncontrolably. "You're hurting me" I screamed. My Daddy stopped. He was breathing heavily. I lay there wicked nymphos nail the biggest strap dildos and spray ejaculate everywhere. Tom looked at his daughter.

His pride and joy. She had bloody welts all over her backand ass. He also noticed that he had become very excited. His cock throbbed against his pants. Addy had curled up on her side and sobbed. He could see her pussy sticking out between her closed legs. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman and God help him if he didn't want to fuck his own Daughter.

Tom said " Have you been with a man Addy?" "No Daddy just those 2 boys." Addy cried. She had her eyes closed so she couldn't see her fathers arouseal. "I bet those boys had tiny peckers didn't they? tom asked. "I g-guess Daddy" She stammered. "Did they fuck you in the ass Addy?" tom asked as he stared at her ass.

"Yess Daddy" Addy answered. Addy started to cry again. Tom undid his pants and pulled them down. His 8" cock sprang loose. He looked up and whispered "Forgive Me'" and grabbed Addy and pulled her onto her stomach. She turned and looked at her father,her red and swollen eyes going wide. "What What are doing Daddy? You can't. NO" She pleaded.

Her father looked at his little girl with her face all wet with her tears. " You want to have sex Addy? I'm going to show you how a man does it." tom said coldly. With that, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back on her knees. Addy tried to pull away but her father just pulled her harder. THen he shoved his dick into her tight pussy. Addy screamed. He was so much bigger than willy or Cliff.

He streched her pussy wide and shoved himself all the wat to the hilt. Addy started crying and begging xxx story sexy vf new sex stories 2019 daddy not todo this. But Tom ingored her and closed his eyes. He pounded her pussy harded and faster. Addy sobbed and grunted from the force of Tom's thrusts.

He had never felt such a tight pussy. He could hear his Daughter crying and telling him to stop,but,he couldn't. He knew he was goin to come soon and looked at her tiny ass hole. He didn't want to cum in her pussy ,in case she might get pregnant so pulled out of Addy's tight,wet pussy and shoved himself into her ass. Addy screamed and screamed. Her ass was on fire.

"Daddy Stop!!! You're Hurting Me!!!" "I bet those boys never made you feel like I'm making you feel right now. So full,stretched." Tom grunted. " I'm going to cum in you ass Addy, you dirty slut." Tom grabbed the belt and started to hit her on asscheecks. Addy was crying again.Tom felt his balls swell and he threw back his head and yelled. "I'm cumming Addy.

I'm going to cum in you ass.'" "AAAAHHHHH" Tom cried and started to shake. He was having the most incredible orgasim in his life. Whe Tom was done he feel on top of Addy and panted heavily.He could feel Addy shaking underneath him."Oh God Daddy! How could you?" She cried. Tom got to his feet and pulled his pants up. "Go to your room Addy!

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Get out of my sight." "You will not tell anyone about this,understand? Tom demanded. Then he left the room.