Man fingers and fucks beauteous girl hardcore blowjob

Man fingers and fucks beauteous girl hardcore blowjob
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"Yes, Farah, you are doing great today!" I sighed. The human girl lets her nimble tongue novinha e o primo se exibindo gostoso through my fruitful cunt, greedily sucking all the sweet juice that flows out of it. It is now one year that I put a jinx on the previously chaste, piously woman that is now no longer capable of stopping pleasing me without my permission.

I found the beautiful blonde pastor daughter when she was 20 years old, her blue eyes with the innocent look in them left no choice to me, I had to make her my servant! Now under the jinx her eyes changed. Sometimes they still have the look of the shy, pure girl in them but most of the time they show eagerness and greed. Only thinking of it brings me to the edge of orgasm, and now, as her eyes take that cute look in them again, my lust slops over.

I arch my back and let off a scream as I climax. I suck up all the warmth and light in the room so when I sink back in my throne the hall is dark and freezingly cold for everyone but me. I just enjoy the dark.

I just enjoy the cold. And I enjoy Farah. "Thank you Farah, you were very good today. I expect you to keep up on this level for the next time. You can go now.", I command the girl that is two years older than me. Farah stands up, curtsies and smiles, exults, "I wish I could keep pleasing you all day, mistress!" and heads out of the room. Yes, the life of a vampire duchess has its perks. Even more than most humans think. They think of vampires as dangerous but ill-fated creatures, that need to suck the blood of other living things to survive, that fear the light and an idle god.

We let them in this believes so they would be feared more of the brutal orcs, he elegant elves and the huge trolls. races that are too vain to hide their powers from mankind (actually I won't blame the trolls on this as it is hard to hide if you are twelve foot tall). But actually we vampires are more powerful than any of these other races. Our jinxes are the strongest magic known and we have great physical strength.

We don't need the proteins from the blood to survive, we suck it because we can absorb the power of our prey. We don't live in the dark because we fear the light, we can absorb the light as well, and create darkness by this. The human faith can't affect us in any way (I remember Farah and her father hugging and begging for god to save them in their last clear moments, and still Farah now is my property).

And we have many other powers, too much to count. In other words: We vampires are the strongest and best species that exist. But due to the extreme underestimation by humans, whenever they find villages without a living soul in it, they will mostly blame it on the elves. Our only real weakness is silver as it restrains our magic, what causes us to lose control over affected body parts. When I was two years old my parents, descendants of the two mightiest vampire families that subsist, explained to me what silver does to a vampires body.

If it is applied to the arms or hands, we get weaker, applied to legs or feet it slows us down, applied to the torso it keeps us from absorbing energy, applied to the neck it keeps us from casting jinxes and applied to the head it can obscure our mind or even strike us unconscious. I hate that metal. One time when I raided a village an inhabitant stabbed my back with a silver dagger when I was overwhelmed by blood thirst.

I felt as weak as a human for almost a day, I was unable to run faster than 15 mph, couldn't jump properly and I were so hungry that I needed to eat every hour. The hunger that is caused by silver is the worst feeling that exists. It spreads from the area affected by silver to all over the body, until you can't think of anything else than eating. It's so strong that sucking blood isn't enough to satisfy it oftenly so you need to eat whole deers or bears.

Only thinking of it makes me shudder. I need some deflection. "Mayor, would you please get Brentley in here? My shallow mind craves for his artistry today." The old vampire that I just refer to as 'Mayor' takes a bow and heads out of the hall. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the inside of the tight-lipped butler who has lived five centuries and two ravishing blondes and one stiff member keeps house for a duchess that counts only twentytwo years.

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But that is how our society works. Not the vampires that are old and experienced are in charge, the ones with the strongest capability of magic are (and I am expected to become the most powerful vampiress that ever lived when my age crosses hundred years).

This is necessary as magic is what our empire founds on. Our castles are built by magic, our lower servants are controlled by and fed with magic, our enemies are fought with magic.

Our enemies. Three years ago the three big orc tribes united under leadership of an orc called "Yerug The Wise". A wise orc? Ridicolous. The orcs are uncivilized, dirty and crude, and so are their minds. And they are lusty. They treat their women like they were of another species, I would never come to the idea to treat a vampire like I treat Farah or her fate companions, who are not allowed to leave the castle, have leisure time or even eat without my permission.

The orcs however cage their women, they beat them, they kill them if they don't obey, they see them only as pieces of meat with some holes in them. Just as they do with women of other species. Under Yerug's leadership they rebel against the empire ruled by my father.

This year it already happened four times that orcs made their way into my castle. They were ugly, noisy and they stunk. Yet it was a pleasure to see how the life faded out of their eyes when I drunk from their blood. As Mayor comes back to the mom and son sex sister room I spend most of my days in he is followed by a young human dragging a cart full of utensil for drawings and paintings.

Brentley is a talented artist and serves me by drawing paintings and portrayals to adorn the castle; he also designs some of the halls. The special thing with Brentley is that I didn't even jinx him to work for me. Neither he is a slave. He does it all by himself.

It wouldn't work else anyway as art arises from human (and elfin) souls. A controlled mind could create an artful painting as bungling as an orc or a vampire would(Well, WE at least are capable of understanding and enjoying the arts but the orcs.

I think I already mentioned that.). Brentley lives for his art and for him I am the personification of muse. That is the reason he is loyal to me. "What a honor to catch sight of your royal highness today, Duchess.", Brentley starts flattering while he plucks his mustache.

"Oh Brentley, please don't fawn over me!", I repel. Brentley raises his purring voice again and he doesn't seem to want to stop. "I am only speaking out the truth, Duchess. You look beatiful today.", he states. I can see Mayor shaking his head disgusted over Brentleys flattering. "Well, I guess your royal highness demands to be portrayed today?

Yes, of course, you chose a beautiful dress for it.", Brentley answers his own question. He refers to my favourite dress, the crow dress. It is a dark purple one-piece dress made out of crow feathers that covers my body from bosom to half way between hip and knees.

My enormous, magnificient breasts are only halfway covered by it, my shoulders, arms, hands, lower legs and feet are entirely bare. "Oh yes, Brentley, this is exactly what I was thinking of!" I respond and wave to Mayor to signalize him to leave the room. I cast a jinx so the torches would ignite in bright purple flames.

I want Brentley to depicture my majesty as well as my femininity, I already thought about a pose I would take.

I prop my right elbow on the right rest of my throne, position my chin on my finger backs, lift my left leg and clutch the left throne rest with my left foot.

I slacken a little without losing my determined expression. I present myself as sovereign, certain, self-assured and powerful. But due to my wide spread legs the crow dress' skirt doesn't vocer my vulva anymore, so Brentley's work will also show my desireable attributes.

I let my left arm hang down in a way that it won't cover my femininity, this is meant to show my disrespect for virtue and disciplin.

Brentley looks at me a thoughtful before he seems to sink in his art. I remain in the pose for more than ten hours while Brentley paints the portrayal. I don't think that there is a more grateful motive to an artist than a vampire. We can keep still for days without any motion in us, also we usually only eat one time a week.

So it is no surprise that the horny blonde teen kiara gets fucked by stepsis bf has become staggering. The purple light thrown by the flames seems to flow over my body instead of just illuminating it. My pale skin seems to glow in the dark and everything looks like it would pay tribute to me. My body is flattered by the painting. When I look at it, I see my unmistakeable youth, my purple reptile eyes give a gloating gaze to the viewer, I see my pointy ears, the tips of my fangs, my purple-black thick hair, my claw-like finger and toe nails that are of the same purple-black, my breasts, each of them as large as amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore head, and; I can see a big drop of nectar hanging out of my quim.

"Did I really got that wet, Brentley?" I ask him in feigned surprised. "Well, your royal highness.", Brentley begins to consider an appropriate reply but I interrupt him, "Brentley, we are alone, you can leave these formalities aside." "Well yes, uhm.

You were. dripping wet all over the time.", Brentley stutters. "It isn't any bad, Brentley, it is exactly what I wanted!

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The picture shows my desireability as well as my own desire in this way, don't you think?" "Yes, you are right.", he accepts. I am satisfied by the outcome of Brentleys work, I think I will watch it many times while getting licked by Farah or Kiara (another of my servants). But the painting is not the real reason for Brentley to be here.

"Brentley, you know why you are here, right?" I ask him. "Has the time come again?" he replies in great excitement. "Yes, sweety, it has.", I purr. Well, when I said Brentley is loyal because I inspire him, that was only half the truth. Brentley is loyal to me because he loves me. Love, it is one of these feelings only humans and elves can feel.

Like a strong form of desire for a certain person, which causes them to respect and even worship this person.

That is the greatest gift Brentley can offer me. Worship. Not as jinxed Farah that pleases me because the only things she can drink are my saliva or nectar, not as Kiara who pleases me because I order her to do so, no, Brentley pleases me only to please me.

He doesn't know that vampires don't feel love, so I tricked him into thinking I would return his feelings instead of telling him that he is "just" another servant that provides me orgasms.

I give him a brief kiss before I let myself fall back into my throne again. Brentley kneels down before me and starts kissing my feet fondly and wanders up my athletic but slender legs. I spread my thighs so Brentley would gain access to my crotch. It's cute how he tries to hold himself back everytime but loses control at the very first moment he tastes the nectar.

Nectar, by the way, is how the fluid that flows out of a vampiress' vag when she is aroused is called. Like flower nectar it is a fluid that contains a lot of sugars and scents that make it one of the sweetest things that exist. But also it contains many hormones that speed the consumers metabolism but also increase his lust, sperm production(if the consumer is male) and his perfusion.

Similar substances are contained by our saliva, too but they are less concentrated there. The point of it is to bait prey by the sweet flavour and to bemuse them with the hormones that oftenly already take effect when the prey smells them; and due to the good blood circulation we can drink plenty blood in a short time.

But it also has advantages for my sex life as my partners are greedy to suck on my cooze and to pump huge loads in it afterwards. I push Brentley down onto the ground so when he pulls down his pants his boner towers into the air. I do a slight jump and let myself fall onto his crotch. I am the crown princess and a duchess, so it is unthinkable that I don't obedient japanese girl sucks two huge dicks and gets her love holes sodomized any of my sex partners.

I start riding the 7-inch-rod slowly, making Brentley moaning a little. As I go on I close my eyes, bite my lower lip and join into his moaning. Actually members of the vampire nobility aren't allowed to have heterosexual intercourse outside of their initiation or the Gamorah (a mating ritual celebrated in one of five winters), excepted they do it with their mate of the last Gamorah.

But last Gamorah I wasn't initiated yet, so I am not allowed to fuck a man at all right now. Before my affair with Brentley the only time I had sex was at my Initiation. The initiation is celebrated when a noble vampire reaches the age of 20 years. The vampire (of the opposite gender) that was initiated last has sex with the one that gets initiated. I had luck with my mate, It was a young guy that I barely know - although it was my first time I pretty much dominated him already.

But my mother was less lucky, she had to get fucked by kinky cali and zoey enjoys pussy licking after a hot massage brother who is quite a prick. He is terrible. In the Gaborahs she always mated with my dad. I can see that Brentley won't last long anymore, the man laying under me pants and wheezes and as I look into his eyes I can see barely nothing but pure lust.

"Yes Lilith, I'm almost done!" he gasps. Lilith, my parents named me after the vampiress who is said to have formed the empire we are living in.

Although it is not even sure that Lilith ever lived she is worshipped like a godness by all vam. My mind suspends for a second as I climax. This orgasm is much stronger than the one I had earlier with Farah, it seems like the walls would tend to me and I would inhale everything in the hall. Just at this moment, Brentley climaxes, too. Due to the effect of the nectar he ejaculates roughly one and a half liquid pound of cum, ten times of what humans cum normally.

Humans cum only a third of what elves do and a quarter what vampires do, so my body sucks the fluid in fast anyway. Exhausted and pleased I let myself fall back again, after a short rest I give Brentley a farewell kiss and let him go back to his daily business. Up to the present day I have never experienced anything else than a life of pleasures and excesses.

Until my initiation I lived with my parents. The Night Palace - the center of the empire - is a place full of riches and favors. Growing up there means being pampered all day and all night. After my initiation I was nominated as Duchess of Gregsump and moved into my own castle, where I am in command of everything.

an even greater way of living, if you ask me. Well, if there weren't the orcs. Gregsump and Harsklan are the duchies that border on the orclands, a circumstance that brings a lot of stress and trouble to me. But the worst trouble hasn't even befallen me yet. A few days later, I again sit in my throne and get my ass licked by Kiara, an inferior vampiress who serves me since my initiation.

Other than my human servants Kiara is not jinxed but serves me in obedience of my noble authority, also her life as my servant has quite material advantages, many poor vampiresses would give their families' lifes to switch roles with her.

She has always enough to eat, personal suite and even own servants! Also she never has to suck my cunt but instead my asshole, something Farah would never be allowed to. Other than humans, who need their hot brunette gently fucked in bed in the morning to excrete toxins, vampires need them to suck toxins in to create the bodies poisons. So basically everything that gets in there gets disinfected, licking it provides health and strength.

Kiara loves to please me there and is proficient at her work. I start sucking my own nipple and fingering my pussy, the nectar flows through Kiara's thick red hair down her back and finally into her asshole. I moan in lust while I think of this circle, Kiara presses her lips directly onto the opening, shoving her long vampire tongue 8 inches into the hole.

I am just about to cum as we get interrupted by a loud, crashing noise. In surprise, Kiara stops sucking and turns her head around, I am alarmed as well but I'm too horny to think about anything. as I come back to my mind I shout; "Everyone out of the throne hall! Hide in your quarters and wait for my sign to come out of there!" It doesn't take long to figure out what is the cause of this.

I could smell them over miles. orcs. One of their raids has lead them to my castle and now they try to take it over again. I wonder how many of them came this time. the mobs usually consist of 50 of them who try to run over everything by their number and their brutality. I listen to the sounds. I hear blades scraping against each other, blades that cut through flesh and from time to time a dying scream.

It is so tiring to replace the human guards that fall in these attacks. after what I heard at least 20 of them were killed in combat. Finally some of the rank orcs make their way into the throne hall. Most of them seem to be exhausted by the fight, only one of them, probably the leader of their party, strolls trough the hall as if it was a market square. He has no clue what'll await him when he faces me, I can see it in the look in it's eyes.

I decide to provoke him a little. "Took you quite a time to get in here.", I laugh. He doesn't get furious about it, impressive! (Seriously, orcs are veeery easy to provoke.) He just smiles ad replies, "And you had a lazy fun time while we were fighting?

Letting your men be killed in combat while you were resting in here? How much of a challenge can you be?" Tough, and glib. Not as the orcs I met before. Probably a commandant, maybe with direct connections to Yerug. If that is the case, they didn't come here by chance. But yet it's just a theory.

"So you didn't lose men in the fight? I don't think so! How many were you when you arrived?", I hiss at him. While he keeps still, one of his adherents comes to word, "When we arrived, we were sixty!" The leader throws an angry look at him but then focuses back family sex mom and dad me.

I take on a thoughtful look, tap the side of my head with a fingerclaw and then say, "Sixty? If you came into this good and long blowjob from the wife with sixty men, maybe you had a chance against me." Then I stand up and swagger directly towards him until I we are facing each other in a distance of five feet.

"Big words for a little girl like you", he says^, concerning my height of five and a half feet. His is at least six and a half feet. I counter in a volitional priggish manner, "You forget that I am of the superior race, you and any other orc have no qualities that could fill the gap between us, you little piece of sh-" Looks like I managed to finally get him angry, as he threw a punch right into my stomach. It actually is a surprisingly strong punch, it didn't hurt, but my claws scrape on the floor like seven feet.

No normal orc punch would be that strong, which means, he has the support of some shamanic magic, what makes my theory more likely. "I am quite deft!", he declares shouting. "Oh sweety, you don't now the meaning of the word deft.", I purr before I sprint over to him, scratch his stinky stomach (Only the surface, of course, I want to have some fun before he dies) spin around and kick him right in the scratched area - he flies at least 15 feet. The orc that was so kindly to call me their former number raises his rusty iron blade and runs right towards me.

Before he sees me starting running I stand behind him, get my hands on his head and break his neck. As the dead body falls down I can see the leader putting on a shiny knuckleduster. 'As if this would help', I think when we run towards against, 'He won't even hit me with this!' Uhh. The problem is that I - thinking he would go for my head - go down two raunchy stunners pleasure a stiff shaft group sex cumshots spin around to get him off his legs, while HE actually targets my stomach and as a result hits me right in the cheek.

He falls but I am hurled through the air landing right before the throne. I nevertheless continue bragging. "That was the last hit you landed today - and the last hit you landed jaklin x x x storyr your life!

How can anyone be stupid enough to challenge the crown princess of the vampire empire?", I laugh. But then I feel a humming in my jaw and the bitter taste of my own blood. Too late I realise that the knucklebuster was made of silver. In my weakness, I fall on my knees. "Crown Princess? Did you hear that, my warriors?!", he starts loughing euphoric.

The scenery flickers in front of my eyes and I am unable to speak. "What do you think my father will say when he hears that the vampiress we cought is the daughter of Darak himself?" All the orcs start shouting triumphantly. The leader then squats in front of me and whispers, "Good night, your royal highness" and presses the silver against my forehead - my head is getting hotter and mistier until I white out.

In the next moment, I wake up in some cave. I wake up with a start and try to get my memories together.

I remember Kiara asslicking me, than there was this orc who fought me, talking about his father and then. the silver! I have let down my defenses and got blindsided! Wait. his father. the leader's father. I need to note this to my theory, the leader could be Yerug's or another elder's son.

But probably Yerug, why should anyone send his son to hunt vampires? But. Why should anyone hunt vampires purposeful - why didn't they just kill me? This makes no sense at all. I try to figure out the options I have. I am in a dark, wet cave, there are no light sources around me, I wonder how orcs are supposed to see in here.

My wrists and ankles are chained by thick. iron chains. If he really is Yerug's son, the leader didn't inherit much of his father's wisedom. However, the chains are too thick to destroy them in my current condition.

Fleeing is no option. And, due to the lack of light I won't recover that fast. I am still wearing the crow dress, it didn't even get damaged. It looks beautiful. It keeps still in here for a while and I become bored. Back in my castle I would have called Farah but I don't think I have this option now.

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I think the only thing I can do is to masturbate. Well, my hands are tied literal, so I can't finger myself. I can stick my tongue 16 inches out of my mouth, with enough skill I could manage to lick my own pussy. if there wasn't the crow dress. I could suck my nipples. I have no problem to get my lips on my bulging breasts but again the crow dress is in my way.

"You shall be jinxed, useless piece of-" A jinx. That is the soulution! I don't think I have recovered enough energy to melt the chains but it should be enough to put an illusion jinx on myself. I concentrate, relax and think of what would please my wishes right now. I smile, as the thought flashes my mind. I close my eyes, mumble the words inside of my head - and open my eyes to another world.

I am in a castle out of clouds. I am completely nude and dive through a giant bathtube. I make my way to the air and jump out of the water like a dolphin. My body is covered in a gel-like school girls sex mia khalifa, everything smells sweet.

Everything is embraced by an overall light. To my feet lie Farah and Sally layd fucks peter north till he comes, both completely nude and ready to please me.

And - the highlight - besides to them lays the leader completely nude and under my control. I give Kiara a single, brief kiss. "You, my dear pleasant, you know what? I decided that you need some distraction too, so I will order this dirty orc to suck your pussy all empty as Farah does to me, do you like that?", I ask knowing the sexy girl gets her wet cunt drilled already.

"I would love that, your royal highness!", Kiara squeals. Without any other words, we four get down to 'business'. I take place in a throne and spread my legs, Farah lays her face on my crotch and sucks in all the nectar that pours out of my cunt, Kiara lays under her so that their boobs touch and presses her lips on my cleansing butthole, the leader sticks his head between the two girl's crotches, sucking Kiara's nectar while Farah's juices drip down his head. I control him in a way that he knows what he does, I can feel his hesistation to lick a pussy as he always has been dominant to women before.

Kiara this time sticks her tongue down my asshole all the eleven inches she got, she moves, spins and curls her tongue, spreading my asshole wild. Farah has fallen for her nectar frenzy and sucks on my cooze as if she had gone crazy. Then she also sticks her tongue in as far as she can (only 2 and a half inches but for a human this is still impressive) and Kiara pulls back so that the two can press their tongue tips together in my lustholes.

This goes until I lose so much nectar that Farah whole mouth is filled and she needs to start sucking furiously again. Kiara however does her best trick: She somehow manages to curl her tongue in a special way so that it still ist 10 inches long and 1 and a half inch wide. She raises her head a little and starts penetrating my asshole with her skilled giant tongue, better than any cock could do it.

She clearly wants me to orgasm soon. The leader however has already fallen for the nectar frenzy, too.

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He becomes more and more willing to devote himself to my servant and sucks on Kiara's pussy as Farah sucks mine. In the will to please her his tongue gives Kiara's clit a last stroke - then a chain reaction starts.

Due to the unusual pleasure Kiara experiences, she cums, her tongue hands that sensation over to me, and my body sucks up clouds and light as I cum, too. Now a huge load of nectar shoots down Farahs throat, making her cum, too. So we now have three women who came and a man, who is covered in their juices.

"Great!", I shout. "Hey, Orc, would you kindly-" But before I could finish the order, the light passes off and I am pulled back to reality. "Hey Princess, did you sleep well?", the leader teases me, speaking right into my face. When I was having fun with my illusion, the scenery changed a little. The leader and four other orcs entered the room, standing there with their torches that throw fluttering shadows. Also my inner thighs are completely covered in sweet scenting nectar, clearly confusing the orcs, everyone but the leader seems either drowsy or overly excited.

"Well, if you concern in what rancid orc cave I slept it was surpringly good!", I counter. "You will see what your derring-do will bring to you", he bristles. "You, princess, seem to already have forgotton about your situation!" "Well, if you wanted to kill me, you had already done. Tell me, why did you capture me at all?" He breathes in deeply before he starts talking.

cock hungry coed joleyn burst enjoys a hot and a lusty blowjob befo me introduc myself: I am Ruug, the son of Yerug the Wise." All my assumptions turn out to be true - if I wasn't born as crown princess, I probably would work as investigator.

"And as soon as the location of a vampire fortress in Gregsump was known to the elders, my fathe sent me just to figure out IF we could catch some vampires and what is the best way to do so." "And what do you want to do know?" "As soon as the elders decided about your farther fate, you keep in here.

Who knows what could happen?", he answers pretty vague. "If I was you, princess, I would be a nice girl so they won't judge too harsh.", he mocks. "I am not as helpless as you think, orc bastard!", I snap back. Well, actually there is not much I can do.

The only sources of light are the orc's torches and they are not strong. I can't mind control one of them as I feel that they are somehow protected. although their protection feels. weird. Hard to describe it to you humans, sorry.

So I only have limited power to knock them out and escape and I only have this chance. "You are not helpless?", Ruug (I see that Yerug was pretty creative there - not) continues and then slaps me right into the face. At this moment I lose it. I consume the energy of torches and start screaming, causing a shockwave smashing the orcs against the cave wall, followed by a strong wind that keeps them there. Ruug however tries to make his way to me while his comrades are not even trying.

My handcuffs melt and I start cutting my ankle chain with my fingerclaws. But Ruug's pace is steady, he has made it half the way.

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I raise my head and spit on him, as the hot spit hits his face he is clearly irritated what gives me an advantage in time. And I need this time - did you ever try to cut an iron chain with your hands? Even with corundum-hard claws this takes a while. I already finished the left one, the right one won't need much time anymore .aaand finished. I raise my head again, prepared to make a run for it. Then Ruug's hand clutches my throat.

I have a sense of déjà vu as he presses the silver knucklebuster on my forehead. The next time I wake up I am quite shocked. The orcs did not only chain me in silver this time, they made perfect usage of it. I still wear the crow dress, what I think is a good sign. But also I now wear silver ankle bracelets that keep me from standing up. My arms aren't chained and if I was powerful enough I could just walk out of the room.

By the way, this room is much larger than the one I was before, also its walls are brick-built (but I can smell that it actually is a cave).

Back to the silver: I now wear a silver choker that pretends me from casting my jinxes. And - much worse - I also wear silver earrings. That means that I would have to follow any order that is spoken to me. How could the orcs even know that? I feel helpless and desperated and at the moment this feeling kicks in, Ruug and many other young schoolgirl groped and facial in subway enter the room. "And Princess? Can you still fight us back?", pigtail teen takes a good dicking telsev jeers.

I don't know what to say and give him a forced smile. "So, the elders came to the conclusion that you have some qualities many of our men could profit of.", he grins. "You. want me to use my magic to help you fight?", I ask irritated. "Not exactly.", he says smirking. Now I see the lusty looks on the orc's faces and as they throw down the scraps of cloth that covered their crotches, I realise the horrible truth. My illusion from earlier crosses my mind.

In the real life I won't be the one that is dominant. "Men, are you ready to fuck the vampire princess in all her holes?!", Ruug shouts as he throws down his loincloth, revealing his stinky 12 inch long orc cock.

"FUCK! HER!", at least fifty horny orcs reply.