Dude offered money to brunette eurobabe for some pussy sex pornstars and hardcore

Dude offered money to brunette eurobabe for some pussy sex pornstars and hardcore
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Pat was really getting into her kinky stride now and normal sex was getting a bit boring for her, she needed something different to really get her motor running.

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When we went to the drive in I had to park close to the canteen where the overhead light at the entrance would shine into her lap. She would pull her short dress up and play with herself and watch the movie intently whenever she saw someone walk out, didn't matter who it was.

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If we had no one else in the car with us she would get quite frisky as the movie got close to interval and insist on jumping in the back seat for a root, by the time the lights came on I would be too damn horny to care. The more people knocked on the window or yelled lewd comments the bigger the orgasm she had. Another time we pulled up to the toilets in a small country town, the footpath to the toilets was about 2 foot higher than the road we were parked on.

We were just about to start up and drive off when a bus pulled up in front of us, as the people got out Pat quickly pulled her knickers off and pulled my face to hers kissing me passionately as she frigged her clit while all the poor old pensioners walked past on the way to the toilets, hearing the disgusted comments of the little old ladies sent her into an intense orgasm within seconds.

She was almost pleading with me to fuck her in the back seat but it was broad daylight and I had my hand on the key ready to drive off in case someone called the cops. Parties were getting to be a real buzz for Pat and she really got off on flashing the gash at all and sundry, if there were older blokes there she would concentrate on making sure they got a good view of her exposed pussy under her short skirts.

At one BBQ we were leaning against a rail on the veranda about 6 feet off the ground with several young boys down sexy babe gets a big black cock us. Pat noticed one of the boys looking up her skirt so she turned around and spread her leg a bit to give them a show. As the boys whispered to each other I could see Pats nipple getting harder then she smiled at me and headed to the bathroom, when she came back she had lost the bra and I expect the knickers as well.

She had her back to the rail and kept reaching down to get things out of her purse flashing her bare bum at them. Pat turned and put one foot up on a low rail as she spread her legs a bit so they could get a better view. I could smell the sex and knew she was turned on so her lower lips would be parted and wet, she whispered in my ear "thats one", "theres another one" etc til I turned round and it clicked as I saw a couple of the boys had wet stains on the front of their swimming trunks.

Pat was as hot as all hell by this time so she dragged me round behind the garage and laid down on the grass pulling my jeans to my ankles and shoving my cock inside her, I suspected that the boys would follow but was facing the wrong way, Pat could see and I could tell by the look on her face that they were now looking at us, she really went off having multiple orgasms until I finally blew my load deep up inside her throbbing pussy.

We had to leave shortly after but I'm sure she would have let all the kids have a go at her if we had of stayed, she was getting out of control. The time finally came when Bazz was due to get out, I was sort of sad and sort of relieved at the same time, one thing was for sure, Bazz wouldn't know what hit him. Pat had started wearing super short skirts and halter tops around and it was quite common to see her knickers if she bent over slightly, Her unrestrained breasts would sway enticingly and everyone could see she was not wearing a bra, she loved the attention.

We were in the newsagent and Pat had bent over first time xnxxblood story xnxxx look at some cards suitable for a "getting out" when Chris walked up behind her and grabbed her by the hips and humped her.

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Chris is a little retarded so before I could say "Chris, stop" he had cum all over the crotch of her knickers. [you can read more about Chris in the Bernadette story] Pat was quite shocked by the quickness of it all and turned to me questioningly saying "What the fuck?" I said "Pat, remember us telling you about Colin and Chris, well this is Chris" "Oh" she said "the guy who pulls himself several times a day?" "Yeh, sorry about that, I didn't see him until its too late and he only lasts a few seconds when he whips it out" I replied.

Pat giggled and wriggled a bit as the wetness soaked through and cooled, She stepped out of her pretty pink skimpy knickers and said "Hi Chris, nice to meet you" handing Chris her knickers. Chris just grinned and stood there with his soft cock hanging there so Pat put it away and zipped up for him giving his cock a quick rub with no reaction. "He likes bare legs from behind mostly" I quipped. Turning to Chris I said "where's Colin?" as Colin has always looked after his twin and is never far away "at home" said Chris.

"how did you get here Chris?" Chris shrugged and walked off so I said to Pat, we better take him home before heading off to the jail to pick up Bazz and grabbed Chris putting him in the front seat.

Pat slid across from the drivers side and sat in the console between us as we headed out to find Colin, as I hit top gear Pat slid forward touching her pussy on the gearknob while staring intently at Chris, he took no notice so she lifted her skirt and advanced on the gearknob allowing it to settle in between her lips, "Oh that feels nice, the vibrations are getting me off' she said as she stared at Chris who hadn't moved. Pat reached down and rubbed his dick then unzipped him and pulled out his flaccid member with a look of sadness, she turned his head towards the gearstick and slid the knob inside her now wet pussy while stroking his cock, it had no effect but she kept trying as she was getting very horny from the vibrations.

We pulled up and Chris got out followed by Pat; Pat leaned back in the car and spoke Chris's name, Chris looked at her bare legs and bum bending over and his cock instantly stiffened, he moved up behind her and shoved it straight in her gaping pussy and came … Put had a huge grin on her face "yesss" she said and I think she had a small orgasm as Chris pumped her pussy full of his sperm.

"Pat, your incorrigible" I said as I laughed. I took Chris inside, it was still early and they thought he was still in bed, we then headed off for the Jail. As soon as we hit top gear Pat slid back over to the console and inserted the gearknob then guided my fingers to her pussy.

I had to put my hands back on the wheel several times so Pat took over the clit rubbing and brought herself off to a shattering orgasm then slid back to the passenger seat putting her feet up on the dash and slowly rubbed her pussy as she calmed down. "That was so hot" she said "can't wait for Bazz to do me" "Do you want to clean up before we pick him up" I said, hollywood sex movies full ebony dubbed on you sex fairy tales won't notice, he'll be up me like a rat up a drain pipe … oh I can't wait" she said.

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Bazz had just walked clear of the Jails entrance as we pulled up in the carpark, I shook his hand as Pat climbed all over him kissing him feverishly and we walked back to the car. Pat opened the back door and pulled him in on top of her fumbling for his zip and within second he was inside her pumping away hard.

Pat was groaning "fuck me Bazz, fuck me hard, I've missed you so much, I need you so much I'm nearly cumming already" Bazz sped up as he neared his orgasm, Pat was moaning "not yet, not yet, keep going, please keep going" as Bazz dumped 6 months worth of built up cum deep in her thrashing pussy. "sorry big bood xxx sex stories story he said as he climbed off her and sat in the corner.

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Pat reached for his cum covered dick and tried to stroke it back into life but it just got softer, she sucked him into her mouth and tried desperately to harden him up while rubbing her pussy "please Bazz, I need it bad, I'm so close, I've waited so long to feel you inside me" begged Pat before sucking him back into her mouth.

I was in the drivers seat by this time and turned to them, I looked down at Pat with her Dress up around deep penetration inside wet love tunnel hardcore blowjob waist, one tit hanging out, fingers fucking into her pussy as she sucked Bazz's cock and croaked "where do you want to head to?" Bazz looked up at me and said "you want a bit?" then down at Pat and said "would you like him to do you babe?" Pat took her mouth from his cock and pleaded "If that's what you want babe, I'd do anything for you, anything at all.

If you want to watch another guy fuck me then I will" and pulled his face down to kiss him. Bazz sat up and said "go on, she's hot for it" and pushed her head back to his cock. I opened the back door and pulled my jeans down placing the head of my cock at her pussy and was just about to ask if they were sure when Pat wrapped her legs around me and shoved her pussy up on to my cock.

She was super wet and loose so I knew I would last a bit longer than normal, Pat set the pace urging me into long deep and hard thrusts as she came hard, I slowed up but she moaned "harder" around Bazz's cock then pulled his face down to her kissing him passionately as she came again and I spurted five or six large wads of cum inside her. Pat had somehow gotten Bazz fairly hard again so as I pulled out he quickly jumped on top of her before I could pull my jeans back up he ploughed back into her fucking her mercilessly through a couple of orgasms before he finally dumped his second load deep inside her.

She was a wreck. Bazz got off her and zipped up then jumped in the front seat leaving her splayed on the back seat with her tits bared, skirt up around her waist and cum dribbling out of her puffed and swollen pussy lips. I turned to look at Pat lying there alone, eyes closed and I'm sure a tear straining to drip down her cheek "help yourself" said Bazz, "we've got plenty of time." I got out and opened the back door reaching for her bare left tit, Bazz looked back to the front, I then tucked it back into her halter, tucked the right one back in and pulled her dress back down.

I Stroked her cheek then jumped back in the driver seat and drove to my flat. By the time she came back from her shower she had cheered up considerably and she was back to her old bubbly self by the time the Chinese food arrived, we sat on the carpet and ate our meal with a lot of joking and reminiscing. After Bazz finished eating he pushed Pat on her back and with no foreplay just unzipped, pushed his cock in her and started fucking. Pat looked at me with some sadness then seemed to shake it off and reached her hand over to my pants and started rubbing my cock, Bazz looked up but didn't say anything so I pulled my pants off and slid over placing my cock in her mouth, she moaned a little too loudly I thought and slid her lips up and down my shaft swirling her tongue around my knob.

Every now and then she would reach up and kiss Bazz slipping her tongue in between his lips until he relented and tongue kissed him back then went back to sucking my cock. I could see what she was up to so I natural chick gapes tight twat and loses virginity my self go and as I came in her mouth I kept as still as I could as I deposited my smaller second load into her mouth. I moved down sucking on Pats nipple helping her along then reached up between her legs pushing a finger into her bum.

Pats reached her peak and started fucking up onto Bazz's cock and as her milking pussy took him over the edge she kissed him hard until he pushed his tongue into her mouth as he blew his third load for the day into her.

Bazz sat up making a face and looked at her "did he cum in your mouth" he said, "yeh, but I swallowed it" she said innocently. "bitch, you could have told me" he said spitting and grabbing a beer.

I had to suppress a laugh at the innocence routine.

With Bazz back on the scene I kept clear for a couple of weeks telling everyone I had to work the next weekend to give me time to get over it. I headed back home the weekend after and just about as soon as I arrived Bazz angrily walked up to me and said "have you been fucking Pat while I was inside?" I was a bit taken aback by the suddenness of the question but answered truthfully that I had indeed.

"Oh" said Bazz, thinking for several seconds "I was hoping you'd say no to give me a good excuse to punch your fucking lights out for lying but what the hell, from what I hear kirsten price nylon tease jbstory probably stopped her from fucking half the town!" then laughed and punched me on the shoulder.

Whew, I was glad that was all out in the open.