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Mr 18 tony duncan cumshot
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Me Encanta Comer Coño (I Love to Eat Pussy) Part 2 After scoring with my friend, Katie, I weighed my options as to what my next plan would be. Katie had printed the message on my t-shirt without knowing the Spanish phrase meant, "I Love to Eat Pussy." Once I told her it's meaning, my cock was inside her cunt within fifteen minutes. She spent the night in my bed, but we didn't do much sleeping. She headed home just after seven a.m.

so she could get cleaned up and open her shop at nine. As she left, she kissed me and said, "I think I'll make myself a t-shirt that says 'You can eat my pussy anytime'." At my age, I was perfectly satisfied to rest for the remainder of the day. There's still plenty of sex drive in a 63 year-old, but it takes more than a stiff dick to go as hard, tongues in fart push gas as often, as I had since Katie and I started the day before.

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My whole body was aching. I strolled my naked ass out to the hot tub and soaked for two hours. Then, I caught up on the sleep I'd missed during the night&hellip. The next morning, I discovered I was out of coffee.

Katie and I had consumed three pots the morning before. It was time to see what kind of results my new shirt would produce. I pulled it over my head and straightened it over my torso. My belly was a little 'rounded', but far from being fat. My dark glasses and gold necklace were the final touch. McDonalds was full of people.

Several glanced at my shirt, shrugged their shoulders and paid no more attention. A fat little Hispanic man laughed out loud as he went out the door to his delivery truck. A few minutes later, two women slowed their pace, looked at my shirt, scowled and walked out.

Less than one minute later, one of them, a tall brunette with monstrous tits, came back in and dropped a card on my table as she walked past me and back to the counter.

It had a finance company's ad on it, along with her name. When she passed me on the way back out, she never even looked at me but said, "I'm Diane. Call me." About ten minutes later, two teenagers slid into the seats in front of me. One of them, definitely Hispanic, pointed at my shirt and said, "Are you freeking seerious?" "Yes, darlin', I'm freakin' serious. I don't pay for sex, but I cum with a guarantee." "But you are an old man. Are you steel seriously chasing weemen?" "Who says I'm chasing women?

All I'm doing is sitting here with this t-shirt on. The dizzy bitches are coming straight to me… and you're too fuckin' young to be even talkin' sex with me, too." "I am nineteen and shee's eighteen." "You're still too young." They looked at each other, nodded, and the other girl spoke up, "Actually, you just said the right thing, sir.

We're undercover police officers," she produced a badge, "We're actually, both, twenty seven. We just came on, but we get off duty at seven this evening. Would you be interested in a threesome? We've never done that, together, but any man with balls enough to wear a shirt like that in public has to be lots of fun." I wrote my address down and told them, "I haven't had a threesome since my wife left me for the third party. That was years ago. Y'all cum when you can this evening, but you damn well better have solid IDs that say you're twenty seven… and remember, I don't pay a fuckin' penny for sex.

There's plenty of it out there that's free and legal." Within an hour and a half at McDonalds, my t-shirt got me two phone numbers, a date with a chubby mother of four (for the next Sunday, while the husband and boys watched NFL football for six hours), the appointment with the two undercover cops, plus&hellip.

I got banned from having breakfast at my favorite McDonalds. Lisa and Nichole were on my front porch at 7:10. As soon as they circled my darksome hotty gets holes fingered girlfriend and hardcore they fished ID cards out of their purses. Being an ex-reserve officer, myself, I could tell the cards were forgeries. I really didn't care, though. I'd slip them out again and keep them, just in case anything should come up.

The badges were the same as anybody can order online for a five dollar bill. I wondered what these two were using them for&hellip. Lisa, as it turned out, was Puerto Rican. When she unbuttoned her cropped shirt, big, beautiful, brown tits with large black aureoles and puffy nipples stood proud and firm.

The Cialis I'd taken earlier was working overtime. My cock felt like it was going to bust out of my shorts, and they were the loosest ones I had. Nichole looked a little nervous, but her hand was rubbing her own crotch as she watched Lisa drop her shorts. Lisa's snatch was trimmed with an arrow shaped patch of hair pointing to her clit.

"Wee fleeped a coin, I geet to bee first. Neechole wants to watch us, señor. She has never had her poosy eaten, beefore. Wee deecided you can fuck us, xxx full storys sixy full yousex fairy tales, but mee first." "Take off your clothes," I told Nichole, "Everybody gets naked before we start." Nichole started to object, but when I pointed my finger at her, she began unbuttoning her own plaid shirt.

'These girls are too damn young, and too easily intimidated, to be cops.

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Oooh, this old mother fucker is gonna have some fun tonight' Nichole was much more shy than Lisa, but she peeled her clothes off, slowly. Much smaller tits with pink centers, and a waxed pussy, completely smooth with no sign of hair. At some point, my own shorts had disappeared and my cock could have been mistaken for a flag pole. I decided to take the initiative and make these youngsters do my bidding. I circled both of them, bumping my dick against their tight bodies and feeling their tits, ass and sliding my fingers between their legs.

"Here's what we're going to do, ladies. I'll call the shots here. It's my home, so I'm in charge. We're going to the bedroom.

Nichole's going to lay down and spread her luscious legs apart. I'm going to eat her pussy first. If she's never had it done before, she needs to have it done right, while this old man has plenty of energy. "Lisa, you crawl up toward her head. She's going to experience what it's like to eat a delicious cunt herself." "But I…" I silenced Nichole again with a pointed finger, "DO IT!" The lithe blonde hit the bed, shaking.

Her legs splayed apart, revealing pink meat curtains. As I leaned in toward them, I could already imagine the taste. I stopped my face less than an inch away from them and breathed heavily. I could feel the bed moving as Lisa was positioning herself. When I barely kissed Nichole's outer labia, it caused a reflexive move and she raised her hips.

I could hear her asking Lisa if she could just kiss her cunt first. I took a big swipe, with my flat tongue, across Nichole's slit and ended it with a big, sucking draw on her hooded clit.

It must have had the desired effect. She moved her left hand to the back of my head and pushed my face closer. 'Not yet,' I thought, 'I'm gonna make you beg for this tongue, kiddo.' I drew away from big toys make two hot babes happy cunt and moved her hand.

"Use your hands to adjust Lisa's ass up and down. I'll do my part without any help… and I want you to treat her pussy like I'm treating yours. Don't just kiss it, EAT IT!" The girl seemed scared enough that she never hesitated to comply. Immediately I could hear the slurping of mouth and vagina meshing together. That, coupled with Lisa's gasps of excitement, told me these two were going to be enjoying more of each other in the future. I dived into Nichole's snatch with a vengeance.

The hot little bitch went crazy when my tongue delved into her hole and back out. Over and over she'd have to catch her breath. Between my manipulations and her trying to eat Lisa, she kept getting smothered and gasping for air. One of her hands cupped the back of my head again, but this time she grabbed a fist full of hair as she began cumming into my mouth.

Earlier, I had added up the pussies I had made a meal of in the past… nine. Hundreds of times with my ex and two others, but this was the first cunt that actually shot pussy juice out of her tunnel, and into my mouth and face .

Nichole shoved Lisa off and screamed, "OH MY GOD, FUCKIN' DAMN!.

OH SHIT!. YESSSS, YESSS… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT!!" I seized the moment and raised up to stick my cock into her. "WAIT!" "Wait for what? I told you I make the rules in this house, and I'm gonna fuck your gorgeous pussy." "But you… don't… understand." She was still trying to catch her breath as I rubbed the head of my dick up and down on her clit, then punching at her hole.

"But… I've never… been… fucked, sir. I'm still… a virgin." 'Heh, heh, heh,' I thought to myself, 'now we'll get the truth.' "Are you trying to tell me you're twenty seven years old and still a virgin? BULLSHIT! How fuckin' old are you, girl?" My cock head was making progress through her tight opening. Another push or two and I would ram it in.

"I'm seventeen and Lisa's sixteen. She's been fucked a bunch of times, but I haven't." She gasped as my dick head forced its way through. "Can you please wait? I'm not sure I want to do it." There was plenty of lubrication in her cunt, so I pushed hard… SCORE! It had been twenty five years since I busted my last cherry, and that one was my nineteen year old niece.

Nichole could never again brag, honestly, that she was still a virgin. She winced a little and tears came into her eyes. I laid still on her for a couple of minutes, slowly moving my dick, but just slightly. When she quit whimpering, I began slow, long, deep strokes. She responded quickly by hunching upwards and turned her head toward Lisa, "Fuck, this feels good, Lisa.

You were right. Can I eat you some more?"&hellip. *********** As it turned out, both girls were orphans and living in the St. Louis home for girls. Lisa had been fucking the headmaster best amateur blow and teen eaten out becoming a man keep from being deported to Puerto Rico.

It was a bluff he was running to get her pussy. I talked to a friend of mine, a Family Court judge. PRESTO! A simple agreement, with him getting unlimited fucking privileges, and the girls were mine.

I set them up in my garage apartment on a couple of conditions… 1. Anytime I wanted some, I got it. 2. Condoms were to be used by any other male, with the exception of… me. 3. Anytime the back porch light was on, day or night, I had some pussy in my house and was not to be disturbed.

It's been almost two years, now, and the girls will be heading to college soon. They won't be far, though, and I'll still be sucking those luscious cunts on a regular basis…