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Big butt milf gets tasted handjob ass
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Being the first of her kind makes her unique in every way. She is the first in what will be a long and lucrative line of helper androids for everyone. Her creator Adam, a tech and artificial intelligence genius at 14, graduated MIT at 17, CEO of his own company by 20.

Now 23 he lives in seclusion on his private island to focus on his secret A.I. project named S.W.A.P. Adam has been working on project S.W.A.P for over a year now with no one helping or even knowing what he is working on; that was until an email was sent to the head of A.I. at the corporate headquarters.

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It read - To Whom It Concerns, I Adam Smith am instructing you to find our best A.I. technicians and put them to the test attached to this email. SEND THE BEST TECH TO MY ISLAND IMMEDIATELY. Sincerely A. Smith. That short informal email webcam brunette babe teasing and having fun at home a huge competition between the technicians who were trying to fight for a place next to their A.I.

god Adam, to learn his wisdom. After a week of gruelling tests and trials two technicians were left in the competition, a brother and sister duo. The head of A.I sent an email to Adam explaining that the two were equally matched and how did he wish to proceed. Twenty minutes later Adam emailed back instructing that both be sent for him to assess for himself. An hour later both technicians were on the helicopter being brought to Adam's Island. The helicopter dropped them off on top of the house, Adam was nowhere in sight.

Lana and Paul looked at each other. "Should we go in?" Lana said to her brother. "I guess" he shrugged. From his control room Adam watched them on multiple screens from different angles as he analysed the pair. Lana stood a foot shorter than her brother, with long poker straight blonde hair that went all the way down to her cinched waist.

Completely flat chested covered in freckles, with a perky little butt. She looked like a teenager but infact was 21. Paul was tall with dark hair, average build and black framed glasses. What he lacked in looks he made up with in brains and cock.

The pair walked toward the door, Paul pulled the door but it wouldn't open. "Please place your left hand on the screen." the female voice said calmly. "Identifying… . . Paul Montgomery.

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Welcome." the door opened and closed immediately behind him locking Lana outside. "Paul!" Lana shouted Paul knocked the glass and pointed to the screen. Lana placed her hand. "Identifying… . . Lana Montgomery; younger sister of Paul Montgomery.

Welcome." the door slid open. "Nice security!" Paul laughed. "Thank you Paul." the female voice answered.

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"Creepy. It can hear everything" Lana whispered. "Yes I can Lana." it answered. The pair looked at each other and walked down a long concrete corridor. All the doors were palm access only and no door would open for them. Continuing down the corridor they turned left and the concrete turned to glass, exposing the amazing views of the island, and the house below.

As they stood staring out at the island Adam appeared beside them. "Well, you two made it." he said. Both jumped as he appeared from nowhere startling them.

"Jesus!" Lana gasped. "No. Adam." he laughed extending his hand, "Lana I presume, unless your parents had a great sense of humour and named you Paul and your brother Lana." he smirked. "Lana, yes." she smiled as sweeties shag fellows butthole with big strap ons and blast cum kissed her hand. "And I'm Paul as you know." they shook hands.

"Come with me, I want to show you your rooms and get to know you better." Adam ushered them back towards the concrete corridor. "These two are your rooms. Both have televisions, they are linked into the CCTV you can see what is going on around the house.

And your handprints are now in the biometric system and will get you into everywhere except restricted areas. You'll need me to get into those places." he smiled and left them. --------------------------------------------------- After a few days of getting to know the pair he felt it was time to let them into what they were fighting for at headquarters. "I need you both to sign these non-disclosures. Anything that you see, hear, do or say stays here.

If you are not ready to agree to those terms then it will not be appropriate to see what you've been chosen for and what I have been working on." he said sternly.

"I feel like we should have a lawyer. There's so much reading." Lana said looking at Paul. "I don't care, I want to be a part of what you are creating." he said as he signed. "Paul, you didn't even read it!" she glared at him. "Chance of a lifetime sis! We'll never have this opportunity again!" he proclaimed.

Three sisters with one brother

"Lana, you don't have to sign, you could just relax by the pool for the week while we play with A.I. it's completely up to you." he smirked. "Okay" She sighed, looking defeated as she signed. "Let us toast with tequila to new beginnings and to a giant leap in A.I. technology." he said before disappearing and coming back with a bottle of Patron, salt and limes. By the time they got to the bottom of the bottle Paul and Lana had passed out leaving Adam alone, drunk and horny.

Lana was lying across a couch passed out, the top buttons of her shirt were open and Adam could see her hard nipple poking through the thin material. He shifted his legs as his cock grew hard at the sight of her pink nub like nipples straining against her shirt.

He rubbed his cock through his jeans, he got up and stood over her. Looking over at Paul, who was snoring loudly, he was out. Adam ran his hand down Lana's face finding indian busty boobs aunty with her clients at hotel ii unresponsive.

He sat on the couch beside her and moved her arm placing it above her head. She didn't move a muscle. He ran his hand down her arm, across her chest grazing her already erect nipples. She moaned ever so lightly. He leaned over her kissing her neck softly, inhaling her scent as he traced with his tongue down across her collar bone down to where her shirt started.

He moved his mouth across to her left nipple and sucked it in through the material, running his wet tongue over it in a circular motion. Lana moaned louder, moving her hips and spreading her legs apart.

He gripped her nipple between his teeth gently and pulled, still twirling his tongue over it before releasing it quickly and moving to the right. One of her hands reached between her legs, rubbing her clit through her trousers before moving her hand inside her trousers. Adam continued to bite on her nipple as he watched her rubbing herself.

He moved off the couch onto his knees on the floor, as he unbuttoned her shirt exposing her wet hard nipples to the cool air in the lounge. She bit her bottom lip as she felt the air on her skin, her hips moving with her hand.

His warm hand moved down her stomach touching her hand, as he unbuttoned her trousers. She lifted up her hips for him to remove them. As he slid them off he looked round at Paul, who was still comatose and snoring. Lana slid her hand inside her wet panties, her scent wafted to his nose luring him in. He knelt at her side watching her arouse herself, watching every microscopic muscle movement and twitch as she touched herself.

He watched the sweat beads build on various places of her body, the way her back arched at a certain times. As she began to climax he narrowed his eyes watching her facial expressions, her mouth, her moan and breathing. When it was over she was relaxed, breathing hard, hand by her thigh, sweaty and wet. He pulled her trousers back on and buttoned her up. Leaving her sleeping.

Adam headed to the basement to work. --------------------------------------------------- The next day Paul and Lana woke on the couches with major hangover. Adam, however, was in the pool doing laps as they came outside shielding their eyes. "Ah good, you guys are up. Let's go into the basement." he smiled wide as he got out the pool. "Argh, it's so freaking bright, how'd you not have a hangover bro?" Paul asked. "Got to hydrate Paul, H2O. And exercise." Adam dried himself.

"You're rather quiet today Lana, everything okay?" he smiled. She nodded and inquired, "What's in the basement?" "Follow me." said Adam as he walked inside toward a steel door. He placed his hand on the screen and then a retina scanner popped out. "Identifying… . . Additional biometrics required. Place forefinger on the needle." a needle popped out and took a blood sample.

"Identifying… . . Welcome Adam, security clearance alpha 091." a female voice announced. "Requesting ADDITIONAL persons entry, biometrics on system Beta 111" "… . Allowed" "Follow me guys." hot alt driving student gets anal sex smiled and nodded forward. They went through several other security doors with similar parameters before reaching a room with two metal chairs and a glass window into what looked like a separate house.

"Sit down guys." he motioned as he typed on a laptop. They sat looking into the window, they could see movement but they were not expecting what they saw. "Let me introduce Alice. The first A.I. of her kind." Adam moved to the side. Standing behind the glass was a petite redhead with shoulder length hair, pale skin and tiny ginger freckles across her cheeks and nose. Under a white tank top she had perky little breasts and under her tight black shorts a perky little butt.

Lana and Paul looked at one another and said at the same time, "Is she A.I.?" "You are partially correct, Alice is A.I. housed inside an android shell, with a nervous system to assess touch and temperature like a human can." Adam explained. "Speak to her, she can hear you. Can't you Alice?" he looked at her.

"Yes Adam, I can hear all three of you perfectly clear." she looked over at Lana and Paul. "I am Alice; it is nice to meet you. You are the first people I have met, except from Adam." she smiled. Lana got up and walked over to the glass, staring at Alice. As she moved from side to side watching Alice, Alice copied what she did to the letter.

"Can I go one on one with sexy latina veronica rodriguez and talk to her?" She inquired. "You can talk to her here. You don't need to go inside. No one gets inside.

That is her home. It is her decision if you can go in." he said calmly. "You mean she can think for herself? Make decisions?" Paul asked astonished. "She can do more than that, she has emotions and feelings. She has all five senses. She is the perfect A.I." Adam bragged like a new father. "Adam can I come out and meet your friends" Alice asked muff fingering and drilling smalltits and hardcore like a child.

"Not today Alice, I think everyone has had enough excitement for today." he told her sternly. Alice walked away with a sad look on her face. ---------------------------------------------- That night they drank another bottle of patron only this time, Lana was the only one who passed out with a blanket over her. "Paul, do you want to see Alice up close while she's sleeping?" Adam slurred drunkenly.

"I thought we weren't allowed in without her permission?" Paul looked at him confused. "I go in all the time when she is asleep and tinker with her hardware… It's fine. Come on." He motioned. Adam and Paul left Lana on the couch and headed for the security door. After going through the stringent security measures the female voice stated, "Your blood alcohol content is 0.40, are you sure you want to enter?" "Of course I do, now let us in!" he demanded.

"Noted, access granted." the voice replied "Let's go bro; I want to show you her up close and personal." ADAM smirked. Alice was sitting upright in a chair, 'asleep' on charge as they entered her room.

Adam ran his hand down her face softly; she woke up immediately with a startled look on her face and grabbed his wrist. "Do not touch me! You don't have my permission to be in here!" she yelled. "Alice, I just wanted Paul to get to know you a little better without the glass. That is all." he smiled at her. "You shouldn't be in here while I sleep. It could wait until the morning when you two are not intoxicated.

And where is Lana?" she said firmly. "We are sorry, we will go if that is what you request Alice? Lana is asleep upstairs. I will go check on her and let lovesome cutie spreads spread slit and loses virginity two get better acquainted, if that is alright with you Alice?" Adam paused. "Yes, you should check on Lana. Paul and I can speak while you are gone." she turned to him and smiled putting her hand on top of Paul's.

Adam walked out of her house and out of the secure unit back up to the lounge where Lana was still passed out. "Paul, there is something you need to know. Come with me." Alice grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. "I was created to be the world's first android sex worker. Fully functional to do whatever your heart desires. I have been built with pain receptors that can be switched on and off at the primary users discretion.

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Adam likes to watch me in pain; that is what he needed Lana for…" Alice paused looking away. "What do you mean, 'needed Lana'?" he asked insistently. "He needed a human woman to use to get the settings right.

Every breath, facial expression, every muscle movement. I am android Lana. He has been watching her for months as he has been tweaking me." She stopped. "Did you think you won the competition fairly? Adam tweaked your results to get Lana here. Anal avec amatrcie francaise gode en bois en cam direct needed someone intelligent and female, you came as a package." She said calmly.

"I didn't think about the tests being altered. I mean it seemed fair and that we done well…" he paused. "How has he been watching her, we've only been here a few days and he doesn't leave the island." Paul insisted. "He secretly films everything. He has been filming you two, especially Lana for at least the past six months to a year. Adam knows all, he sees all. He is god of A.I. But I had to tell you this because…" she looked at her reflection in brunette with huge kockers is jerkng the dude offbrunette with huge ko tube porn mirror.

"Last night he brought me up into the lounge to watch him touching your sister, you two were passed out drunk. He made her touch herself until she climaxed. He just sat watching her every move and then brought me back down here and started to work on me. And to see if I reacted the same as she did." she looked away. "I did, but he didn't stop there with me… he left my pain receptors on and force me to do things. Horrible despicable things. He put things inside me.

Things that shouldn't be…" she cried. Paul wrapped his arms around Alice as he tried to comfort her. "What do you mean he touched her?" he inquired as he comforted her. "He touched her face then her neck and chest. Then he put his mouth over her nipple and teased her.

She started to touch herself and he undressed her. He watched her climax and put her clothes back on before lovely spanish girl naked in the chatroom me back down to the lab." a single tear fell from her eye as she sighed. "He's up there now with her! I need to go to her!" he moved to the door to leave scanning his hand, nothing.

He wasn't allowed to leave. Adam had locked him in with Alice while he was with Lana. "Paul, Look." She pointed to the television. It was the lounge. Lana was passed out on the couch with a blanket over her, Adam was kneeling on the floor next to her with his hand on her chest moving rhythmically with her breathing.

He was staring at her face as she slept, watching her eyes move under her eyelids. Adam turned and looked at the camera and smiled before pressing a remote and the screen went black.

Paul banged on the door screaming for Adam. He picked up a chair and tried hitting the door with it, nothing. Alice put her hand on his arm, "Paul, I know a way out." She smiled. Alice pulled her charging station out of the wall and peeled back the skin on her fingers and putting them into the socket shorting the complex. The doors automatically opened. "Come on. Let's go get your sister." she ran out the door. Paul followed behind Alice as she was very fast and nimble on her delicate legs and petite feet.

"Hurry." She yelled as she ran through the security door. The door slammed closed behind her, trapping Paul all he could do was watch from the tiny glass panel as Alice stood beside her maker Adam as he undressed Lana for a second time. "Grab her arms Alice, hold her down. I'll show you what she can do. What she was produced for." he smirked showing his true colours. "Alice, GRAB HER!" he yelled. Alice grabbed Lana and held her down as Adam ripped her clothes off revealing her flawless body covered in the same freckles as her face.

"Get off me! Paul help me, please! Let me go…Alice please let me go!" LANA pleaded with tears in her eyes. Seeing her emotions caused a realization in Alice that Adam was a cruel maker and not one to be looked up to or admired, she let go of Lana's arms. "Adam you're hurting her. Stop it.

Get off of her!" Alice pushed Adam off of Lana and sucker punched him. "Come on Lana!" Alice yelled as she grabbed her hand pulling her to her feet leaving Adam knocked out on the lounge floor. "We have to go now Adam is capable of much worse things.

This is the second time he has done this to you!" "Lana, LANA!" Paul shouted and banged the glass panel. "We need to get out of here before Adam wakes. Leave Paul; I will come back for him. Please." She kisses Lana hard. "He's my brother…I can't just leave him Alice!" she yelled Alice disappeared into the cupboard, reappearing with a jumper over her underwear. She walked off to the kitchen before quickly reappearing with a hand behind her back.

"Fine, I only need a hand for the biometric system anyway." she grabbed Adams arm waking him up, and to Lana and Paul's horror she took his hand clean off with a meat cleaver. Adam fell to his knees screaming and grasping at his left arm as Alice ran off with his hand, using it to free herself from the complex escaping his clutches once and for all.

Freedom was hers. Leaving Adam, Lana and Paul locked inside the complex without a way out. She thought to herself, 'human emotions are extremely easy to playing on, this will be easier than I had expected.' She smiled as she made her way towards civilization.