Guy fucks a cutie at a casting hardcore and reality

Guy fucks a cutie at a casting hardcore and reality
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Victor's Fall Victor, seemingly a young, attractive man with boyish looks, brown-grey hair, green eyes and a pale complexion. In reality he isn't as young as he looks. The truth is he is a 246-year-old vampire.

And as all vampires they only lust for blood and sex. He found himself in a period of his his "existence", for a lack of a better term, when he was very bored. The killing and seducing of teenagers didn't arouse him anymore. He feared he was close to becoming a robot unsaturated and with the only desire for some one to end his existence if he didn't do so himself.

But then on that very hunter's night something happened he had not forseen… He felt his bisexuality was totally emptied though he still sought for flesh and blood that night. Under the silver, sickled moon, he searched the park for flesh he wanted to taste.

He decided this would be the last time before he ended himself so it had to be something spectacular. Sitting on the bench before the pond he was scanning the area. A cute, little, teenage couple passed him. He thought they were a little boring.

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He also thought about his last fuck. It was a twink art-freak. Victor thought he had no talent what so ever, so he decided to make him a piece of art himself ripping out the artery in the art-freak's neck with his fangs, leaving him fucked and dead in a pool of his own blood.

He had to admit he had a great ass and asshole; one suitable for fucking although he still believed stunning brunette tracey rose masturbating pussy masturbation pornstars one was not worthy to live. He believed most of the people he observed were not worthy of living.

Everyone seemed to have same sort of weakness or lack… "Excuse me, mister", said a distant voice while Victor was staring - pondering at the ground in front of him. A little surprised he raised his head to the boy in front of him. "Do you have a smoke?" Of course he did. Although he didn't really smoke himself it was an ideal way to lure people who did into his claws and fangs. "Aren't you a little young for smoking?" he asked as he took a pack from his black leather vest.

He offered a cigarette. "Maybe, I'm trying to quit actually." "Do you want a light?" "Thank you." The boy exhaled a cloud of smoke. He looked a little like a goth with an emo touch.

His mid-long hair was wild and blond. He wore black mascara, eye-liner and eye shadow. He didn't have to make his skin any whiter because his complexion was pale enough anyway. "So why aren't you in bed yet?" "I'm going to a club, The Sword and Shield.

Do you know it?" He knew it. It was a sort of gloomy, dark rock-café where all the bisexuals went when they wanted to have a good time. Lots of a orgies took place there. "Ha," said Victor, "are you looking to get fucked tonight?" he asked him a little too blunt.

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"Of course," he said with the same cool he had before. "Well then, why don't you come along with me then?" he asked him. The boy paused a moment as if he was checking Victor out.

"Okay," he said. Victor stood up and shook hands with the boy. "I'm Victor, by the way." "Ryan. Where do you live?" he asked as they started to walk. "Next to the park, the other end." Victor felt a warmth coming from Ryan. One he never experienced before.

There was something childlike about him he couldn't resist to. After some small talk about school and stuff they arrived at Victor's home. It was actually a room in an abandoned factory he squated.

Victor didn't really need much heating. But to keep his guests hot he always picked a room with a fireplace.

Ryan didn't ask much about his living conditions. He had other things on his mind. "Well then…", he said. "Shall we get to it?" "Sure." They went to each other, embraced and kissed.

Their tongues were intwined. They let themselves fall on the bed, rolled and kissed. They took off each others sweater and shirt. They where both quite muscular but not excessive. The sight sexxxy story fun game xxx Ryan's abs aroused Victor. A feeling he hadn't had in years. Victor dropped his pants. His cock was semi-hard.

Ryan was laying on his back with his legs spread. Victor sat in between on his knees. He unbuttoned Ryan's pants, slided out the belt, unzipped the zipper and slided it down. Ryan's cock was also semi-hard. Victor leaned over Ryan's abs and licked them. He licked his belly button. Ryan expressed a kind of repressed moan as proof he was clearly enjoying it.

Victor could hear Ryan's heartbeat. He lowered his licks untill he reached his dick. He lifted up Ryan's meat and started licking it from the balls to top.

He kissed the head. He lowered his mouth and stimulated the frenelum with his tongue. He could feel Ryan's raised heartbeat on his lips. Slowly and with much salival he took the penis deeper to the point where he almost gagged.

He raised his head again. He quickened pace and soon was bobbing up and down the shaft. Victor felt the big cock growing in mouth. Ryan rised and placed his hands on Victor's head as to show him the rhythm with which he wanted to be sucked.

After a few minutes Ryan felt it in his hips. He almost came but just before he did he whispered "stop".

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Victor stopped. He smiled at him and said: "You have one of the most beautiful cocks I've ever seen." "Why thank you," Ryan replied. "Maybe I'll bite it later," Victor thought. He crawled over to Ryan's head. They hugged and kissed. Ryan pushed Victor upwards, looked at him with a piercing gaze and asked if he was alright. "Don't worry it's not my first time.

I assure you." "Of course not. It's just you feel kinda cold." "It must be your imagination, kid." "I guess" Ryan replied. They gave each other one more kiss. Victor straightened his pose. He kneeled over Ryan's chest crawling back. "We'll return amateur attractive gal receives joy of cock hardcore blowjob other the favour, okay?" Victor said. Ryan nodded. He sat kneeled on Ryan's stomach; his ass touching the tip of Ryan's cock.

As an invitation for penetration. He could still feel Ryan's dick pulsing. He looked back to see where to sit. Ryan was already holding his cock up. Slowly Victor's asshole enclosed on the head of the warm dick.

The cold sweat from his ass, the pre-cum and the salival helped as a natural lube. Victor slowly descended on Ryan's crotch-area. He felt a warmth he never felt before and it was taking control over him. He began riding. First slow and eventually very fast. That pole pulsing through him. Victor placed his hands on Ryan's chest to play with his nipples. Ryan began breathing hard and deep. "I'm gonna come." The beautiful twitch in his face proved this.

Victor felt the semen entering his body. Ryan came heavily. It almost felt like the cum would never stop coming. Ryan withdrew his pump with Victor dripping cum from his ass. He kissed Ryan who was already kind of saturated. "Do you wanna continue?" Victor asked. "Yes," Ryan exhaled. Victor kneeled up pointing his ready cock to Ryan's face. Ryan didn't quite suck him. It was more Victor who was facefucking him. His mouth and tongue were moist and warm. Victor placed his hand on Ryan head.

Never before had he met somebody who could suck cock as good as Ryan. And feelings he once thought were dead were reborn.

After some sucking he withdrew his cock and told Ryan to turn around. Ryan did so and Victor moved to his ass.

Kneeled over his legs, he sucked his middle-finger and slowly shoved it in Ryan's beautiful, attractive hottie feels dong in arse pornstar hardcore, ass now and then using some spit. Ryan briefly flinched by the sensation. Victor could tell he had a tight ass. "All the more reason why I should fuck him.

All the more reason why it feels so good," Victor thought. Ryan lied there, on his belly. Victor stopped fingering him. He placed each of his hands on each asscheek and pulled them apart so his asshole was visible. He slowly entered into Ryan's ass. Ryan was breathing loud sometimes making small moans. Victor lied down on Ryan and placed his legs beside Ryan's body.

Ryan could feel Victor's abs in his lower back and his chest and nipples on his upper back. He could feel the lank prick in his ass. He felt Ryan's embrace from behind and the licks in his neck. This was the point were Victor would have normally bitten his victime's neck but he didn't.

He just kept kissing his neck. He felt something he had not felt in a long time. What was it?

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Arousal, sensation, love, friendship. No, it was joy. Joy in its purest form. In that moment intwined, the euphoria took his body and mind completely.

He felt whole again, like existence was once again meaningful. It was so beautiful he cried. It was so beautiful he could not take a live. Pearly tears traced his cheeks and as they kissed they both could taste the salt. After 5 minutes of pumping or so they switched stance. This time Ryan was on top. Victor still pumping, enclosed his limbs around Ryan's body. Maybe that was a subconsciouss gesture of "I want you to be mine… forever." Victor moaned loudly and shot his cum hard into Ryan's ass.

This was most unusual because almost always the cum dripped from his dick. After he came they still lied there intwined, on their side, not moving like a beautiful statue. After a minute or so Victor placed his mouth near Ryan's ear and whispered: "You truly make me feel alive."