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Pleasant legal age teenager gets a pussy drill hiddencam hardcore
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Missy Rides Missy and Nancy walked slowly and mostly silently, the long way, to their houses after school. It was the weekend and Missy was stalling; she didn't want to go straight home.

She was grounded, again. She and her stepdad had been fighting for the last few weeks, about everything and nothing. She purposely did what she could lately to get under his skin, she knew she was being a total brat, not acting her age at all, but she couldn't help it. The biggest argument was her curfew. He wanted her in by 10:00, which had been her curfew for a long time, and she wanted it changed to 12:00 for the summer before her senior year.

They had fought again last night and he had laughed at her when she said she was practically a grown woman. She had shown him what a baby she was then when she stomped off to her room crying and slammed the door, calling him a big fat jerk at the top of her lungs from the safety of her room.

A few minutes later her door opened and he came in holding a screwdriver. Bending behind the door he began to remove it from the hinges. "I told you about slamming this door, Missy. And now, you can just spend the weekend sitting right here, with no door, no phone, no friends and no TV." She could see that he was angry, probably at the jerk comment, so she just sat on her bed silently. "Act like a baby, get treated like one." He walked out the open doorway with the door held sideways in his hands.

She was so mad, all she wanted was for him to see her as a woman, not a little girl and all she kept doing was acting like a little girl. "Hey thanks, Bob." She yelled after him. She had thrown herself backwards onto her pillows and sighed. She and Bob used to be close, he was a good guy and she had called him dad most of her life, but last summer she had stopped and started calling him by his name. She could see that it hurt him, but he tried to act cool about it. Turning onto her stomach she remembered why she had started calling him Bob.

Her mostly absent mom was gone on one of the trips she was always taking for her company, which she and Bob were used to. They had learned to get along just fine without Mom. It was just shortly after she had lost uncle fucks niece in car virginity to the football captain, who was a senior, and she and Bob were going about business as usual with a cookout by the pool, but Missy was aware of him and herself in a way she never had been.

They swam and joked around with each other and she asked him to put suntan oil on her back, and then turned over to see if he would just keep going and put it on her stomach. She realized she was flirting with her stepdad the way she would have with Kirk. Then she felt his hand on her stomach, rubbing the warm coconut scented oil into her skin, his fingers massaging the oil in. Missy was watching his hand and then realized her nipples were hard pebbles under the curvy rita anal and swallow fail casting pieces of fabric.

Glancing quickly at his lap she saw that his shorts were thickly bulged, and then, their eyes met. He stopped, resting his hand for a second on her quivering stomach then stood and went to the grill where he picked up his beer and took a long drink, then asked her if she was ready for him to cook her steak.

It was a quiet, uncomfortable evening and she went to bed thinking about his hand on her stomach. She hadn't called him dad since then. Now, they fought all the time, he was always mad at her and she always made it worse. She almost tripped when Nancy elbowed her. "Look." Missy whistled quietly and Nancy laughed. "What ya whistling at?" Nancy whispered, "the guy or the bike." Everyone knew that Missy had daughter and daddy affair full thing for motorcycles, and this was a sweet Fatboy, which she had always wanted to ride.

She was silent though, because just then the guy looked up and saw them. Missy tossed her hair over her shoulder and strode up to him. "Nice bike." Lame, she thought… "Want a ride?" Missy couldn't believe what she was hearing. Boy would her dad be pissed. "Uh, Missy," Nancy tugged at the strap of Missy's book bag shaking her head. Missy's shoulders fell a bit and she wistfully turned back to Harley Guy.

"Scared?" He dipped his head and looked at her over the top of his sunglasses. Missy smiled and shrugged the bag off into Nancy's hand.

"Be right back." Harley Guy started the bike and looked back at her. She walked over and put her hand on his shoulder to steady her as she climbed awkwardly up behind him. She settled into the narrow seat, placing her hands gingerly on each side of him, grasping his shirt in her fingers. Missy was in awe of the rumbling energy going through her skin, then going deeper into the tissue vibrating with a strangely gentle power, up into her thighs. She released her grip on his shirt and spread her fingers out onto his sides.

There were a thousand tiny amy anderson mommy got boobs dancing across her bottom and into the very center of her.

He revved the engine and she gasped and reflexively squeezed her thighs together, which closed onto the seat and the guy in front of her.

He chuckled and adjusted his mirror, lowering his glasses to wink at her in it and then, they flew. It wasn't like anything she had ever felt before. The wind was alive and it's hands were in her hair, caressing her face and delving into the button down school shirt, flapping the hem of her skirt where it sat scrunched at her hips. The bike was a shifting, moving animal beneath her and she threw her head back and sank her nails into Harley Guy's rib cage.

The honking horn and sudden stop not even six blocks down the road had her opening her eyes in confusion. She was mortified to see Bob coming up behind them, jumping angrily from his truck and striding toward them. "What in the hell are you doing?" His grasp on her arm was painful as he hauled her off the bike pushing her heartily toward the truck. "Move." Missy ran to the truck and got in, just noticing Nancy in the back seat.

Bob said something to Harley Guy and then was coming toward them like a bull. Missy glanced back at Nancy and they smiled, then quickly lowered their heads as Bob opened the door and got inside. The silence was heavy and dark, making the four minutes to Nancy's house and two more to their own seem like hours. Missy glanced at him every few seconds, noting with a bit of fear the vein that throbbed in his jaw and neck.

She was out of the truck and into the house in a heartbeat, but her heart sank as she saw her bedroom with its empty doorway. Bob was behind her in a second, as angry as she'd ever seen him. He walked her briskly, almost on her toes, down the hall and into her room. He sat on her bed and pulled her down over his lap, her face on the bed, feet dangling out into the room like a two year old. She was stunned and humiliated. "You've gone too far, Missy. You don't even know who he was." His hand came down hard and she cried out in surprise.

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"My God, do you have any idea how that looked?" He spanked her hard and she squirmed and cried, begging him to stop. He was so angry, he just swatted harder.

Her skirt was hiked all karlie and andie lick their orgasmic twats brunette lesbian way up and her cheeks burned and tingled under her panties. Her thighs and bottom were still tingling from the ride on the bike and Harley Guy and Bob's hands were hot and hard. "Daddy, please, I'm sorry." She twisted and bucked on his lap trying to get away from the hard, fast swats.

She was crying loudly, but she heard him grunt and felt the hand on her back stiffen when she called him daddy. She wiggled some more, this time pressing herself deeper into his lap and sucked in her breath at what she felt.

He stopped spanking and sat there breathing heavily. She lay whimpering on his lap and he began to rub her hot, hot cheeks and legs. Missy flexed her muscles and squirmed again against his hard-on. She raised her head from the bed and looked back at him over her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy." She whispered. He looked into her tear streaked face for a few seconds and then dropped his gaze to her backside and his hand. He ran the callused surface of his palm up one leg and across her buttocks causing them to burn and prickle. He squeezed one bright red ass cheek and then the other.

She pressed back against his hand and then pushed forward and purposely ground down against his thickening groin. She was crying still, but quietly, her breath hitching and her face was streaked with tears, and she kept her eyes on him while he rubbed her ass and she pressed against him. Finally he pushed eat my pussy and suck my feet teens vol fingers into the sides of her panties and raised his eyes quickly to meet hers.

She was so wet and her panties were a creamy mess, scrunched up between her lips. His finger pulled at one soft, swollen lip and she arched her back and spread her legs open further across his lap. He rubbed just the tip of his finger slowly, slowly back and forth across the creamy inside of her. He hadn't said a word and Missy's face was flushed in embarrassment.

She started to struggle to get off him and cried. "Please, daddy." He held down on the center of her back and pushed one blondie lolly small gets dicked down and creamed slowly into her.

"Please, what, Missy?" He pulled his thick finger almost all the way out and then just as slowly sank it back in again. "Please do or please stop?" "You've been teasing me for a whole year, little girl." He stroked and stroked her while he talked and she squirmed into him, moaning and gasping. "Now, today, it's 'daddy' all of a sudden." His spread her lips and pushed another finger inside her, opening and closing his fingers in her sopping wet pussy, twisting his wrist and pulling them in and out.

"Well, daddy's going to give you just what you've been asking for." He turned her over onto the bed and pulled her skirt and panties down her legs, pushing them onto the floor. He stood up and looked down at her unbuckling his belt, pulling off his shirt. She lay looking up at him with excitement and a little bit of fear, her breasts heaving. She wanted this so bad. Missy reached up and grasped her shirt with both hands and wrenched it open, buttons popping across the bed.

"Damn, little girl." He dropped his jeans and grasped his cock at the base. Her eyes widened and she shook her head. "Is this what you've been asking for?" She backed up on the bed and he followed her, reaching out to pull her toward him by the back of her neck. He lowered his head to her chest, his teeth sinking into the tender mound of her breast making her cry out. Missy grasped the back of his shoulders and pressed the tips of her fingers into the hard muscle there, twisting and arching herself into him.

He took each of her breasts, first one and then the other, licking, biting and sucking all around them and finally pulling each hard tingling nipple into his mouth where his tongue pressed and flicked at it. Missy's legs were spread open and she pressed her heels into the back of his thighs, moaning and thrashing gently beneath him.

The thick, hard helmet of his dick brushing against her wet pussy was driving her insane and then it was gone as he moved down her body and she groaned in frustration. He placed his hands on each thigh and pressed them, opening her to his darting tongue and moaned as he tasted her hot creamy pussy. He pressed his tongue into her as deeply as he could, his teeth grazing her lips and clit, then he licked and licked her and took the hard clit in his lips and sucked at it.

He sucked and bit at her thick wet lips and then shoved his tongue in again, deep and hard.

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She pulled her legs up, holding them open to his hot mouth and he moaned loudly into her, moving one of his hands up to pinch and pull at a hard nipple and the other he put under her and lifted so his tongue could go even deeper.

As he tongued and ate her, she felt his thumb pressing at the tight, tight this is how you do it cezar capone of her ass.

Missy screamed and squirmed, her legs tightened and shook as she came against his mouth. He pushed his thumb into the tight ring and held it there past the thick knuckle as she bounced into him filling his mouth and lips with her cum. He twisted and pulled at her nipple and pushed his thumb all the way into her ass making her cry out in surprise and delicious pain. She twisted frantically in his arms, onto her stomach and tried crawling away from him.

He was on her in a second. He pulled her up onto her knees on the bed and pressed her shoulders down, so that her ass was up high and he quickly thrust into her. She was so wet and hot and he slid deeply into her.

She had never felt anything like it, he was so thick and her pussy was stretched tight around him and she squeezed her muscles and whimpered in her throat and started to move back and forth against him.

His voice was gravely and breathless and it excited her as much as anything. "Be still, little girl, don't move." He held onto her hips and just sat there, very gently rocking against her. She could feel him throbbing against the silky insides of her pussy and his gentle rocking was pressing steadily against her clit.

She started to pant and moan and wiggle. "Oh, unnnhhhh, unnnhhh, please, please, Daddy." She begged and squirmed. He slapped her ass and thrust, then slapped and thrust again and she cried out and threw her head back in ecstasy. His cock was pulling almost free of her and then pounding back in. He was grunting and squeezing her hips, his fingers pressing deeply into the skin of her red hot ass cheeks and suddenly she felt him tighten and a hot spurt of thick cum spewed into her and then another.

She screamed and pressed her chest into the bed. She exploded against the thick base of his cock while he held her tightly and filled her until the heavy mixture of their cum was running down their legs between them.

They lay there tangled together on top of her bed and she snuggled up against his chest. "I've never felt anything like that before, daddy. I've wanted you for so long." He pulled her hair back of her shoulders and reached around to cup one of her breasts in his big callused hand. "I have so much to teach you, baby girl." He tugged on her nipple and pushed his knee between her legs. "Daddy has so much more to show you." Missy smiled mom and son japan fucking stretched against his long body.

It wasn't going to be such a bad weekend after all.