Stunning idol is showing off her gaped juicy cunt in close up stretching fingering

Stunning idol is showing off her gaped juicy cunt in close up stretching fingering
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Be sure to read part one; Kelly began to fondle my now limp dick. " Baby I don't think I can get it hard again" I told her. My sister crawled over and told me to " shut up and don't think my dense kiss and passions berokisu fuck japanese and asian girl needs her ass fucked, just lie back and we will do the rest" She than took my cock from Kelly.

Sue began to lick the head of my dick round and round while Kelly moved down to my ass hole and started to run her tongue around the rim. Slowly she began to slide her tongue in and out of my asshole. I had never felt anything like this in my life as her tongue penetrated deep up my asshole.

Soon she was fucking my ass with her tongue. My sister was now rubbing my balls while giving the head of my dick a tongue bath that would have made a dead man's cock come to life.

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I could feel my dick coming back to life. Kelly startled me as she removed her tongue from my ass and began to stick her finger up my hole. " Daddy just loved it when I fucked his ass" Kelly said.

" Yea that's why I had to through that faggot out off the house" Sue said " He started to prefer tacking it up the ass to fucking us" Now I had never had sex with a man before but after the rim job I had just gotten and the way Kelly's finger felt up my ass I began to think what it would feel like to xxx story pron sex stories black guy and girls a hard dick up my ass.

The thought of this and the blowjob my sister was giving me now had my dick hard as a rock. My nice than laid back and said " Mommy I think he's ready for me" I looked over at this little 13-year-old girl and could not believe how hot she looked.

Covered in sweet, her nipples were so hard I just had to lick and kiss them. My sister whispered in my ear " Isn't my baby beautiful" now I was planning on fucking Kelly's tight ass but could not stop myself from sliding my dick up her hot cunt. She grabbed my shoulders and held me tight.

"Oh yea fuck her hot little pussy little brother, you need to get your dick good and wet so it will fit in her ass" my sister moaned in my ear.

I could feel Kelly body quiver as I fucked her with a hard steady rithem. I was now up on my arms so Sue could suck Kelly's tits. Kelly began to beg my "Please fuck my ass, I want you to pound you cum in me hard ohhh fuck ohhh fuck" She started to scream as she cummed, her mother shoved her tongue in her mouth to muffle the sound.

It was time! I rolled Kelly over and got her up on all fours. I had a great view of her tight little asshole and her wet cunt.

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My sister began to lick her asshole and work her finger in and out. She was working her other fingers in and out of her cunt and soon had Kelly's asshole filled with pussy juices.

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I moved the head of my dick to her bunghole. First I slid just the head in and out teasing her with it. Sue moved back and was fingering her own pussy while she watched my cock head move in and out of her little girl's asshole. "Yes little brother fuck my babies ass," she moaned as she began to kiss me and sucked my nipples. Kelly looked back at me and said "I am not a baby anymore now fuck my ass as hard as you fucked mom's" she than slid straight back on my dick sinking it all the way up her tight hole.

" I am going to pound your ass till you cum like the slut you really are" I said and began to pound her ass hard and fast, my sister than climbed under us in a 69 position. She was now sucking Kelly's cunt, and my balls, while Kelly buried her face in her mother's pussy. Soon both my sister and nice began to cum over and over again, I slammed my dick in and out of that little girl ass as hard as I could.

Sue climbed out from under her daughter and got behind me, "What's the matter little brother?

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Can't get the cum out of your dick" She than spread my asshole open and stuck her toung deep in my hole. Soon she had three fingers up my ass and began to match the same rithem I was fucking her Daughter with. "Now you know how my baby feels, you like that don't you come on little brother cum in that tight asshole while I fuck your butt with my fist." My balls began to tighten up and I could feel my orgasm begin to build.

It was as if it started in my ass and worked its way through my balls and up my dick. I gave one hard push and load after load of cum filled Kelly's ass. " Oh mommy it's so hot and wet he's pumping his cum up my ass ahhhhhhh!" Kelly and I both fell flat as she orgasm again.

I could hear the pop as my sister's hand came out of fabulous hotties enjoy a very kinky threesome ass. I eased my sore red dick out of Kelly's ass and lay on the flour next to her.

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My sister got down on all fours and began to suck my cum out off her daughters ass while she fingered herself to one more orgasm. The only thought that ran through my mind was how my brother in-law could let these two get away, and oh by the way he's got another 11 year old Daughter that was almost ripe too.