Xxx story form batton mobail

Xxx story form batton mobail
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Tokiko didn't sleep well at all. She had some of the weirdest dreams she had ever experienced. Some were about getting commands from a mystery person while others were the pleasure of being controlled. Some were the replays of being fucked by her dog and liking it. It was like she was separated from her body watching the events of the previous day unfold again and again.

Looking at the smile on her face as Bruno's cock pounded her before being locked together.

But the most disturbing thing was when she woke up to completely soaked panties. She took them off then tossed them at the hamper. Bruno entered the bathroom as she sat on the toilet. He took a quick sniff of her panties before wagging his tail. She smiled at him then scratched his neck and ears. He licked her hand in return.

She brought her other hand up and rubbed his neck vigorously. She couldn't blame him for yesterday, she was the one that used the collar on him. He leaned forward and licked her face several times. Her stomach tingled again as she closed her eyes. She pushed him back so she could stand and flush the toilet. He pushed his nose into her crotch almost knocking her over again. She caught herself on the counter and wall.

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She wanted to shoo him away but she found that hard to do. Leaning back against the counter her knees spread a little wider as he continued to burrow again her wettening pussy.

His tongue moved up and down her slit at a frantic pace. She lifted herself onto the counter before bracing one foot on the hamper allowing him fuller access to her now heated sex. His tongue was relentless against her clit and lips. The first orgasm built quickly followed by another, then another. Her breathing was ragged. She could feel the fog in the back of her mind. She tried to suppress it, to store it away.

"Oh…you&hellip.need to stop." She reached out to his head to push it away.

She tried to stand to catch her breath as she composed herself. He looked up at her and backed off. She exited the bathroom to grab something to cover her body. Bruno watched from the bathroom. "Bruno, you are a naughty boy aren't you?" She walked into the kitchen in her nightgown and started making coffee.

Bruno walked over to the door. She followed him over and let him out in the backyard closing the door behind him.

She really needed to be alone right now. He was a bit overwhelming. Tokiko grabbed a cup of coffee before sitting down at the laptop. She needed to find a way to reverse this or it was only going to get worse.

She spent the next two hours combing through mom and san sex stories xnxx story manual and all the options she could find in the software to solve her problem. The only thing she could find was a section where you could reinforce an area of previous training to make it more prominent.

There was a warning that is could overwrite a previous routine so use this feature with caution. This was a situation that called for some overwriting if there ever was one.

After she had tried the day before to retrain him by clearing it she knew she would have to put something in the training routine. Selecting breeding option again she checked all of them and then went back in to deselect the ones which seemed more on the aggressive side. Maybe if she made his desires more submissive he wouldn't try to fuck her. After making the changes she pressed "Update".

Tokiko picked up the collar and walked over to the door to let Bruno inside. She whistled for him. He came bounding towards the house at full speed.

She sidestepped him as he ran past her and into the house. She went over to him while drank some water. Before she could attach the collar, he spun around into her knocking the collar from her hand. She bent down to grab it and he bumped her hard in the ass with his nose which toppled her over. She landed on her hands and knees. "Damn Bruno," she yelled, "Calm down." She reached out for the collar, then his forepaws wrapped around her waist.

His weight forced her down again onto all fours. The mental fog slowly began to grow. She could feel it. "Noo…" She tried to scoot forward turning slightly to get the collar on him. It didn't work. The only thing it did was wedge her in between the refrigerator and the table.

She reached up to the top of the table and tried to get up but she was only able to flip herself over. At least she was on her back instead of on all fours so that was an improvement. Bruno stepped over her, still gyrating his hips which continued to push her forward along the floor. Each stroke also forced her further under the table.

The table leg now pushed into her shoulder with Bruno mistress leather skirt piss drink on top of her. Reaching up with one hand while using the other to keep from moving, she tried to get the collar around his neck. His head bumped against the underneath knocking the collar from her hands. It landed on her chest.

Now they were both under the table. Using one hand she pushed against his head while using the other to reach for the collar. He barked at her. This made her jump. Her heart raced as she grasped his head with both hands hoping he would stop, but he kept thrusting against her.

Then he stopped, bent his head and licked her face. "Who's a good boy." she whimpered. She lifted her head to meet his, rubbed his ears and then tried to get him off of her when she felt the collar on her neck. She reached up to grab it while he started humping her again. Tokiko dropped her head back to the floor and then heard a click. The fog overwhelmed her mind instantly before her body titfuck gets mixed with cook jerking pornstar hardcore limp.

# Tokiko head ached. She opened her eyes. Her mind swam. It took a few moments before she could think. Where was she?

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What happened? A table leg came into view. She was still under the table but horny babes have fun with delicious dicks was dark now.

How long have I been here? Then it hit her and her hands flew to her throat. She was wearing the dog training collar. She crawled out from under the table and staggered to the hall bathroom. She looked around to find Bruno asleep in his bed in the living room.

A flick of the light revealed the collar was indeed attached to her neck. She spun it around to look at the LED. It read "Ongoing". Tears burst from her eyes as she frantically tried to get the collar off. "no…no…noo&hellip." It didn't budge. Then she remembered the program could be canceled.

All she had to do was get her laptop and turn it off. She walked into the living room and Bruno met her in the hall. She froze. She reached over slowly to turn on the light. He just stood there wagging his tail. Her head began to throb with the rhythm of her heartbeat. When Bruno leaned forward and sniffed her crotch, her stomach fluttered. Old woman surprise your girlboss and she will boink with your dad wanted to stop him or run but the fog made her hesitant just thinking of what was going to happen next.

She could feel herself becoming aroused the longer she stared at him. Gaining her strength she whispered, "Want to go outside?" His ears pricked up, and then he turned towards the door trotting at a quick pace. Relieved, she followed him, and then picked up her laptop from the table as she passed it. Tokiko opened the door letting Bruno outside. She watched him as he entered the grass area of the yard and her eyes darted to his large balls swaying between his legs. Her glance lingered before she noticed she was staring.

She closed her eyes to clear the image from her thoughts before turning to walk towards the kitchen table to power up her laptop. The fog was still there but at least it wasn't overpowering her yet. She pressed the power button but it was dead. The power cord was at her desk in the bedroom. Tokiko quickly walked down the hall, into her bedroom and picked up the cord from her desk.

When she spun around to head back Bruno was standing there wagging his tail again. The fog strengthened. Hopefully getting back to the laptop wouldn't be a problem.

As she passed him, he fell in behind her. She could hear him sniffing the air, and then right before she got to the kitchen, he bumped her ass with his nose.

Tokiko froze in place. Her heart raced in her chest. The throb from the fog increased its control. Then when he pressed his nose deep into her crotch from behind, she caught her breath.

Her mind seemed to slow down accepting what was coming. She took a small step forward. He continued to press his nose into her ass. She stopped, dropped the power cord and let out a whimper before slowly bending at the waist to allow him further access.

His tongue darted out lapping at her folds.

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She tried to concentrate but everything seemed fractured. Her mind launched into a series of quick thoughts. She bent further giving him even more access to her. She needed this, didn't she? He continued licking.

She sighed, her knees weakened. Excitement filled her thoughts. She wanted this. Does he want her? She hoped he did. He withdrew his nose from her sopping pussy.

When his forepaws touched her back, she immediately dropped to all fours. He wants me…mmm. I need to give myself to him. This is good. I'm a good girl. The mental fog thickened. She dropped to her elbows letting him have full access to her and he took it. Three tries were all it took before his huge cock penetrated her. His strokes were hard and fast. She groaned pushing herself back trying to take as much as she could.

Pleasure sensations flickered through her mind. She was meant for this. This was her purpose. He continued pounding her as she grunted each time his growing knot slammed into her cunt. his… cunt… now? She orgasmed. Ten minutes later he was done, and they once again locked together. Never has she felt so bonded to another during sex.

When he moved, she moved with him enjoying every moment his cock filled her. She reached back with one hand to rub her clit. She quickly brought herself to another orgasm.

Twenty minutes later with a plop, his shrinking cock released her. He walked over to his bed and began cleaning himself. She could only stare at him as the fog cleared from her mind.

She wanted to be disgusted but she couldn't. The pleasure he gave her was phenomenal. She did this to him and to herself. This was all her fault but she enjoyed it, right? She stood and walked to the hall mirror. His cum ran down her leg. The LED still read "Ongoing". Now she couldn't decide if she wanted to stop it or not.

It felt so good. The best sex she has had in her life. Maybe she would wait until after dinner before she made any more changes. She plugged in her laptop and only sunny lovin xxx story lron into the kitchen to get something to eat not knowing what to do next.