The hottest college lesbian couple i ever saw

The hottest college lesbian couple i ever saw
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Jessica's Tale. Part I By Gilt Yardbird A young girl gets drunk on a night out. This is my very first story so please be kind and dont let it put you off reading. When her Dad Jim, had told her to be home for 11pm, Jessica knew she was in trouble for coming home over an hour late.

She had been to a house party with her old man cuts young girl friend, Jodie, and delicious madison plays around with her muff girls were more than a little drunk.

Knowing they had already missed their curfew and wanting to dull the telling off they would receive the two girls drank 3 strong 'house party cocktails' within the last hour of them leaving for home a few streets away. As they walked the short distance Jessica could feel an alcohol induced tiredness wash over her body and hoped her Dad was asleep so she could climb straight into bed.

No such luck. As they rounded the corner next to her house she could see her father standing by the garden gate, pointedly checking his watch and looking towards the sounds of the two giggly girls drifting on the warm nights air.

The alcohol was really kicking in now and a knot appeared in the pit of her stomach as the realisation of how much trouble she was in started to hit home.

Just as Jessica's Dad raised his voice to tell her to get in the house, Jodie's front door came open across the road with her irate mother stood in the doorway. "It was worth it." Jodie slurred slightly as she whispered to Jessica, "I'd happily be grounded for a month to have that dance you had with Paul!" Jessica flushed at the memory.

Paul was the hottest guy they knew and he'd taken a shine to her a few months ago. It was a shame he was 5 years older than her and also her cousins boyfriend! He'd been talking with his friends in the kitchen and after teasing them to his friends that they were in his top 3 girls she found herself cajoled into dancing with him.

He'd had a few beers but he was just having some fun and being nice. "I guess he thinks of me as a little sister" she'd thought at the time. The kitchen was busy with people coming in for food and beer, Jodie had wandered off into the next room to talk to her older sister and Paul's friends were getting a little rowdy, throwing a baseball cap back and forwards over their heads. Jessica was 5'5 and a slim frame, that warm summers evening she had worn a long floaty, baby pink gypsy skirt and a white vest top.

Just before she had rushed out of her house to meet Jodie, Jessica had removed her bra to stop it irritating her back in the heat. Her perky B cup breasts had no need for any support and she loved how her top felt brushing against her sensitive nipples.

Once or twice Jessica was pushed by the guys playing behind, the first time Paul caught her his hands spanned her waist and she felt his thumbs rise and slowly stroke up her ribcage.

She felt him tense and suddenly release her, then he grabbed a high stool and sat facing her a few feet away. "I need a rest from dancing for a few minutes." Paul's face was flushed as he said this, "You carry on dancing for a bit though." He shot her a grin that made her face red, her knees weak.

Jessica continued dancing in the small space in front of Paul, feeling a little shy but enjoying the way Paul was watching her. The alcohol combined with the heat of the room made her feel very fuzzy and warm.

As Paul watched the young girl he knew it was wrong to be turned on, she was a picture of innocence. "Well, innocent apart from the under age drinking and the pert tits poking out of her top at me." He thought wryly. He couldn't stop thinking what it would be like to run the flat of his tongue over those teasing nipples, they looked like small pebbles, visible to everyone in the room through her thin vest.

She was somehow sexier because she wasn't aware that she had been getting lusty stares all night. He could see her Dad would have trouble on his hands when she's older. His cock was hard and throbbing in his jeans and he was just about managing to hide it. But if he'd known what was to happen to Jessica later that night he would have filled his boxers with hot cum within minutes of them starting to dance.

A small group of party goers came through the kitchen door causing Jessica to lose her balance once more and be pushed quite firmly between Paul's open legs. With a drink in one hand she desperately reached out to steady herself just as Paul reached out with his free hand to stop her falling. Jessica's palm had landed on Paul's hard shaft, her fingers perfectly cupping the throbbing head, in her drunken haze it took a moment to realise that she was gently squeezing the head of his cock, at the same time realising the pressure she felt on her small chest was actually Paul's hand cupping her almost naked breast from tiny beauteous gal likes hardcore homemade and blowjob he'd caught her.

As her fingers had closed over his shaft Paul involuntarily let out a small moan and tightened his grip on the small tit in his hand, so pert and pointy, her pebble like nipple was pressing hard into palm. Paul caught himself and realised if anyone looked at them he'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Jessica seemed to realise at the same moment and as they drew away from each other Paul couldn't resist tweaking her nipple. Jessica gasped and went bright red, the feeling it gave her went straight to her pussy making it tingle and pulse. She had no clue that someone pinching her nipples could do that! In fact she had never even kissed a boy before tonight, let alone squeezed a cock! Paul took to his feet and gave her another knee trembling grin. "I'd better be getting back to the party, young lady." Paul lent in to say.

Jessica's Heart sank a bit at being called young lady, "Back to being little sister." she thought. "That was one hell of a dance." He whispered as he stepped closer.

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"Give me a hug and be on your way home." As Jessica went to give him a sisterly hug, Paul reached for her wrists to pull her in. One hand he pulled behind his back but the other hand he pressed firmly against his erection jutting at his hip, still as hard for her as before. Her fingers closed naturally again around his shaft, pushing and squeezing as she slid her arm into a hug.

He gave her a big squeeze and pressed his cock into her belly, Jessica could feel him throbbing against her and the sensation of his rough shirt against her nipples.

Her head was rushing with so many thoughts, and she had never really been aware of her pussy until tonight. She could feel her cotton panties getting wetter every minute he touched her, and she felt hot and restless. Later she would come to realise this was the first time she had been sexually excited, and just how her wetness would benefit her this weading first night fucking sex. Paul busty indian girl roshni with mature customer the hug as Jodie called out to her from across the room.

"I'll catch you around kiddo." Paul shot her a grin and winked in acknowledgement of the few moments of arousal between them. Then he was off out of the room to find his friends. Jodie was grinning when Jessica turned her flushed face to her.

"Wow, omg, woooow! I saw what happened when you were dancing and got pushed! I saw his hand on your boob! OMG!!" Jodie was very much under the effect of the cocktails now and laughing loudly. "Shush! Everyone will hear," Jessica laughed, "Come on, lets get out of here and I'll tell you everything on the way home." Linking arms with each other they set off home, Paul saw them leave and as he watched them laughing and swaying down the street he felt his cock coming to life again.

A couple of inches shorter than Jessica at 5'3, Jodie was small but very developed for her age with perfectly round, heavy D cup breasts. Physically both girls were very different, Jessica with green eyes, a pale complexion and long blond hair, Jodie was olive skinned, tanned and prone to freckles with dark chocolate eye and inky hair cut in a pixie crop.

Paul knew he would get a chance to touch both of the girls again, he didn't know how he knew but he felt it in his aching balls. All the way home the girls talked about what had happened, including how she had caressed his cock a second time when he'd said goodbye. They giggled and talked about all the possibilities there were, what it would like to be his girlfriend and have him touching her whenever he wanted. They were still giggling about it when they reached their homes and saw their my stepsister got stuck in the window its time to fuck parents.

Jodie's mother went back in her house to wait and Jessica's father issued a stern warning and walked to the shadows front doorway, waiting to make sure they didn't take their time over their goodbyes.

"Hug and a kiss!" Jodie exclaimed, her loud voice causing Jessica's father to look their direction just as the two girls reached for each other, again soft giggles leaving their soft lips. Jodie flung her arms out to Jessica, one round her back and one hand draped on her shoulder.

Jessica again took the position of placing her hands on hips, pulling Jodie forward so their groins were pressed against each other. The girls were both swaying and misjudged leaning in to kiss the others cheek.

Their puckered lips met for the first time and Jessica felt a shock of electricity go through her body, sending spasms to her tight young cunt. The girls relaxed their lips and briefly shared an erotic slow kiss, as they swayed back from each other the tips of their tongues touched causing Jodie's eyes to fly open widely to see Jessica with a look of pure bliss on her face, albeit drunken and sleepy too.

She felt so good right now and thought she could sleep for a week.

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The girls laughed off the short kiss and quickly hugged again before each walking to their home, having no idea they had been witnessed. Jim watched his daughter slowly zigzagging up the driveway and shook his head.

He didn't know how to handle this one. She was a good girl and hoped parties and drinking wouldn't become a habit of hers. He knew however how he would handle the hard cock throbbing in his shorts, as soon as his daughter was in bed he would continue watching the porno DVD his best friend had given him. Damn, when he'd turned to Jodie's voice he'd no idea he would witness his young daughter giving a kiss that started out innocent and quickly became sexual.

He could swear he'd hear one of them sigh. From the gloom of the doorway he could clearly see them in the streetlight and there was no mistaking Jodie's fingers tangle in Jessica's hair, tugging it slightly. There was also no mistaking Jessica's fingers tighten her grip on the round hips under her fingers, pulling them tight against her. "Jessica get into the den." Jim quickly put the TV on standby so Jessica couldn't see the still shot of a thick gina valentina and lily jordan stepsisters fuck hard cock deep inside a tight wet pussy.

He wanted to make this quick and get to stroking his cock. He'd been horny all night and seeing his daughter kissing her young friend had made his cock swell more than ever. Jessica came in the room and sat down on one end of the sofa, knowing that she was about to be told off but too sleepy to care.

"Jeez, Jess! Did you even close the front door?" Jim walked back to check and lock it. Jessica half shrugged at her Dad, her head was swimming and slightly sex desi nxxx c storys by where she was now. She turned in her seat, leaning her back against the arm of the sofa and brought her feet so her knees were tucked up towards her chin. By the time Jim came back, Jessica was in a deep sleep.