Sixy hot girl and boy badroom

Sixy hot girl and boy badroom
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"Shaking Things Up" ©2017 MojaveJoe420 (Author's note: Hiya strokers! Kind of a short one for ya.

I know, I know, very little character development, it seems like it's mostly just sex! Try and suffer through it. I'm using Italic paragraphs to indicate the woman's internal dialogue. I don't know if the literary police will like it, but I do!

Thanks for checking this out.) "Oh my God that's so fucking hot!" Sherry whispered as she and her husband watched the porno on their bedroom big screen. 60 inches wide, high definition, it felt like they were right in the middle of the action. The reason for Sherry's… reaction. was simple; two muscle-bound porn guys were DP'ing this hot blond. DP, as in double penetration, as in a big cock in her pussy and a big cock in her ass. The closeups made Sherry swoon as the cocks pounded the poor, defenseless girl.

The mock rape scene stirred her loins like blonde taboo xxx the suspended step sis she had ever seen. The girl getting fucked had no say in the matter, the two guys positioned and maneuvered her around like a rag doll. Earlier in the scene, the girl protested heavily but was silenced as first one cock and then the other slammed down her throat. Now, she was just a quivering mess as the two fuckers pounded her relentlessly.

She couldn't even scream anymore. "Fuck me!" Sherry ordered her husband. "Hurry, Goddammit!" She got up on all fours, facing the television. Nate gently probed her pussy with a finger, in an effort to warm her up. But she was past warm, her pussy already burned with lust. "Please Nate! Just fuck me!

Come on and fuck me! Now! I'm ready!" Nate pressed his cock inside her, slipping in effortlessly as Sherry's sex oozed fluid. He fucked her in nice, long, gentle strokes. Nate loved her more than he ever thought it was possible to love someone, and the last thing he could ever do was hurt her. He sped up a little, giving Sherry a really good fucking. Or so he thought. On-screen, the two guys fucked the girl even harder. They slapped her ass, hard.

And her tits. And they slapped her face, too. The girl's matted, sweaty hair hung in clumps and strands across her face. Sherry envied the lust portrayed by the girl on-screen as the actress whimpered and moaned, but finally managed to groan out "more… give me… more…" Sherry cried out in agony as Nate continued to pleasantly fuck her.

"Fuck me faster! Harder! Do something for Chrissake!" Sherry bucked back into him, trying to get more pressure. It felt good to ram her cheeks into his thighs.

Nate sped up a little, but not enough. She reached back and slapped his thigh, then pinched his leg. He responded by holding that hand. Fucking hell what do I have to do to get this guy to do… anything to me?

Sherry slapped her own tits. It felt okay, but it wasn't the same as having someone else do it. Nate got the hint a little bit and grabbed her boobs pretty hard, mashing them and twisting her nipples. Better than nothing, I suppose.

She reached back and massaged her clit, sending sparks throughout her body. The guys on-screen were pulling out of their victim and prepared to blast her with a double-shot of cum. "Come on, Nate! Faster! Let's cum with these guys!" The two actors stroked fast and furious, getting their timing down so they could splash the girl's face simultaneously.

Sherry could see that they were very close. One of the guys yanked the girl's hair, pulling her head upright. Come on Nate, do something to me! Do something! Sherry's telepathy must've worked. Nate slapped her ass fairly hard. That sudden sting triggered her orgasm, and she fell to her elbows as it wracked her body. She glanced at the screen as the guys shot squirt after giant squirt of sperm onto the girl's face.

Nate came inside her just then, too, filling her with his hot semen. On-screen, one of the guys took his hand and roughly smeared the cum around on her face, then pushed her head back and walked away. The other guy just slapped her, not terribly hard, but enough to snap her face abruptly. Lucky bitch, thought Sherry. Nate shut off the TV. "Wow!" he grinned at her. "That was fucking hot! Did I hurt you? I'm sorry if I slapped your ass too hard." Nowhere near hard enough, she thought.

But she loved Nate immensely. He was a good husband and doxy gets rammed with joy smalltits homemade kind, gentle lover.

Very giving and very sexy in his own way. They had a great life together, a great marriage. She didn't want to hurt his feelings, though, but sometimes she just needed… more.

Sherry snuggled up to him and smiled sweetly at him as they hugged. "You didn't hurt me, love. In fact, you can do more of that! I… liked it. A lot." Nate relaxed his hug, and Sherry noticed. "What?

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What's the matter?" Nate struggled a bit, screwing up his mouth a bit. "I'm… I'm not enough for you, am I." He said it more like a statement, not a question. Sherry panicked. "Of course you are, honey! That's just a movie, a fantasy, ya know?" "Yeah, I know. But… you fantasize about that, about getting… fucked really roughly." Sherry dipped her head somewhat.

Might as well be honest, he deserves that much from me. "Well, sometimes. Oh honey don't get mad! You're amazing! And I always cum, I do! You're wonderful, baby!" Nate looked at her, unconvinced. "I can't, babe. I love you so much… I can't hurt you. But I don't seem to be able to please you, either.

Not like you want it." "Nate," she said. Looking him straight in the eye. "I don't want anyone but you. You're my husband, and I want to keep you! I love you, truly, I do." She got on top of him, rubbing herself on his flaccid cock. Her breasts pressed into his chest as she pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos herself into him.

She tongue kissed him gently while she ran her fingers through his hair. Nate tried to resist, but he couldn't help himself. His cock stirred a little. Her tongue worked wonders in his mouth, and he loved her so much, so very much.

More blood flowed into his cock. Sensing victory, Sherry rose slightly, then lowered herself onto his hard cock. Her sperm drenched pussy easily accepted his member inside.

He thrust up into her, filling her completely. She sat up with his cock firmly implanted in her vagina. Nate massaged her breasts, she felt so proud of her D cups and she knew he loved them tremendously.

"Look, baby." She grabbed his right hand that massaged her left breast. "Squeeze me like you do… yes… now go a little more… oooh yeah… that doesn't hurt… that's nice… twist the nipple more… doesn't hurt me." Sparks flew from her nipple through her body, and jolted her clit.

She visibly trembled. Nate let go for fear of hurting her. "No! It's fine! That was a good shiver! I liked it! Come on baby, some more" And she grabbed both his hands, and made him pinch her nipples more.

And he did. And he pulled them more, harder, rougher. Jesus, he's going to make me cum if he keeps this up! "Now, take one hand, yes, and pat it, like this." She playfully patted her breast, then a little harder to where it made sexy babe kylie page sucks roommates schlong slight slapping sound.

Nate then took his turn, patting lightly. "Good, honey. Little more… mm hmm… little more… see? It doesn't hurt me. Not a bit. Now take your hand farther away. " Slap! "Oooooo! Baby! Do it again--" "You sure that doesn't hurt?" "Please baby, I promise.

Again, only harder." Nate slapped her tit harder, his hand smacking the other tit on the follow-through. Almost, almost, come on baby! "Again," Sherry panted as she begged. "Couple more, please!" Reluctantly, Nate complied, slapping her three times in quick succession. "Oh FUCKING SHI-I-I-ITT!" she screamed at the top of lungs.

The first slap triggered her orgasm, the other two multiplied it to maximum intensity. She collapsed on top of him for several moments, trying to catch her breath. Jesus that was one of the strongest one ever. Oh my God! She knew she wasn't done though. She gritted her teeth and rapidly fucked her husband from above. They grabbed each others ass cheeks and thrust deeply into their partner. Nate bucked her like he was a bronco.

I'm a fucking Cowgirl! Yee-fucking haw! Very soon, she felt him flex inside her, then he stopped. She knew he was trying not to cum. "Let it out honey! Cum in me goddamit! I fucking love you!" She rose up and down on him some more, and he shot his second load of the night deep into her womb, filling her with more steaming cum, and filling her emotionally, as well. They kissed tenderly for a long time. Sherry felt so close to him at this point, he tried something new for her, and it worked out so well.

She became so emotional that a few tears of happiness leaked out. "Oh shit!" whispered Nate. "I did hurt you I'm so sorr--" "No sweetheart!" she interrupted.

"I'm just crying because I love you so much. Thank you, thank you." And she kissed his neck and thanked him. She worked her way down his chest, thanking him several times. She got down isis love to be there to fuck you tube porn his slimy cock and took it in her hands. "Thank you," she whispered as she engulfed his slimy, shrinking member.

She looked him straight in the eye as she cleaned him up of his and her cum. Sherry crawled back up to her husband with her mouth closed, holding in the contents still. She went to kiss him. "Huh uh," whispered Nate, shaking his head slightly.

Maybe next time, she thought. Sherry swallowed the goods, and laid down next to Nate, resting her head on his chest. Maybe next time, but probably not. She sighed, and eventually drifted of to sleep. = = = "Thanks hon," Nate said as Sherry handed him his morning coffee.

They both were just a few minutes from heading out the door. "About last night," he started. "Yes?" she responded, intrigued. "I'll try. I will. It just doesn't come easy for me. All I've known is… to treat women properly. You know, 'You can't hit girls!' That kind of thing." "It's not hitting, babe.

Just having a little fun, that's all." "Okay… like I said. I'll try. But maybe not right away and… don't push me, okay?" She hugged him and promised she would be patient with him. = = = Lightning flashed across busty blonde woman gets her pussy railed by pawn guy dark sky. Driving home in the rain, Sherry thought about the past two weeks.

She promised to be patient with Nate, but her patience was running thin as they had lots of normal, regular, same-old same-old sex. She came each time, of course. Nobody had ever licked her like Nate did. But they did nothing out of the ordinary. She pulled into the driveway and clicked the garage door opener. Nothing happened. She clicked it several more times. She thought maybe the battery died, then she noticed that their exterior lights weren't on, either. Strange, the other houses have their lights on… what the hell?

She parked next to Nate's car, realizing he couldn't get in the garage, either. She sat in the dark for a few moments, then gathered up her briefcase and made a dash through the pouring rain for the front door.

She fumbled with her keys in the dark, then finally made her way inside her darkened house. "Nate?" she called out, flipping the light switch on and off, to no avail. "Honey? Where are you? Is our power--" A gloved hand clamped her mouth shut, pulling her head backwards against a large body. Before she could even struggle, another arm clamped her arms against her sides.

Then somebody else grabbed her legs and they carried her into the dark kitchen. Sherry weighed in at about 130 or so, and she stood five-nine, so she wasn't tiny. And she worked out, too. But she was absolutely no match for these two brutes. Struggle though she did, their grip never wavered. NATE!

My love! Where are you? What have they done to you? I need a goddamned RESCUE! The two set her down none-to-gently on her back on the kitchen table. Then she realized a new terror. Oh shit!

There's a third guy! Nate! Help Me! While the two original big guys held her down, this other guy grabbed her head. He seemed like the runt of the bunch, not that it mattered. When they let go of her mouth, she screamed bloody murder. But the boys were ready for that. As her mouth opened its widest, this runt guy slapped a ball-gag in her mouth and secured the straps around her head. Sherry screamed into the ball, but it did no fucking good at all. She had never felt anything more uncomfortable, she thought.

Next, they blindfolded her, then they tied each of her arms to a table leg. She had a few inches of slack, but her hands couldn't reach a thing.

Lightning flashed, she could see it through her blindfold. But she couldn't see anything else. Then they put on some music, some Led Zeppelin song. Motherfuckers are going to rape me… to "Houses of the Holy". I already don't like Zep all that much… please don't hurt me… please don't hurt me too much… Thunder rumbled throughout the house as the men tied her legs to the table legs.

Again, she had some slack but couldn't do anything effective. They left me enough slack so they can fuck me easier. This way they can move me around somewhat, spread my legs better. Fuckers! Someone yanked on her blouse, she felt it tear away. "Hold still little lady," a voice said, the man masking it with false depth and raggedness.

"I've got a knife here to cut your sex desi nxxx c storys off. Now, if you struggle, we might cut some skin. Just settle down, babycakes." Babycakes? BABYCAKES? Nate called me 'Babycakes' way back when, before we were married. I told him it was silly and he stopped.

The men cut and stripped off her clothes in short order. She lay there bare-assed naked, and afraid. She heard clicks, and she saw flashes around the edges of her cute teen and sexy stepmom ffm way sex in the bedroom. They're taking pictures of me!

Shit on these motherfuckers! Goddammit! Sherry struggled again in a frenzy, but to no avail. The bonds held tight, she wasn't going anywhere. The guys just laughed. Suddenly, the groping started. Rough hands ran all over her body, grabbing her and squeezing her as they poked and probed everywhere.

One guy seemed fascinated with her tits and just kneaded them with his gloved hands, pressed them, squeezed them, almost to the point of pain. Other hands grabbed at her pussy, pulling apart her lips and trying to force themselves inside her. Sherry screamed into the ball-gag for half a minute. At the same time she pulled and shook at her bonds, writhing in anguish.

Tired, she stopped. Saliva ran out of the corners of her mouth, down her cheeks. She sex hoot sewers flv tube porn fiercely in and out out of her nose, trying to get more oxygen. Then, it began. Here it comes. The fuckers are going to do me now. Oh God, Nate, where are you? Tears ran out of her eyes as she prepared for the worst. Rough hands, now gloveless, spread her legs apart.

But instead of a cock raping her, she was surprised by what felt like a head nestling between her legs. They're going to eat me out? Well… it's better than getting fucked dry… I guess.

The man kissed her upper thighs for long moments, then playfully nipped at them now and then. But another guy was dragging himself around near her head. Something was bumping against her cheeks.

It was hot. It was a fucking hard cock, slapping her face. The other guy continued to molest her tits. The man between her legs moved up and kissed the petals of her pussy.

Starting at the bottom, he worked his way up gently and softly, just kissing her sex. He repeated that several times, but each time he kissed a little firmer, pushed in a little more, and finally lapped at her like a cat. No… it can't be… Him… this is how Nate goes down on me! This is Nate! Oh you fucking crazy, sexy, bastard! He's going to… what the fuck is he going to do? And how did he get these other guys? This must be his attempt at 'going farther'.

Nate, I love you!!! I love you!!! Now take this gag off me! His tongue split her lips apart, and her body rewarded him with the beginnings of her usual flood of pussy juice. The man probed deeper with his tongue, and explored her entire area. Eventually settling on her clitoral region, he expertly circled and teased her clit.

She felt her arousal climbing as he gently slipped in a couple fingers and fucked her with them. Oh yes! That's it Nate! That's it! Now just curl them upwards like… yes… just like that… The man glommed onto her clit now, sucking on it and making love to it as he rubbed her G-spot.

She forgot about the dick rubbing against her face, smearing pre-cum on her cheeks. She forgot about the ball-gag that was nearly choking her. She forgot about everything except her primal urges emanating from her sex. Sherry jerked upwards, arching her back and thrashing around on the hard wooden table as her orgasm tore through her. She screamed into her ball-gag again. Then she blacked out for a few moments, going completely limp. Wha… what the fuck was that!

Oh my God I never came so hard before… Oh Jesus christ Nate thank you thank you i love you… "Hey lady!" a voice that wasn't World big monstar cock sex called to her.

And, it was coming from the guy between her legs, she thought. "We can take this gag off, but only if you cooperate. Are you going to be quiet? Nod your head if you will. Remember, we can make it very unpleasant for you." Sherry nodded her head slowly. Something slapped across her right cheek, stinging hard. It felt like, maybe a leather glove. "You gonna be good?" Another glove slap, this time on the other cheek.

She nodded slowly again. Yes, please! I'll be good! I'll do most anything to get this gag off of me. Hands lifted her head and fiddled with the strap, and the ball-gag was gone! Sherry breathed through her open mouth, working her jaw a little to try and work out the stiffness. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you, Nate!" "Who the fuck is Nate?" asked the guy at the end of the table near her feet.

Before she could reply, the guys yanked her towards the end of the table so that her head hung upside down off the edge. Oh fuck! I've seen this before!

They're going to-- "Guk Guk Guk" Sherry moaned as a cock rammed in and out of her mouth. The guy smelled like he'd showered sometime last month, his hairy balls dragged across her nose with each thrust. Sherry could perform an admirable deep-throat blow job, but it was always under controlled circumstances.

This was definitely uncontrolled. She tried to maintain her composure and keep breathing and not gag. It wasn't very fucking easy at all. This guy's cock was bigger than Nate's and it tore into her throat again, and again, and it didn't seem like he was getting tired at all. A body lay down on top of her, and a cock shoved its way into her pussy. It had no trouble, she had a veritable swamp down there from the pussy licking Nate had just given her.

This new cock in my pussy is smaller than Nate's, and this isn't him ramming my throat… he must be doing something else at the moment… might as well try and enjoy this gift he's given me.

"I'm lovin' your rich teacher and stident xxxx blue film com cunt, ya know that?

It's a good cunt. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of it!" Sherry's mind ran wild as the guys overwhelmed her senses. Breathe! Just breathe… please fucking stop… don't make me puke. oh God these fuckers are just using me… fucking using me… using me so fucking good… using me like a fucking whore… I'm such a fucking whore and I want more.

Saliva poured out the sides of her mouth. She barely managed not to throw up. Finally, after several minutes of facial assault, the guy withdrew his cock. Sherry gasped for air.

The face-fucker slapped her face, hard. Sherry horny babe is on top of pleasures right then. Like the fucking slut that I am. What the fuck is happening to me… "Move her back down the table," a woman's voice told the guys.

"I want her head flat on the table." A woman's voice! Who the fuck is that? But… I thought it was three guys! Big Dick, Smaller Dick, and now this woman? What the fuck!!!!!! If these guys aren't Nate… oh shit!!!! Sherry began to cry as the realization set in that she didn't know where the fuck Nate was or who these people were.

Someone grabbed her roughly on her chin. "Keep quiet handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob no crying, babycakes. You want that ball gag back?" Sherry clamped her lips shut and shook her head.

She then felt something on the sides of her head. Legs. They were bare legs. Smooth, like a woman's. Sherry panicked as the scent of a woman enveloped her. I don't want to eat this pussy!

Oh god she's rubbing it on my face! She wants me to lick her but where the fuck has she been? Is she safe? Is she clean? Does it fucking matter at this point? "Eat my cunt, love," the woman ordered.

"Or it's back on the ball-gag a hot sweaty threesome action with jaye summer and liza rowe you." Well, she didn't want that ever again. Sherry quickly opened her mouth and accepted her fate. She stuck her tongue into this woman's fragrant, wet sex. The woman ground herself into Sherry's face and mouth, Sherry worked her as well as she could. She began to enjoy it. I haven't eaten pussy in years… but… it's not something you forget… she tastes good… so good, and I love the feel of her wet lips on me… mmmmm she's so good… and how is that guy still fucking me?

They must be all jammed together up there… wish I could see. "That's it, love," the woman coaxed.

"Keep at it, lick that hot cunt… I've got a surprise for you!" Sherry could barely hear her but kept licking this pussy for all she was worth. This girl tasted sweet, just like Sherry remembered. It took her back to her 'Wild Days', as she called them… I'm smothered in this woman's pussy!

It's like the old days… what was my record? Seven in one night? Yes… I made love to seven different girls in one night… although it wasn't making love. It was down and dirty girl-fucking… nasty stuff… in the bathroom of that dance club "Escape".

on my knees in the stall… slipping in the piss on the floor… eating pussy, so much pussy… God I was such a slut!

They actually lined up for me! I licked them and they licked me, most of them. A couple of them were like this chick, they just ground hard on my face for their own pleasure, ignoring mine… and I loved it… every fucking minute of it. Smaller Dick was still fucking her, and these crazy remembrances in Sherry's mind ignited her pussy.

She came like a bitch in heat, arching her back, pulling on her bonds before she collapsed like a rag-doll again. The woman rose up from Sherry's face, Sherry inhaled the fresh air deeply. Suddenly, the woman screamed out in passion and coated Sherry's face with fluid. Is she peeing on me? What the fuck? It's not pee… she squirted on my face… Oh it's so good… I thought they faked those things in the pornos… ohhhhhh my God… don't let it end… Sherry drank as much as she could, a couple good swallows at least.

The woman slapped Sherry's right side of her face. "Don't you dare fucking slap me!" Sherry said through clenched teeth. The woman slapped her again, this time on the left side, just like Sherry hoped. "You like that," laughed the woman. "You like being treated like a dirty cunt! Well I think you might like this, too." Smaller Dick climbed down off of Sherry.

The sudden vacancy in her pussy left her momentarily stunned; she liked his cock inside her. Then she was being maneuvered and pushed and pulled until she figured out what they were doing to her. Bigger Dick, the guy who face fucked her earlier, had worked his way under Sherry, so she now laid with her back on top of his front. She felt his monster cock rubbing between her ass cheeks. Oh God no… don't go there… sexy yo brunette lapdances for shy stranger no Somebody poured something warm and slippery on Sherry's pussy.

A couple hands immediately rubbed the oil on her sex, and the hands continued down and massaged her asshole. As Sherry had been dripping pussy juice all night down her crack, this might not have even been necessary, but she was grateful for the extra lube. They lifted Sherry up a bit, and she felt that big cock as it settled on her anal opening. With little concern for Sherry, the hands released her body and she sank down, half-impaling herself on Bigger Dick. Sherry screamed in pain and agony as Bigger Dick's cock rammed into her defenseless asshole.

Bigger Dick clamped his hand over her mouth to silence her. She whimpered as he pumped into her, sending his raging cock further up her ass. Tears ran down her face Oh God stop! Stop! It hurts so much! It hurts… well… not so much… not so much at all… they're pouring allgirlmassage samantha rone scissors female friendly and pussy licking oil on me and on Bigger Dick's cock on the outstroke… I didn't think… I didn't think I could take his whole cock… oh fuck my ass Big… fuck it harder… stretch me out baby Smaller Dick climbed on top of Sherry and just rammed his cock into her liquid pussy.

Sherry had never had such a feeling of being so filled, being so completely dominated. I've got two fucking cocks in me!!!! Oh motherfuckers I'm so fucked… I'm so fucked… fuck me boys, fuck me. The woman untied one and then the other of Sherry's legs. She instantly wrapped them around Smaller Dick's legs and his ass, welcoming him in deeper. Both cocks pounded Sherry into submission. The cock in her pussy rapid-fucked her with short, fast strokes, while that big cock in her ass performed slower, yet stronger thrusts.

Smaller Dick tried to kiss Sherry, but mostly he couldn't latch onto her as everyone was moving around so much. His stale breath, smelling of cigarettes and whiskey, merely added to Sherry's sensation-overload. All she could do was moan uncontrollably. "Hey hot cunt," the woman spoke. "If I untie you, will you be good? Cuz I can always kick you in the cunt if you make trouble." Sherry tried to respond, "I… I'll be… good… yeah… good… won't do… anything…" Satisfied, the woman released her bound arms.

Sherry immediately hugged Smaller Dick, not out of love or any feelings, but just to get them in a position that felt natural; when someone fucks you, you hold them.

Sherry's ragged emotions got the best of her though, and she dug her nails deep into Smaller Dick's back. "Bitch," he called her. And slapped her face. Sherry yanked off her blindfold, the guys didn't seem to notice as they continued to double fuck her. The room was bathed in strange lights, then Sherry saw they were flashlights pointing in random directions.

She grabbed Smaller Dick's hair and pulled his head back so she could see his face. Smaller Dick is. handsome. Damn good looking, in fact. He could be a model somewhere. Why the fuck is this guy a rapist?

I would have given it to him for free, if I wasn't married. And he lasts a long time. How long has it been? Four Zeppelin songs? "How you doing, Rocco?" Smaller Dick asked Bigger Dick. "I'm about ready." "Yeah Slick," Rocco replied. "Let's do it." They both disengaged, Sherry felt decidedly empty. But not for long as Rocco and Slick carried and dragged her onto the ground and made her kneel in front of them. It's the big payoff, like in the movies!

Oh shit! And… both these guys… totally well-built… good looking… good hair… these aren't your typical rapists… but is it rape if i'm enjoying it so fucking much? "Smile!" the woman said, pointing a small video camera at her. It had a light on it and made Sherry squint a bit. "You're on TV! This will get loaded to the porn sites tonight!" Sherry started to move like she was going to get up. Rocco grabbed her hair and put couple has anal sex outdoor on sex tape fist right up to her face.

"Make a move, please make a move. I'd love it if you did." He waited a few moments. "Open your whore mouth, then." And she did, and Rocco face fucked her again. The woman amateur slut fisted outdoors in the snow some nice close-ups, catching the fear and terror that shone on Sherry's face. Rocco backed out, only to be replaced by Slick who also face-fucked her. The fact that his dick was a fair amount smaller than Rocco's didn't seem to matter much at this point.

Sherry struggled to maintain her balance and composure as Slick continued his penile assault. Rocco moved back in close. What? What the fuck? Am I supposed to suck them both? Oh Jesus no! Oh fuck Oh mgph mphfff mfff mfff mfff The two cocks could only get partway inside her mouth, just the tips, really. But they stretched her mouth to its limit. They both grabbed her head to steady her.

The guys looked at each other and laughed, their two cock heads rubbed against each other as much as they rubbed against her lips and tongue. They liked it. A lot. "Me first!" called Rocco. They both backed out of her mouth. Slick grabbed her chin and head, forcing her to hold her mouth open.

Rocco stroked once, twice, thrice, and fired a massive burst of cum straight into Sherry's mouth. The next shot landed in her right eye and coursed down her cheek. More shots spewed from his massive cock. Nobody has this much cum! Nobody! Jesus it keeps cumming out! I'm trying to swallow it… it's so hot and good… I can feel it running down my tits… Rocco slowed down after eight or nine solid squirts. Slick stood back and yanked on his cock for a few moments, and then let his jizz fly all over Sherry's already messed up face.

Hot ropes of cum sprayed her, maybe half of it getting somewhere near her mouth. Rocco shoved his slightly bubble butt amateur holly hendrix gets her two holes fucked hard hard cock back inside her mouth as Slick continued to cum on her.

She sucked Rocco dry of his cum.

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She wanted to look in his eye, but they were now pasted closed with cum. The musty smell overwhelmed her. Sherry felt herself being manhandled once again, they deposited her back onto the table.

The woman immediately assaulted her. Naked now, the woman kissed and licked Sherry's face, smearing and clearing her of the massive amount of cum. She pushed the cum into Sherry's mouth, who gladly accepted it. She went down and licked and sucked the cum off of Sherry's tits. And she swallowed it down for herself. After some more loving kisses, the woman then straddled Sherry's face one more time. This time, however, she didn't force any cunnilingus. She just rubbed her own clit for a minute or so until she squirted another full load.

Into Sherry's face. The woman leaned down and kissed Sherry gently. Sherry couldn't even raise her arms to hug her, she was practically incoherent. "Hey lover," whispered the woman. "Sorry about all this. You might want to go untie your husband over there." And she pointed to behind Sherry's head. Wha- what?

Nate is here? Oh shit I didn't even see him! Oh baby let me get you! The men were nearly dressed again and they helped the woman get her shit together. Sherry dragged herself over to where Nate sat naked, ball-gagged and tied to a chair. She found the buckle on the gag and quickly undid it. "Baby what's going on?" Sherry asked desperately. "Thanks Melody!" Nate hollered past her head. "Slick, Rocco, see you guys next week!" "What the fuck Nate?" Sherry asked, incredulously.

"Untie me." "No! Start talking." "Untie me, I said." Nate's voice had a certain edge to it, a different timbre. Her defenses already stripped, she untied him. Nate stood and picked her up. He deposited her by the table, then bent her over face down on the kitchen table.

Sherry's face came to rest in a pool of her cum, the woman's squirt juices, some man cum… it disgusted her. Mostly because the fluid had cooled. Nate rammed his cock inside his wife's pussy. "Ohhhh baby!" she cried out. Nate rammed his cock hard into her with no seeming regard for her pleasure. Oh lover… Oh thank you… I missed you… fuck me… Oh Jesus you're fucking my ass too! Oh yes… oh God… Nate alternated between her ass and pussy every few strokes.

Having watched the whole evening's event, he couldn't take much more, though. He hustled her up onto the table and turned her over on her back. Slamming his cock back into her, they embraced and kissed. "You smell kinda kinky," he managed to say. "You're… such an asshole for setting this up!" "Yeah, indian desi collegegirl fucking her juicy pussy in shower with dildo indiansexygfs com tube porn you love me anyway." "Yes I do, Nate.

You're an AMAZING asshole! Oh God I feel you cumming inside mom and son sex because of cold Nate! Cum for me baby… please… I'm cumming too… can you feel it? I'm cumming too… Oh Nate… my baby… my love…" Several minutes later, when Big dick for black beauty interracial hardcore cock finally slipped out of her pussy, he cupped her pussy with his hand and caught a minor flood of semen and pussy juice in it.

He brought that hand up to her mouth and dribbled it between her eager lips. Then he leaned in and kissed her tenderly for a long while. Their tongues met and they exchanged saliva… and her cum… and his cum. Best kiss ever!! Sherry thought. = = = The happy couple cuddled in their warm, soft bed. Sherry seemed unable to let go of him, even when they were trying to dry off from the long, long shower.

"Are you okay, honey? Was it too much?" "No, babes," Sherry tried to explain. "It wasn't too much. I just need you to keep holding me for awhile." "I'll never let you go. Well, unless I have to go to the bathroom, of course." Sherry hugged Nate harder. He stroked her hair and kissed her gently on the top of his head. "I don't even want to ask who those people were…" Sherry ventured. "Or how you know them." Nate chuckled. "I was just shaking things up a bit.

Tomorrow, honey. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Right now, Let's just hold each other. But quit pushing your tits against me or I'll get hard again." Sherry giggled, and pressed her chest into Nate, wriggling suggestively.

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