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Angelika wild calze scarpe e culi aperti
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After their unbelievable encounter, Derek and Cooper agreed that, every Thursday, they would meet at Derek's house. Lustful adventures followed, both enjoying the dementia of heated sex, yet much more would develop than either of them could expect.

One day, after an intense bout of sexual frenzy, Derek laid back on the bed and was lost in thought. Cooper was cuddled against Derek's body, doodling on his sofia is a gorgeous hot latina whos getting rea chest with his slender index finger, softly drawing shapes and lines that meant nothing.

Derek had come to enjoy Cooper's playfulness and sensitivity, as well as his intellect, insight and personality. Besides that, it tickled a bit. However, serious thoughts began coursing through his mind. "How can you do this? You're just a lustful swine, aren't you? Cooper gives and gives, yet asks for nothing in return.

Although done willingly, you just take and take," Derek thought to himself as he stretched his mind to comprehend where things were going.

His thoughts were interrupted when Cooper gently asked, "why did you pick me?" Derek was confused, and asked Cooper to explain. "Well, you could have picked anyone in the entire school, but why me?

Was it because I'm gay?" Derek's mind focused quickly, as if snapped to attention. "I didn't 'pick' you, Coop, and it had nothing to do with you being gay.

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I didn't line people up lesbo amazing babes love reaching orgasms lesbian dildo my head as if I was choosing someone at a whorehouse. From the moment I met you, I knew there was a special link between us.

I couldn't define it in mathematical terms, yet I could feel it in my soul," Derek said. Cooper's heart fluttered as he heard Derek explain how he had been "picked." Derek continued slowly.

"You see, Coop, I can't even explain it myself. Your gorgeous body was one thing, those magnetic eyes another, but somehow you managed to cast a spell over me that reaches much deeper.

So, Cooper, I didn't 'pick' you, but you actually 'picked' me, without even knowing it," he revealed. "And you know what, Coop? I feel it now more than ever." Derek couldn't believe what he had just said, yet knew it was true.

There was a long silence between them, after which Cooper stopped his doodling, then pulled himself slightly away, linking their eyes together. "May I kiss you?" Cooper shyly whispered, daring to finally ask for what he wanted most. Derek's reaction was instinctive. "Kiss a guy? Never!" he thought. However, just that quickly, he recalled the first time they were together when he gave Cooper a tiny kiss.

"But that wasn't a real kiss; it was just a peck," Derek reasoned. "Was it too much to ask after all of his giving? Such a simple thing couldn't be so tough," Derek mused, his mind and heart both conflicted. "Yes, you may," Derek finally responded, closing his eyes, and expecting nothing more than a little smooch. Cooper knew that this might be the only chance to fulfill his ultimate dream. He curled himself against Derek's warm body, then licked his fingertip, and slowly traced it along Derek's lips.

Cooper could feel them tighten, as if to avoid the male intrusion, so he drew his finger back and pulled away from him, clearly sensing that Derek didn't want to do this. "I'm sorry, Derek, I know it was too much to ask," he whimpered.

"It's okay. Just do it, Coop," Derek said, feeling a sense of obligation, yet also a thrill he had never experienced before.

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His body tensed, knowing this might be something he might not be able to handle, but knew it had to be done. Cooper pulled his body close to Derek's again, leaned down, and sensuously touched his lips to those he had wanted for so long. It was a sweet, tender kiss, but Cooper backed off quickly, afraid that he might react violently. There was no response from Derek. He laid there as if in a trance. Cooper seized the opportunity and leaned down for another, deeper kiss. Derek only moaned, then pulled Cooper tighter, wrapping his arms around his slim body.

Although he had kissed countless lips before, Derek knew that these were somehow special. He had been afraid that he might puke, and probably would have if it had been anyone else, but Cooper's soft, full lips imparted more than sexual desire. They began to gently exchange small kisses that quickly grew into long, passionate mergings of their lips. Derek didn't believe this was happening, yet couldn't stop himself.

He ran his hands over Cooper's soft body, gently squeezing his firm little ass, then offered his tongue. Cooper was awash in disbelief and pleasure, eagerly accepting Derek's offer.

They continued to probe each other, softly nibbling on each others' lips and flicking their pashtlocal xxx storys at home story about. Derek was quickly rising to a new level of excitement he had never experienced before, and wanted to fuck Cooper again, but knew time was short and had to break off, sending him away before one of his parents came home from work and found them together, which Derek would never be able to explain.

Encounters between them increased to twice each week. Cooper was in heaven as they continued their relationship, feeling Derek's lust retreat into a more gentle, understanding approach. Even as they continued to have sex, Cooper could tell that Derek had somehow changed.

One Tuesday afternoon, as expected, Derek opened the door to find Cooper standing there, having ridden his bicycle through a cold, spring rain. He was shivering like a leaf, his clothes completely soaked, yet smiled through chattering teeth.

Derek's heart nearly broke, and he quickly gathered Cooper's body into his strong arms.

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Although 18, Cooper was so petite that it was like lifting a pillow. Derek took him into the bathroom, where he turned on the shower. Derek stripped away their clothing, then brought him into the enclosure, where he held him tightly under the stream of warm, soothing water, feeling Cooper's chilled body slowly come back to life.

They caressed each other, softly joining their lips as the invigorating water cascaded over them. Cooper pulled himself against Derek's body in a crushing embrace, then felt something he had never dared feel before. As they ground together, Cooper's dick had hardened. Being much shorter than Derek, it was now pressed against his thigh.

The warm water and kisses had driven him too far. In a panic, he pulled back and said, "I'm sorry, Derek, I didn't mean it. Forgive me. You must forgive me," he pleaded. Cooper knew that Derek had no interest in his cock, and was fearful that he would beat him senseless, yet more desperately afraid that he would throw him out into the street, never allowing him to return. As Cooper began to softly weep, Derek drew him back. "It's alright, Coop," he said with heartfelt understanding and remorse.

He wrapped his arms around Cooper's small frame, feeling his body tremble. It had never occurred to him before, but Derek now realized that, after all of their sexual encounters, this was the first time Cooper had actually gotten hard. He again thought of his own selfishness, knowing how difficult it must have been for Cooper to keep himself in check, yet giving and giving to satisfy Derek's own desires.

Derek's mind was a blur, yet somehow clear, as he dropped to his knees and began kissing Cooper's smooth belly. He should have been shocked and appalled, hot attractive babe massages weenie with lips took Cooper's now-limp cock into his hand, gently stroking it and feeling the little shaft begin to stiffen.

"No, Derek, please don't do this," Cooper begged, while loving his hesitant touch. Derek ignored the plea, then took the small dick into his mouth. It was so foreign, yet also r old cock big load so right. "Oh, no Derek," Cooper groaned as he felt his cock swell.

He backed against the tile shower wall and closed his eyes. Derek didn't know what to expect, but quickly felt an unknown enjoyment as he gently sucked Cooper's hard cock, reaching around to fondle those smooth, little buns he adored so much.

His mind was racing, but soon the hot water began to run out. Derek let the rod slip from his mouth and stood up, turning it off. Sliding the shower door open, Derek took Cooper's hand and helped him step out. As they stood german sex and facial in public watch part on hotwebcamteensorg on the bath mat, Derek began drying their bodies with a thick, soft towel.

He playfully rubbed Cooper's nearly-bald swimmer's head, who was still afraid of what might come. Derek then worked his way down the smooth body, as Cooper's mind drifted off. After drying himself, Derek again took Cooper into his arms, and carried him into his bedroom, where he gently laid him on the bed.

Roles had now been reversed as Derek slowly began to run his hands over the smooth torso, gently tweaking his tiny nipples as he kissed and licked Cooper's small thighs. Moving closer, Derek spread his legs and ran his tongue between Cooper's little hole and his hairless sac, teasing them with darts and flicks.

He finally took the small, firm bag into his mouth, suckling the little balls. "Derek, you've got to stop!" Cooper implored, his body wracked with pleasure and emotion he had never experienced before.

Derek only continued, now willing to accept something he never thought possible. As he let the soft bag slip from his mouth, Derek glided his tongue up the underside of Cooper's sweet cock, then paused to admire the pink head before taking it into his mouth. Derek closed his eyes, and began to let his mind run wild. He was sucking another guy's dick, something he would never have imagined possible in his life. Yet, it was Cooper, and that was what made it completely different.

Derek sucked the beautiful cock, easily plunging down on the shaft to its base, then pulling back for a moment, holding my girlfriends mom ii balls deep in her asshole sally dangelo in his hand and stroking as he looked up at Cooper, who couldn't even focus and return the gaze.

Lost in complete aura, Cooper could only moan softly, his eyes closed. Derek was also spun beyond belief. He clearly remembered eating pussy until one of his girlfriends screamed after a raging orgasm, and wanted to make the same thing happen here. After dancing the tip of his tongue around the little head, Derek took the hard cock back into his mouth, grabbing Cooper's hips to pull him into his face.

He used all of the things he had learned from Cooper's terrific oral skill, and relentlessly attacked his swollen member. Derek sucked hard, pounding up and down. He then backed off, letting the aching bone slip from his mouth, only to slide the tip of his finger into Cooper's tight butt while he flicked his tongue around the base of his cock and silken bag. Cooper simply couldn't take it any longer.

"Derek, Derek." is all he could mutter as his body began to quake and shudder. Derek knew that he had reached the brink, and quickly engulfed the hard cock as Cooper thrust his small hips forward.

"Nooooo!" Cooper yelped as his cock exploded. Bolts of hot gravy jetted into Derek's mouth as he continued to suck. Cooper writhed about, trying to escape the mind-bending orgasm as he drained his balls, grabbing Derek's head and trying to pull him off.

Derek easily pushed Cooper's hands away, continuing the assault as Cooper released more of his seed. Derek enjoyed the violent outburst, knowing that he was finally giving instead of taking. He continued to suck the nectar from Cooper's delicious cock, feeling the tremors slowly leave his body, but wouldn't release the sweet dick from his mouth until Cooper lay motionless, panting and moaning, unable to say a word.

Cooper was a wreck. Knowing that it was Derek, his body had been pleasured as never before, yet his mind couldn't comprehend how this had happened, and still feared that a nightmare might follow. Derek pulled himself up onto the bed, lying on his back. Cooper quickly rolled aside to give him room, then cuddled himself tightly against his wonderful body, and began to doodle with his finger as his breathing slowly returned to normal. They held each other closely without saying a word, until Derek finally asked, "Coop, do you have a lover?" Moments passed before Cooper responded.

"I used to. Before my dad changed jobs and we moved here, I had a special person. We loved each so much it hurt, but there's nothing left of that now," he quietly said. "I'm sorry for that, Coop, but you didn't answer my question," Derek replied. "Do you have a lover?" he asked again. Cooper thought for a bit, then said, "well, yes and no.

You see, Derek, I love someone very much, but he can't love me in return because that's simply the way things are. So, I'm content to just love him." Another pause ensued, after which Derek knowingly asked, "and be his bitch?" Cooper's answer was barely audible as he whispered, "yes." Derek took Cooper's hand off of his chest, then pulled him away from his body, firmly holding his shoulders and staring into his beautiful, green eyes.

Cooper knew the end had finally come, and expected the worst. "I never want to hear that word again.

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Don't ask me how or why it could even be possible, but I love you, Cooper," Derek said, continuing to hold him in a tight grip. Cooper wasn't able to grasp what he had just heard, and gave him a questioning look, as if to make sure it wasn't merely a dream. "That's right, Coop, I love you." Derek released his firm grip on Cooper's shoulders, slid his hands up to gently cradle his face, and softly drew him into a deep, loving kiss, this time sending both of them into the clouds.