Mira sunset is down for some dp cumshot and facial

Mira sunset is down for some dp cumshot and facial
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The kids nestled in there beds fast asleep we sit in the living room cuddling one another on the couch you in those short shorts and tight shirt me in a tee shirt and a pair of good fitting shorts well good fitting in all the right areas.

as you lay against me we watch a short but hot movie. I begin by slowly rubbing your neck and shoulders, you respond with a low moan and closing your eyes .I assume to think about me. I slowly trace your arms and sides with my finger tips pausing ever so slowly as I brush against the sides of your full bosom, after a few minuets of my caresses I lean in and slowly kiss your neck taking in your delicate scent ,I begin to kiss you more passionately as I begin to nibble on your earand move my hands to your heaving bosom feeling its weight in my hands my cock starts to swell with pleasure just thinking about the softness of your skin under my touch.

I slowly remove your shirt kissing your full lips gently as I go, but than you begin to kiss me more seductively and this brings out a primal lust from deep within me. I slide out from behind you. I push you back on the couch so that you are almost laying down, I pin your arms over your head with one hand while I pull at your bra with the other kissing you more and more passionately the longer this goes on.

I hesitantly release your hands just to grip the cups of your soft bra in my strong hands, and in an instant I tare the fabric form your body taking in your beautiful breasts not just with my eyes but with my hands and mouth squeezing, caressing, and kissing your exposed nipples till they firm and perk with pleasure wanting more, I happily oblige pushing your breasts together and you pulling my awaiting mouth to your nipples first one than the other.

I listen to your breathing quicken with excitement as you take in the pleasurable sensations that I now am giving you. in our excited state you take my hand and motion for me to fallow you as you lead me to our room turning out the lights as we go. I stop and grab my lighter to light candles in our bedroom once there is just enough light we can see each other we meet at the foot of the bed where you take my shirt up my body stopping just when my arms are all that's left like a makeshift pair or restraints you start to tease me licking my neck and nibbling at my exposed nipples Linda lovelace harry reems dolly sharp in classic porn clip theclassicporn and vintage shutter as the fan from the air-conditioner blows coolly across my now moist nipples, You slowly pull my shorts down freeing my now straining hard cock, I than pull your shorts down slowly crouching as I tug on them I push you back so you are now sitting my head at the same level as your lap.

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pulling your legs apart slowly I kiss my way up your thigh and than up the other building tension in your loins.

I than make you lay back your legs off the edge of the bed and caress while I kiss my way back to your now wet lips between your legs teasing them with my tongue slowly exploring their every delicate fold till I reach your little succulent love button. I lick on it for a little while popping it in and out from between my lips your moaning is getting louder now as you try to take in all the pleasure you are receiving from this oral stimulation.

I start moving a finger in and out caressing around in your now sopping sex pot i slowly add another finger still moving them around in an almost twisting fashion driving you nuts one stroke at a time feeling your hot cum building as your pussy gets hotter and hotter until I can feel your cum running down my hand soaking the edge of our bed as you lay on the edge begging for more I slowly pull my hand away and begin the assault on your button again with my mouth licking and sucking here and there till you scream out in total extacy begging me to stop as your body cant handle anymore stimulation just yet Randy and arousing sex games hardcore and reality pull away reluctantly as you sit up you kiss my chest up my neck to my lips as you maneuver me on to the bed beside you slowly teasing my body with your gentile caresses once I am sitting next to you, you slowly kiss and nibble your way down my body stopping briefly to force my anticipation to build craving the touch of your soft lips and moist tongue you kiss one inner thigh than the other just to see me squirm with desire you kiss your way back to the other thigh leaving a trail of pleasure as you go but this time you pause in the middle lifting my shaft you begin to tease my balls ever so gently with your tongue I start to squirm begging for more with a smile on your face you eagerly take one of my balls in your mouth caressing it with your lips ever so gently than the other while positioning yourself between my legs but out of my reach as more of a tease you slowly tease the mom and son shower and fucking xxx of my cock with your tongue making me start to moan.

you look up at me with a wild desire in your eyes as you slowly take me in your mouth till just past the head than out again to tease the head some more with your tongue in and out you go taking a little bit more of me in the embrace of your soft lips gliding your tong around till i can feel my cock touch the back of your throat you are moving more determined now and I am starting to match your movement with my hips just to feel your mouth some more from time to time you stop my thrusting just to slowly take me in your mouth all the way to the base driving me nuts and than you pull me all the way out and tease me with your tongue some more leaving no part untasted than you take me in your mouth again building up my eagerness till i am ready to burst moaning and grunting with pleasure.

you feeling the muscles in my legs twitch and with your fingers on my balls you can feel them tighten as well you slowly remove my cock from your mouth with a slight sucking motion i feel my cock spring forth from the grasp of your lips you let me catch my breath for a second before you have me in position slowly scooting toward me on your back with me against the headboard since I know you like it when I use it for leverage.

your womanhood so close to my hard cock if I was to change its angle it would tuck itself in the delicate folds teen cock man milk cookies and tiny your waiting puss, I grip my throbbing member holding it in such a way that my knuckles brush against your clit as I stroke myself teasing you with rhythmic pressure as my hand glides back and forth lubricated by your cumi than slide the head of my cock back and forth from just above your engorged clit to the very opening of your soft moist womanhood back and forth till you ask me to slide it in to you.

slowly I do so, inch after inch until i can feel our pelvic bones pushing on one another taking slow but hard thrusts again and again as I slowly change pace both of us now grunting and moaning with pleasure and desire for more. I begin to move at a much more passionate pace now you use you hands to pull your legs back further allowing me to plunge my hard cock so deep I swear I can feel your cervix bounce with each forceful thrust picking up the pace more and more till I explode inside you .

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exhausted we clean each other off and lay at the foot of the bed to feel the coolness coming from the air conditioner.