Black cock for a beautiful asian whore

Black cock for a beautiful asian whore
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Hi, this is taneesha shah again. I am 28 yr old. I am 5 ft 7" and my stats are 36c 30 38. He said"I am from a middle class back ground. I know the stresses and strains they face. They want their girls to be virgins, they give education to them, and they can't get girls married as they don't have enough money.

Girls can't get jobs, they grow up and become virgin spinsters, not wanted, cared. So I thought I should help in any way I can" I asked him" What that has got to do with these virgin girls?

I thought brothels in red light areas are the worst kind of exploitation. You have gone a notch higher. Exposing them like show pieces" He said "Have patience.

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What those girls have is what is nonexistent in Western society. So I tell their parents that I would employ their girls at a princely salary, train them for future employment and that I will ensure that their modesty will not be violated, meaning, their virginity is intact.

The major fear of Middle class families and their objection to girls getting employed is this. That girls may fuck around, spoil family's name and marriage prospects. "This is acceptable to parents. Then I talk to the girls and tell them the nature of the job, salaries, perks etc. I take my already employed girls to talk to them." I interrupted him" What is the nature of the job?" He said" Basically virgin hostesses.

They flaunt their boobs and virgin cunts. Once they get over natural shyness they begin to enjoy. They are really thrilled when people peep into their open cunts. They are free to indulge in all fuck activities except cunt fucking. If they can withstand temptation to get fucked, after a year they can happily go back home with a bank balance much higher than their parents' life time earnings.

With virginity intact, healthy bank balance and confidence, they can chart out a path for themselves. They also have lot of fun. Many girls enjoy anal fucking" I asked "What happens if girls can't resist and gets fucked, in the cunt, I mean?" He said" Then they are shifted to normal resorts and hotels in Hospitality industry.

I arrange loans or funds for their Hotel Management courses and I ensure they get good placements. They won't get the princely salaries of Virgin hostesses" I pondered for some time" Did you fuck any of those girls?" I loved him more when he said "No.

That would be exploitation, that would defeat the very purpose of employing them." I thought over what he said.

A girl becoming an unloved, uncared for spinster is worse than a girl who enjoys life, earns well and goes ahead in life. Anyway, principles and ideals and ideas vary from person to person. I could see Monu was not compelling, forcing or blackmailing any one.

I turned him on his back and strode him " Ok, now let me fuck you" and rode his cock like a cow girl. My bouncing boobs in mirrors made me so excited, my cunt kept on pouring…………………&hellip.…………………&hellip.When we came out smiling, Kasim was relieved.

He was worried if we had fought and how to make me to reconcile. Virgin girls were also in a state of panic, if I am a Human Rights Activist and kick up a racket, they would lose jobs.

I smiled at them to give assurance that all was fine. Sighs of relief was quite audible. Monu came few seconds later. Kasim told me "Taneesha Bhabhi, I wanted to give you a Valentine gift" I suddenly felt guilty, I was Kasim's Valentine and I got fucked by Monu even before we were properly introduced.

I told Kasim" I am terribly sorry, Kasim, I could not control………" Kasim laughed "It is alright, Bhabhi, actually my Valentine gift to you was First time sex and deflation. You opened up the wrapper even before I could give you" Everyone laughed. I hugged and kissed Kasim" I will make it up for you, You and Monu fuck me in swimming pool and on the bed under the tree" I removed my cloths and ran out followed by Kasim and Monu who were laughing as they removed cloths while running.

Before they could catch me, I dived into swimming pool and swam away from them. I am an expert swimmer and evaded them both. Finally Kasim caught up with me, pulled me roughly to the ladder and as I held on to the rungs of the ladder, he started fat indecent cleft lips asian beauteous teen penetration me. It was wonderful fucking in the pool, as lukewarm water was swirling around us and cunt was lubricated with water as Kasim's hard cock began to pound me.

Monu came and stood on the rung and offered his cock to suck, I licked his dick head and the sexy hole and entire length of cock and then the balls before I started sucking. Kasim could make out the chemistry between us.

"Wow. Bhabhi, congrats. You seem to have found love at last" he said trying to give powerful thrusts in water. After sometime we shifted to the bed under the shade of the tree and they fucked me in all the holes as the virgin girls and Valets served us drinks and snacks. As I was riding Monu and sucking Kasim, a girl came shyly and asked me" M'aam, have you ever done double penetration?

I have not seen.

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" I smiled and told her I did it regularly and asked Kasim to fuck me in ass as I bent over Monu. "M'aam, wait for few minutes, I will call my friends" and ran away. As Monu's staff gathered there with flowing cunts and erect cocks, I felt like a Piano Artist or a famous singer giving performance before jam packed audience. Then I gave my star performance jumping on Monu's cock as Kasim rammed my ass.

I heard a loud collective gasp from my captivated audience when Kasim finally filled my ass with loads of hot cum and removed cock……to expose gaping red hole which slowly shrunk to normal size before their eyes. Monu filled my cunt after few minutes. As I lay panting after wards, the girl who asked me licked cum from my cunt and ass and kissed me and transferred to my mouth. "M'aam, can I suck your Tits?" she asked shyly and I nodded, "Taneesha, you must be famished, come, let us go for lunch" Monu pulled me by hand.

That girl reluctantly let go of my tit. Monu kissed me tenderly, told me hundredth time in few hours how much he loved me as we went for lunch. I was basking in sunshine of his love. Lunch was absolutely fabulous. I sipped wine and enjoyed the way everyone pampered me. I was like a superstar. Monu and his staff didn't look or behave like boss and subordinates. They were more like a group of friends having fun.

Girls didn't call him, Sir, only Monu. Valets and cooks were calling him, Sir.

I could make out everyone was happy and well looked after. After lunch, I and Monu went back to our bed room. Kasim had no issues; actually he was happy that I found love. I hugged Monu and fell asleep even before my head touched pillow. I slept like a log for several hours. When I got up it was already dark. For few seconds, I was disoriented; I did not know where I was. I turned to my right and saw Monu… suddenly everything flooded back, I crawled to him and kissed him.

He kissed back and told me" I love you" Then asked me "Are you not tired of listening to me, saying, I love you? I am sorry, I am unable to control" I smiled "It feels wonderful to be loved.

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I was always desired, fucked and I love your husky voice when you say you love me, darling. But make no mistake, I love you deeply, more than anyone else, but don't be under the impression that only your cock will always fuck me.

No way, I want my freedom, I love you with all my heart but my cunt will continue to get fucked by many, many new cocks" I made things clear to him. He nodded" Of course, I love you because of your free spirit. If you are chained, you will not be Taneesha, you will be any other woman and I love only Taneesha" again he kissed me when his mobile rang. He said "Excuse me" and answered the phone. He is a Gentleman to the core, he opens doors for ladies, pulls chairs for them and makes each lady feel she is special.

He was saying "But Vikas, I cannot join you, please you guys carry on. I am in the middle of something important" Vikas had a long argument with him, Monu did not relent. After he hung up, I asked me curiously what it was about. "Ohh, nothing. We are a group of best friends, eight of us were in college. After a long time, we are meeting tomorrow and we planned to have a grand fun, you know, throwing in her pussy as incentive in the pawnshop, fucking girls…" he said.

"And you canceled because of me?" I asked him. "Yes, darling. It is nothing. I can meet them anytime&hellip." He tried to make me feel OK. Suddenly a thought struck me. "Why do you have to cancel?" I asked him. He stared at me. "I have the good fortune to meet love of my life and I wish to spend every possible minute with you, darling" he said pressing my boobs and kissing me. "Call them over, you can have drinks, fun and fucking. But no other girls. Only me" I said. He was stunned. "Darling, what are you saying?

We are eight young cocks and if we fuck only one cunt and ass, can you imagine the state of your holes at the end of party?"he asked, Maria ozawa anal squirt sex stories movies thought I was joking.

I laughed and hugged him" Darling, None of you will have reason to complain, I will satisfy all of you, call them" He was still hesitating. He loved me too deeply and he would not let me suffer. I took his phone and saw received numbers list and called back and before he could snatch phone from me, I ran away. "Yes, you spoil sport, why did you call me now? We are meeting after so many years and you want to skip?" Vikas said angrily.

"Hi, this is not Monu, I am Taneesha, his girl friend, and he wanted to cancel to spend time with me. Why don't you all come over to his farm house, we can have fun" I told him. Vikas was embarrassed. "Ohhh, I am sorry, Taneesha, I didn't know, sorry, I thought he wanted to cancel because of some business matters.

Don't worry, have fun, I will tell others" he said. "You don't understand. All of you can come and have fun, drinks, dance&hellip. fucking also here" I told him calmly.

"Ohhhh, Monu says so? OK, we will bring everything, drinks, Girls.

Tell him please" he said. "Vikas, No need to bring anything, Just come over, everything is here. I will tell Monu you will all be here, by say, 8 AM?" I told him and he confirmed and I disconnected. Monu was staring at me, his jaw dropped. "What are you doing?" he said after he was able to speak.

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I smiled "Expressing my love, darling" I said and kissed him. I told Kasim and he was quite sportive, he told me to have fun and would pick me up after two days. That night we slept early. He didn't fuck me, his worried look made me love him more……………&hellip. ………………………&hellip.They came in 2 cars.

There were usual hugs, backslappings, how you have grown fat etc, &hellip. All 8 were like small children, innocent, naughty and energetic.I almost had a heart attack when I saw that one of his friend s is my cousin brother, Aamir. He was also stunned. I managed to meet him alone at the trunk of car and explained to him and asked him to fuck me normally like others and not to reveal our relationship. His eyes widened and he told me that he always masturbated imagining me and it would be a pleasure and honour to fuck me.

He promised he would not reveal to anyone. They had drinks by sex stories desi village bhabhi sex side, I was dressed in a saree and sleeveless and backless blouse.

My blouse was very low cut showing ample cleavage and my saree worn very well below navel exposing my smooth midriff. Monu introduced me to them, they politely said namaste, hello but inwardly whistled and envied Monu's luck. I put on a sexy bra and laced, transparent panty underneath. After couple of drinks, everyone was horny and were under the impression that virgin girls were there for fucking. When one of them tried to touch the cunt of one girl, Monu stopped him and told him that they could not touch any of the girls.

Vikas protested " But Taneesha told that you brought girls also for fucking" he said. I said firmly" No, I said don't bring anything, everything is arranged" They looked at each other.

One of them told hesitantly, "But we don't see any other girls." Monu laughed and asked "Why? Taneesha is not a girl? She can give Sunny jitters" Seven jaws dropped.

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Vikas was the first to recover "But we are eight" I smiled and stood up" Gentlemen, Taneesha at your service, tell me when you are going back if you would have liked to celebrate in any other way" and walked seductively to them.

They looked at Monu doubtfully and when he nodded smiling, I invited them to disrobe me. But I told them we would play a game.

They would take off cloths and would be in their underclothing, vests and under wears. We throw a coin and call heads or tails. If I call correctly, I will ask any of them to become naked. If they win, they can come and remove one piece of clothing from my body. First three calls I lost, one of them each removed my saree, blouse and petticoat, I was in my bra and panty and next 5 calls I won and made 5 of them naked, first I chose was Amir, my cousin.

They accused me of not playing fair, not asking Monu to strip, I told them naughtily I had already seen his cock so am not in a hurry. Next 2 calls I lost and when Vikas pulled down my panty they lost control. They were on to me like a pack of wolves. They carried me to the bed. I lay on my back and two sucked my tits, one licked cunt and I kept sucking and playing with other cocks.

When everyone was excited and ready, I strode Aamir's cock, asked another to fuck me in ass, took 2 cocks each in hands and sucked two cocks alternately, I told them to keep changing positions.

I am experienced enough to know who is an expert fucker and who cums fast. I learnt several techniques in sex parties, so I can give blow job in such a way, they cum within minutes, each cock and each man has a weakness or vulnerable point. Some men can't control if balls are licked or sucked and some when the hole in dick head is fucked with tongue.

I planned fucking in porno casero con la madura le tube porn and ass by experienced cocks and I made rest of them ejaculate quickly. I gave blow job almost nonstop and must have drunk sperm by buckets, it looked like. All the time I was fucking I hot masseuse licking pussy for her wet client watching Monu and throwing flying kisses and invited him to fuck me also.

It was totally amazing, exciting and exhausting. I told them they could fuck me anytime, even when I am asleep but in anus only when I am awake, since sleep would be disturbed. They fucked and fucked and fucked&hellip.For next one day, there was fucking, eating and sleeping in that order. The staffs of Farm house were appreciative initially; I was admired later but literally worshipped at the end.

They never heard let alone see, such marathon fucking. Of course, towards end my cunt and ass were protesting, but I went on, I took pain killers and continued. Monu was worried and told me it was enough, he would find some other cunts. I refused. I loved him so much, I wanted him to be proud of me. When they left next day, they all hugged me, thanked us profusely, they said it was most wonderful and they would never ever forget the best time of their lives.

When they left Monu hugged me and there was moistness in his eyes" Darling, can any lady love a man so much? Do I deserve so much love?" he said.

I smiled at him" My body, heart and soul are yours darling, I am your lover, bitch, whore and&hellip." "&hellip.Goddess" he completed and kissed me. Kasim took me home after two days. I had desire for a vagina and huge boobs go and rest for couple of days before my husband returned……………………………… I continue to love Monu and I am happy like a school girl falling in love for the first time……&hellip.Monu is also crazy about me.

Kasim is fucking me daily and has no issues with Monu. He loves me so much to wish me all happiness and arranges my fucking with Monu at every opportunity. END OF PART 2 Banged In Farm House Let me know how you liked my story and I will update more… do leave me your feedback on this site or email me on [email protected]